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105 Prayer Journal Prompts To Build a Greater Spiritual Connection

Prayer Journal Prompts

Praying is a spiritual discipline. It is the moment of connection with divine power. It serves to increase your faith, give you comfort, and serves as a guide for all the decisions you face in life.

The decision to pray is very personal; everyone has their own way of doing it.

But one of the things it has in common is that it helps people to have a space of shelter and self-reflection.

You are probably wondering how we deepen our prayer life and engage in more meaningful conversations with the divine?

The answer lies in prayer journaling, a beautiful blend of reflective writing and heartfelt communication with a higher realm.

In this article, we will explore the power of prayer journal prompts and their ability to ignite deeper connections, enhance self-reflection, and unlock profound spiritual insights.

Whether you're new to prayer journaling or a seasoned practitioner, join us as we embark on a soul-enriching exploration, using the power of words to elevate our prayers and invite divine presence into every aspect of our lives.

Journal Bannar

What Is A Prayer Journal?

It is a notebook where you write your prayers to God.

Also, it can be used to write your thoughts, lessons, and spiritual experiences.

I've been using a journal for my prayers since I started my spiritual journey. I see it as my safe place to express gratitude, seek guidance, and where I can enhance my faith.

Nothing is better than coming home after a long day and writing my prayers before going to bed. It allows me to acknowledge my blessings, the love I receive from the people surrounding me, and my abundance.

A prayer journal can be beneficial to anyone that wants to build not only a deeper and more meaningful connection with God but also with others.

Particularly to people who enjoy sharing their learnings and want to support one another, fostering a sense of unity and support while increasing their faith.

Are you ready to embark on this journey of transformation? Here are some prayer journaling prompts I’ve created for you:

19 Prayer Journal Prompts To Add More Meaning

I can't think of anyone who wouldn't like a deeper and more meaningful connection with God while praying.

When we have a bad day, and we approach God expecting to look for answers or wanting to connect more easily with him, and we don't feel that strong connection, we get carried away by despair, and sometimes we question if God is really listening to us.

In fact, one of the things that has made me connect more with God and, in a way, know that he hears me and that he is really acting is through my journal.

Because I confess, sometimes it's not easy to connect with God that much. We lead a very hectic life, where everything is designed to be fast and immediate.

Therefore, using these journaling prompts to have a greater connection and meaning to my prayers has worked because it helps me address my intentions and requests. Be aware of what God has given me, feeling fulfilled and supported by his power.

God never fails; he will always be there for us. If you want to increase your faith and feel a deeper connection with him, use these journaling prompts I have prepared for you:

1. “Pray for peace regarding a situation that has been bothering you”

2. “Pray for the homeless and poor people in your community”

3. “Pray that God would show you how to embrace His grace”

Prayer Journal Prompts To Add More Meaning

4. “Pray to trust God more”

5. “Pray for patience”

6. “Pray for something you want God to teach you”

7. “Pray for a healthy relationship with food”

8. “Pray for something that makes you feel angry”

9. “Pray for a person you don’t get along with”

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10. “Write out a list of thanks for everyday things and pray the list to God. When I’m struggling with circumstances outside of my control, this type of prayer works wonders. Praise him for guidance!”

11. “Pray for a Biblical truth you’re lacking”

12. “Pray for a family member that you would like to share the Gospel with”

13. “Pray for a miracle you’ve been waiting for”

14. “Pray that you would have and use the fruit of the Spirit”

15. “Write out a prayer of confession. If you’re uncomfortable writing down specifics in your journal, write them on a piece of paper and then destroy it, knowing that Jesus has removed your sins as far as the east is from the west”

16. “Pray for those who are without food”

17. “Pray for clarity about a situation”

18. “Pray for self-control”

19. “Pray that God would forgive you for _______”

16 Pray Prompts To Pray For Others

Praying for others is an act of compassion and love.

It helps you develop a genuine concern for the well-being and needs of others.

By lifting others up in prayer, you acknowledge their struggles, joys, and desires and show them that they are not alone in their journey.

Praying for others provides them with support and encouragement during their challenges and trials.

Through prayer, you invite divine intervention and seek blessings for others, fostering a deeper sense of spirituality.

Here are some prayer prompts to pray for others that will enhance you to have more compassion.

​​20. “Pray for safety in your community”

21. "Pray for god to speak through you"

22. "Pray for god to open your spiritual eyes and ears"

23. “Pray for your pastor”

24. “Pray over your spiritual gifts and how to use them”

Pray Prompts To Pray For Others

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25. “Tell God how much you love him and praise him for who He is. Hold the prayer as a “praise only” prayer. You can always be thankful for salvation, amen? Many people find that an entire prayer journal can be devoted as a gratitude journal.”

26. “Pray for schools and students”

27. "Pray for someone who has mistreated or abused you"

28. “Pray about something you feel guilty about”

29. “Pray today without asking for anything”

30. “Take a prayer walk outside and for everything you see, give thanks. Nature gives us much to praise God for. After taking your walk, grab your journal and plop down in a field or on a park bench. Write out words of praise to God for his creation.”

31. “Pray for discernment”

32. “Copy the Lord’s Prayer from Matthew 6:9-13. Then rewrite the prayer using your own words”

33. “Pray for a loved one that needs healing”

34. “Pray for open doors and new opportunities”

35. “Pray for something you are thankful for”

Journal Bannar

55 Positive Prayer Prompts

Praying often means connecting with a higher power; praying provides a safe place for communication and connection with something greater than yourself.

I started praying when I was young, and since then, It's become part of my daily routine.

Many people wonder how to pray, but there is no single answer. It just depends on the needs you have in your day or in your life.

Saying thank you, asking for forgiveness, asking for the health of your loved ones, or even for your own desires and goals is all part of praying and conversing with God.

A great way to start your day is to pray, giving thanks for all the non-materialistic things around you. Pray for the good and the bad, trust in God's will, and feel fulfilled by what you have.

If you find it hard to start praying, here is a list of positive prayer journaling prompts to cultivate a deeper and positive connection with God.

36. "Pray for someone who has mistreated or abused you"

37. “Pray for guidance on a decision you have been battling with”

Positive Prayer Prompts

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38. “Pray for your finances”

39. “Write out a list of things you are grateful for”

40. “Pray for your church and church staff”

41. “Pray for a relationship that needs strengthening”

42. “Write a love letter to God.”

43. “Pray a Psalm over your life”

44. “Pray for advancement in your career”

45. “Pray for healthy choices”

46. “Pray for the marriages of people you know”

47. “Surrender all your thoughts to the Lord by writing out a prayer of giving yourself to him. You may want to list things you hold the dearest and hold them up to him with open hands in full trust”

48. “Pray for your best friend”

49. “Pray for your enemies”

50. “Copy a meaningful prayer that someone else has written into your prayer journal. The exercise of writing it in your handwriting provides your brain with a way to remember the meaning”

51. “Pray for self-discipline”

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52. “Pray for a military family”

53. “Pray for forgiveness”

54. "Pray for all those in authority in countries all over the world"

55. “Pray for the Lord to cleanse your thoughts”

56. “Pray for an enemy”

57. “Pray a prayer of blessing over someone you love”

58. “Pray for how to embrace grace in everyday life”

59. “Pray for repentance”

60. “Pray that God would give you a quiet and gentle spirit

61. “Pray about the coming week or month”

62. “Use a journal entry to pray for your local leaders, community, church, and business. Write out any specific needs of which you are aware and give them to God”

63. “Prayer for your spouse or future spouse”

64. “List out your priorities or decisions you must make in the next week. Give them to God and ask him to lead you every step of the way”

65. “Pray to “be still” according to Psalm 46:10”

66. “Pray about a habit you are trying to make”

67. “Rewrite your church prayer list needs and pray over them, asking God to meet those needs”

Prayer Prompts

68. “Pray for a mentor or leader you are thankful for”

69. “Write a thank you note for something for which you feel especially blessed. Use words or phrases as if you are talking to your best friend. Gratitude is so important to our walk”

70. “Pray that God would reveal any sin in your life”

71. “Pray for your children”

72. “Write out a prayer for the “least of these” and ask God to show you your part in ministering to the homeless, disabled, or elderly. Ask God to specifically show you the special needs you can meet right where you are”

73. “Pray Jeremiah 29:11 over your life”

74. “Write out a prayer of praise for all God has accomplished in your life. Just make a list of the times you’ve seen him work and thank him for it. Specifically think of the miracles he has worked on your behalf.”

75. “Pray for a local mission (1 Peter 3:14)”

76. “Pray for a missionary family”

77. “Pray for your education/your child’s education”

78. “Lord, give me the strength for ______”

79. “Pray for and declare abundance over your life”

80. “Pray for confidence in an area you’ve been lacking”

81. “Pray for your neighbors”

82. “Write a prayer on behalf of a loved one. Thank God for them and describe your thoughts about this person to God”

83. “Pray for your home and all who live there”

84. “Use a list of the names of God to write a prayer of thanks for who he is.”

85. “Pray for your words”

86. “Pray about something you’re embarrassed about”

87. “Pray for help in managing your finances”

88. “Pray for your job”

89. “Write a prayer on behalf of a loved one or a loved one’s prayer requests. Thank God for them and describe your thoughts about this person to God.”

90. “Pray for positive thoughts and energy”

15 Miscellaneous Prayer Prompts

Miscellaneous prayers are not associated with any category of religious practice. They are just expontaneous expressions of gratitude or supplication.

My sister is someone who practices this. Whenever she feels she needs to express gratitude, she says, "Dear God, I am grateful for the blessings in my life. Thank you for the love, joy, and abundance that surrounds me. Help me to appreciate the small moments and cultivate a spirit of gratitude each day."

It might seem simple, but she says it helps her to connect to a divine high power.

I'm sure these expressions make her feel like she's not alone, giving her a sense of calm.

Everyone has their own way of demonstrating their faith in their God. And I think that there are no rules on how to pray.

I believe there are multiple ways of doing it, and the important thing is to be a good person, give love and comfort to others.

If you are seeking guidance, use these various prayer prompts. And get ready to feel more connected than ever before.

91. “Pray for an elderly friend”

92. “Pray for a fear you need to face”

93. “Pray for a friend that you would like to share the Gospel with”

Miscellaneous Prayer Prompts

94. “Lord, you showed me, your grace, when ________”

95. “Pray for how to find God’s calling in your life”

96. “Pray for your in-laws”

97. “Pray for a goal that you haven’t reached yet”

98. “Pray for help to achieve your dreams”

99. “Pray for your parents and grandparents”

100. “Thank God for the gift of salvation”

101. “Pray for your siblings”

102. “Pray for Someone you mentor”

103. “Pray for contentment”

104. “Pray for a friend you are thankful for”

105. “Pray about a fear you need to face”

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Structure A Prayer Journal?

Ideas For Organizing Your Prayer Journal Sections

  • Pray for what you already have.
  • Write What is on your mind.
  • Write down 5 things you feel grateful for.
  • Good things that happened during the week.
  • Remember the prayers he has answered.
  • Write down your miracles.

How Do You Use A Daily Prayer Journal?

Prayer Journal Template

  • When waking up, express words of gratitude.
  • Write out your specific needs for the day.
  • Ask God for guidance on all the decisions you need to make this week, listing them out for him to guide.
  • Pray over the miracle you want God to conceive.
  • Pray for the things you want to change about yourself.

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