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82 Monthly Journaling Prompts For Success Every Month Of The Year!

Monthly Journalling prompts

Creating journal prompts based on each month of the year is a great approach. It allows you to consider ideas that tap into themes and special holidays that are specific to each month. Monthly Journaling Prompts are here to more productive and successful year.

It also gives you the opportunity to revisit your goals from the previous month and then build on them, setting new mini-goals for the current month. 

Don’t feel you need to faithfully follow each month’s prompts. You might want to devote other topics to certain months, and then choose which monthly prompts to write on.

Journal Bannar

However you choose to approach these lists of monthly prompts, there is plenty here to get you journaling!

9 January Journal Prompts

January is one of the most exciting months of the year. As the first calendar month it brings hope and the opportunity to set goals for the year.

Studies have shown, however, that people lose the enthusiasm for their goals very quickly, and before the month is up, most have dropped the pursuit of their goals.

That’s where journaling and the prompts in our list can help. Choose prompts that speak to you and what you want to achieve.

Through regular journaling you will stay on track and continue to feel encouraged and inspired to attain your goals!

1. "What are your New Year’s resolutions? How are you planning on keeping them?"

2. "Describe what it feels like to start a new chapter in your life."

3. "What are you most looking forward to in the new year?"

4. "What was your best memory from last year? Why was it so special?"

5. "What are you looking forward to doing most in the new year?"


Journal Prompts

6. "Write about a time when you had to let go of something (or someone) important to you."

7. "Write about a time when you tried something new and how it changed your life."

8. "Reflect on the past year and write about what you’ve learned."

9. "Write about a new opportunity that has come your way."

7 February Journal Prompts

February is the quintessential month of love as it brings Valentine’s Day on the 14th. Any matters of the heart you wish to explore?

You might choose to write about a romantic relationship you’re involved in, or maybe you want to reflect on the relationship you have with family members.

Perhaps you would like to focus on platonic friendships that you think could be improved with greater effort on your part.

And don’t forget about loving yourself and how all-important that is. February is a great month to pamper yourself, and journal about all the reasons why you love yourself.

10. "What is the meaning of LOVE for you?"

11. "What negative beliefs hold you back?"

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12. "What gift do you want to give to yourself?"

13. "The book I am reading this month."

14. "I feel peaceful when…"

15. "What is your way to celebrate Valentine’s Day?"

16. "What is unique in my personality?"

6 March Journal Prompts

Our March journal prompts recognize Nutrition Month as well as National Women’s Day, two fantastic options for journaling and setting some goals.

March also contains St. Patrick’s Day, a day to celebrate your Irish heritage, or that of someone you know. This is the perfect time to learn about the Emerald Isle, and maybe plan a trip!

If you’ve got the luck of the Irish, maybe you’ll find a four-leaf clover. Writing about what you would do if you found one, or maybe even a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow can be a fun experience.

17. "March is also National Nutrition Month. Write about a healthy recipe that your family enjoys together. Why do you feel good food is important?"

18. "When students visit the March writing center, have them begin a story with the sentence “I had always wondered what was at the end of the rainbow…”

19. "Write about what you would do if you found a four-leaf clover."


Journal Prompts

20. "March 25th is National Waffle Day. Invent your own waffle and make a Google Slides presentation about what you would include as toppings and why. "

21. "Even a younger student can benefit from volunteering in the community. What is one way that you have volunteered your time? What is one volunteer activity that you would like to do in the future? "

22. "March is women’s history month. Research an influential woman and write a detailed paragraph about her life and accomplishments."

7 April Journal Prompts

I always get excited when April arrives because it holds the promise of spring which happens to be my favorite season.

Where I live, April can bring a very mixed bag weather-wise, but the brown of winter gradually gives over to a greener landscape, and of course those April showers will bring May flowers!

With all that rain comes rainbows, and taking the time to describe a beautiful rainbow in your journal can inspire you to feel happy and content.

As temperatures start to become more temperate, we are able to get outside more, and this can prompt some great journaling.

23. "Children’s Book Day is on April 12th. Who could you read to & what type of book do they like?"

24 "What plans, or activities will you schedule for ‘Earth Day’?"

25. "Describe the best rainbow you have ever seen."

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26. "What are the first words you think of when you think of ‘walking’?"

27. "Plan out your best spring weekend getaway."

28. "Who are you grateful to have in your life right now?"

29. "What family celebrations are going on this month?"

6 May Journal Prompts

May brings a burst of nature all around us. The first of the flowers come out of the earth to bring color and beauty, and lilacs, forsythia, and other flowering shrubs send out their new blooms.

I find May tremendously rejuvenating, and inspiring for journaling. I always have a more optimistic outlook, and am eager to get gardening, cutting grass, and all the other tasks that spring brings.

May is the perfect time to reflect on how you have been doing with the goals you set back in January. Rejig where you need to, and tackle your goals with renewed energy!

30. "Describe one event that has changed an opinion or idea you held?"

31. "What aspect of your personality do you struggle with the most?"

Journal Prompts

32. "What is your favorite John F. Kennedy quote?"

33. "What has brought you the most happiness so far this year?"

34. "How are you doing with your goals for the year?"

35. "How are you feeling about this year so far?"

6 June Journal Prompts

June brings a settling into gorgeous weather, and it is, of course, the favorite month for wedding celebrations!

Reflect on some of your favorite things to do in this month. It’s a great time to enjoy outdoor activities like golf, tennis or going for regular walks.

June is also a time of graduations for young people finishing elementary school, and those graduating from high school.

Journaling about special memories of your children as they meet these milestones can be truly gratifying.

36 "What activities are available for you to partake in during the month of June that you would not be able to undertake, say, during the month of October?"

37 "What about the month of June is your favorite? (A birthday, the climate, etc.)"

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38 "Describe how you met a buddy called June in a short tale."

39 "What is a fun approach to making the most of your holiday vacation?"

40 "Why do you believe June is the name of the month?"

41 "What makes June the sixth month of the year every single year?"

5 July Journal Prompts

Summer is here! Swimming, ice cream cones, backyard barbeques, camping, and on and on.

July is such a marvelous month when we all enjoy a little more relaxation. You might sit on your porch and read while enjoying a nice, cold drink, or maybe you take your kids to the beach.

Journal Bannar

Whatever summer activities you partake in, July is a fabulous time to journal and make note of all the wonderful memories you are making.

42 "List down 3 things you want to get rid of from your daily routine?"

43 "What was my biggest achievement in the last month?"

June Journal Prompts

44 "List down 3 things you want to add in your daily routine?"

45 "Name three things I have learned during the lockdown period and will continue it."

46 "What new thing/s I have learned in last month."

5 August Journal Prompts

August is a transitional month. We are still enjoying summer weather and activities, even holiday time, but the last part of August brings the excitement of back-to-school planning, and resuming our regular work routines.

Hold onto the joy of summer for as long as you can. August brings National Simplify Your Life Week, so enjoy doing the things you love, and try to keep any unnecessary tasks for another time.

You might even consider writing a little less in your journal, or if it helps you to focus on simplifying, then embrace journaling that week, by all means!

47 "Take your journal outside today and just doodle instead of writing!"

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48 "It’s National Simplify your Life Week – how can you do just that?"

49 "What’s your best memory of this summer so far?"

50 "How do you exercise with your child or younger relative?"

51 "What one thing / fear would you like to conquer this month?"

7 September Journal Prompts

Human beings thrive on routine, and September is the month that brings routine back into our lives.

To me, September has always been a little like January in the way we have a fresh start, a new beginning.

September is a perfect time to take stock of your goals, and your desires.

Grab your journal and let it inspire you to set realistic, exciting goals to make your life more fulfilling!

52 "What are some good examples of charitable behavior?"

53 "Why is it important to look at issues from multiple perspectives?"

September Journal Prompts

54 "Write about something that causes stress in your life. What can be done to change it?"

55 "Write about living in America at the beginning of the Revolutionary War. What would life have been like? How has our quality of life changed since then?"

56 "What does the world need most?"

57 "If you could invent anything to help other people, what would you create?"

58 "Is it difficult to be understanding of other cultures? Why or why not?"

8 October Journal Prompts

The sights, sounds and smells of fall are all around us. October is a great month for taking a drive into the country, enjoying fall foods like squash and apples.

Inspiration for writing is everywhere this month.

October is also the month of Halloween! Be sure to journal about your little ones’ trick or treating - kids get so excited about dressing up, carving a Jack O’ Lantern, and of course getting lots of goodies! These are special memories to write about.

Check out the great prompts in our October list!

59 "What did you eat today? How did that affect your body and mind?"

60 "Happy Halloween! Write your thoughts about this holiday."

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61 "Write a healthy personal mantra in 20 words or less."

62 "What are three ways to nourish your soul?"

63 "What’s your favorite soothing drink?"

64 "Learn a word in a new language – write that word down!"

65 "Clean something. Take a before and after picture for your journal."

66 "Make a list of 10 things you’re thankful for."

7 November Journal Prompts

November can be a tough month. The days get shorter, the beauty of fall has given way to bare trees, and lawns and fields that are brown and lifeless.

This is when journaling can be incredibly important. Find prompts that resonate with you, and immerse yourself in writing on a regular basis.

This can help to keep you positive and optimistic.

Remember, too, that in the United States there is the Thanksgiving celebration, followed by preparations for Christmas!

67 "When does the holiday season arrive? What events put you in the holiday mood?"

68 "How do you thank people when they give you gifts?"

September Journal Prompts

69 "What are the best types of presents to give?"

70 "What is the most memorable gift you ever received? Why was it special?"

71 "Make a list of your holiday wishes for others. What would you like to see other people receive this season?"

72 "How can you practice your gratitude?"

73 "What would you do if you received two of the same gift? Why?"

9 December Journal Prompts

I love December. There is the obvious reason that Christmas is in this month, but I also love the nestled-in feeling I have in December.

Where I live it gets dark by 4:30. It’s the perfect invitation to cozy-up on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate and my journal.

There is so much to write about in December. If you’re someone who starts feeling the stress of all that has to be done in this busy month, journaling can help you focus on how to deal with this.

Christmas is not a happy time for everyone, and journaling can help with feelings of sadness and depression as well.

74 "How do you feel about December?"

75 "How have you changed and grown in the last 12 months?"

76 "What do you want most out of this month?"

77 "How can you give yourself more grace when your holiday season doesn’t go perfectly according to plan?"

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78 "What is one self care activity you want to do more of next year?"

79 "What is the most enjoyable part of the holiday season?"

80 "What is one small change you can make to improve your mental health next year?"

81 "Looking back on the year, what are you most proud of?"

82 "How well did you prioritize your self care this year?" 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are monthly journaling prompts?

Monthly journaling prompts are sets of creative and thought-provoking questions, ideas, or themes provided for each month. They're designed to inspire your writing and encourage regular self-expression and reflection.

How do monthly journaling prompts work?

At the beginning of each month, you'll receive a set of prompts that can range from questions about your goals and aspirations to reflections on personal growth and experiences. These prompts serve as a guide for your journaling throughout the month, fostering a consistent writing practice.

How do I incorporate monthly journaling prompts into my routine?

Journal Bannar

Incorporate prompts by allocating a specific time, such as the start or end of the day, to sit down and write. You can also set reminders or designate a particular journal for your monthly prompts.

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