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116 Gentle Journaling Prompts For Healing Mind, Body And Soul

Gentle journal prompt

Life doesn’t run smoothly for any of us all the time. Mixed among periods of happiness and celebration there are times of sadness, regret, loss, and pain. Gentle Journaling Prompts provide a soothing path to self-discovery, guiding you towards serene self-reflection and personal growth.

Journaling is a marvelous way of helping us to work through the challenging times. Taking time to reflect and write helps us to work through issues and our feelings.

Journaling has some of the same advantages as talking to someone. The process of putting our thoughts and feelings into words can bring clarity and help us to see a way forward.

While we don’t have another person sitting across from us who responds to what we are saying, the journal itself is a medium for expressing our sentiments, reading them over, and reflecting on them as often as we want.

The conversation happens in our head, facilitated by the journal.

When I suddenly lost my father, it was extremely difficult. Journaling provided me with a place to write about my personal feelings, memories, and even very happy times.

Journaling played an important role in my ability to work through my feelings of loss and sadness. It also gave me a lasting record of that time which I can revisit and reread whenever I choose.

Join me as I take you through six categories of journal prompts that can help you to work through your feelings and ultimately heal.

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20 Mind And Body Journal Prompts

Too often we live from day to day just trying to get through. We have so many things on our plate and we focus on just trying to get it all done.

At the end of the day we fall into bed and hope we get a decent sleep so we can get up and do it all again.

As a mother of five children, home life was busy to say the least. In addition I had a demanding job that came with a good deal of stress.

While I wasn’t able to find time on a daily basis for journaling, I would try to carve out some time to write in my journal whenever possible.

These moments allowed me to record special things that happened as my children were growing up, and it also gave me the chance to take stock of how I was doing.

Check out the mind and body journaling prompts in this list. They’re terrific!

1. "If your inner child could speak to you, what would they say?"

2. "List five things you’re thankful for right now. How can you make being grateful more a part of your life?"

3. "What kinds of physical self-care do I practice / need to practice more?"

4. "What toxic core beliefs do you need to let go of (and replace with healthier self-beliefs)?"

5. "What have I been taught about my body and how does that make me feel?"

Mind And Body Journal Prompts

6. "What is my relationship to my sexuality like? Why?"

7. "What are your three favorite positive affirmations that help you to feel uplifted?"

8. "What physical symptoms of unease have I been having lately? What might they mean?"

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9. "What does my body need right now?"

10. "Write down three things you fear – how can they actually be positive things that may potentially lead you to grow in ways you’d never experience otherwise?"

11. "If my body could speak, what would it say to me?"

12. "What’s your greatest strength in this life?"

13. "Explore three ways you can set strong boundaries to protect your wellbeing."

14. "What part of my body do I love the most? Why?"

15. "What does your shadow self or wounded part of you look/sound like?"

16. "What makes me feel physically good?"

17. "What would totally accepting my body look or feel like?"

18. "If you could do anything empowering right now, what would you do (and why)?"

19. "Write about a time your body has protected or helped you."

20. "What places, people, or practices help you to feel mentally calm? Why?"

19 Heart And Soul Journal Prompts

Close your eyes, put a hand over your heart (which is the doorway to your Soul), and tune into your deepest Self. What does your Soul want you to know?

I love this journal prompt, but I recognize it may be a little too ‘touchy feely’ for some people. That’s okay because the list of journal prompts in this category has something to inspire everyone.

The heart and soul are intimately connected, and are, well, at the heart of so much of how we think, act and respond to others and to our environment.

Exploring your dreams or considering what you genuinely love about yourself can lead you to a better understanding of yourself, and build the foundation for making positive change in your life.

21. "Close your eyes, put a hand over your heart (which is the doorway to your Soul), and tune into your deepest Self. What does your Soul want you to know?"

22. "What experiences, tools, environments, or beings help you to feel more connected with your Soul?"

23. "What is the difference between Soul and Spirit in your opinion?"

24. "What topics or areas of life fill me with passion?"

25. "What do I genuinely love about myself?"

26. "What thoughts cause my heart to constrict and close?"

Body Journal Prompts

27. "What do I struggle with more: giving or receiving love? Why?"

28. "How has my heart been wounded?"

29. "Do you believe in soulmates? Why/why not?"

30. "Reflect on the three biggest lessons you believe your Soul came into this life to learn."

31. "If I could picture or sense my heart, what would it look or feel like?"

32. "Explore one of your most recent nighttime dreams – what does it mean?"

33. "How has Soul Loss manifested in your life?"

34. "If my heart could speak to me, what would it say?"

35. "What three things generate a feeling of love in my heart?"

36. "How can I incorporate more self-compassion into my daily life?"

37. "What was the most magical moment that ever happened to you? What did it look and feel like, and why was it so special?"

38. "What does living a “Soul-centered” life mean to you?"

39. "What is your Soul place (a special physical space in this world)?"

25 Deep Love Journal Prompts

Deep love journal prompts ask us questions and direct us to think about things that lead to a greater understanding of who we are.

What excites me right now? What do I think is stopping me from getting what I want in life? What’s my favorite part about my body? Why?

These are just a few of the prompts you will find in this list. Choose something that speaks to you, and don’t be afraid of the tough questions.

Journaling is the safe way for us to tackle some of the difficult topics that may be holding us back in our life.

Coming to terms with these things can lead to self-acceptance and self-love, greater satisfaction in our life all around, and the achievement of things we wouldn’t have thought possible before.

40. "Who can I be vulnerable with, and why do they help me feel safe enough to open up to them?"

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41. "A time when I felt very confident in myself."

42. "What excites me right now?"

43. "Who are some people who inspire me, and why do they inspire me?"

44. "Describe a situation where someone else made me feel bad about myself without meaning to. How did it make me feel, and why did it affect me so much when it happened?"

45. "How often do I allow myself time for relaxation?"

46. "What is one thing that has happened recently that has changed the way I see myself or others? Why did it affect me so much?"

47. "How has social media impacted my self-love journey?"

Deep Love Journal Prompts

48. "How do I know when I’m in love?"

49. "How have I grown from past relationships?"

50. "What am I proud of?"

51. "What do I think is stopping me from getting what I want in life?"

52. "What’s my favorite part about my body? Why?"

53. "When was the last time I went outside and truly enjoyed nature?"

54. "How can I make myself a priority today?"

55. "What do I need more of in my life right now? More love, connection, creativity, or something else?"

56. "What do I need to let go of to move forward?"

57. "Why am I a great friend?"

58. "How can I show more compassion towards myself and others today than yesterday?"

59. "What is one belief that may be holding me back in life, and how can I challenge it?"

60. "A list of 10 things that makes my heart sing!"

61. "Where do I feel most at home?"

62. "What does my ideal day look like?"

63. "If money were no object and time was not a factor, how would I spend my perfect day off from work or school?"

64. "What do I love about myself?"

Journal Bannar

11 Mental Health Journal Prompts

Too many of us disregard our mental health until it reaches a stage when it affects our work, and our ability to function in our home life.

Mental health is talked about more now than ever before. There is more support for people who suffer from mental health issues.

Regular journaling can be very therapeutic, and also enlightening.

The journal prompts in the list that follows can lead you to understand what is at the heart of your mental health problems, and can help you to work through them.

For serious mental health issues, journaling can work in conjunction with mental health practitioners to get people to a better, healthier place.

65. "Who are the five people you are most thankful to have in your life?"

66. "Write down the last five things that made you smile."

67. "What is causing you the most significant amount of stress right now?"

68. "List any bad habits (such as scrolling too much social media or drinking too much alcohol) that may be detrimental to your mental health and how you can improve them."

69. "Has anything or anyone triggered an unwanted emotion in you lately? If so, what happened?"

70. "What is one thing you could do today to make your mental health better?"

Mental Health Journal Prompts

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71. "What is giving you the most joy right now?"

72. "List three things you can see in front of you right now that you are grateful for."

73. "How has your mood been over the past week? The past month?"

74. "List three difficult situations you experienced and the lessons you are grateful for."

75. "Describe your “happy place”—the place you feel most like yourself and relaxed—in detail."

22 Love, Emotions, And Self-Reflection Journal Prompts

What brings you the greatest joy?

How would you describe your ideal partnership?

Describe yourself using the first ten words that pop into your head. Are these words you are proud of?

If money was not an issue, what would you want your life to look like?

These examples of journaling prompts from the list of prompts for love, emotions, and self-reflection show the emphasis in this category on addressing different aspects of your life, your goals, your relationships, yourself.

When we write about these things, we learn more about what we want out of life, the value of the relationships we have, how we might be putting up roadblocks to have the kind of life we want.

Jump into some of these prompts and see where they take you!

76. "What does love mean to you and how do you express love in your relationships?"

77. "What parts of yourself do you keep closely guarded? Describe how you can be more open in relationships."

78. "Describe your ideal life including family, career, home, and everything in between."

79. "Put a heart next to the positive emotions and a sad face next to the negative emotions."

80. "Are any of the emotions you listed negative, such as anger or jealousy?"

81. "What is your greatest strength and your greatest weakness?"

82. "Write about any common themes you notice."

83. "If money was not an issue, what would you want your life to look like?"

84. "What is one piece of advice that you would give to yourself as a teenager?"

85. "List your three biggest goals in life. Are these goals different than 1, 5, or 10 years ago?"

86. "Write a letter to someone you care about (partner, family, friend, etc.) and then give it to them."

87. "List your three favorite hobbies. When was the last time you made time for them?"

88. "How would you describe your ideal partnership?"

89. "For each emotion, list the people or situations that may have been involved."

90. "Describe yourself using the first ten words that pop into your head. Are these words you are proud of?"

91. "Finish this sentence. “The thing that brings me the most joy is…”

Love, Emotions, And Self-Reflection Journal Prompts

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92. "Do you enjoy helping people? If so, describe how you help people and how you might contribute more (such as starting to volunteer)."

93. "What are the five most important lessons you have learned from past relationships?"

94. "Write down the three emotions you experienced the most over the past week and the past month."

95. "List three personality traits you would like to see in a partner."

96. "Do you enjoy working independently or prefer to collaborate with other people?"

97. "Write about any beliefs or habits that might be holding you back from reaching your goals and dreams. How can you overcome these obstacles?"

19 Emotional Healing Journal Prompts

Too often we want to be like an ostrich and bury our head in the sand. We think that ignoring or denying the uncomfortable things in our lives will make them go away.

That’s not the case. Did you know that an ostrich actually doesn't even bury its head in the sand?

The fact is, when we deny something, or try to ignore it, it’s still there and it can fester.

Negative situations or relationships that we have experienced at some point in our lives, can give rise to negative emotions, and these can influence how we talk and act, the goals we try to achieve in life, our self-concept, the quality of our relationships.

Read through this list of emotional healing prompts and find those that speak to you. Responding to them in your journal can be the beginning of healing, and a better life.

Journal Prompts For Emotional Healing

98. "Do you think your relationships impact you positively or negatively?"

99. "What are you ready to let go of?"

100. "Write about the last time you felt uncomfortable in a situation. Who made you feel this way, and why did it bother you so much?"

101. "Describe yourself in 5 positive words."

102. "When was the last time you went out of your comfort zone, and what was the result?"

103. "Do you need to forgive someone for a past hurt, in order to heal yourself?"

104. "Do you feel in alignment with your true self?"

105. "What are you grateful for? Write down everything you feel gratitude towards, be it a person, an object, or simply the sun shining."

106. "What would you love to do, that the fear of failure stops you from doing?"

107. "What has been taking up a lot of space in your mind lately?"

Emotional Healing Journal Prompts

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108. "What do you wish other people understood about you?"

109. "When was the last time you felt down? Do you often feel negative emotions?"

110. "Do you have a childhood memory that has impacted your adult life?"

111. "How do you feel about yourself today?"

112. "What advice would you give a friend in the same position as you?"

113. "Do you set healthy boundaries with the people around you?"

114. "What is the worst emotion you’ve experienced today?"

115. "What situation from the past has been causing you inner turmoil, and why?"

116. "What are 3 small things you can do today to bring you peace?"

Frequently Asked Questions

What are gentle journaling prompts?

Gentle journaling prompts are thoughtfully crafted questions or statements designed to encourage reflective writing in a calm and nurturing manner. They aim to guide individuals in exploring their thoughts, feelings, and experiences with kindness and self-compassion.

How do gentle journaling prompts differ from regular prompts?

Gentle journaling prompts focus on creating a safe and nurturing space for self-reflection. They avoid asking probing or challenging questions that might evoke discomfort. Instead, they promote introspection and self-awareness through questions that inspire a sense of ease and positivity.

How can gentle journaling benefit me?

Gentle journaling can offer numerous benefits, including reduced stress, increased self-awareness, improved mood, and enhanced clarity of thoughts. It provides an opportunity for self-expression and self-compassion without the pressure of producing a polished piece of writing.

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