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300+ Journal Prompts For Freedom And Insight

What do you deeply enjoy doing alone

There is no better way to start journaling than with journal prompts; they are like a magic position you drink to make the magic happen.

Writing about how you want things to happen, what you want in life, your struggles, and your success can help you be self-aware while teaching yourself about your triggers.

Writing down your thoughts in a journal can be very positive to your anxiety on a holistic level (sounds weird, I know), but when you already have what to write rather than a white piece of paper, it becomes easier to express all these emotions you have inside.

Journal Bannar

Are you the type of person who loves questions that bring out ideas and emotions, develops emotional intelligence, and brings out things you never imagined?

Then you are going to love this post; we'll provide you with a long list of journaling prompts for use in different aspects of your life, well covered:

1. How journal prompts are beneficial for mental health

2. Over 50 prompts proven to calm your anxiety

3. Journal prompts to give calm and clarity when making a tough decision

4. And a huge list of journal prompts will help you define many aspects of your life. You can use them now or bookmark them again and again.

What are journal prompts?

Journal prompts are statements and questions that will serve as a guide to start writing on a blank page.

As you may know, there are no rules to express your self-reflection, but they can help you to express your emotions, experiences, and thoughts.

Have you ever felt you want to express yourself but don't know where to start? Sometimes it feels horrible, but don't worry, you are not alone.

Journal prompts can help you better understand what's going on in your heart and soul and give you a better view of things you were unaware of. Let's look at some examples to get a bigger picture of my topic.

Consider this a prompt:

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What are three things you appreciate about yourself?

1. Maybe you feel happy with the little things

2. Or do you like to take time with yourself

3. Or maybe someone complimented you about how you face things in life

By writing all these questions and answers, you will start feeling grateful and aware of the things you want to keep or maybe change.

Psychologists have said that having a journal can improve mental health by reducing symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression.

Pretty cool, right?

Here is the reason why:

We are living in an autopilot mood (yes, this is a mood)

Our brain is like a little machine that is constantly working nonstop.

And some actions are already "automated" in our minds, such as walking, grabbing items, calling your mom whenever you need help, texting, or driving your car because the brain focuses only on the new actions it wants to be more efficient with other resources.

Journal prompts act like magic potions that make you aware of the present and realize things we don't usually think of.

They invite us to delve into challenges, your boyfriend's dilemma, negative thoughts, and problems from a fresh perspective.

Our automated actions are based on life experiences, decisions, or because we learned that way, but that doesn't mean we can be stuck to that; we have the power to create our own future and have the freedom and the life we want.

But we won't get there unless we start doing self-reflection and take the time to think it through.

And how can we get there? Well easy: start with a prompt to help you navigate your emotions and feelings.

This magic potion can stop your autopilot mood and bring attention to your present.

What are the benefits?

Promoting self-discovery growth as you get inspired by your goals and aspirations also embarks you on discovering your potential and hidden talents.

Are you ready to get out of that spinning wheel and regain control?

Then start by asking questions and answering them by being super open with yourself, so you can be clear about what you want, feel, and think. Using a journal prompt can help you to start.

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Categories for our 300+ journal prompts

We have organized our journaling prompts into 9 different categories. Each category will explain to you a little bit about how each type of prompt works.

Spoiler alert, this is a really long list, so feel free to click on the ones you want to go to.

Journal Prompts for Self-Discovery

Do you want to start to get to know you better? Nothing is better than asking yourself how you feel or what you want.

By taking into consideration these thoughts, something magical can happen.

Doing these prompts at the beginning of the year or when you have just decided to close a chapter in your life is ideal. It's also important to set some deadlines for what you want to achieve by month or every three months.

Here is a list of the prompts you can start asking yourself:

1.Write your future self a letter that begins: “Dear future me, this is what I want for you…

2. What are the most significant spiritual goals that you have for yourself? What steps can you take to be closer to fulfilling them?

3.DescWhat is your favorite way to start the day?

4. ribe yourself in 10 words or less.

5.When people complain about you, what do they say

6. What is one way in which you can become more in touch with your intuition?

7. What short-term losses are you willing to accept now for longer-term gains in the future?

8. Write about a time in your life when you felt the most alone and how you filled that loneliness.

9. If you knew you wouldn’t fail, what would you do?

10. When you are working in an optimal job, what do you enjoy the most?

11. In what ways has experiencing pain helped you to grow?

12. How has being sick changed your perspective on life or spirituality, for better or worse?

13. What are you not saying that needs to be said?

14. What is the one thing you need to focus on now that will make everything else better in the future?

15. What skill do you need to learn to advance to the next level?

16. What makes you feel spiritually connected?

17. Are you an Eeyore or a Tigger?

18. What advice would you give someone who has recently found their spiritual path but feels overwhelmed and unsure how to continue?

19. Write about a "hell no" moment—a time when you were so outraged you couldn't help but take action.

20. What is your life has given you the greatest fulfillment?

21. List 3 of the best compliments you’ve received.

22. What gets you excited about the future?

23. Write about what is important to you at this moment in time.

24. If you only had two years to live, what would you most want to accomplish?

25. "What time of day are you most creative? How do you want to use that time?"

26. "What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done?"

27. "What are you interested in learning more about, exploring, or experimenting with?"

28. "What are your plans for going after what your heart wants?"

29. "Think about your life in 5 years. What are you doing? Where are you living? Who are the important people in your life at that point?"

30. "List 10 of your favorite things."

What makes you feel spiritually connected?

31. What are some ways that you will grow your spirituality in the future?"

32. "Write about a time when you felt loved or loved someone. What was so special about it?"

33. "Why do you live where you do?"

34. "If you had $150,000 to spend in 24 hours or less, how would you spend it?"

35. "What question are you grappling with?"

36. "Write about the amount of peace you have in your life and what could make it even better."

37. "Who do you want to be in three years? How do you want people to see you?"

38."What is something that has helped you connect to spirit in the past?"

39. "What rule do you most want to break? (Or what rule have you broken that you wish you hadn’t?"

40. "What are you grateful for in your current situation?"

41. "What are you thinking of doing that you are afraid to tell anyone about?"

42. "How are you contributing to the situation in your life that frustrates you the most?"

43. "What is a story from your childhood that you feel is important to share? Why does this story stand out to you?"

44. "What’s your passion, and how did you discover it?"

45. "What are three motivations for your spiritual journey? How have they changed or evolved since beginning your spiritual journey?"

Journal Prompts For Self-Love

Self-love is an everyday process where you must learn how to create self-love so strong that no one can break it. I know this sounds corny, but it's true.

Accepting, nurturing, and caring for your persona is an act of knowing your self-worth.

Treating yourself with compassion and prioritizing your needs is the beginning of accepting yourself by how you are; embracing your strengths and weaknesses can lead you to create the best version of yourself.

Here are some key prompts to begin the journey of self-love:

46. "What are three things that I can do to take care of myself today?"

47. "Who do you trust most? Why?"

48. "What kind of self-care would be most useful right now?"

49. "Where have I shown kindness to others?"

50. "In what ways do I hold myself back from being my best self by not prioritizing myself?"

51."To me, self-love means..."

52. "How do I take care of my mind, body, and soul each day?"

53. "Why do I think it’s important to feel confident and self-sufficient?"

54. "How does my behavior impact how I treat myself?"

55. "How do you show compassion to others? How can you extend that same compassion to yourself?"

56. "What am I wearing when I feel really beautiful?"

57. "Think of your favorite teacher growing up. What did they do that helped you to feel more confident in yourself?"

58. "What fulfills me?"

What are three things that I can do to take care of myself today?"

59. Today, I loved myself by doing..."

60. "What does self-love mean to me?"

61. "Something that makes me unique is..."

62. "When was the last time that I went out of my way to do something nice for someone else? How did they react, and was it what I expected?"

63. "What do you value most in relationships (trust, respect, sense of humor, etc.)?"

64. "What are the things or people in your life right now that add to enhancing my feelings of self-worth?"

65. "What do you most want your children (or future children) to learn from you?"

66. "What barrier keeps me from loving myself?"

67. "Think about all the things that bring joy to your heart or happiness to your day. What are these things?"

68. "How do you remind yourself that you're enough?"

69. "When have I been unkind to myself?"

70. "The accomplishment I'm most proud of is..."

71. "List three things you’d like to tell a friend, family member, or partner."

"How would I talk to myself if I were 3 years old?"

Journal Prompts for Self-Reflection and Self-Care

Self-reflection and self-care begin with accepting yourself as you are and embracing your strengths and weaknesses.

Do you want to find the real you? Or the things that really motivate you?

There is something about asking yourself how you feel; with this, you might feel motivated, renew your feelings about yourself, and treat your physical body respectfully.

This includes nourishing your body with healthy habits, setting boundaries to protect your energy, engaging in activities that bring you joy and relaxation, and prioritizing your overall self-care needs.

Here is a list of journal prompts for self-reflection and self-care, so when you are having a hard day, you can pull out your journal to write things to explore about yourself.

73. "How do you recharge?"

74. "What does growing older mean to you?"

75. "What do you hope people say about you?"

76. "When do you trust yourself most? When do you find it harder to have faith in your instincts?"

77. "How do you swap envy for joy when other people accomplish things?"

78. "What is your earliest childhood memory?"

79. "What frustrates you the most?"

80. "How do you embrace your authentic self, even if it looks different from what others expect?"

81. "When do you feel happiest in your skin?"

82. "What values do you consider most important in life (honesty, justice, altruism, loyalty, etc.)? How do your actions align with those values?"

83. "How do you trust yourself to make big decisions?"

84. "To me, happiness means…"

85. "What is a challenge that you have overcome?"

86. "What makes you feel in control?"

87. "How do you practice self-love and self-kindness?"

89. "Finish this sentence: “My life would be incomplete without …”

90. "Describe your dream life."

91. "How do you savor the time you get alone?"

92. "What makes you feel calm?"

93. "What natural gift would you most like to possess?"

What makes you feel in control

94. "If today was your last day, how you spend it?"

95. "What do you want your tombstone to say?"

96. "How does it feel to be the age you currently are?"

97. "Which dream of yours do you wish to come true?"

98. "What did you love to do as a child? How can you bring more of that into your life?"

99. "What do you like about yourself?"

100. "How do you put yourself first without feeling guilty?"

101. "What are your talents?"

102. "Write yourself a letter of forgiveness for a mistake you made in the past."

103. "How do you notice when you're nearing burnout?"

104. "List three personal beliefs that you’re willing to reconsider or further explore."

105. "What three changes can you make to live according to your personal values?"

106. "Think of someone you admire."

107. "How do you define love?"

108. "What is your most treasured possession and why?"

109. "How do you stay focused and steer clear of distractions?"

110. "What's a choice you can make this week based on your needs?"

111. "What do you love about your mind?"

112. "Describe a place that feels like home."

113. "What makes you feel powerful?"

114. "How would you like to be remembered?"

115. "What’s a compliment that you received recently?"

116. "The negative emotions I tend to avoid are ___. That's because…"

117. "How do you handle a bad day?"

What makes you feel powerful?

118. "What three things would you most like others (loved ones, potential friends and partners,
professional acquaintances, etc.) to know about you?"

119. "Describe one or two significant life events that helped shape you into who you are today."

120. "What helps you slow down and feel more present?"=

121. "What are you most grateful for?"

122. "How do you advocate for yourself?"

123. "What would you prefer to do less of?"

124. "What are your top life hacks?"

125. "How do you encourage yourself when you're trying something new?"

126. "What do you appreciate most about your personality? What aspects do you find harder to accept?"

127. "What scares you?"

128. "What’s your favorite childhood memory?"

129. "If you could run any business (and the business would be a guaranteed success), what business would you run?"

130. What do you love about your body

Journaling Prompts for Mental Health

Mental health is a serious issue. One effective technique to cultivate emotional awareness is journaling and using journal prompts.

These thought-provoking questions or statements can serve as an open window to becoming more aware of our sentimental state.

Journaling is definitely not a cure for depression, but it does help people who are feeling down or lost.

Depression is a mental state where your mind goes numb and creates a very dark scenario that makes us believe things that are certainly not true.

Journaling can empower you to align your path.

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Journal Bannar

Here are some journal prompts that may help you:

131. "I worry when…"

132. "If I could start _ , my health would be better."

133. "When did you start to lose interest in things? How far back can you trace these feelings?"

134. "What is something I am angry about but haven't dealt with?"

135. "The best way for me to reduce stress is…"

136. "I know I'm feeling depressed when ____. What helps me feel better is…"

137. "What do you feel anxious about? Write your stream-of-consciousness, and let it feel as if all the random fears (or that one big fear) are draining out of you onto the paper."

138. "I believe my health is…."

139. "Some wildly bold things I want to do are…"

140. "How do I feel about the statement: “I am enough”?"

141. "What I’ve noticed about my body recently is…"

142. "For me, self-care is…."

143. "The foods that make my body feel bad are…"

144. "What I’ve learned about my body is…"

145. "One thing that I'm holding on to that I'd like to let go of is…"

146. "Write a letter of forgiveness to yourself."

What I’ve noticed about my body recently is

147. "When have I cried happy tears? What made that happen?"

148. "Would I parent your children in the same way I was parented? Why or why not?"

149. "What I’m going to do is…"

150. "My life would be better if…"

151. "I feel guilty about taking care of myself because…"

152. "What scares me the most about my health is…"

153. "For me, healthy eating is…."

154. "What can I let go of to make room for self-care?"

155. "How are your current circumstances affecting your mental health?"

156. "What I’m scared to face is…"

157. "The most effective way I can shift my mindset is…"

158. "Write a letter of forgiveness to someone who hurt you."

159. "Write a letter to someone who hurt you. Tell them how their actions made you feel."

160. "I have trouble sleeping when…"

161. "I’m confident that I can…"

162. "My top 3 health goals are…"

163. "When I reach my health goal(s), I will be able to…"

164. "How are you experiencing anxiety in your body? What does it feel like? Write words or use doodles to get this onto the page. What kind of self-care might calm you, allowing those feelings to pass?"

165. "What I need to focus on is…"

166. "I know that I need to…"

167. "My anxiety may be trying to tell me…"

168. "One thing that motivates me to keep going when things feel really tough is…"

169. "Write about something you know to be true."

170. "Who triggers negative emotions in me? Why?"

171. "Can you see beyond where you are now to a better future?"

172. "I feel most loved when…"

173. "If some of your depression is being caused by anger you’ve felt helpless to act on, write an angry letter."

174. "What eases my mind is…"

175. "One area I need to improve on is…"

176. "What barrier(s) do I need to overcome?"

177. "What do I need to forgive myself for?"

178. "Where in my body am I experiencing pain?"

179. "If your anxiety centers around your own performance, name your inner critic. Give it a voice and a personality. (Mine is Edith Prickley, based on the SCTV character.) Write out all the things your inner critic is saying to you."

180. "I enjoy exercise when…"

One area I need to improve on is

181. "What is going well right now?"

182. "What helps me stay motivated to reach my health goals is…"

183. "Write what you wish someone would say to you."

184. "What is the thing you are afraid to say out loud?"

185. "What makes me feel alive is…"

186. "When I feel my best I…"

187. "The advice I would give my younger self is…"

188. "Write about a need you know someone has, and describe how you could help alleviate their suffering."

189. "Who in my life can I be my full self with, unapologetically?"

190. "What are you tolerating that you shouldn’t be?"

191. "What would you write if you didn't feel like you would be judged for it?"

192. "I really wish others knew this about me: …"

193. "What I’ve already overcome with my health is…"

194. "What patterns or themes about my health have emerged from my journaling practice?"

195. "Write down the worst thing that could happen if what you fear comes to pass— and make it as extreme as possible."

196. "What makes me excited is"

Journal Prompts To Ignite Personal Growth

Are you tired of feeling stuck like you were on a hamster wheel? And there are some things that you want to achieve in your life, but you don't know where or how to start creating the best version of yourself.

A journal can help you capture your personal stories, like a guide on how to get the things you want to achieve for your own personal growth.

Personal growth journals can be written by hand or digitally; you can also add some pictures to make them even more personal.

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Wherever you want to start your journal on a piece of paper, your laptop, or tablet, these are some journal prompts that can give you some inspiration:

197. "What are your core values?"

198. "How does work fulfill you? Does it leave you wanting more?"

199. "How do you make time for yourself each day?"

200. "What does your work teach you? Does it offer continued opportunities for learning and growth?"

201. "Are you taking care of yourself enough?"

202. "Imagine you are the last person on Earth, and you are able to make one wish. What would you wish for?"

203. "What helps you stay focused and motivated when you feel discouraged?"

204. "Do you believe in free will?"

205. "What are things you own you should get rid of?"

206. "If you were able to go back in time and pick your own name, would you keep your current name? If you would change it, what would it be?"

207. "How do you use your personal strengths and abilities at work?"

Are you taking care of yourself enough

208. "What do you most want to accomplish in life?"

209. "How can you better help others?"

210. "What is something you keep avoiding, and why?"

211. "What three things can help you begin working to accomplish those goals?"

212. "Who was your first crush?"

213. "If you were granted three wishes, what would they be?"

214. "Where do you want to be in five years?"

215. "How do your co-workers and supervisors recognize your strengths?"

216. "What culture interests you the most?"

217. "What does a perfect day look like to you?"

218. "Do you feel comfortable in your own skin?"

219. "What are your three biggest priorities at the moment?"

220. "What is a regret you have?"

221. "What causes stress or anxiety in your daily life?"

222. "What do you look forward to most in the future?"

223. "List three important goals. How do they match up to your goals from 5 years ago?"

224. "What is the biggest challenge you have ever overcome?"

225. "What part of your workday do you most enjoy?"

226. "Does your work drain or overwhelm you? Why? Is this something you can change?"

227. "How would you describe life to an alien?"

228. "What is a new habit you want to adopt into your life?"

229. "What are your career ambitions?"

230. "What would your dream home look like?"

231. "What aspect of your personality are you most proud of?"

232. "How would you define love?"

233. "Do you have any pet peeves?"

234. "Who would you invite to your perfect dinner party?"

235. "Where do I get your best ideas from?"

236. "What kind of legacy would you like to leave the world?"

237. "Identify one area where you’d like to improve. Then, list three specific actions you can take to create that change."

238. "How would your friends describe you?"

239. "Do your goals truly reflect your desires? Or do they reflect what someone else (a parent, partner, friend, etc.) wants for you?"

What kind of legacy would you like to leave the world

240. "Do you see yourself in the same job in 10 years?"

241. "What does “time well spent” mean to you?"

242. "What is your relationship with money?"

243. "What would the complete opposite of you look like?"

244. "What do you love to do for fun?"

245. "What are some of the best compliments you have ever received?"

246. "What makes you sad?"

247. "When was the last time you apologized to someone?"
248. "List three obstacles lying in the way of your contentment or happiness. Then, list two potential solutions to begin overcoming each obstacle."

249. "What are simple things that make you happy?"

250. "When was the last time you made a courageous decision?"

251. "What can you do to improve your work performance?"

252. "What is happiness to you?"

253. "What parts of life surprised you most? What turned out the way you expected it would?"

254. "What would you do if you learned the world would end tomorrow?"

255. "What does family mean to you?"

256. "What about your work feels real, necessary, or important to you?"

257. "What three things would you share with your teenage self? What three questions would you want to ask an older version of yourself?"

258. "Where would you like to travel to in the future?"

Journaling Prompts for Gratitude

Let's do a little experiment. Suppose that things at school or work didn't go as planned, so you start feeling like you are not enough and there's nothing good in your life.

So these types of feelings are not letting you enjoy the rest of the day, but let's say that, as a compromise, you sit down on your bed each night, pull out your journal, and start answering some journal prompt questions.

Suddenly you start to appreciate all the things you have in life, it doesn't matter if they are big or small, but you already have a lot of pages written with evidence of the good in your daily basics so that "terrible" situation does not feel that terrible anymore.

With this exercise, you can bring balance to the table and maybe some positive energy.

Here is a list of journaling prompts for gratitude:

259. "What about your living space are you especially thankful for?"

260. "The person who has influenced me the most in life is…"

261. "What makes you laugh so hard you get tears in your eyes?"

262. "Who made you feel good this week?"

263. "How have you grown in the past year?"

264. "Who taught you about unconditional love?"

265. "One good thing that happened to me today was…"

266. "What was the best gift you received as a child?"

267. "Who served as a mentor to you (whether they knew it or not)?"

268. "One thing I have learned recently and am thankful for is…"

269. "Which day was more special than any other?"

270. "Write about a positive interaction you had with a stranger."

One good thing that happened to me today was

271. "What 5 songs are you grateful for? Why?"

272. "What could you do this week to express gratitude to others?"

273. "What guilty pleasure are you secretly grateful for?"

274. "My three greatest strengths are…"

275. "List 10 frivolous things that bring you joy."

276. "What has surprised you, in a good way?"

277. "What was your best day ever?"

278. "What adversity are you grateful for?"

279. "What did you eat this week that was delicious?"

280. "What do you deeply enjoy doing alone?"

Clarity of action Journal prompts

To gain clarity on your needs and desires, stop for a movement and check through your life to see what you want at the moment.

Clarity of action can be found in journaling prompts through simple questions related to self-reflection, connecting with your inner child, and really taking any time to pause and listen to yourself.

One important thing to consider during these exercises is intention or purpose. Because at the end of the day, what really matters is the reason behind every action we do. I know it sounds a little too deep, but I promise it is easier than it looks.

So, here are some journal prompts that you can use to find clarity and manifest a life that feels good and aligns with your values.

281. "What outcome are you working toward?"

282. "How much do you want this? What are you willing to give up to get it?"

283. "Which path most closely aligns with your highest values?"

284. "Will this matter in two days? Two months? Two years?"

285. "If you had no say and someone else made this choice for you, which choice would make you feel disappointed? Why?"

Journal Prompts on personal history

Keeping a history journal is an incredible way to preserve your life story and create lasting memories about your experiences, reflections, and feelings.

A personal history wouldn't be without the people who have been by your side in every situation. Your family, close friends, and everyone who knows you can read the stories and learn about themselves.

Personal history journals can be written by hand (you can add pictures or drawings) or digitally. Whether you decide to do it, these journal prompts can help you to start writing your legacy.

286. "What did your grandparents tell you about how they grew up?"

287. "What world events impacted you when you were younger? How did they affect you?"

288. "Describe a mundane day. What is life like for you? Write down what you wish you knew about your grandparents’ or great-grandparents’ daily lives."

289. "Where were you born? Where were your parents born?"

290. "What movie did your family watch over and over?"

291. "What were you worried about as a kid that turned out to be not a big deal for you as a grown-up?"
292. "What was your favorite toy?"

293. "Write about your first week of college or the first week at your first job."

294. "Write about your name. What does it mean? Who chose it?"

295. "Where did you go to school? What subjects did you enjoy?"

296. "If you have kids, write about them. What do you want them to know about their younger selves?"

297. "Did your family survive a tragedy? What happened?"

298. "Write about the first home you remember."
299. "What pets do you have?"

300. "When you were younger, what did you like to do when it rained?"

301. "Where did your parents work? What was their trade? Do you know how your grandparents made their living?"

302. "Describe the kitchen in the home you spent the most time in."

303. "What do you enjoy doing most with friends and family?"

304. "Write about when and how you learned to manage money and pay bills. What did things cost then?"

Journal Prompts for kids

Children love fun and creative activities. It provides them with a safe space to express their emotions, feelings, and experiences. Journaling can also be suitable for the child's interests.

One way to attract the kids' attention with journals is with colorful illustrations and interesting prompt questions that can make them feel free to express their souls with excitement.

Let them write, draw, or create whatever they like; their imagination can foster their creativity.

Make it easy and simple but also intuitive, and include pages dedicated to gratitude so the kid can express what they are thankful for.

This practice will leave a positive mindset and appreciation for the little things in life.

Here are some journaling prompts for kids:

305. "If you were going to invent a recipe, what would you invent?"

306. "What are you looking forward to?"

307. "What does mommy (or daddy) do at work?"

308. "What is your superhero name? What powers do you have?"

309. "What kinds of games do you like to play?"

310. "If you could be invisible, where would you go?"

311. "What did you do this weekend?"

312. "How does money work?"

313. "If there was something you never ever had to do again, what would that be? Why?"

314. "What makes you feel brave?"

315. "What do you think is super gross?"
316. "What do you love about your favorite movie (or book)?"

317. "What question do you want to ask your pet? (And what do you think they would say?)"

318. "What makes you feel curious?"

319. "What is your favorite thing to talk about with your friends?"

320. "What do you remember from when you were really little?"

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use a journal prompt?

Journal prompts are typically presented as questions that encourage reflection and introspection.

It's important to remember that these questions should be open-ended, allowing for thoughtful and in-depth responses rather than simple one-word or one-sentence answers. For example, a common prompt that exemplifies this approach is: "What aspirations do you hold for your future career?"

How long is a journal prompt?

While there is no strict rule for the length of a journal entry, a general guideline suggests that entries typically range from 500 to 1000 words.

It's worth noting that the word count may vary depending on personal preference and the depth of reflection. It's also worth mentioning that writing on a computer can often result in higher word counts due to the speed and ease of typing.

Journal Bannar

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