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610 Journal Prompts About Your Home Environment For Happiness And Peace

610 Journal Prompts About Your Home Environment For Happiness And Peace

The home has an elevated place in our society, offering comfort, security, and a sense of belonging. Journal prompts about your home environment can help you explore and appreciate its significance in your life.

Home is where we go for rest and comfort after a long hard day of work. It’s where we feel completely at ease and relaxed. And it’s where we are able to find joy.

This is the idyllic image of ‘home’ that we all have in our minds, yet in reality, we might come up a bit short of the mark.

Our busy lives can make home a place we dash to at the end of the day in order to get something on the table for the family to eat.

It’s the place where laundry seems to always be stacked high waiting to be washed, dried and put away.

It’s where we get a constant reminder that we need to be better at dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning the bathrooms!

Journal Bannar

It can feel that at best, home is that place where we flop onto our bed at the end of a demanding day, hoping to be able to sleep and have some energy to start all over again the next day.

Take a deep breath, grab a coffee or tea, pick up your pen and journal and move to a comfortable spot.

Journaling can help you to reflect on what home is like for you, possible changes you would like to make, and how you can achieve those things.

Join me as I look at journal prompts that help us look at our home environment.

Gratitude Journal Prompts For Daily Thankfulness

With the busyness of our lives today it can be easy to live in ‘get it done’ mode. We seldom take time to notice the beauty around us, or examples of kindness.

Taking time to think about what we are thankful for can make us alert to how much there is within our lives that can make us happy. We just need to take the time to notice these things.

The journal prompts in this list encourage you to do this.

The following prompt gives you the opportunity to think about something simple - foods that you enjoy.

What are your favorite meals you enjoy eating or cooking?

Taking the time to think about this will encourage you to start incorporating foods you like to eat into your meal plans, and that simple thing will bring you happiness.

Check out all of the prompts in this inspiring list!

117 Gratitude Journal Prompts For Daily Thankfulness

1. "What's one thing you can do to make your bedroom more comfortable or bright and how can this make you cheerful?"

2. "What is something you've learned in life that has made your life better?"

3. "What did your parents teach you growing up that made you a better person?"

4. "Make a list of things that irritate you. Then write down ways to see them from a different perspective. Can you laugh at some of these or make them easier to handle?"

5. "What top three things/people make your home feel special?"

6. "Think of the time a stranger was kind to you."

7. "Write down something beautiful you've never noticed before about your surroundings or life in general."

8. "List nine things you can do to love yourself more and try incorporating these into your everyday life."

9. "What are your favorite meals you enjoy eating or cooking?"

10. "Imagine why your favorite song makes you happy, sad, etc., and describe this feeling in a few sentences."

11. "Name the top six ways you can help improve your neighborhood (plant trees, organize a neighborhood cleanup, become a mentor, etc.)?"

12. "If you love big hugs, write down how they feel."

13. "Think about something nice you did for another person and write a paragraph or two about the situation."

14. "Think of the last time you walked on the beach and felt the sun and sand between your toes."

15. "Consider one thing that makes you angry. How can you turn this into something more pleasant?"

16. "What's something consistently burdensome about your life that makes you a stronger person?"

17. "In what ways can you be more thankful in your day-to-day life?"

18. "Which books do you reread over and over again? Write down why these boost your mood."

19. "What or who makes life more meaningful to you?"

20. "How can you appreciate your five senses more by being mindful?"

21. "What are some things you can do for a friend or family member next time they're unhappy or not feeling well?"

22. "What are four actions you can take to make another person happy? Then go out and do these in the next week."

23. "What gives you a sense of purpose and why? If you lack a purpose, write down ways you can have one on a daily basis and how this can enhance your lifestyle."

24. "Consider where you were five years ago in your life. In comparison to today, in what ways have you made personal progress?"

25. "What's one thing you can change to improve your day tomorrow (wake up early, exercise, use technology less, etc.)? Write down how making one little change in your life can be significant or even life-changing for you."

26. "Name one time you felt uncomfortable with change. After this change, how did your life improve?"

27. "List some of the qualities of people you admire. Then find ways to add these qualities to yourself."

28. "What are 10 items you own that make your life easier (technology, appliances, etc.)?"

29. "Name six things you'll take notice of and appreciate in the next 48 hours."

30. "What's one way you can brighten a neighbor's day today?"

31. "List one way your best friend has made you smile."

32. "Write down some necessities in your life, such as food or shelter, you're grateful for."

33. "What makes you appreciate your job or career the most? Is it something you do or your work environment, or is it the people you work with and why?"

34. "Pick one problem in your personal life you wish would end. Now write down ideas on how you can change the problem for the better."

35. "What's the most beautiful place you've ever traveled to? Imagine how you felt while you were there and write your feelings down."

36. "Make a list of 20 places you'd like to visit before you die and consider visiting at least one of them soon."

37. "How can doing good for others make you happier than doing things for yourself?"

38. "List the reasons you love to give love to others."

39. "What valuable lessons did you learn from your past mistakes?"

40. "List eight ways you can escape your comfort zone more often. How can incorporating these into your life increase your personal fulfillment?"

41. "Which movie always puts you in a brighter mood or is there one that changed your life in some way? Consider why you feel so strongly about it."

42. "What do you love about pets or animals? How do animals contribute to the environment and your own life in some way?"

43. "What makes you laugh really hard and how can you make yourself laugh more often?"

44. "In what ways can you commit to living in the moment (stay focused, be present, meditate, etc.) and how can doing this help you enjoy life?"

45. "Choose the type of weather condition you like the least. Figure out how you can tolerate it with a positive mindset next time it happens (read a book, think positive thoughts, etc.)."

46. "Do you have a favorite creative outlet? If so, how does it improve your mood? If not, write down a creative outlet you'd like to learn and how this can cheer you up."

47. "Make a list of at least 10 things you've learned in the last month or year."

48. "What's your favorite vacation destination and why? Where else would you like to visit?"

49. "Name three good deeds you can do for others in the next few days and do them."

50. "How can seeing the strengths of various people help you understand their true worth?"

"How can seeing the strengths of various people help you understand their true worth?"-Journal Prompts About Your Home Environment

51. "Think about a work of art that resonates with you and write down how it makes you feel and why you love it."

52. "What's your favorite smell in the whole world? Write down how it stirs your senses and provokes your emotions."

53. "What was yesterday like for you? List three things you liked about this day."

54. "What's one way you can take better care of your health and well-being and how can you make sure to do this regularly?"

55. "How can being less selfish help you be happier and improve your relationships? List ways you can be a better person."

56. "How can you turn what bothers you about someone into something that benefits you in a healthy way?"

57. "What place makes you feel inner peace? How can you bring part of this into your daily life?"

58. "What's something big or small you can do to help those less fortunate than yourself (homeless people, children with cancer, etc.)?"

59. "If you have a pet, write about how that pet makes you happy. If not, write about a fun experience you've had with someone else's pet."

60. "What's something positive (self-love affirmations or positive self-talk) you can say to yourself every day?"

61. "Write down five objects found in nature you're grateful for."

62. "What gift did you receive that mattered to you the most and why?"

63. "Name a fear you've always had and list ways you can start to overcome it."

64. "What's one memory or moment you'll always cherish?"

65. "Choose an organization or public service (library, education, fire department, etc.) you're grateful for and write a paragraph about it."

66. "What do you love the most about yourself?"

67. "What kind of gift could you give someone that would make you feel like a better person?"

68. "List 5 ways you can make someone grateful you're in their life and give thanks for that opportunity."

69. "In what ways can having a sense of humor make your problems easier to deal with? Write down ideas to make yourself laugh when you're unhappy."

70. "Consider one way you're unique from those around you. Why do you appreciate this difference in yourself?"

71. "Write down ideas on how you can be more accepting of those who are different from you. How can doing this improve your quality of life?"

72. "Who was your childhood sweetheart and what positive qualities about this person would you like your next partner to have?"

73. "Whose one person you can't stand? Now write down anything you can learn to love about him/her."

74. "Make a list of what makes your closest friends special."

75. "What's your favorite color and what about it boosts your positivity?"

76. "Be grateful for the ability to journal."

77. "Write down one highlight of your day and why it's positive for you."

78. "Name one bad habit you'd like to change and why. Then write down small steps you can take to make this happen."

79. "What's something you're looking forward to doing soon and why? If you're not looking forward to anything, pick something you're sure to stick to."

80. "Look outside your window and list 10 things you're thankful for."

81. "Tonight, look toward the stars then write down being thankful for the beauty."

82. "Name five things that make you smile. Reflect on how these affect your mood."

83. "Name one way in which you're more fortunate than someone else. How does this make you more thankful?"

84. "Consider your current age and write down three things you love about this time in your life."

85. "Pick a holiday you enjoy and write two paragraphs about why you feel this way."

86. "Write down your top 3 blessings you're thankful for."

87. "Write down your favorite recipe and why you're thankful for it."

88. "Put down three paragraphs about a family member and why you're thankful for them."

89. "Write a paragraph about what you admire about your favorite person in the world."

90. "Name one thing you like about your appearance and write a paragraph about it."

91. "When was one time a stranger made an honest effort to help you? Write a paragraph about why you liked this person and why what they did for you mattered.

92. "How do children make the world a happier place?"

93. "List the reasons you love to receive love from others."

94. "Express your thankfulness for your home."

95. "What's a small purchase you can make and how can it increase your happiness?"

96. "Name one thing/person that makes your life more exciting?"

97. "What are some of your favorite things about your town, city or state?"

"What are some of your favorite things about your town, city or state?"

98. "What's one small step you can take towards overcoming a challenge you currently face."

99. "Consider a time you did a good deed for someone else. How did this affect you and the other person?"

100. "Pick your favorite teacher or professor from your past or present and write about what makes him or her special."

101. "Write down your experience of witnessing the kindness of a stranger to you or someone else."

102. "What are some things you love about your personal style and clothing choices?"

103. "How did the people around you play roles in making you the person you are today?"

104. "How does overcoming obstacles make you feel?"

105. "Who was your most influential teacher in school and why?"

106. "What or who are you the most grateful for?"

107. "How does your career enhance your skills or make you a better person in general?"

108. "List a few things you take for granted and how you can be more grateful for these."

109. "Pick a goal you'd like to achieve. Write down how achieving it could increase your life satisfaction."

110. "Write down three reasons why a particular object in your home brings you joy."

111. "List some positive ways you can deal with any problems or people that bother you?"

112. "Which three struggles have you overcome throughout your life and how did these make you a better person?"

113. "Which talent do you appreciate the most about someone you admire and why?"

114. "In your opinion, what's something that makes a person genuinely beautiful?"

115. "In what ways can having a positive mindset each day make your life easier?"

116. "List three qualities you admire about yourself."

117. "Write about something positive that happened to you recently that made you feel more fortunate."

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Journal Prompts To Never Run Out Of Things

You might read this subheading and think that it refers to running out of things around your house or at work, but it actually means running out of things to keep you motivated and centered.

Choose from a great variety of prompts - whatever you feel a connection with, and revisit goals you maybe lost track of for a while.

The following three prompts give you an idea of what is available in this list:

What's one affirmation you can say every day that will bring positive change to your life?

When do you feel the most confident?

If money was no object, what career would you choose?

70 Journal Prompts To Never Run Out Of Things

118. "When you're feeling down, what makes you feel better?"

119. "How can you show more gratitude?"

120. "Name two things that are challenging you right now, and how you're working to overcome them."

121. "Who inspires you?"

122. "What's one thing that will make you smile today?"

123. "How are you feeling today?"

124. "What activity are you engaged in when you feel most at peace?"

125. "What's something you're looking forward to right now?"

126. "How do you feel about your childhood in general?"

127. "What's your favorite movie?"

128. "What's one thing you wish you could tell your early-20s self?"

129. "Who is your best friend? What do you love about them?"

130. "What's your best childhood memory?"

131. "Name a bad habit you want to break."

132. "Write about a difficult experience you've had in the past. What did you learn from it?"

133. "What does "living your best life" mean to you?"

134. "If you could only accomplish one thing today, what would it be?"

135. "What helps you stay focused when you feel your mind wandering?"

136. "What are your favorite songs?"

137. "Imagine the most relaxing day ever. What would you do?"

138. "What's the best gift you've ever received?"

139. "What's one quality you have that you want to improve?"

140. "What as your favorite toy when you were a kid?"

141. "Who would you most like to have dinner with (dead or alive)?"

142. "What are three things you're thankful for?"

143. "Would you rather be able to read minds or teleport? Why?"

144. "What's your first memory of feeling independent?"

145. "What is your 5-year goal?

146. "If you have a romantic partner, what do you most admire about them?"

147. "What's a daily habit that you think would bring positive changes to your life?"

148. "Who is someone you admire or look up to?"

"Who is someone you admire or look up to?"-Journal Prompts About Your Home Environment

149. "When you were in school, who was your favorite teacher?"

150. "What's one change that you think would make the world a better place?"

151. "If you could re-experience one day of your life, which day would you pick?"

152. "What are your favorite things about yourself?"

153. "Write about your dream vacation."

154. "How do you feel after a good night's sleep?"

155. "Name 10 places you would love to see."

156. "When was the last time you cried? What did you cry about?"

157. "What's your ideal morning routine?"

158. "Do you have a favorite color? What do you love about that color?"

159. "Is nature a part of your daily life? If not, how can you bring it into your life more?"

160. "If you had three wishes, what would they be?"

161. "What negative emotions do you experience most frequently?"

162. "What's your biggest regret?"

163. "Name a fear you would like to overcome."

164. "What do you miss most about being a kid?"

165. "How do you feel about your job overall?"

166. "When you get into a negative headspace, what do you do to dig yourself out of it?"

167. "Overall, do you think technology contributes to your health or takes away from it? Why?"

168. "If you have kids, what about the experience do you find to be most overwhelming? Most rewarding?"

169. "How would you describe your relationship with your family?"

170. "Do you mediate regularly? Why or why not?"

171. "What do you think your teenage self would think about your life now?"

172. "Write about your day in bullet points."

173. "Write a short story about your life."

174. "In general, how would you rate your physical health?"

175. "What piece of advice changed everything for you?"

176. "What's one gesture your partner or anyone else does that always improves your mood?"

177. "If you could go back in time, what decade would you visit?"

178. "What's an embarrassing moment you can remember?"

179. "If you could live inside the world of any TV show or movie, which one would you pick?"

180 ."What's something you didn't realize you had — or was important to you — until it was gone?"

181. "What's one affirmation you can say every day that think will bring positive change to your life?"

182. "When do you feel the most confident?"

183. "If money was no object, what career would you choose?"

184. "What was your first experience with loss, and how did it shape you?"

185. "What makes you feel guilty?"

186. "If someone gave you a million dollars tomorrow, what would you do with it?"

187. "What's one obstacle in your life that you're having a hard time overcoming?"

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Journal Prompts To Improve Your Mood

These journal prompts are some of my favorites. They are my go-to’s when I’m feeling down or discouraged.

We all have those times, right? It isn’t any fun to feel depressed or to feel like things are ‘off’ in your life.

If you have those times, too, then turn to this list, and before you know it, these prompts will have you working through your issues and finding your way forward!

Tomorrow will be a better day!

64 Journal Prompts To Improve Your Mood

188. "Think of something that you deeply regret. Write about how you can make it right, or if you can’t, forgive yourself and allow yourself to move on from it."

189. "Write a list of things you are thankful for."

190. "Write about the best compliment you ever received. How did it make you feel?"

191. "Make a list of positive “I am…” statements that you can read to yourself when you are feeling down."

192. "What is the most negative thought currently in your brain? Write about what steps you can take to remove that thought from your mind."

193. "Create a playlist of songs that make you happy. Write about why you included each of these songs. Do you associate them with happy memories? Do they carry a positive message?"

194. "Write about the things that make you happy."

195. "Write about your favorite hobby or hobbies."

196. "Write about something that makes you proud."

197. "Think about someone who is important to you but is also having a negative impact on your life. Write about what you could say to that person to make a change."

198. "Consciously make an effort to exude a positive attitude for an entire day. Once that day is over, write about how it made you feel."

199. "Make a list of your favorite foods and plan out when you are going to eat them."

200. "Write about whether or not you think it’s a good thing to express your feelings to someone else. Consider whether your answer is the correct one or not."

201. "Make a list of things that you did right today, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem."

202. "Write about a time when you did something nice for someone else."

203. "Write a letter to your favorite school teacher. Tell them why their class meant so much to you."

204. "Write about your favorite memory you made with a grandparent."

205. "Make a bucket list, choose an item on that bucket list, and get it done."

206. "Create the perfect day and decide when you are going to make it happen."

207. "Write about a time when you were unfair or hurtful to someone else, write an apology to that person, and forgive yourself for it."

208. "Write a letter to a pet who has passed on."

209. "Write about your favorite memory associated with your favorite holiday."

210. "Write about a time that you stuck up for yourself or someone else or saw another person stick up for someone else. How did it make you feel?"

211. "Write a list of your favorite quotes. They can be from a song, a movie, a TV show, a historical figure, a celebrity, a video game, a family member, whatever you want, as long as they mean something to you. Write about why each quote is important to you."

212. "Make a list of all the amazing things that happened to you today."

213. "Think about something that has been bothering you lately. Will this bother still be important in a year? A month? A week? Was it ever important at all?"

214. "What does the word “courage” mean to you? Do you believe that you have shown courage recently? Why or why not?"

215. "Make a list of your favorite movies and decide which one you like the best."

216. "What inspires you to be a better person? Why?"

217. "Do you think your home is a positive environment? If so, write about why you think this is the case. If not, write about the steps you can take to change it for the better."

218. "Make a list of people who you have not seen in a long time and reach out to them."

219. "Tell the story of how you met your best friend."

220. "Think about a past situation that you would have normally considered a bad one. Write about the silver lining(s) to that situation."

221. "Do you have any unique or hidden talents? Write about them."

222. "If somebody you care about was feeling down, what would you do to cheer them up?"

223. "Write about a big mistake you made, whether it was ten years ago or last week. Write about what you learned from that mistake and what you will do to make sure you don’t repeat it."

224. "Write a letter to a loved one who has passed on."

225. "Think of a story that really moved you and write about why it affected you so much."

226. "Write about a time when someone else did something nice for you. How did it make you feel?"

227. "How often do you compare yourself to others? Who do you often compare yourself to? Write about whether or not you should keep comparing yourself to these people."

228. "Pick a trait that you’ve always considered to be a negative part of your character. Write about why this particular trait is actually a good thing and not a liability."

229. "Think of one healthy habit that you can do each day and will improve your life in the long run."

230. "Write about the best book you’ve ever read."

231. "Write about the most positive person you know. How does it make you feel to be around that person?"

232. "Write about your dream vacation and then plan it."

233. "If people had to describe you with one of your personality traits, which one do you think they would use? Which one would you want them to use? What do you want to be known for?"

234. "Make a list of all the people you care about. What makes them important to you?"

235. "Write about your favorite memory."

236. "Write about the people in your life who are always there for you."

237. "Write about what you would do if you could have a superpower for a single day."

238. "What is one negative thing that you can easily eliminate from your life?"

239. "Make a list of reasons why you deserve to be loved."

240. "Write about what self-esteem means to you."

241. "Write about someone whom you see as a role model. Why do you admire them and what do they do that inspires you?"

242. "Who is always there for you when you need support? Write about how this person makes you feel and do something nice for them."

Journal Bannar

243. "Think of something that terrifies you. Write about why it terrifies you and whether or not you should be scared of it."

244. "Write about your favorite childhood toys or belongings."

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245. "When you’re in a bad mood, do you prefer to be left alone or spend time with others? Write about your choice."

246. "Write about the best vacation you’ve ever been on."

247. "Write a list of ways that you can make your life more positive."

248. "Create a list of goals you want to achieve. Pick one, two, or three of those goals and plan how you will accomplish them."

249. "Write about what you think is the best way to lift someone else’s spirit."

250. "Make a list of all the places you want to visit and the things you want to see."

"Make a list of all the places you want to visit and the things you want to see."

251. "Make a list of your ten best qualities. Why do you consider them to be your best qualities?"

Shadow Work Journal Prompts For Healing

If you haven’t heard the term shadow work before, let me explain.

Our shadow is our dark, depressed side, the side that comes through when we are feeling down. Maybe you have had a disappointment at work or maybe something has happened in your personal life that has you feeling sad.

The journal prompts in this list help you to work through these feelings and get you back on an even keel.

If you’re feeling down, try some of these prompts. You’ll be glad you did.

49 Shadow Work Journal Prompts For Healing

252. "What Jungian archetype do you most identify with and why?"

253. "Write about a time you felt let down by someone you looked up to."

254. "What situations make you feel less than or not good enough? Why do you think this is?"

255. "How did your parents react to failure?"

256. "What’s a question you had as a child that never really got answered?"

257. "When are you hardest on yourself? Where do you think this stems from?"

258. "What does “love” mean to you?"

259. "How were you taught to deal with emotions as a child?"

260. "How did you process emotions as a young adult?"

261. "When you really think about it, is there anything you’re currently in denial about and avoiding?"

262. "Do you struggle with showing yourself compassion? How does showing yourself compassion make you feel?"

263. "How do you feel when people overstep your boundaries?"

264. "Did your parents show you compassion and forgiveness as a child?"

265. "Write about a time someone you trusted betrayed you. How did it make you feel at the time? How do you feel about it now?"

266. "When you feel emotional pain, how do you make it go away? How do you feel about this?"

267. "Do you struggle to form healthy attachments within your relationships? If so, why?"

268. "Write about a time you put yourself under unnecessary pressure. Why do you think you did this? Were you put under pressure by parents/caregivers?"

269. "What toxic traits have you noticed in your parents?"

270. "If you could speak to someone who broke your trust now, what would you say to them?"

271. "Write about a time when someone else showed you compassion. How did it feel?"

272. "When was the last time you truly gave yourself grace and forgave yourself for a mistake? What was the mistake?"

273. "What are three ways you can be kind to yourself today?"

274. "What are your preconceptions about masculinity? What do you think this is? Where do you think this came from?"

275. "What are three main goals you want to achieve with shadow work?"

276. "Write about a traumatic event that happened in your life. How has it impacted you?"

277. "How does this statement make you feel? “Parents are human beings. They aren’t perfect or super-human. They make mistakes and mess up just as much as you or I.”"

278. "How do you perceive failure? How does it make you feel?"

279. "How is your current relationship with your family?"

280. "What types of body movement feel good to you?"

281. "Have you ever found yourself manipulating others to protect yourself? When did this start and how does this make you feel?"

282. "Write about a massive life event that you truly feel you’ve moved on from. How do you think you managed to do this on this occassion?"

283. "What parts of your parents/caregivers do you see in yourself? When did this become apparent and how does it make you feel?"

284. "What is something you’ve always wanted to confront someone about, but didn’t? Why didn’t you confront them? How do you feel about that now?"

285. "How did you process emotions as a child?"

286. "How do you set and enforce boundaries? What are your boundaries?"

287. "Write about a time you messed up and needed forgiveness. How did this play out?"

288. "How was your relationship with your parents/caregivers?"

289. "What were your parents/caregivers morals and values? How do your own morals and values reflect these today, and why do you think that is?"

290. "What are your core values as a human being? What’s more important to you? What are you morally passionate about?"

291. "What are your preconceptions about femininity? What do you think this is? Where do you think this came from?"

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292. "Write about a time you showed someone else compassion? Why, and how did that feel?"

293. "What are five self-care activities that make you feel safe and secure?"

294. "How do you feel about who you are as a human?"

295. "What was one time you can remember feeling wronged as a child? How did you react? How has this affected you in adulthood?"

296. "How did you process emotions as a teenager?"

297. "Why are you so reluctant to be kind to yourself?"

298. "Would you call yourself self-destructive? If you do, how do you engage in these behaviours?"

299. "How do you process emotions now? Has this changed over time? How?"

"How do you process emotions now? Has this changed over time? How?"-Journal Prompts About Your Home Environment

300. "What’s one regret you have? Why is it a regret? How do you feel about it? Is this something you can correct in future?"

Creative Journal Prompts To Try Out

Tapping into our creative side can be incredibly liberating and exciting.

If you don’t think you have a creative side, just try one or two of these prompts, and you’ll surprise yourself!

There are loads of great ideas for writing in this list, and different kinds of writing, so you don’t necessarily have to write a creative story.

Check out the list and see what appeals to you. You may find yourself making creative prompts a regular part of your journaling!

24 Creative Journal Prompts To Try Out

301. "Begin by writing the end of the story."

302. "Write about a character with at least three big problems."

303. "Write a recipe for an intangible thing."

304. "Write down 2-3 short character descriptions and then write the characters in conversation with one another."

305. "Walk around and write down a phrase you hear (or read). Make a story out of it."

306. "Write using no adjectives or adverbs."

307. "Write a horror story about an ordinary situation (e.g., buying groceries, going to the bank, listening to music)."

308. "Write a story that keeps contradicting itself."

309. "Saying goodbye awakens us to the true nature of things. Write something in which someone has to say goodbye and has a realization."

310. "Suggest eight possible ways to get a ping pong ball out of a vertical pipe."

311. "Write a sympathetic story from the point of view of the "bad guy." (Think fractured fairy tales like Wicked or The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs!, although the story doesn't have to be a fairy tale.)"

312. "Write a scene starting with a regular family ritual that goes awry."

313. "You have been asked to write a history of "The Summer of ." Your publisher wants a table of contents. What events will you submit?"

314. "Write a story in second person."

315. "Write something that takes place on a Friday, the 13th (of any month)."

316. "If your brain were a tangible, physical place, what would it be like?"

317. "Begin your writing with the phrase, "The stage was set.""

318. "Write a true story from your past that involves light or darkness in some way."

319. "One person meets a stranger on a mode of transportation. Write the story that ensues."

320. "Describe exactly what you see/smell/hear/etc, right now. Include objects, people, and anything else in your immediate environment."

321. "Write a character's inner dialogue between different aspects of a character's self (rather than an inner monologue)."

322. "A shoe falls out of the sky. Justify why."

323. "Write a story from within a bubble."

324. "Look at everyday objects in a new way and write about the stories one of these objects contains."

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Thoughtful Journal Prompts To Try Out

Thoughtful journal prompts give you the chance to tap into your creative juices even more.

Writing or drawing are two of the options you have through these prompts, but there are lots more.

Check them out and have some fun. While you’re having fun you’ll be expanding your skills and learning new things!

50 Thoughtful Journal Prompts To Try Out

325. "Write about a character (or group of characters) trying to convince another character to try something they're scared of."

326. "Describe around a food without ever directly naming it.

327. "You've been called to the principal's office for bad behavior. You know what you did. Explain and justify yourself."

328. "You'll always be okay as long as you know where your _______ is. Fill in the blank and write a story (either fictional or from your life) illustrating this statement."

329. "Write one character bragging to another about the story behind their new tattoo."

330. "Practice your poetic imagery: overwrite a description of a character's breakfast routine."

331. "A character discovers their sibling owns a cursed object. Write about what happens next."

332. "Look through the (physical) things you're currently carrying with you or wearing. Write about the memories or emotions tied with each of them."

333. "Everyone says you can never have too much of a good thing. Write a story where that isn't true."

334. "Borrow a character from some other form of media (or create your own). Write from that character's perspective."

335. "Write a story with a happy ending (either happily-ever-after or happy-for-now)."

336. "Write something that must include an animal, a mineral, and a vegetable."

337. "List 10 different ways to learn. Choose one (or more) and write a story where a character learns something using that one (or more) method."

338. "Write a pirate story with a twist."

339. "Write a character description by writing a list of items that would be on a scavenger hunt about them."

340. "Have a character talk about another character and their feelings about that other character."

341. "Think of five common sayings (e.g., "An apple a day keeps the doctor away"). Write a horror story whose plot is one of those common sayings."

342. "Life is a series of quests, whether important or mundane. Write about a quest you've gone on (or would like to go on, or will have to go on)."

343. "In music, sonata form includes three main parts: exposition, development, and recapitulation. Write a short story that follows this format.

344. "Write a chapter of the memoir of your life."

345. "Choose an ancestor or a person from the past to write about or to."

346. "Keep an eye out in your environment for examples of greengrocer's apostrophes and rogue quotation marks. Pick an example and write about what the misplaced punctuation implies (e.g., we have the "best" meat or we have the best "meat")."

347. "List five strong emotions. Choosing one, write about a character experiencing that emotion, but only use the character's actions to convey how they are feeling (no outright statements)."

348. "Forcing people into prolonged proximity can change and deepen relationships. Write about characters on a road trip together."

349. "List 5-10 office jobs. Pick one of them and describe a person working in that job as if you were a commentator on an Olympic sporting event."

350. "Write a story that begins in the middle of the plot's action (en media res)."

351. "A person is jogging along an asphalt road. Write a story."

"A person is jogging along an asphalt road. Write a story."

352. "Choose an object or concept you encounter in everyday life (e.g. tables, the feeling of hot or cold, oxygen) and write an infomercial about it."

353. "Write a story as a dream."

354. "Begin your writing with the phrase, "6 weeks later..."

355. "Go be in nature. Write drawing your story from your surroundings (both physical, social, and mental/emotional)."

356. "Begin writing with a character saying, "I'm afraid this simply can't wait.""

357. "You start receiving text messages from an unknown number. Tell the story of what happens next."

358. "Write a scene in which two characters are finally hashing out a long-standing misunderstanding or disagreement."

359. "Write a monologue (one character, talking to the audience/reader) (*not* an inner monologue)."

360. "Write about a character before and after a tragedy in that character's life."

361. "Sometimes, family is who we are related to; sometimes, family is a group of people we gather around ourselves. Write a story about (some of) a character's found family and relatives meeting for the first time."

362. "Begin a story with the phrase, "It only took five seconds to...""

363. "Heists don't just have to be black-clad thieves stealing into vaults to steal rare art or money. Write about a group of people (adults or children) who commit a heist for something of seemingly little monetary value."

364. "What do ghosts do when they're not creating mischief? Write about the secret lives of ghosts."

365. "Write for and against a non-consequential controversy (e.g., salt vs. pepper, Mac vs. PC, best kind of door)."

366. "Life is like a chooseable-path adventure, except you don't get to see what would have happened if you chose differently. Think of a choice you've made and write about a world where you made a different choice."

367. "Superheroes save the world...but they also leave a lot of destruction in their wake. Write about a normal person in a superhero's world."

368. "Fill in the blank with the first word that comes to mind: "_______ Riot!" Write a newspaper-style article describing the events that that took place."

369. "Write from the point of view of your most-loved possession. What does it think of you?"

370. "Pick a season and think about an event in your life that occurred in that season. Write a creative nonfiction piece about that event and that season."

371. "Write a story about what it would be like to have an animal sidekick in real life."

372. "The slogan for a product or service you're advertising is, "Kid-tested, _____." Fill in the blank and write the copy for a radio or podcast advertisement for your product."

373. "Write a story about a secret room."

374. "You find a message in a bottle with very specific directions. Write a story about the adventure you embark upon."

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Journal Prompts About Athletes

Athletics incorporates many skills and develops different parts of ourselves, not just the physical.

Journaling about athletics can help you to focus on an aspect of athletics that you want to explore.

It may be that you want to take on a leadership position on a team, or perhaps you feel you are not progressing and want to figure out how to address this.

Whatever your area of interest you will find it here.

48 Journal Prompts About Athletes

375. "Have you ever felt disrespected by your teammate? How did you handle the situation? Would you do it differently if you could do it over again?"

376. "Write about a time when you followed someone else’s lead even though you didn’t want to."

377. "How important is organization when it comes to achieving goals? Are you an organized person?"

378. "What are some of the challenges you’ve faced as a leader?"

379. "What one or two things do you have the power to change about your life that would reduce your stress levels?"

380. "Is it important for everyone in a group to take turns in positions of authority, or should the best supervisor play that role all the time?"

381. "When it comes to training, are you pushing yourself too hard, not hard enough, or the right amount?"

382. "What is your hope for keeping this journal, and how will you know if you were successful?"

383. "How do you handle stressful situations?"

384. "How are your dreams and goals different from how they were five years ago?"

385. "Write about a time that you’ve used discipline to get the result you wanted."

386. "Some people say that multitasking is impossible, and it’s better to concentrate on one task at a time for more extended amounts of time. Do you like to work on several different tasks at the same time, or do you try to ignore everything else until your current responsibility is complete?"

387. "If you knew there was no chance of failure, what would you do?"

388. "Is it more important to have an innate talent or to work hard?"

389. "What is the most interesting or surprising thing that most people don’t know about you?"

390. "Are you as disciplined as you would like? If not, what stops you from being disciplined?"

391. "Write about a time when you had to make a difficult decision, and how you decided what to do."

392. "What would your dream life look like? What about your dream for 5 or 10 years in the future?"

393. "Write about a time you were jealous of someone else, or when someone was jealous of you. What happened, and is there anything you wish had gone differently?"

394. "If you could live inside one movie or TV show, which would you choose and why?"

395. "How important is it to be on time? What are reasonable excuses for being late?"

396. "How does sports leadership differ from leadership in other activities?"

397. "Who is your biggest inspiration as an athlete, and why?"

398. "Write about a time you received praise or encouragement unexpectedly. How did it make you feel?"

399. "How does your family feel about sports and athleticism? What do you think would be different about your life if your family felt the opposite way?"

400. "If you could advise your younger self, what would you say?"

401. "When you have been distracted in the past, what were the best ways you found to get back on track?"

402. "How can you show care for a teammate who is having a bad day without embarrassing them?"

403. "What scares you, and why?"

404. "What negative thoughts do you have about yourself that you’d never think to say to someone else?"

405. "What topic would you like to know more about, and why? How can you learn about it?"

406. "What situations make you feel most relaxed?"

407. "What are your top three goals for the week, the month, and the year?"

408. "Does peer pressure always have a negative connotation?"

409. "What are some non-verbal ways people have of expressing confidence?"

410. "How do your experiences as an athlete help you in other situations?"

411. "What role does loyalty play in team dynamics?"

412. "What is your greatest physical talent?"

413. "Look around you and observe everything, using all your senses. Write for at least 15 minutes describing your environment."

414. "What are five things you love about yourself?"

415. "What would you do if you had an entire day off?"

416. "Is it better to address team problems on your own, or should you ask a coach to mediate? What are the pros and cons of each method?"

417. "Do you think it’s better to push as hard as possible until you finish a task or to space out periodic breaks while you’re working so you don’t get tired?"

418. "Is a cheering crowd more encouraging or distracting for athletes?"

419. "Write about someone you know who’s a great leader, and what qualities make them great."

420. "Do you have a favorite quote? What is it, and what does it mean to you?"

421. "When did you first realize you had an athletic ability?"

422. "When you “waste time,” do you feel guilty, or do you enjoy it?"

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Journal Prompts To Help You Notice The Good

Sometimes I find myself in a rut. I can tend to get negative and I start viewing life as a glass half empty rather than a glass half full.

When I feel negative I turn to this list of journal prompts. It can help me to look at things in a different light and start appreciating what is in my life.

If you feel like you could use an attitude adjustment, read the list and start becoming more positive.

49 Journal Prompts To Help You Notice The Good

423. "Who or what in your life are you happy to have let go?"

424. "What is something nice you did for another person today or this week?"

425. "Think of 3 stereotypes that do not have it as good as you (sick children, homeless people, the disabled, elderly, war victims, etc). What could you do to help people in these situations?"

426. "Write down one good thing that happened to you today."

427. "What are irritations in your life that could use a change in perspective? Can you take less seriously, find humor in? How can that change have a positive effect on your life?"

428. "Name 3 things that you can start doing today to express your gratitude to others? (helping, volunteering, donating, etc). Start doing it in the next few days."

429. "Name 3 things that have happened to you that have strengthened your character and who you are today (positive or negative events)."

430. "List 5 things you love about your home."

431. "List 2 struggles you experienced in life that you have overcome. What or who has helped you to overcome these trials?"

432. "Name 5 things you are doing well currently."

433. "List something good that has recently caught your attention to make you realize how fortunate you are."

434. "What meals do you most enjoy making or eating?"

435. "Name 3 talents or qualities you have that you are grateful for."

436. "Think of 5 people that irritate you or you have trouble getting along with. What irritates you most about them? Now list 3 positive notes or qualities about each person."

437. "Write about a time someone went out of their way to help you."

438. "List 3 things you could do today to be a kinder person."

439. "What were your 3 best days? Write a small paragraph about each day."

440. "Are you happy with how your day turned out?"

441. "What is the most beautiful place you have been to? Relive being in this place now."

442. "List 3 people and/or things you feel that you take for granted. How can you express more appreciation for these things or people?"

443. "What has been the highlight of your day today?"

444. "What about your upbringing are you most grateful for?"

445. "What family members are you most grateful for? Write about what makes them special."

446. "What do you really appreciate about your life?"

447. "Think about the qualities of the people you admire. List these qualities and how you can incorporate them into your life."

448. "Think of 3 times that pure luck or grace has saved you. Write a paragraph about each and focus on who and how the events took place."

449. "Spend a few minutes focusing on your 5 senses and write down how you can be more mindful of each."

450. "What things made you laugh out loud this week?"

"What things made you laugh out loud this week?"-Journal Prompts About Your Home Environment

451. "Write the top 10 things in your life that cause you stress. For each stress factor, write what you can do to change it."

452. "What friends are you most grateful for having? List what makes each friend special."

453. "How can you continue being more thankful?"

454. "Did you have a nice surprise today? Write about it."

455. "Name 3 things that always put a smile on your face."

456. "What about nature are you grateful for?"

457. "Write about something you saw recently that warmed your heart."

458. "What are five personality traits that you are most thankful for?"

459. "What physical characteristics are you most grateful for?"

460. "Did you do something nice to someone today? Write about it."

461. "What were your worst three days? Write a small paragraph about each day and think how much better off you are now."

462. "Make a list of 20 ways you are fortunate."

463. "Think about the worst period you went through in your life and list 10 ways life is better now than it was then."

464. "What are your biggest accomplishments?"

465. "Think about a time that you went out of your way to help someone."

466. "What about your career or job are you grateful for?"

467. "Who special someone has taught you about unconditional love in the past or present?"

468. "Who are the people that first come to mind that don’t have it as good as you do?"

469. "Can you do better tomorrow?"

470. "What 3 things do you love about the town, area, or neighborhood you live in?"

471. "What things do you own that make life easier?"

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Journal Prompts For Mental Health

Mental health incorporates a number of other things like physical health, emotional health, and spiritual health.

Exploring your mental health can be crucial to living your best life. Take some time to look at the list of journal prompts here to make sure your mental health is healthy.

Two of the prompts here are:

What mentors or public figures do you respect or admire? Why?

How can you be more charitable with yourself?

But you’ll want to check out all of the prompts!

26 Journal Prompts For Mental Health

472. "What changes can you make to your life to make it more compatible with your spiritual beliefs?"

473. "What do you do to take care of yourself physically?"

474. "Do you spend as much time helping others as you’d like?"

475. "Which organizations or charities do you, or would you, support?"

476. "Over the last few weeks, when have you felt most motivated, inspired, and in a state of absolute focus? What were you doing?"

477. "Who are you most grateful for in your life? Describe why."

478. "What makes you the angriest about things in the world?"

479. "What mentors or public figures do you respect or admire? Why?"

480. "If you don’t see your work as meaningful to you, can you think of a different type of work that would feel more meaningful?"

481. "What is one of your strengths/weaknesses?"

482. "How do you take care of yourself emotionally?"

483. "When you’re in pain — physical or emotional — the kindest thing you can do for yourself is…"

484. "How can you be more charitable with yourself?"

485. "If you could talk to your younger self, you would say …"

486. "What kind of people do you surround yourself with? Why do you spend time with them"

487. "Are you living a life that is compatible with your spirituality?"

488. "What horrible experiences would you like to protect others from at all costs?"

489. "If you could be granted the power to change the world, what would you do?"

490. "How do these beliefs impact the way you live your life?"

491. "When times get tough you want to remember that …"

492. "Where you wouldn’t like to spend your time? Why not?"

493. "Who are your role models and why do you admire them?"

494. "Do you want to make changes based on these thoughts?"

495. "What, if any, are your spiritual beliefs?"

496. "Where do you prefer to spend the most time? Why?"

497. "What do you like or value about yourself?"

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Journal Prompts For Self-Growth

Life is a perpetual journey throughout which we constantly grow and develop.

Self-growth is not only important for our own well-being but to make healthy and deep connections with others.

When we grow we become better versions of ourselves and from that develop greater confidence.

Read through the list and start on your own self-growth journey.

65 Journal Prompts For Self Growth

498. "Does your career align with your passions? If not, why not?"

499. "What did you waste time on this past year?"

500. "What books did you read this past year?"

"What books did you read this past year?"-Journal Prompts About Your Home Environment

501. "Did you have to set any boundaries this past year?"

502. "What self-care practices did you engage in?"

503. "Did you have a good work-life balance?"

504. "What were you inspired by the most this past year?"

505. "How are the relationships that you have with your co-workers?"

506. "How often do you take time out of your busy day to connect with your surroundings?"

507. "What gave your life meaning and purpose this past year?"

508. "How often did you engage in self-reflection this past year?"

509. "Did you make an effort to maintain a work-life balance consistently this year?"

510. "What was the most challenging part of this past year?"

511. "How satisfied are you with your career?"

512. "How often did you engage in your hobbies and passions?"

513. "What/who something/someone you had to grieve this past year is?"

514. "In what ways did you make time for yourself this year?"

515. "How challenging was it to say no or ask for something this year?"

516. "How did you nurture relationships in your life?"

517. "What are you most proud of this year?"

518. "Reflect on a financial decision you made this past year that you regret."

519. "Reflect on your birthday."

520. "How often did you make time for relaxation?"

521. "Did you spend time in nature this past year?"

522. "How did you nurture your friendships this past year?"

523. "What gave you hope this past year?"

524. "Do you have a mindfulness practice that you regularly engage in?"

525. "How did you build and nurture your curiosity?"

526. "List 3-5 ways you celebrated yourself."

527. "Reflect on a financial decision you made this past year that you are the proudest of"

528. "How frequently did you engage in cleaning your space?"

529. "How did you prioritize your physical health this year?"

530. "Where did you find small pockets of peace this past year?"

531. "Did you create a budget and track expenses this past year? How did it go?"

532. "Reflect on the time you asked for help."

533. "What financial practices did you implement this past year?"

534. "Who did you turn to for help during challenging times?"

535. "What new skill did you learn this past year?"

536. "Reflect on your living space this past year. Does it feel like home?"

537. "What was the most memorable moment of 2022?"

538. "How did you spruce up your living space to support your mental health? (ex. Decluttering, redecorating, organizing, etc.)"

539. "How often do you take breaks and time off?"

540. "What are you the most grateful for this year?"

541. "Did you add to your savings account this past year?"

542. "Did you avoid any aspect of your finances?"

543. "What's a new place you sought out this year?"

544. "Reflect on your communication patterns."

545. "What surprised you about yourself this year?"

546. "How are you, really?"

547. "How often did you schedule regular dates/activities with friends and family this past year?"

548. "Reflect on the work setting that is most beneficial for you (remote, hybrid, or in-person)"

549. "Reflect on your time-management skills."

550. "Reflect on yourself and your social needs."

551. "How often did you search for ways to limit your expenses every month? How did it go?"

552. "Did you challenge yourself to learn new skills?"

"Did you challenge yourself to learn new skills?"

553. "What is an important lesson you learned about your family this past year?"

554. "What are parts of your social life that you most and least enjoy?"

555. "I could not have done 2022 without...."

556. "What hobby did you foster this past year?"

557. "What new thing did you try to do outside your comfort zone this past year?"

558. "How often did you try to keep in touch with your friends and family?"

559. "What new books did you read this year?"

560. "Did you engage in value-based decision-making?"

561. "What type of content did you consume regularly?"

562. "In what ways did you contribute to taking care of our environment?"

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Self-Care Journal Prompts

For all parts of our life, self-care is essential. Carving out time for ‘you time’ can make every other part of your life positive and healthy.

Choose from the following list of self-care journal prompts and make self-care a regular part of your life.

48 Self Care Journal Prompts

563. "What are some things you can do to eat healthier?"

564. "What are some things you can do to nurture your relationships?"

565. "What are some things you can do to find a supportive community?"

566. "What are some things you can do to boost your mood?"

567. "What are some things you can do to improve your self-esteem?"

568. "What are some things you can do to increase your energy levels?"

569. "Write a love letter to yourself."

570. "What are some things you can do to stop feeling guilty?"

571. "What are some things you could add to your self-care routine during tough times?"

572. "What are some things you can do to increase your resilience?"

573. "What are some things you can do to promote inner peace?"

574. "What are some things you can do to protect your eyesight?"

575. "What are some things you can do to promote positive thinking?"

576. "What are some things you can do to make new friends?"

577. "What are some things you can do to set boundaries?"

578. "What are some things you can do to reduce stress in your spiritual life?"

579. "What are some things you can do to declutter your mind?"

580. "What are some things you can do to develop gratitude?"

581. "What are some things you can do to take care of your skin?"

582. "What are some things you can do to get more exercise?"

583. "What are some things you can do to practice self-compassion?"

584. "What are some things you can do to deepen your existing friendships?"

585. "What are a few ways you can reduce the risk of injuries?"

586. "What are some things you can do to overcome negative thinking?"

587. "How can you be a good friend to yourself?"

588. "What are some things you can do to focus and concentrate?"

589. "What are some things you can do to develop healthy communication skills?"

590. "What are some things you can do to improve your sleep habits?"

591. "What are some things you can do to develop a positive mindset?"

592. "What are some things you can do to set boundaries with people in your life?"

593. "What are some things you can do to assert your needs in relationships?"

594. "What are some things you can do to help your favorite person or best friend?"

595. "What are some things you can do to connect with your higher power?"

596. "What are some things you can do to develop a growth mindset?"

597. "What are some things you can do to take care of your hair?"

598. "What are some things you can do to relax your body and mind?"

599. "What are some things you can do to deal with conflict in a healthy way?"

600. "What are some things you can do to reduce social anxiety?"

601. "What are some things you can do to forgive yourself?"

602. "What are some things you can do to let go of negative emotions?"

603. "What are some things you can do to soothe muscle aches and pains?"

604. "What are some things you can do to reduce tension headaches?"

605. "What are some things you can do to find meaning and purpose in life?"

606. "What are some things you can do to reduce anxiety?"

607. "What are some things you can do to reduce stiffness and improve flexibility?"

608. "What are some things you can do to develop a personal faith practice?"

609. "What are some things you can do to reduce stress?"

610. "Think about your last walk in the park and what you appreciated about being there."

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Journal Prompts About Your Home Environment?

Journal Prompts About Your Home Environment are thought-provoking questions or statements designed to encourage individuals to reflect on their living space and its impact on their well-being, creativity, and lifestyle.

How Can Journal Prompts About Your Home Environment Benefit Me?

These prompts can help you gain insights into your relationship with your living space, enhance its functionality, boost your creativity, and create a more peaceful and inspiring home environment.

Can You Provide Examples Of Journal Prompts About Your Home Environment?

Certainly, here are some examples of journal prompts about your home environment:

  • What do you love most about your home environment, and why?
  • Describe a room or space in your home that brings you a sense of peace and inspiration. What elements contribute to this feeling?
  • Reflect on any clutter or disorganization in your living space. How can you declutter and create a more organized and efficient environment?
  • Explore your interior design preferences. What colors, textures, and decor elements resonate with your style and personality?
  • Write down your favorite spots in your home for relaxation and creativity. How can you spend more time in these areas?

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