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213 Positive Words That Start With “N”

positive worrdds

Neighbor, Narrative, Nature

When looking for words that are positive, inspiring, motivating, and beneficial to finding a good path in life, the letter "N" is a great place to start.

The letter "N" provides us with simple words we use in everyday language that can be very powerful when we examine them closer and use them to focus on our goals.

For example, we use the word "nice" all the time. It's a word we use to describe anything from someone's outfit to the atmosphere in a restaurant.

We can use the word "nice" to help us focus on being better people, more thoughtful and considerate.

"New" is another "N" word that is used frequently. This word can be used to help us heal from a difficult time in our lives, and can set us on a different, more positive experience.

In this article we will look at positive "N" words that fall into a variety of categories. The words in our lists will provide you with lots of options to consider for inspiration to make your life more fulfilling and rewarding.

Come with me as we explore positive "N" words.

Positive Words That Start With N To Describe A Person

Words to describe a person can be helpful if we are wanting to make changes in our own character, and they can also be helpful in our relationships with others. This could be with our work colleagues or friends or family members.

In considering specific "N" words to describe people there are a couple I want to touch on.

Firstly, is the word "natural". A person who fits this word is someone who is sincere and down to earth. We can rely on them to just be themselves and not put on airs. We feel very comfortable with individuals who are "natural". They give off a sense of contentment with who they are, and this can make us feel comfortable and confident around them.

Secondly is the word "noble". A noble person always takes the high road. They have a strong sense of morals and ethics. This type of person often helps others, and wants to improve the world around us. Their lofty goals can inspire us to do good in the world as well.

Below is a list containing more positive "N" words that you might find handy to describe the people in your life, and the kind of person you want to be.

Positive Words That Start With N To Describe A Person

1. "Naive"

Positive Words That Start With N To Describe A Person

2. "Nearsighted"

3. "Native"

4. "Narcissistic"

5. "Nasty"

6. "Naughty"

7. "Needy"

8. "Nameless"

9. "Narrow-minded"

10. "Nauseating"

11. "Neat"

12. "Natural"

13. "Neglectful"

14. "Neighborly"

15. "Nefarious"

16. "Neglected"

17. "New"

18. "Negligent"

19. "Negative"

20. "Nice"

21. "Newest"

Positive Words That Start With N To Describe A Person

22. "Neurotic"

23. "Next-door"

24. "Nervous"

25. "Next"

26. "Neutral"

27. "Noisy"

28. "Noncompetitive"

29. "Nimble"

30. "Noncommittal"

31. "Non-aggressive"

32. "Nimble-minded"

33. "Nifty"

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34. "Nondescript"

35. "Nonchalant"

36. "Noble"

37. "Nostalgic"

38. "Notorious"

39. "Non-responsive"

40. "Noxious"

41. "Normal"

42. "Noticeable"

Positive Words That Start With N To Describe A Person

43. "Nonproductive"

44. "Numb"

45. "Notable"

46. "Nonviolent"

47. "Nosy"

48. "Nondestructive"

49. "Nutty"

Positive Action Words That Start With N

Positive "N" words that suggest action are plentiful. An action word is also called a verb.

An "N" action word that is very beautiful is "nourish". This word literally means to feed.

We can feed our bodies with healthy food, and we can also nourish our soul.

When we nourish both body and soul with positive and healthy things we benefit in every aspect of our lives.

Healthy eating gives us more physical energy, and allows our brain to work optimally.

Feeding our soul with positive thoughts, gratitude, and manifestation of good things in our life allows us to live a full and gratifying existence.

The word "nurture" provides another reminder to care for ourselves and others. We need to nurture those parts of ourselves that we wish to develop and grow so that we can become the person we wish to be.

As we go through life we must learn to "navigate" rough waters as life is never smooth sailing.

This verb reminds us to stay true to our sense of self, to nurture that person, and nourish all aspects of ourselves so that we can weather the storms.

Read on for more "N" action words.

Positive Action Words That Start With N

50. "Narrow"

51. "Nobilify"

52. "Nobilitate"

53. "Notice"

54. "Navigate"

55. "Nod"

56. "Nurture"

57. "Neutralize"

58. "Nourish"

59. "Noise"

60. "Nog"

61. "Noint"

62. "Nolleity"

63. "Nock"

Positive Action Words That Start With N

64. "Noie"

65. "Nol-pros"

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66. "Nogging"

67. "Nonconcur"

68. "Nomadize"

69. "Nonpros"

70. "Nominate"

71. "Nonplus"

72. "Nominalize"

73. "Nott"

74. "Nounize"

75. "Notify"

76. "North"

77. "Nonprossed"

78. "Notch"

79. "Noose"

80. "Nosel"

81. "Noon"

82. "Note"

83. "Normalize"

84. "Nose"

85. "Nonsuit"

86. "Noursle"

87. "Nousle"

88. "Nousel"

89. "Noy"

90. "Novelize"

Positive Adjectives That Start With N

An adjective is a word that describes a noun or pronoun. Adjectives are incredibly important as they give more information about the person, place or thing referred to.

I am a big fan of adjectives because they let me be more specific in the information I give.

"N" adjectives present some great options. As discussed earlier, the word "nice", though used a ton, is such a great word. I find if I use it intentionally and with sincerity it can be truly effective.

A "nurturing" person is someone who cares for others. Let that person in your life know how much it means to you that they do so much for you and others.

I also try to be a nurturing person myself and take opportunities to do kindnesses for the people in my life. Even little things can mean a great deal.

Take a look at the list of positive "N" adjectives that follows, and see if they can help you to add a descriptive boost to your speech!

Positive Adjectives That Start With N

91. "Nonprotractile"

92. "Nordic"

93. "Nephritic"

94. "Nocturnal"

95. "Noninflammatory"

96. "Nectarous"

97. "Noncommercial"

98. "Nasopharyngeal"

99. "Nonprehensile"

100. "Nonsubmergible"

101. "Nonabrasive"

102. "Nonnegative"

103. "Neighbourly"

104. "Nude"

105. "Nontoxic"

106. "Needless"

107. "Nonconforming"

108. "Neolithic"

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109. "Nonpsychoactive"

110. "Nonflammable"

111. "Nurturing"

112. "Nonnormative"

113. "Napoleonic"

114. "Navy-Blue"

115. "Noncrystalline"

116. "Nubbly"

117. "Nonflowering"

118. "Nonextant"

119. "Neoliberal"

120. "Nonintellectual"

121. "Noncurrent"

122. "Nidicolous"

123. "Nonspatial"

124. "Naval"

125. "Notifiable"

126. "Nagging"

127. "Nonpublic"

128. "Nondigestible"

129. "Neurologic"

130. "Noticed"

131. "Northern"

132. "Nitwitted"

133. "Numerable"

134. "Nebulose"

135. "Nuptial"

136. "Nonoscillatory"

137. "Norse"

138. "Nonfissile"

139. "Niggling"

140. "Noninterchangeable"

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141. "No-Frills"

142. "Nonconvergent"

143. "Northerly"

144. "Nonuple"

145. "Nontelescopic"

146. "Nosohusial"

147. "Natriuretic"

Inspirational Words Beginning With The Letter N

Is anyone reading this familiar with the band, Nirvana? Though I didn't listen to them very much, I always thought their name was cool.

The word Nirvana is about being in a state that is free from worry and pain. That's pretty awesome!

Of course, the reality is that no one can avoid worry and pain entirely. Life deals us all some unfortunate hands at one time or another, but the concept of Nirvana is certainly something we can work towards.

This "N" word inspires me to make time during my day to be still, to express gratitude, and to find a few moments of peace.

It also inspires me to treat my body with respect. I try to eat healthily most of the time, but I also don't beat myself up for enjoying an ice cream cone or some chocolate once in a while.

Working towards greater peace and happiness is a noble pursuit - another great "N" word.

Take a look at the list of inspirational N words that follows, and maybe some will resonate with you!

Inspirational Words Beginning With N

148. "Novelty"

Inspirational Words Beginning With N

149. "Never-ending"

150. "Noble-minded"

151. "Noble-hearted"

152. "Noteworthy"

153. "Nonconformity"

154. "Now is the time"

155. "Natty dresser"

156. "Namaste"

157. "Nonpareil"

158. "Non-judgmental"

159. "Nucleus"

160. "Nerve"

161. "Noblest"

162. "Natty"

163. "Nirvana"

164. "Nature-loving"

Words Of Encouragement That Start With The Letter N

This may not seem like a very encouraging word at first glance, but I think that the word "normal" can often lift us out of times when we are down. I know it has worked for me.

At different times in my life I have hit roadblocks that got in the way of me achieving my goals. I remember one time I had gone for an interview for a job I really wanted. I felt great about how the interview went, and was crushed when I didn't get the job.

As I was crying that night over my disappointment, my good friend said to me, it's normal that people don't get a job even when they have done well in their interview. She talked about all the reasons that the company may have hired someone else.

She made me feel like it wasn't a huge deal, and that there wasn't necessarily anything wrong with me, it might have been an external reason.

She made me see that this sort of thing is just a normal part of life, and when the time was right, I would be the successful applicant.

This is just one example of an "N" word that I have found encouraging. Perhaps the list below can help you find a word the resonates with you!

Words of Encouragement That Start with the Letter N

165. "Numinous"

166. "Numerous"

167. "Newsworthy"

168. "Nitid"

169. "Nationwide"

Words of Encouragement That Start with the Letter N

170. "Newborn"

171. "Nightlong"

172. "Neatly"

Strong And Motivating Words That Begin With The Letter N

Words are extremely powerful, and finding a word that can motivate us can do so much to help us reach our goals.

For me, one of those words is "narrative". A narrative is a story. This idea really motivates me to think about what I want my narrative to be.

Each one of us has the power to write our own story. While it won't always be easy, we do have choices we can make.

Your narrative doesn't have to be something that you decide on and then never change it. My own narrative has changed over the years.

As I experienced life and dealt with some things I never planned on or foresaw, I needed to re-evaluate my life and plan some new steps.

Life doesn't always go the way we think it will, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't plan.

When life does throw you a curve ball, just try to respond to it in a way that allows you to continue being the person you want to be, and continue writing your narrative.

Check out the list of strong and motivating words that follows.

Strong and Motivating Words That Start with N

173. "Narrative"

174. "Neophyte"

175. "Nascent"

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176. "Niche"

177. "Natter"

178. "Nostalgia"

179. "Nonplussed"

180. "Nous"

181. "Norm"

182. "Nuance"

183. "Nomenclature"

184. "Nimbus"

185. "Nouveau riche"

186. "Neologism"

187. "Negligible"

188. "Nitty-gritty"

Positive Nouns Starting With The Letter N

A noun is a person, place or thing. Nouns are a super important part of any language. They provide the subject of our speech.

The letter "N" contains two nouns in particular that I would like to comment on, nature and neighbor.

I was fortunate enough to have grown up on a farm in the country. This gave to my siblings and to me the opportunity to experience nature and develop an appreciation for it.

On our farm we're dairy cows, chickens, and of course there were always oodles of cats at the barn.

My sister and brother and I loved to spend time among the baby chicks that Dad would bring home each year. They would grow up to be adult laying hens, but we loved them most when they were fluffy, yellow chicks.

We all enjoyed being outside, running through the fields, bringing the cows in for milking, or playing by the creek that ran along the woods at the foot of a big field.

I will always hold those memories dear, and treasure the time I spent among all that wonderful nature.

Another "N" noun that I am fond of is neighbor. Today, many people living in big cities do not know their neighbors. This is sad to me as I truly value knowing my neighbors and I hope that I am a good neighbor to them.

I feel it's important that neighbors be there for each other and help when possible.

Giving my elderly neighbor a hand with cutting the grass or shoveling snow gives me the chance to say hello, and to ease their workload. Those little acts of kindness are returned, often with some lovely baking which my family and I appreciate and enjoy.

I encourage you to reach out and greet your neighbors. You could even suggest a potluck block party as a way for everyone to get to know each other!

Positive Nouns Starting With N

189. "Nabit"

190. "Nestling"

Positive Nouns Starting With The Letter N

191. "Negoce"

192. "Narration"

193. "Nimblewit"

194. "Narrator"

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195. "Neonate"

196. "Nicety"

197. "Natation"

198. "Neighbor"

199. "Nascency"

200. "Nobleman"

201. "No end of"

202. "Number one"

203. "Nipper"

204. "Nursling"

Positive Adverbs That Start With N

Adverbs are a terrific part of speech that give more information to an adjective, a noun, or another adverb. In the English language the sign of an adverb is often an "ly" at the end of the word.

An "N" adverb that comes to my mind is "nimbly". This word can be used to describe how someone moves and gets things done.

My mother is a perfect example of a person who moves nimbly. Whether Mom is cleaning the house, or getting supper on, she does so with swift, nimble movements. She's not necessarily in a hurry, she just has quick movements.

In addition to "nimbly", I also like the word "naturally". It means a lot to me when people act naturally. I always try to be myself, and act in such a way that people know what I value and what I'm about.

Something I value is living in a space that is kept neatly organized. I wouldn't call myself a neat freak, but I can relax more when my surroundings have been neatly arranged.

Isn’t it a great feeling to come home after a busy, hectic work day to an environment that is neat and tidy?

If you would like some help in that area check out The Fifth Element Life’s Self-Help Affirmations and Quotes.

Positive Adverbs Starting With Letter N

205. "Nightly"

206. "Naturally"

207. "Nutritiously"

208. "Nonspecifically"

209. "Nonverbally"

210. "Ninthly"

211. "Naively"

212. "Natively"

213. "Naturalistically"

Positive Adverbs That Start With N

Frequently Asked Questions

What does N stand for in the alphabet?

The letter N is commonly used in various words across different languages. It plays a vital role in constructing sentences and expressing meaning. In the English alphabet, the letter N stands for the phonetic sound "en". It is the 14th letter of the alphabet and comes after the letter M.

What is a fact about the letter N?

The letter N is quite common in the English language. It ranks as the seventh most frequently used letter in English texts. The uppercase N consists of two straight vertical lines connected by a diagonal line in the middle. This unique characteristic makes the uppercase N visually distinct from other letters in the alphabet.

What is a nice word that starts with N?

A nice word that starts with letter N is "nurturing." It represents the idea of providing care, support, and encouragement to help someone grow and develop. Nurturing reflects kindness, compassion, and a genuine desire to foster well-being and positive growth.

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