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54 Beautiful Nature Journal Prompts For The Nature Lover In You

54 Beautiful Nature Journal Prompts For The Nature Lover In You

Growing up on a dairy farm, I was surrounded by nature. Our farm was situated among rolling hills, and a lovely stream ran across the back of our property.

The fields that surrounded our house grew hay, wheat, oats, barley, and corn, and the seasons were identified by the different stages of the development of crops as well as the daily rhythm of milking.

My younger brother and I enjoyed looking at clouds to see what animal shapes were there, jumping in the haymow, and wading through the grain bin.

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In our way, as children, we celebrated nature.

As an adult, I cherish the natural beauty of this world and particularly my little corner of it.

My property has many deciduous and coniferous trees and a large meadow. I have a vegetable garden in one area, and enjoy growing flowers too.

I love to spend time outside. Nature can rejuvenate me, calm me, and make me feel joyful.

This article explores journal prompts that will help you to get in tune with nature and celebrate its beauty and majesty.

1. Journal Prompts For Nature Lovers

Come and explore nature and enjoy expressing your thoughts on nature as you respond to journal prompts for nature lovers.

If you’re like me, you don’t get to spend as much time outside as you would like to. Most of us have jobs that require us to remain inside.

My sister works as a law clerk for a major law firm in a big city. She takes advantage of any opportunity to spend some time outside.

When the weather is good she has her lunch outside.

Just feeling the warmth of the sun, and the breeze blowing makes her feel rejuvenated and she heads back into the office more relaxed.

Recent studies have shown that taking a short walk outside, or just spending some time in nature makes people happier, and more productive.

In these prompts you can choose what wonderful aspect of nature you’d like to write about. There’s even a prompt to write a poem!

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Journal Prompts For Nature Lovers

1. “Create a shape poem – using wind or rain as the title.”

2. “Do you think that people take enough time to appreciate nature? Why or why not?”

3. “What is the most beautiful place in the world? What do you love about it?”

4. “If you had a choice of any place to live on the planet and money was not an issue, where would you live?”

5. “Write a story from the perspective of a bird that can see the entire world from above.”

6. “What element of nature speaks to you the most? Why?”

7. “Write a short story about a summer thunderstorm.”

8. “How much time do you get to spend outdoors?”

“How much time do you get to spend outdoors?”

2. Journal Prompts To Show Concern

Though there are people who claim that climate change does not exist, it is clear that over decades we have damaged our planet and we see the results in a number of concerning ways.

The number of violent storms has increased, the glaciers are melting, and the temperatures in both winter and summer are more extreme.

Companies continue to clear cut large areas of forest which threatens our entire ecosystem.

There are many groups that work to decrease these harmful actions and increase the awareness of the public about climate change.

In 2019, Greta Thunberg passionately spoke out against governments not doing enough to correct the harms done to the environment.

She led an entire generation of young people who continue to fight for this cause.

There are small but important things that we can all do to help our natural world. Read through the list of prompts that follows and select a prompt that speaks to you.

You will find this encouraging and rewarding.

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Journal Prompts To Show Concern

9. “Describe the life of a Bee.”

10. “You invent a machine that could be used to clear up the oceans efficiently and quickly. Describe your device and how it would work?”

11. “What part of nature are you most thankful for? Why?”

12. “What is your favorite season? Why?”

13. “Make a bird feeder and hang it in your backyard or on your windowsill.”

14. “What is the best part of playing outside?”

Journal Prompts To Show Concern

15. “Would you rather live in a secret forest or on a desert island? Why?”

16. “Throughout the world, there are many trees that have stood in the same place for hundreds of years. Write a story about all of the historic events and changes in society that one of these trees has seen.”

17. “Why do you think nature inspires so many writers and artists?”

18. “What is your favorite in nature- (plants, animals, seasons, or something different) and why?”

19. “Imagine plants could be able to talk. What would you ask them?”

3. Journal Prompts To Tell Your Story

In this category of journal prompts you will write about how you feel about a certain aspect of nature.

You can choose to write a story, a poem, or respond to any prompts associated with different aspects of nature, and how they relate to you and you to them.

I enjoy putting my thoughts about nature into poems. I love the fact that I can be creative in my journal and my writing is just for myself.

This allows me to feel free in my thinking and writing.

I also enjoy reading nature poetry from modern poets as well as those from other centuries.

I like to respond to these poems through journaling.

Telling your story about what part nature plays in your life can be a reminder of just how much nature means to you and the impact it has on you in your daily existence.

It is also a reminder that we should not take nature for granted.

What prompt will you choose to tell your story?

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Journal Prompts To Tell Your Story

20. “Tell a story or describe a hike or nature walk that you’ve experienced.”

21. “Write a Poem about a Summer thunderstorm”

22. “Write a story related to your favorite season?”

23. “Do you treat trees as humans?”

Journal Prompts To Tell Your Story

24. “When you go outside, which of your senses are you most thankful to have?”

25. “Your favorite natural area is about to be changed into a housing development. What do you do to stop it and how do you get the community on your side?”

26. “If you could experience any new part of nature, which one would you choose? Why?”

27. “Would you rather have your favorite season all year long or experience different seasons throughout the year? Why?”

28. “Write about your favorite thing that lives outside. It can be a flower, an animal, a vegetable, etc.”

29. “If you were a part of nature, what element would you be? Why?”

30. “Choose a natural object that you can see when you look out the window and write about it. Describe how it looks and moves and imagine how it might sound or feel.”

31. “Choose one element of nature (a tree, flower, cloud, etc.) and write a poem from its perspective.”

32. “One day you are out for a walk…..and you discover an unusual egg…….”

33. “How do people who live in the city enjoy nature in comparison to people who live in the country?”

4. Journal Prompts To Share Experience

Nature is there to be enjoyed, appreciated, and experienced.

When we interact with nature, we form a relationship with it and in this way truly experience its phenomenal qualities.

Do you love to hike in the woods or does your love of hiking take you up mountains?

Do you enjoy hopping on your bicycle and riding along a river? Maybe roller blades are more your style.

Does diving into a clear natural lake make you feel more alive than anything else you can imagine?

During a visit to one of my daughters in British Columbia, a province in Canada known for its great natural beauty, my daughter took me on a hike through a beautiful wooded area.

After some challenging climbing (I’m not as young as I used to be, lol) we arrived at a pristine body of water surrounded by rugged cliffs covered in trees and moss.

Journal Bannar

Swimming in that water at that stunning location is an experience I will never forget. How very lucky I am to have shared that with my daughter.

Let the following journal prompts encourage you to write about an experience in nature that you have had.

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Journal Prompts To Share Experience

34. “What is your favorite type of weather? Why?”

35. “Write a poem as if you’re the leaf falling from the tree!”

36. “What is your favorite place outside to explore?”

Journal Prompts To Share Experience

37. “What do you think life was like for our ancestors who had to live off of the resources they could get from nature? Do you think you could have survived this way?”

38. “Do you consider yourself a nature-lover? Why or why not?”

39. “You wake up one day as a butterfly – where would you go and what would you see?”

40. “Imagine that one day you took a walk and the trees began to talk to you. What would they say about their relationship to humans and how would you respond?”

41. “Write a story about an animal rescue from the perspective of the animal.”

42. “Describe your most significant experience with nature.”

43. “Write a short story about winter’s first snowflake.”

44. “Spend 15 minutes outside observing the world around you. Write about what you notice most.”

5. Journal Prompts During Your Adventure

Mindfulness is being completely present in whatever activity you are doing, and is particularly important when we are experiencing nature.

To get the very most out of your adventure in nature, take some time to think about what you plan to do, what you expect to see, what you are most looking forward to.

If the sort of activity you are doing allows you to journal while you’re there, take a few moments to jot down how you are feeling and what has most impressed you.

After your adventure, be sure to reflect on your outing and write about the experience in more detail.

How has it left you feeling? Has this adventure encouraged you to do this sort of activity again?

Of course, adventures don’t always go according to plan.

If yours was less than what you had thought it would be, write about how you would like it to be different the next time, and what steps you could take to make that happen.

Happy adventuring and journaling!

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Journaling Prompts During Your Adventure

45. “List three things you are grateful for today”

Journaling Prompts During Your Adventure

46. “List three insights you had while outside”

47. “What would you wanted to gain from outdoor adventure?”

48. “How was your feeling before adventure?”

49. “What mental and physical challenges did I face on my adventure?”

50. “Observe your surroundings and connect with your senses. Be present with what you see, feel, hear, smell, etc. For example, what is the texture of the surface you’re sitting on? What colors do you see? How does the air feel today? What sounds do you hear? How does it feel to be in the moment?”

51. “How has my mood shifted since I got outdoors?”

52. “How does being outdoors make me feel or impact me?”

53. “Did I encounter any negative self-talk while on my journey? How can I practice self-love and kindness toward myself instead?”

54. “List three things you appreciate about yourself.”

Journaling Prompts During Your Adventure

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Nature Journal Prompts?

Nature journal prompts are creative cues that encourage you to observe and engage with the natural world around you. They inspire you to reflect on your experiences, thoughts, and emotions related to nature, fostering a deeper connection with the environment.

How Do I Use Nature Journal Prompts?

Using nature journal prompts involves selecting a prompt that resonates with you and spending time outdoors. Observe nature's beauty, take notes, sketch, or write about your observations, feelings, and insights. These prompts enhance your appreciation for nature and your ability to articulate its impact on you.

Can I Use These Prompts For Digital Journaling While Outdoors?

Absolutely. Nature journal prompts can be adapted for digital journaling using smartphones or tablets while you're outside. You can still record your thoughts, take photos, or make sketches digitally to document your interactions with nature.

What If I'm Not An Artist? Can I Still Use These Prompts?

Absolutely. Nature journaling isn't limited to artistic skills. While some prompts might involve sketches or drawings, you can focus on descriptive writing, poetry, or even taking photographs. The goal is to capture your personal experiences and reflections.

How Frequently Should I Use Nature Journal Prompts?

The frequency of using nature journal prompts depends on your availability and connection to nature. You can use them as often as you like - weekly walks, monthly outings, or even occasional hikes can all provide opportunities for nature journaling.

Can Nature Journaling Have Therapeutic Benefits?

Yes, nature journaling can be therapeutic. It encourages mindfulness, reduces stress, and promotes a sense of calm and wonder. Engaging with nature and expressing your thoughts can have positive effects on your mental and emotional well-being.

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