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200 Journal Prompts For All Ages To Live A Life Of Gratitude

200 Journal Prompts For All Ages To Live A Life Of Gratitude

In recent years, we have heard a lot about gratitude, and with good reason. Embracing journal prompts for gratitude allows you to delve deeper into the practice, fostering a heightened sense of appreciation and well-being in your life.

Living a life of gratitude has been shown to develop a positive mindset and overall happiness.

With a positive mindset comes an increase in confidence and a belief in the good of the world.

When we think positively, we can achieve so much.

So, what is gratitude exactly, and how do we show it?

Gratitude is being thankful for the good things in our life. For example, you might be grateful for the food you have to eat, or the good health you have.

You could be grateful for your family and your friends.

Maybe you are grateful for a particular thing that has occurred that day - an unexpected pleasure.

Being grateful has the power to create a culture of giving and kindness. When we live a life of gratitude, we think about how we could make the lives of others better.

This results in more acts of kindness being performed, and the happiness train just keeps on going!

I am excited to share this article with you, all about journal prompts about gratitude. There is a list for kids, too, so everyone can live a life of gratitude.

Let’s get started!

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Gratitude Journal Prompts To Express Thanks

We all have challenges in life. It can be easy to feel weighed down by responsibilities, and the pace of the days, weeks, and months.

Yet, when we take the time to think about what we can be thankful for in our lives, we can always come up with something, or even a few things.

When we recognize the good in our life, the burdens we carry get lighter as we feel more readily that we can handle them.

That positive mindset that comes from gratitude is powerful. Living life from a glass half-full perspective rather than a glass half-empty makes all the difference.

It’s really an “I can” kind of attitude, and it all starts with expressing thanks.

I am, overall, a pretty positive person, but when I get news about something that might create a challenge for me, I can be a negative Nelly.

I have found that if I start my day by being grateful for good things in my life that I will receive those challenges with a more positive attitude.

Journal prompts like the following can help us reflect on the things we can be thankful for:

What or who are you the most grateful for?

What did your parents teach you growing up that made you a better person?

Make a list of things that irritate you. Then write down ways to see them from a different perspective. Can you laugh at some of these or make them easier to handle?

Look through the rest of this great list of prompts to start your gratitude journey!

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70 Gratitude Journaling Prompts To Express Thankfulness

1. "What or who are you the most grateful for?"

2. "What did your parents teach you growing up that made you a better person?"

3. "Write a paragraph about what you admire about your favorite person in the world."

4. "What's one way you can brighten a neighbor's day today?"

5. "Think about a work of art that resonates with you and write down how it makes you feel and why you love it. "

6. "How did the people around you play roles in making you the person you are today?"

7. "What's a small purchase you can make and how can it increase your happiness? (You could buy chapstick, comfortable socks, a scented candle, or something else.)"

8. "What or who makes life more meaningful to you?"

9. "How can seeing the strengths of various people help you understand their true worth?"

10. "What are 10 items you own that make your life easier (technology, appliances, etc.)?"

11. "Choose the type of weather condition you like the least. Figure out how you can tolerate it with a positive mindset next time it happens (read a book, think positive thoughts, etc.). "

12. "What are your favorite meals you enjoy eating or cooking?"

13. "Write down ideas on how you can be more accepting of those who are different from you. How can doing this improve your quality of life?"

14. "What's one small step you can take towards overcoming a challenge you currently face. "

15. "Make a list of things that irritate you. Then write down ways to see them from a different perspective. Can you laugh at some of these or make them easier to handle?"

16. "Consider a time you did a good deed for someone else. How did this affect you and the other person?"

17. "Whose one person you can't stand? Now write down anything you can learn to love about him/her. (This could be his/her style of clothing, hair color, or something else.)"

18. "Who was your childhood sweetheart and what positive qualities about this person would you like your next partner to have?"

19. "What are some things you can do for a friend or family member next time they're unhappy or not feeling well?"

20. "What makes you appreciate your job or career the most? Is it something you do or your work environment, or is it the people you work with and why?"

21. "Consider one way you're unique from those around you. Why do you appreciate this difference in yourself?"

22. "Imagine why your favorite song makes you happy, sad, etc., and describe this feeling in a few sentences. "

23. "Make a list of 20 places you'd like to visit before you die and consider visiting at least one of them soon. "

24. "What gives you a sense of purpose and why? If you lack a purpose, write down ways you can have one on a daily basis and how this can enhance your lifestyle. "

25. "Name the top six ways you can help improve your neighborhood (plant trees, organize a neighborhood cleanup, become a mentor, etc.)?"

26. "How can you turn what bothers you about someone into something that benefits you in a healthy way? "

27. "Pick your favorite teacher or professor from your past or present and write about what makes him or her special. "

28. "Name a fear you've always had and list ways you can start to overcome it. "

29. "What's your favorite color and what about it boosts your positivity?"

30. "In what ways can you be more thankful in your day-to-day life?"

31. "In what ways can having a positive mindset each day make your life easier?"

32. "What's the most beautiful place you've ever traveled to? Imagine how you felt while you were there and write your feelings down. "

33. "Pick a holiday you enjoy and write two paragraphs about why you feel this way. "

34. "How can you appreciate your five senses more by being mindful? "

35. "In your opinion, what's something that makes a person genuinely beautiful?"

36. "What are some of your favorite things about your town, city or state?"

37. "What's one thing you can do to make your bedroom more comfortable or bright and how can this make you cheerful?"

38. "List some positive ways you can deal with any problems or people that bother you?"

39. "How can doing good for others make you happier than doing things for yourself?"

”How can doing good for others make you happier than doing things for yourself?"

40. "Which three struggles have you overcome throughout your life and how did these make you a better person?"

41. "Put down three paragraphs about a family member and why you're thankful for them. "

42. "Pick a goal you'd like to achieve. Write down how achieving it could increase your life satisfaction."

43. "Write down three reasons why a particular object in your home brings you joy. "

44. "Think about something nice you did for another person and write a paragraph or two about the situation. "

45. "What valuable lessons did you learn from your past mistakes?"

46. "Which movie always puts you in a brighter mood or is there one that changed your life in some way? Consider why you feel so strongly about it."

47. "What are four actions you can take to make another person happy? Then go out and do these in the next week. "

48. "Pick one problem in your personal life you wish would end. Now write down ideas on how you can change the problem for the better."

49. "Make a list of what makes your closest friends special. "

50. "What makes you laugh really hard and how can you make yourself laugh more often?"

51. "What place makes you feel inner peace? How can you bring part of this into your daily life?"

52. "What's something big or small you can do to help those less fortunate than yourself (homeless people, children with cancer, etc.)?"

53. "Write down one highlight of your day and why it's positive for you."

54. "What's your favorite smell in the whole world? Write down how it stirs your senses and provokes your emotions."

55. "What are some things you love about your personal style and clothing choices?"

56. "How does overcoming obstacles make you feel?"

57. "List three qualities you admire about yourself."

58. "Consider one thing that makes you angry. How can you turn this into something more pleasant?"

59. "Choose an organization or public service (library, education, fire department, etc.) you're grateful for and write a paragraph about it. "

60. "Which talent do you appreciate the most about someone you admire and why?"

61. "Name one time you felt uncomfortable with change. After this change, how did your life improve?"

62. "Name one way in which you're more fortunate than someone else. How does this make you more thankful?"

63. "Write down some necessities in your life, such as food or shelter, you're grateful for. "

64. "Name one bad habit you'd like to change and why. Then write down small steps you can take to make this happen. "

65. "List nine things you can do to love yourself more and try incorporating these into your everyday life. "

66. "What top three things/people make your home feel special?"

67. "Name one thing you like about your appearance and write a paragraph about it. "

68. "Do you have a favorite creative outlet? If so, how does it improve your mood? If not, write down a creative outlet you'd like to learn and how this can cheer you up. "

69. "Which books do you reread over and over again? Write down why these boost your mood."

70. "When was one time a stranger made an honest effort to help you? Write a paragraph about why you liked this person and why what they did for you mattered. "

Gratitude Journal Prompts For Addiction Recovery

If you currently suffer from an addiction, or have had an addiction at any point in your life then you know what a heavy burden it can be.

The road to recovery from addiction can be long and hard, but a grateful attitude can be an incredibly positive force to help you.

When a close friend of mine was trying to give up alcohol he found it very helpful to think about the positives that came with recovery.

Each day he would think and write about specific aspects of his life that were better.

Journaling about how his health had already improved, and the greater health improvements that were ahead of him gave him good motivation to stick with it.

He also journaled about how grateful he was for the chance to repair relationships with family and friends.

He would give thanks for the chance to be with those he loved, and to spend quality time with them doing activities that brought him joy and happiness.

Keeping the focus on gratitude kept all those positives in his recovery life front and center in his mind.

See how the prompts in this list can help you or someone you know to recover from an addiction.

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44 Gratitude Journal Prompts For Recovery

71. "How would I describe myself to someone who’s never met me?"

72. "What was the best thing that happened today?"

73. "List the most difficult moments of your addiction and how you overcame them."

74. "What relationships are most important to me, and what can I do to prioritize them?"

75. "What are five positive things in my life?"

76. "Can I remember when I first felt addicted to a substance?"

77. "What’re positive affirmations that help me feel strong?"

78. "How does it feel to no longer have control over my own body?"

79. "Who did I use them with?"

80."What am I grateful for today?"

Gratitude Journal Prompts For Recovery

81. "How could I’ve approached this situation differently this morning?"

82. "How can I shift the focus from me to someone else?"

83. "What can I do for myself to lift my spirits?"

84. "What’s my earliest memory of addiction and/or substance use?"

85. "What’s one goal I’d like to accomplish in the next year?"

86. "What problem in my life seems unsolvable – and how can I tackle it today?"

87. "What new hobbies or special interests have I discovered since being in your addiction recovery journey?"

88. "In what ways have I tried to change my behavior?"

89. "When did I first feel ashamed or guilty about my alcohol/drug use?"

90. "If I were asked to give a motivational speech to people struggling with addiction, what advice would I give them?"

91. "What’re the most important events in my life that have made me who I’m today? Why are they important to me?"

92. "Am I achieving my daily goals? If not, how can I do better tomorrow?"

93. "What did my life look like before addiction/use became a problem?"

94. "When did the craving for alcohol or drugs start again after I used them? On the third day, at the end of the week?"

95. "How can I better support and appreciate my loved ones?"

96. "Create a list of 10 things that helped me survive the past year."

97. "If I’d to narrow down my biggest trigger to one word, what would it be and why?"

98. "What’ve I learned about myself since being in substance abuse treatment?"

99. "What are three positive feelings I felt today?"

100. "How long could I go without addiction or drug use before the urge to use set in?"

101. "What’s an irrational fear I’ve, and how do I keep it under control?"

102. "Section: How old was I when I first used alcohol or drugs?"

103. "Describe what you like about yourself."

104. "How would I explain addiction to someone who’d never experienced it?"

105. "Who’s my higher power as I understand him or her?"

106. "Write about a time when someone was there for me or was there when I needed them most. How did it feel to know someone was there for you?"

107. "How can I be more loving to myself today?"

108. "What conversations do I need to have with whom to feel freer and truly sober?"

109. "What does my ideal day look like?"

110. "How did you deal with stress and worry when you were younger?"

111. "What’s something new I learned about myself today?"

112. "How do I feel about myself when I drink and/or use drugs?"

113. "What would it be if I could make peace with one event from my past?"

114. "Write about a life without your addiction."

Journal Prompts For Recovery
Journal Bannar

Gratitude Journal Prompts For Kids

Helping our kids to learn about gratitude is one of the best things we can do for them.

An attitude of gratitude can do much to put our minds in a positive place and teaching our children to practice this will not only benefit them now, but in the future.

It is good for children to learn not to take things for granted, and to be aware of the good things in their lives.

Gratitude journaling can start at a young age. Even kids who are not yet printing can be encouraged to draw pictures of what they are grateful for.

Choose a time when your child is able to focus and make the activity fun! Enjoy this time with your kids and you’ll end up feeling more grateful too!

The practice should be encouraged as your child grows up and it can be a very beneficial habit for teens.

As the mother of five children, I have always impressed upon my kids the importance of being grateful for the good in our lives.

As my kids have grown up, and have had challenges to deal with along the way, I am glad that they have an internalized attitude of gratitude to help them stay positive. They are so much stronger for it.

34 Gratitude Journal Prompts For Kids

115. "Make a list of experiences you are grateful that you will have the opportunity to have in the future. Then, choose one to write about in detail."

116. "Make a list of things your parents have done for you that you are grateful for. Then, choose one to write about in detail."

117. "Write about a time when something made you unhappy—but you eventually came to feel grateful for it in the end. What caused your perspective to change?"

118. "Make a list of experiences in your life you are grateful to have had. Then, choose one to write about in detail."

119. "How do you feel when someone shares their gratitude for you or something you’ve done?"

120. "Write a thank-you note to your most prized possession for the purpose it serves in your life."

121. "Make a list of things you often take for granted but that you are very thankful to have. What are some ways that you could try to recognize these things more often?"

122. "Write about a time when you thanked someone and you could tell it made them really happy."

123. "Make a list of 100 things you are grateful for. Then, write about whether or not it was tough to come up with that many items."

124. "Do you think you would benefit from keeping a daily or weekly gratitude journal? Why or why not?"

125. "How often do you stop and think about what you are grateful for? How could you do this more often?"

126. "Make a list of aspects of nature you are grateful to be able to experience. Then, choose one to write about in detail."

127. "Think of something good you did for yourself recently and write yourself a thank-you note."

128. "Write a thank-you note to a friend for the part he or she played in a special memory."

129. "Make a list of basic necessities that you are grateful you don’t have to worry about. Then, choose one to write about in detail."

130. "Why is it so important to show our gratitude to others? What happens if you fail to do so?"

131. "What are some good ways to show your gratitude when someone does something nice for you?"

132. "Make a list of things about school that make you feel grateful. Then, choose one to write about in detail."

133. "Write about a time when you had to express gratitude for a gift you didn’t really like. What did you say or do?"

134. "Try keeping a gratitude journal for a full day and record as many items as possible. Then, at the end of the day, write about your experience."

135. "Write about a time when someone expected you to be grateful but you weren’t. What happened? How did you handle the situation?"

136. "Why is it important to practice gratitude?"

137. "Write about a time when you had trouble expressing the depth of your gratitude. What did you do?"

138. "Make a list of things you were grateful for as a child. Then, choose one to write about in detail and describe why it was so meaningful to you."

139. "Make a list of all the people you are grateful to have in your life. Then, choose one to write about in detail."

140. "Does practicing gratitude ever change your mood or outlook? Describe your experience."

141. "Make a list of things that exist in the world that you are grateful for. Then, choose one to write about in detail."

142. "Describe the feeling of gratitude with as much detail as you can. Use adjectives and metaphors to be as creative as you wish!"

143. "Make a list of lessons you are grateful to have learned. Then, choose one to write about in detail."

144. "Do you ever find it difficult to feel gratitude? Why or why not?"

145. "Write about a time when someone failed to show their appreciation for you. How did that make you feel?"

146. "Write a thank-you note to someone you don’t know well who impacted you recently."

147. "Write a thank-you note to your parents for any topic of your choice."

148. "Make a list of physical capabilities you are grateful to have. Then, choose one to write about in detail."

Therapist-Approved Gratitude Journal Prompts

If you’re unsure of what kinds of prompts you should focus on, looking at journal prompts that have been approved by a therapist can be a good way to go.

Using journal prompts that are therapist approved gives us confidence that these are worthwhile and going to be helpful.

Feeling you can trust the integrity of the prompts may help you to be more honest and more engaged in responding.

Many of us would like to go to a counselor or therapist, but don’t feel comfortable discussing things with a stranger, or we might not be able to afford it.

One of the great benefits of journaling is that we can do it privately, and our thoughts and ideas are for ourselves only, unless we choose to share them with someone.

Read through our list of therapist-approved gratitude journal prompts, and choose the ones that connect with you and your life.

52 Therapist Approved Gratitude Journal Prompts

149. "What makes me smile?"

150. "What's one thing I'd like to be proud of by the end of this week/month/year?"

151. "Name three things I experienced today that delighted me."

152. "Reflect on how someone I love makes me feel and what those feelings are."

153. "What do I appreciate about my current life circumstances?"

154. "What about my home am I in love with?"

155. "What are my quirks, talents, and skills, and why am I grateful to have them?"

156. "Name 10 things I like about myself."

157. "What about my environment brings me happiness?"

158. "Write a thank you to someone I care about."

Therapist Approved Gratitude Journal Prompts

159. "What's something my past self did that I'm grateful for today?"

160. "What simple pleasures am I grateful I get to experience and enjoy?"

161. "Spot five things around me right now that I'm glad I don't have to live without."

162. "Name one good thing that happened during my day."

163. "What about the way I make money brings me joy?"

164. "Ask, "What do I love about the way I grew up?""

165. "Ask, "What powerful lessons have I learned?""

166. "What's a challenge I overcame to get me to where I am today?"

167. "What about my health am I thankful for?"

168. "What are three things in life I'm thankful for?"

169. "In what ways do I handle a crisis that I'm particularly thankful for?"

170. "What about my financial situation am I grateful for?"

171. "What are five things I'm grateful for that touch each of my five senses?"

172. "Who is someone that makes me feel seen in my day-to-day life, and how do they do that?"

173. "What kind of wonderful do my relationships bring into my life?"

174. "What am I looking forward to lately?"

175. "What are some beautiful moments that happened this past week?"

176. "Think of things I do and use on a day-to-day basis: How do these things improve my quality of life?"

177. "What do I have today that makes me happy that I didn't have a year ago?"

178. "What have I recently introduced into my life that's brought me peace, joy, or comfort?"

179. "Name something beautiful I witnessed recently."

180. "What makes you feel like your most authentic self? Is it being around a certain person, doing a certain activity, etc.."

181. "What do you need to do to prepare for your next session?"

182. "Do you express your feelings easily? If not, why?"

183. "Write one to three things that inspire you to be your best self?"

184. "What are the emotions that you feel the most? Are they mostly positive or mostly negative?"

185. "Who are you the most positive around, and who seems to bring out more negative thoughts?"

186. "How did you feel 10 minutes after your therapy session today?"

187. "Were there any surprising thoughts or feelings that came up for you during your session?"

188. "Was there something you wanted to discuss today but it didn’t come up?"

189. "Did you learn anything new about yourself?"

190. "What’s your love language (words of affirmation, gifts, acts of service, physical touch, or quality time)? How can you better show love to yourself through that?"

191. "Did you receive any homework or activities to do and/or practice before the next therapy session? How do you feel about it?"

192. "What makes you feel the most confident?"

193. "What helps brighten your day when you are going through a hard time? "

194. "What causes you to get angry? Are there any certain coping skills that help you calm down?"

195. "How are you feeling after your therapy session?"

196. "Were there any points during therapy today that were tough to talk through?"

197. "What stuck out to you the most during your session?"

What stuck out

198. "Who is someone in your life that always seems positive? How can you learn from them to develop a more positive mindset? "

199. "When was the last time you cried and what helped you feel better?"

200. "What are some practical tools that you learned today that will help you when you are struggling?"

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Journal Prompts For Gratitude?

Journal prompts for gratitude are thought-provoking questions or statements designed to guide your journaling practice towards focusing on and expressing gratitude. They encourage you to reflect on the positive aspects of your life.

How An Journal Prompts For Gratitude Benefit Me?

Journal prompts for gratitude can benefit you by promoting a positive mindset, enhancing your well-being, and fostering a greater sense of appreciation for the people, experiences, and blessings in your life.

Can Journal Prompts For Gratitude Improve My Mental Health?

Yes, practicing gratitude through journal prompts has been linked to improved mental health outcomes. It can reduce stress, increase happiness, and contribute to a more positive outlook on life.

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