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405 Positive Words That Start With The Letter “I”

Positive words that start with I

Irresistible, Insightful, Impressive

“I” words provide us with an abundance of positive words and meanings that you can use to make any day better. In fact, Positive words that start with “I” are among my favourite words, and I am super happy to be able to share some of these.

When you use positive “I” words, you can literally improve your life. You might make them part of a mantra that you say often, or write them in a journal, but don’t stop there.

There are so many ways to incorporate “I” words into your life, and we are going to look at many of them in this article.

“I” might be dating myself with this reference, but when I was a kid I loved the musical Cinderella, and one of the songs that is sung by the Fairy Godmother is “Impossible”. I often think of that song when I am needing to believe in myself and my ability to do things.

The song states that impossible things are happening every day, and so it flips the usual negative meaning of the “I” word, impossible, to encourage us to believe that we can do anything.


I know you will be “impressed” by the “interesting” “I” words you will find here. Join me and read on as we look at some “incredible” “I” words and how they can help you be your best self.

Positive Words That Start With “I” To Describe A Person

Coloring Book Bannar

Have you ever been taken with someone so much that you have found them absolutely “irresistible”? Great “I” word, right? Let's look at some more “I” words that we can use to describe people.

You might say that someone is “impressive” because they give fantastic presentations at work, or maybe your friend is an “incredible” cook.

When you share sentiments like these with those you know and care about, you can uplift those people, and build their confidence.

“I” words, like the ones we just looked at, can also be great for building your own confidence.

Don’t be afraid to tell yourself that you’re “instinctive” about saying the right things at the right time, or your “inviting” personality puts people at ease and makes them feel welcomed.

Take a look at the following list of “I” words to describe a person, and get “inspired” to add them to your vocabulary. “Inserting” them into your daily usage, is sure to “improve” your life!

1. "Icelandic"

2. "Impertinent"

3. "Idiotic"

4. "Impatient"

5. "Imperturbable"

6. "Imaginative"

7. "Impassive"

8. "Impetuous"

9. "Illogical"

10. "Impassioned"

11. "Impolite"

12. "Immaculate"

13. "Important"

14. "Impractical"

15. "Impartial"

16. "Impossible"

17. "Immature"

18. "Imposing"

19. "Immodest"

20. "Incensed"

21. "Impudent"

22. "Incandescent"

23. "Impressible"

24. "Impure"

25. "Impressive"

26. "Impulsive"

27. "Inactive"

28. "Impressionable"

29. "Indecisive"

30. "Incompetent"

31. "Indisposed"

32. "Inconsiderate"

33. "Indonesian"

34. "Inconsistent"

35. "Indiscreet"

36. "Incisive"

37. "Incredible"

38. "Industrious"

39. "Incorrupt"

40. "Indirect"

41. "Indistinct"

42. "Incorruptible"

43. "Inexperient"

44. "Indignant"

45. "Independent"

46. "Indolent"

47. "Indifferent"

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48. "Infantile"

49. "Indefatigable"

50. "Inexperienced"

51. "Indigo"

52. "Indian"

53. "Instinctive"

54. "Inoffensive"

55. "Inflexible"

56. "Inspired"

57. "Insensitive"

58. "Infernal"

59. "Inspiring"

60. "Israeli"

61. "Insulting"

62. "Inventive"

63. "Intriguing"

64. "Involved"

65. "Ingintolerant"

66. "Impresario"

67. "Informative"

68. "Ingratiating"

69. "Incomplex"

70. "Infectious"

71. "Incendiary"

72. "Introverted"

73. "Individualistic"

74. "Inquisitive"

75. "Intuitive"

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76. "Irresponsible"

77. "Intrepid"

78. "Innocent"

79. "Irritable"

80. "Inhibited"

81. "Insentient"

82. "Insensate"

83. "Insouciant"

84. "Isolated"

85. "Irritated"

86. "Inscrutable"

87. "Intense"

88. "Interfer"

89. "Interested"

90. "Irritating"

91. "Iraqi"

92. "Irregular"

93. "Irish"

94. "Illustrious"

95. "Interesting"

96. "Iconic"

97. "Inimitable"

98. "Intoxicating"

99. "Inculpable"

100. "Impassible"

101. "Influential"

102. "Immortal"

103. "Itinerant"

104. "Indubitable"

105. "Ingenious"

106. "Impeccable"

107. "Impish"

108. "Improvisational"

109. "Inviting"

110. "Instructional"

111. "Insangelous"

112. "Incumbent"

113. "Idealist"

114. "Intellectual"

115. "Incontestable"

116. "Inspirational"

117. "Illuminating"

118. "Idol"

119. "Improved"

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120. "Idyllic"

121. "Inclusive"

122. "Infallible"

123. "Insightful"

124. "Indispensable"

125. "Inaugural"

126. "Impactful"

127. "Iraki"

128. "Irksome"

129. "Iranian"

130. "Irreproachable"

131. "Irascible"

132. "Illustrative"

133. "Indescribable"

134. "Innovative"

135. "Incomparable"

136. "Immeasurable"

137. "Intelligent"

138. "Intent"

Positive Action Words That Start With “I”

Let’s take a look next at positive action words that start with the letter “I”. First of all, what is an action word? An action word is also called a verb and they state that we are doing something.

When we think of positive “I” action words we think of taking initiative, impressing someone, and inspiring greatness.

Ask yourself where you could apply these words to your life. You could also inspire greatness in others and that makes you an “inspiring” leader.

Ask yourself where you can take the initiative to make a positive change in your life, and check out the list here of positive “I” action words to see what ones strike a chord with you, then put a plan in place to make it happen.

“Illuminate” your life in a positive way!

139. "Invade"

140. "Issue"

141. "Inhere"

142. "Illuminate"

143. "Incandesce"

144. "Imbed"

145. "Impend"

146. "Interpellate"

147. "Illumine"

148. "Immigrate"

149. "Intermingle"

150. "Intoxicate"

151. "Intersect"

152. "Individualize"

153. "Idle"

154. "Imprint"

155. "Intercept"

156. "Intumesce"

157. "Inoculate"

158. "Innovate"

159. "Indemnify"

160. "Invaginate"

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161. "Insufflate"

162. "Instance"

163. "Invoice"

164. "Industrialize"

165. "Immerse"

166. "Impugn"

167. "Intermediate"

168. "Intimate"

169. "Intermarry"

170. "Inveigle"

171. "Impound"

172. "Initial"

173. "Interview"

174. "Integrate"

175. "Infatuate"

176. "Introject"

177. "Incorporate"

178. "Ink"

179. "Isomerize"

Coloring Book Bannar

180. "Impute"

181. "Intercalate"

182. "Intone"

183. "Intrigue"

184. "Indoctrinate"

185. "Impact"

186. "Indicate"

187. "Impel"

188. "Intercommunicate"

189. "Isolate"

190. "Illume"

191. "Identify"

192. "Intimidate"

193. "Interconnect"

194. "Insulate"

195. "Inherit"

196. "Illustrate"

197. "Inspirit"

198. "Interlope"

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199. "Initiate"

200. "Inter"

201. "Imbrue"

202. "Inch"

203. "Inspan"

204. "Incense"

205. "Input"

206. "Inculpate"

207. "Imprecate"

208. "Indulge"

209. "Imply"

210. "Immolate"

211. "Interiorize"

212. "Instill"

213. "Insinuate"

214. "Inweave"

215. "Inhale"

216. "Ingurgitate"

217. "Incrust"

218. "Interface

219. "Interrelate"

Positive Adjectives That Start With The Letter “I”

Has anyone ever told you that you are “imaginative”, or maybe “insightful”? Those are two great examples of positive “I” adjectives.

Adjectives are descriptive words. They can be incredibly powerful! Have you ever told your brother or sister how “intelligent” they are and seen the look of appreciation and pride on their face? You just made someone’s day fantastic by paying them that compliment.

That is just one example of the positive impact that positive “I” adjectives can have. Don’t be afraid to give yourself a pat on the back, too. Tell yourself how absolutely “incredible” you were when you completed that half-marathon!

There are so many opportunities when you could use a great “I” adjective and make your own life, or someone else’s better!

220. "Instrumental"

221. "Informed"

222. "Instinctively"

223. "Insightfully"

224. "Intermeshed"

225. "Impervious"

226. "Inexpensive"

227. "Incombustible"

228. "Incontrovertible"

229. "Inquisitory"

230. "Inhabitable"

231. "Incipient"

232. "Invaluable"

233. "Insuperable"

234. "Intelligible"

235. "Insatiable"

236. "Inherently"

237. "Intuitionist"

238. "Idolized"

239. "Inestimable"

240. "Immeasurably"

241. "Improvable"

242. "Ideological"

243. "Inveterate"

244. "Intensively"

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245. "Instantly"

246. "Impromptu"

247. "Intractable"

248. "Introspective"

249. "Incredibly"

250. "Inspiratory"

251. "Immemorial"

252. "Inevitable"

253. "Ideal"

254. "Integral"

255. "Inexhaustible"

256. "Immense"

257. "Intuitively"

258. "Infinite"

259. "Inarguable"

260. "Ingrowing"

261. "Immovable"

262. "Innumerable"

263. "Indefinable"

264. "Immutable"

265. "Intermingling"

266. "Impressionistic"

267. "Innovational"

268. "Inalienable"

Inspirational Words Beginning With The Letter “I”

Inspirational “I” words - the word itself begins with the letter “I”! That’s exciting! There are times when we all need to feel inspired, so let’s look at words that start with “I” that could be used to inspire yourself, or someone else.

“Intelligent”, “inspiring”, “intentional” are all great examples of inspirational “I” words. There are so many more.

You might say to your co-worker that their intentionality has really helped the team focus on the goals and get things done. Relaying that sentiment will motivate the person to keep doing what they’re doing, and will help them believe in themselves.

Maybe you tell someone who has played an important part in your life that they have been inspirational. You will make them feel so appreciated. I always try to take time to let people know how I feel if it’s something positive.

When I make someone else feel good about themselves, I automatically feel good, too, and that inspires me to do more. The contentment that we feel grows the more we good that we do.

269. "Internalize"

270. "Incline"

271. "Instant"

272. "Ingrain"

273. "Investiture"

274. "Incompressible"

275. "Idolize"

276. "Imperious"

277. "Imitate"

278. "Interactive"

279. "Icebreaker"

280. "Incomputable"

281. "Innocuous"

282. "In-depth"

283. "Innoxious"

284. "Ingratiate"

285. "Intricacy"

286. "Informal"

287. "Information"

288. "Indeed"

289. "Instruction"

290. "Intercede"

291. "Investigate"

292. "Intensifying"

293. "Invulnerability"

294. "Immediately"

295. "Intricate"

296. "Inviolate"

297. "Incomparability"

298. "Intentional"

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299. "Independence"

300. "Intertwined"

301. "Improv"

302. "Increasing"

303. "Invitation"

304. "Inculcate"

305. "Included"

306. "Impending"

307. "Invincibility"

308. "Incoming"

309. "Inexplicable"

310. "Interconnected"

311. "Impassable"

312. "Inbuilt"

313. "Irrefutable"

314. "Invigorate"

315. "Intrinsic"

316. "Inception"

Words Of Encouragement That Start With The Letter “I”

Have you ever felt down in the dumps, and need a word of encouragement from someone to pick you up? I have certainly felt that way.

Sometimes that’s all it takes, a kind and encouraging word from someone to help you find your way.

This is where words of encouragement that begin with the letter “I” can be super helpful. Whether you’re the person who needs the encouragement, or you are in a position to help someone else, there are “I” words that can give the comfort, and inspiration that’s needed.

It could be as simple as telling your bestie that they are “incredible” and they can pick up the pieces and go forward with confidence. It could be as easy as telling yourself that the set-back you had at work is not the end of the world and that you are “imbued”with the skills you need to be successful.

Read on, and I am sure you will find words of encouragement that start with the letter “I” that will resonate with you.

317. "Idealize"

318. "Invincible"

319. "Interest"

320. "Imaginings"

321. "Impavid"

322. "Invigorating"

323. "Influencer"

324. "Inspire"

325. "Indefinite"

326. "Indefeasible"

327. "Impregnable"

328. "Infamous"

329. "Irrepressible"

330. "Inculcating"

331. "Inpour"

332. "Inquiring"

333. "Integrated"

334. "Idealistic"

335. "Inductive"

336. "Ideality"

337. "Invocation"

338. "Intended"

339. "Industry"

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340. "Intimidating"

341. "Intangible"

342. "Immediate"

343. "Image"

344. "Immortality"

345. "Indispensably"

346. "Izzat"

347. "Imperial"

348. "Interstellar"

349. "Immune"

350. "Infrared"

351. "Impetus"

352. "Irradiant"

353. "Individuality"

354. "Irradiate"

355. "Indestructible"

356. "Inspiriting"

357. "Inviolable"

358. "Indivisible"

359. "Irresistible"

360. "Incentive"

361. "Irreplaceable"

362. "Inerrant"

363. "Identity"

Strong And Motivating Words That Start With The Letter “I”

We all have goals, things we want to achieve. They might be personal goals that are about wanting to improve ourselves in some way. It could be that you want to increase the number of books you read, or maybe pay off your debt and start saving for a downpayment on a house.

I want to improve my physical fitness, but it is hard to achieve that goal, and I find that I need strong and motivating words to keep me focussed and on the path to achieving my goal.

This is where “I” words come in. Convince yourself that you are “indomitable”, that nothing is going to stand in the way of achieving that goal. Use some concrete strategies for this.

You could repeat your positive “I” word mantra while you meditate every morning. You could write it in your phone, so you are reminded frequently that you are capable of achieving your goal.

Put the “I” word on a sticky and post it on your work desk, or on your computer. You could even have it inscribed on a piece of jewelry.

Make sure you have a plan for executing the steps necessary to achieve your goal. The plan needs to be “ironclad”, and if anyone tries to steer you away from your path, let them know it’s indisputable.”

Let the list that follows motivate you! Remember that no challenge is “insurmountable”.

364. "Individual"

365. "Iridescent"

366. "Invulnerable"

367. "Indomitable"

368. "Indisputable"

369. "Ironclad"

370. "Illumination"

371. "Improve"

372. "Insight"

373. "Irie"

374. "Immersive"

375. "Idyll"

376. "Idiosyncrasy"

377. "Intellectualize"

378. "Illimitable"

379. "Impartiality"

380. "Irenic"

381. "Income"

382. "Involve"

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383. "Ideate"

384. "Indwell"

385. "Inclusion"

386. "Impeccant"

387. "Imbibe"

388. "Imperative"

389. "Influence"

390. "Indelible"

391. "Internal"

392. "Intellection"

393. "Inescapable"

394. "Ineffable"

395. "Illusory"

396. "Innocence"

397. "Infallibly"

398. "Industrial-strength"

399. "Infuse"

400. "Improvise"

401. "Impermeable"

402. "Infinitely"

403. "Impressiveness"

404. "Infrangible"

405. "Insurmountable"

Next Steps

Do you want to enhance your experience? Music is a wonderful way to do that. Listen to songs that help you create a positive atmosphere that will enable you to internalize the positive feelings you want to achieve.

Whatever your favorite style of music - jazz, folk, rock, pop, or classical - music can be a strong positive influence.

Choose your tunes with a focussed intent to help you internalize the feelings and mindset that you want.

While you listen to the music, try to create an atmosphere in your surroundings that will help you listen to the words, take in the melody, and the instrumentation. Maybe listening while you have a bath and have candles lit will help to create a calm mood.

Crystals can also be helpful used in jewelry, they can help us focus on what is important, and positive thoughts we want to manifest.

You could try wearing a crystal necklace while learning these positive “I” words in order to really feel their positive energy.

Whichever positive “I” words you choose to improve your life, take the time to reflect on which ways will work best for you, and then make and execute a plan to make them part of your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What phrase starts with letter I?

A phrase that starts with the letter I is "In the meantime." This phrase is often used to refer to the period of time between two events or actions. It implies making productive use of the time until a desired event or situation occurs.

What are some fancy words that start with I?

Some of the fancy words that start with I include Impetus, Ineffable, Impervious, Inexorable, Intricate, Impressive, Ingenious, and Irresistible.

What adjectives start with letter I?

Idyllic, Illustrious, Immaculate, Impressive, Incandescent, Incomparable, Inconspicuous, Indomitable, Ineffable are adjectives that represent a range of qualities and characteristics, from describing beauty and excellence to expressing courage and curiosity.

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