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145 Inspiring Journal Prompts For Your Mental Well-Being

145 Inspiring Journal Prompts For Your Mental Well-Being

Mental health and well-being is a phrase we hear frequently now. Not so long ago, medical practitioners didn’t know very much about mental health, and people who suffered from mental health issues often went undiagnosed and untreated.

When people suffer from mental health issues it can have a very real negative impact on their lives. It can also be very hard on the people they know and live with.

My ex-husband suffered from anxiety and depression, but we didn’t know that’s what it was, and because a diagnosis was never made, he was never medicated.

The situation became very challenging and we ended up getting a divorce. He has since been diagnosed with extreme anxiety and depression, has received counseling, and takes medication.

Anxiety and depression are two of the most common mental health challenges. It can be so debilitating that people are unable to work.

Their extreme worry and concern over every little thing causes them to have panic attacks. They doubt their ability to do things, and then become depressed about the state of their lives.

If you know someone who suffers from extreme anxiety and depression then you know how they consider every single thing that could go wrong, plus a whole lot more than anyone else would ever think of.

Journaling is one method of dealing with mental health. It’s a way of expressing concerns and hopes, setting goals, and creating plans to achieve those goals.

Mental health can also be related to emotional, intellectual, and physical wellness. All of these are represented in the journaling prompts in this article.

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Journal Prompts To Bring Positivity

In recent years, a good deal of work has been done in the area of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Essentially, you train your brain to think and react in a different way.

Eventually, your brain will automatically respond in a positive way to cues and situations that typically would cause you to feel overwhelmingly anxious.

The list that follows includes prompts for journaling that encourage you to think positively.

A wide variety of things are included in this list which prompts you to view your world in a more positive way.

For example, look around and list 5 things that help you in your day-to-day life, or, write about a movie that touched your heart, and why.

There are lots of choices, so you can select something that relates to you, but keep in mind that you’re just looking to take on a more positive outlook.

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Journal Prompts To Bring Positivity

1. "Which is your favorite weather, and why?"

2. "Write about an achievement that you are most proud of."

3. "Write about one positive thing that happened today."

4. "Who is the most reliable person in your life?"

5. "Appreciate a stranger that was helping someone in need."

Journal Prompts To Bring Positivity

6. "Appreciate the vehicles that let you travel long distances."

7. "What is one skill or quality about yourself that you appreciate the most?"

8. "Look around and list 5 things that help you in your day-to-day life."

9. "Write about a song that you can't help but sing along to."

10. "Write about something beautiful that moved you to tears."

11. "What was the most enjoyable part of your childhood?"

12. "Write about an electronic device that you feel grateful to have."

13. "Write about a movie that touched your heart, and why."

14. "Write about something that makes you feel lucky."

15. "Whose company do you like the most?"

16. "Write about a time when you challenged your comfort zone."

17. "List 5 things in your bedroom that you are grateful for."

18. "What is something that you can do today that people 30 years ago couldn't?"

19. "Express gratitude for having as much food as you need."

20. "Express gratitude for 5 things that you use daily."

21. "Write about someone that you idolize, and why."

22. "Appreciate a friend who lives far away but is dear to you."

23. "Think about the people you don't know who help make your life easier."

24. "What privilege do you enjoy that others might not?"

25. "What do you like most about yourself?"

26. "When did something wonderful happen unexpectedly?"

27. "What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?"

28. "What do you like about growing up?"

29. "Write about the most influential people in your life."

30. "What is the funniest video you've watched recently?"

Prompts To Bring Positivity

31. "What excites you about the future?"

32. "What is your strongest life value?"

33. "What is the most fascinating thing about life?"

34. "What is your favorite part of your life?"

35. "Appreciate the refreshing walk that you had in nature."

36. "Which recent experience in life taught you a big lesson?"

37. "Express gratitude for 5 tools that help you save time."

38. "What aspect of your health do you feel grateful for?"

39. "Write about someone that you really admire."

40. "What are you always excited to do?"

41. "Write about a time when you laughed uncontrollably."

42. "What is your favorite part about your town or city?"

43. "List 5 ways that having a mobile phone makes your life easier."

44. "What do you love most about the time you are living in?"

45. "What is your most prized possession?"

Journal Prompts For Mental Wellness

With journal prompts for mental wellness, you will focus on what stresses you, what makes you feel anxious, and what fears you have.

By writing about these things in your journal, you face the source of your issue, and that helps you to deal with it, and move forward.

What are 5 things you'd do if you weren't afraid?

Make a list of comforting things that will help you on bad days.

What have your fears and anxieties taught you about yourself?

These are just a few of the inspiring prompts in this list.

Some will be more challenging to write about than others as there may be a level of discomfort attached to the topic, but try not to shy away from this as it can help you in the end to be more mentally healthy.

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Journal Prompts For Mental Wellness

46. "What are 5 things you'd do if you weren't afraid?"

47. "Describe a time when you were stressed or scared, but things turned out alright in the end."

48. "What are 3 things that make you angry and why?"

49. "Make a list of comforting things that will help you on bad days."

50. "Physically, how do you feel right now?"

51. "What have your fears and anxieties taught you about yourself?"

Journal Prompts For Mental Wellness

52. "Write about 1 of your happiest memories."

53. "Describe one of your most important or passionate goals."

54. "What do you fear the most, and why?"

55. "List 5 reasons why you love yourself (and refer or add to this list when the going gets tough)."

56. "How did you feel today? What emotions did you feel?"

57. "Write a letter to someone who has negatively impacted you (but don't send it out)"

58. "When was the last time you did something for yourself, and what did you do?"

59. "Do you love your body and mind? Why or why not?"

60. "Write about the people that make you happy in your life"

61. "What are 3 things you can do right now to alleviate some stress?"

62. "Mentally, how do you feel right now?"

63. "What are 3 things you'd like to improve about your life right now?"

64. "What is something about yourself that you'd like to change?"

65. "What are you proud of yourself for?"

66. "What about yourself do you hope to change?"

67. "What are 3 of your long term and short term goals?"

68. "Write a list of 10 things you want to say to yourself during difficult times (and refer or add to this list when the going gets tough!)"

69. "List down 5 things that are currently stressing you out."

70. "What are your boundaries? Have you been reinforcing them? If yes, how so?"

71. "What is something nice you did for someone else, and how did it make you feel?"

Prompts For Mental Wellness

72. "Describe a place that makes you feel happy or peaceful. Visualize this safe space when you're stressed or anxious."

73. "List 5 things you're grateful for today."

74. "Describe your perfect, most stress-free day."

75. "Write a letter of forgiveness to yourself."

Journal Bannar

Journal Prompts For Emotional Health

Emotional health is connected to mental health, but with emotional health we focus on feelings, and how we emotionally respond to situations and people, including ourselves.

These prompts get you considering things like self-acceptance, feelings of guilt, calm, control, power, and happiness.

By exploring these through writing, we begin to have a better understanding of ourselves.

We start to see that there is much good in us, and that can translate into greater overall happiness in life, in relationships, in work.

I find journaling about my emotional health very helpful. On days when I am feeling a bit out of sorts, or a little down, I grab my journal, pick a prompt that pertains to my feelings, and write.

Inevitably, I come to understand why I am feeling that way, and then I am able to turn things around.

I end up being able to really enjoy my day!

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Emotional Health Journal Prompts

76. "When do you feel most confident?"

77. "One thing I need to work on is __________"

78. "How do you calm your nerves in a difficult situation?"

79. "What Things Make You Happy"

80. "How do you advocate for yourself?"

81. "I’m most proud that I __________"

82. "I feel happiest when ______________."

83. "How can I show myself more love?"

84. "What makes me feel calm?"

85. "Name a habit you need to stop doing to live a more meaningful life?"

86. "Write the words that would make you happier today."

87. "Make a list of 30 things that make you smile."

88. "How do you practice self-acceptance?"

89. "How do you put yourself first without feeling guilty?"

90. "What is your proudest moment?"

91. "How do you forgive yourself when you make a mistake?"

92. "What personal needs am I sacrificing to meet the needs of others?"

93. "What do you need to forgive yourself for?"

94. "How do you trust yourself to make big decisions?"

95. "What’s a funny story that makes you laugh every time?"

96. "What does unconditional love look like for you?"

97. "What brings you genuine joy?"

98. "What acts of self-care truly make me happy? How can I add more of this to my self care routine?"

99. "What makes you feel powerful?"

100. "How do you set boundaries and avoid taking on someone else’s emotions and stress?"

Emotional Health Journal Prompts

101. "What makes you feel in control?"

102. "What makes you happiest in life?"

103. "What could you do to make your life more joyful every day?"

Journal Prompts For Intellectual Wellness

Let’s take a moment to define what is meant by intellectual wellness.

Intellectual wellness is our creative abilities as well as our knowledge and skills.

There are many different things we can do to increase our intellectual wellness, and the prompts in this list cover all sorts of things, so that you can easily find one or more that you connect with.

Some examples of these prompts are:

A topic you want to learn about that will help you be happier. How can you start learning about it?

If you could make a living doing anything, what would it be?

What’s inspiring you right now?

When we learn a new skill, or read information that is new to us our brain takes in that information and it connects it with other learning and other skills we have acquired.

The brain keeps building and building. So cool!

We can also increase our abilities in the area of social skills, and in the area of creativity.

Have you always wanted to try making pottery, or learning how to play the guitar? Whatever your interests are, get in there and try it!

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Intellectual Wellness Journal Prompts

104. "What are some things that inspire you?"

105. "What wild and crazy thing would you like to try?"

106. "What can you do today that you didn’t think you could do a year ago?"

107. "How have you been getting in the way of achieving your goals?"

108. "If I could accomplish one thing in the next three months, what would it be?"

109. "What have you learned today?"

110. "What is your favorite personality trait?"

111. "I really wish others knew this about me…"

112. "What is your best accomplishment?"

113. "What qualities do you think others admire about you?"

114. "Who is someone you’d like to treat better?"

115. "How do you share your feelings with the people who care about you?"

116. "Who is your favorite person to talk to?"

117. "What did you/can you do today to bring yourself closer to your dream?"

118. "How can I encourage myself when I’m trying something new?"

119. "What’s inspiring you right now?"

120. "How do you add value to those nearest to you?"

121. "Who inspires you most in life?"

122. "A book that has impacted me is __________"

123. "Who’s your biggest idol?"

124. "How can you step outside your comfort zone to grow?"

125. "If you could make a living doing anything, what would it be?"

what would it be

126. "How do you make the time you spend with people more intentional?"

127. "Name a way you’ve supported a friend recently. How can you do the same for yourself?"

128. "Make a list of the people in your life who make up your support system."

129. "Who is your best friend?"

130. "What makes you a good friend?"

131. "A topic you want to learn about that will help you be happier? How can you start learning about it?"

Journal Prompts For Physical Wellness

Another aspect of overall well-being is physical wellness. The physical part of our being ties into all the other aspects of well-being.

Sleep is incredibly important. We know that when we sleep our bodies rejuvenate, the brain does lots of work making connections, and sorting.

Exercise is also very important. Don’t feel you need to train for a marathon. Simply walking for a period of time each day is very beneficial!

Drinking lots of water is another pillar of physical wellness. Make it a practice to start every day by drinking a glass of water, and then make sure you get more water consumed throughout the day.

Read the journal prompts below to get you thinking about your physical wellness, and setting some goals in this area. You’ll reap the many benefits!

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Physical Wellness Journal Prompts

132. "I feel most energized when…"

133. "What’s your favorite physical feature?"

134. "Self-care is important to me because I want to feel _________."

135. "What does bedtime look and feel like? Is there anything I can change for a more restful night’s sleep?"

136. "How do I feel about the importance of practicing self-care?"

137. "Today my self care mantra is…"

138. "What would I say to someone that thinks self-care is selfish?"

139. "Today I can honor my body by _________"

140. "Reflect on a time when I didn’t practice self-care and write about all the positive changes I’ve made in my life."

141. "What’s something I can do to feel good today? "

142. "What items are in your self-care toolkit?"

143. "If my body could talk, it would say…"

144. "I feel happiest in my skin when…"

145. "How do you recharge?"

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Mental Well-Being?

Mental well-being refers to a state of psychological and emotional balance in which an individual can effectively cope with stress, build fulfilling relationships, work productively, and enjoy life to its fullest.

How Is Mental Well-Being Different From Mental Health?

Mental health focuses on the presence or absence of mental illness, while mental well-being encompasses overall positive mental state, resilience, and the ability to thrive in various aspects of life.

What Factors Contribute To Mental Well-Being?

Factors such as self-care, positive relationships, a sense of purpose, regular physical activity, mindfulness practices, and a healthy work-life balance can contribute to mental well-being.

Can Anyone Achieve Mental Well-Being?

Yes, mental well-being is achievable for most individuals. It requires intentional effort, self-awareness, and the adoption of healthy habits and coping strategies.

What Are The Benefits Of Prioritizing Mental Well-Being?

Prioritizing mental well-being can lead to increased happiness, improved relationships, enhanced productivity, better physical health, and greater resilience in facing life's challenges.

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