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126 Positive Words That Begin With The Letter “Y”

Positive words that start with Y

Yesterday, Yodel, Yak

As the second-last letter of the alphabet, the letter “Y” is a letter of expectation and excitement. The words in this article are not as plentiful as they are in some other articles where the subject has been a letter such as “S” with many, many words, but the letter “Y” has some interesting and fun words to explore!

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It is gardening season as I write this, and a flower that begins with the letter Y is yarrow. Yarrow is a common plant which is indigenous to Asia, North America, and Europe. It belongs to the Achillea genus which has more than 100 species of flowering plants.

Does the word Achillea look a bit familiar to you? If it does, it may be because of the term Achilles Heel which means your weak spot. And where does this term come from, you ask?

Achilles was a Greek hero who fought in the Trojan War. The wounds that he and his soldiers suffered in the war were treated with Yarrow.

Yarrow has been commonly used as a medicinal plant for thousands of years. It is still used today to treat anything from infections and skin irritations to menstrual cramps, fevers, and stomach ache.

Yarrow has a lovely scent like fresh pine needles, and comes in many different colors from gentle pastels to bold, bright colors like red, yellow and orange. It is very hardy making it a favorite of gardeners.

I hope that this little story about yarrow has inspired you to read on and discover more interesting “Y” words!

Positive Action Words That Start With “Y”

An action word suggests just that, action. Action words are also commonly known as verbs.

I have a couple of Y verbs that I want to introduce to you. One is yen. You may be familiar with this word as a noun as it is the basic unit of Japanese money, but I want to consider its meaning as a verb.


To yen means to desire something. It’s an old-fashioned word that was popular in past generations, but it’s a fun word to use.

In a quaint movie called “Meet Me In Saint Louis” which stars Judy Garland, there is a song with the line “I started to yen so I counted to ten, then I counted to ten again.” The character is yenning over a man she has fallen in love with.

It can be fun to increase your vocabulary with words like yen. The next time you want an ice cream or you crave a steak try using the verb yen and see what people say. You’ll likely be asked to explain this interesting word!

Another great word to insert into your speech is yeuk. The word yeuk means to itch or to have an itching sensation.

If you have ever had a nasty bout of poison ivy you know how incredibly yeuky it can be. And of course we cannot forget the bothersome mosquito bite.

If you have mosquitos where you live you know how terribly annoying they can be with their high-pitched buzzing, particularly annoying at night when you are woken from sleep.

Mosquitos have been a regular part of my summers for as long as I can remember. These nasty little flies ( mosquito is a Spanish word that means little fly) always get into the house no matter how careful you are about having screens on windows and closing the door quickly when you come in from the outdoors.

Mosquito spray is an essential product to have on hand in the summer, but you cannot escape getting mosquito bites and then you yeuk like crazy!

At my brother’s cottage, where my family spends a wonderful weekend each August, the mosquitoes will descend so thickly every evening that we have to go inside for a while. They taper off usually around 10:00 o'clock and we can go back out then.

There you have it, two new words for you to wow your friends and colleagues with, yen and yeuk.

Read on for more Y action words!

1. "YouTube"

2. "Yoke"

3. "Yeed"

4. "Yoink"

5. "Yawl"

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6. "Yelp"

7. "Yack"

8. "Yo-yo"

9. "Youthen"

10. "Yelloch"

11. "Yaw-haw"

12. "Yodel"

13. "Yatter"

14. "Yankee"

15. "Yard"

16. "Yean"

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17. "Yeve"

18. "Yot"

19. "Yealm"

20. "Yakety-yak"

21. "Yuppify"

22. "Yoik"

Positive Words That Start With Y To Describe A Person

We can always use more words in our vocabulary to describe people. A “Y” word that fits the bill is young.

I am going to use the word young as part of the phrase ‘young at heart' which perfectly describes my grandmother who is 96 years old, or I should say, 96 years young.

She is such an inspiration to me as she exudes an enthusiasm for life I rarely see in people much younger than she is!

Grandma was born in 1926 and was a little girl going off to school during the Great Depression.

Like most families at the time, there was little money for luxuries, let alone necessities like shoes and coats, and she tells me my great grandparents struggled to put food on the table.

Maybe that is why she values the simple things in life, and does not take friendship and time spent with those she loves for granted. When people have little in the way of material goods, they treasure the people in their life.

Grandma is my inspiration. When I start feeling overwhelmed by demands at work, or fall into the habit of wanting new furniture or a nice car, Grandma is a reminder to me that the most important things in life don’t cost money.

I take a step back, and look at my life through her eyes, and I always see a life full of love and happiness, and I toss away those yearnings to have more ‘stuff.’

The time I have with Grandma is precious. I love to hear her genuine laugh and her stories about her past. I hope that I am like her when I get older.

23. "Young-looking"

24. "Youngest"

25. "Youngish"

26. "Yearling"

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27. "Yielding"

28. "Yiddish"

29. "Yogic"

30. "Yemenite"

31. "Yellow-bellied"

32. "Yummy"

33. "Young"

34. "Younger"

35. "Yucky"

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36. "Youthful"

37. "Yemeni"

38. "Yappy"

39. "Yuk"

40. "Yark"

41. "Yaul"

42. "Yowl"

Words Of Encouragement That Start With The Letter Y

If you are looking for a Y word that can give encouragement, yearn or yearning is a good one!

If you have a yearning for something it means that you want or desire it. This term can be used to fuel your desire to achieve or attain something.

For example, if you yearn to be more fit, you can be motivated to set an overall goal for yourself to become more fit by a certain time, and then you can set min-goals for yourself to create a path to achieving the big goal.

I did just that a year ago. I wanted to increase my physical strength, and my cardiovascular health so I set about creating a plan with a mini-goal each day, then week, then month.

A critical part of sticking with the plan was revisiting what I yearned for, my big goal to become more fit and healthy.

Each time I successfully achieved a mini-goal, I celebrated in a small way, and reflected on my overall yearning in order to keep me going on to the next mini-goal.

The word yearning suggests passion and a sense of eagerness. I channeled this meaning into my thoughts and reflections, and soon my exercising and healthy eating went from something I had to make a conscious effort to do, to just my way of life.

What do you yearn for? I encourage you to put that in writing and then plan how you are going to achieve it.

You will feel so good about yourself as you attain each mini-goal, and of course, the big goal at the end!

43. "Yareness"

44. "Yearnful"

45. "Yarely"

46. "Yacht"

47. "Yearned-for"

48. "Yarelyness"

49. "Yowza"

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50. "Yare"

51. "Yarning"

52. "Yummylicious"

53. "Yippee"

54. "Yum"

55. "Yonder"

56. "Yarenesses"

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57. "Younghearted"

58. "Yummyliciously"

59. "Yield"

60. "Yearningly"

61. "Yesteryear"

62. "Yoking"

63. "Yeasty"

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64. "Yirr"

65. "Yeuky"

66. "Yester"

67. "Yaff"

68. "Yayness"

69. "Yapped"

Words Of Encouragement That Start With The Letter Y

Positive Adjectives That Start With The Letter Y

Are you a sailing enthusiast? If you are, you may be familiar with the word, yare. It means that a ship or boat is easy to handle or maneuver.

The word yare can be applied to other things and to people. When used to describe a person, yare means quick and agile. Do you have a friend who is lively?

People who are yare are lots of fun to be around because they have a ton of energy and they usually want to get out and do stuff!

I am lucky to have such a friend. I know when we spend a day together that we will be doing something active like canoeing or kayaking, visiting a local fair and going on all the crazy rides, or learning a new activity like the time we learned ax-throwing! It was so much fun!

Maybe you would describe yourself as yare. If that is the case, you are probably someone who gets lots done, and is always learning and doing. Way to go, you!

70. "Yobbish"

71. "Yawning"

72. "Yuletide"

73. "Ylike"

74. "Yeatsian"

75. "Yearward"

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76. "Yelping"

77. "Yugoslavian"

78. "Yeast-like"

79. "Youngling"

80. "Yellowed"

81. "Yellowy"

82. "Year-round"

83. "Yodeling"

84. "Young-at-heart"

85. "Yawling"

86. "Yoke-toed"

Strong And Motivating Words That Start With Y

If you drive you know that a yellow traffic light means yield. When you see the yellow light you are supposed to slow down and be prepared to stop.

Yield signs are also on the roads to tell us that we must let other vehicles go first.

When we speak of yielding in terms of a person, we are saying that they are adaptable to change, that they are flexible and easy-going.

This is such an incredibly valuable character trait and one that is well worth developing. I find the idea of yielding to be very motivating, and I reflect on how I can respond to situations in my life by yielding rather than fighting.

In this way, I develop a sense of calm and am more relaxed when life requires me to change.

Ask yourself how you can be more yielding and how this approach can help make your life less crazy and frantic.

87. "Yowling"

88. "Youthquake"

89. "Youthsome"

90. "Yearly"

91. "Youngster"

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92. "Yearning"

93. "Youngblood"

94. "Yarenessful"

95. "Youthfulness"

96. "Yawner"

97. "Yearned"

98. "Yen"

Inspirational Words That Begin With Y

Speaking of less frantic and crazy, the eastern practice of yoga has become a world-wide phenomenon. People everywhere enjoy the incredible benefits of this approach to health that improves flexibility, strength, agility, and breathing.


There are different types of yoga, and you can focus on routines that target what you want to improve. The only piece of equipment you need is a mat!

The greatest benefit of yoga is overall well-being, both physical and mental. If yoga is not part of your life, try it out. You will be so glad you did!

99. "Yachtswoman"

100. "Yarage"

101. "Yajna"

102. "Yaffingale"

103. "Yapock"

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104. "Year-end"

105. "Yampy"

106. "Yarely-yare"

107. "Yareta"

108. "Yarborough"

109. "Yapper"

110. "Yaba-daba-do"

111. "Yarn"

112. "Yarn-dyed"

113. "Yamp"

114. "Yestern"

115. "Yew"

116. "Yiddisher"

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117. "Yesteryearish"

118. "Yestreen"

119. "Yggdrasil"

120. "Yezidi"

121. "Yetminster"

122. "Yex"

123. "Yift"

124. "Yetman"

125. "Yis"

126. "Yeti"

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some positive words starting with the letter "Y"?

Some positive words that begin with the letter "Y" are "yay," "yearning," and "yielding."

What does the word "youthful" signify?

The word "youthful" signifies qualities associated with youth, such as energy, vitality, and a fresh perspective.

How can the word "yes" contribute to positivity?

The word "yes" represents an affirmative response, embracing opportunities, and having an open and optimistic mindset. It promotes positivity by being receptive and willing to embrace new experiences.

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