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210 Wonderful Self-Love Journal Prompts To Inspire Acceptance And Joy

self-love and joy while reading journals

Loving ourselves is the foundation from which we love others, yet it’s probably the hardest love to achieve.

Most of us are far too critical of ourselves, and see flaws that others don’t even see!

If appreciating yourself more is on your list of things to work on, then a self-love journal is a great way to cast some light onto this subject, and make your thoughts and actions intentional.

Journal Bannar

In this article, I highlight 210 journal prompts based on the theme of self-love. The prompts are categorized into eight different sections to make it easy for you to find what aspect of self-love you want to focus on.

Come along with me as I take you on this journey!

25 Self-love Journal Prompts For Your Favorites

Self-love must be rooted in knowledge of yourself, your likes and dislikes, your talents and gifts.

In this category, we look at phrases that prompt you to identify your favorites.

Consider three of your favorite things that are unique about yourself, three things you’d love someone to say to you, or three big goals.

Wherever you are on your self-love journey, you can find prompts to move you forward, and grow your self-love deeper.

1. “3 of my least favorite things”

2. “3 people I admire”

3. “3 things I am proud of”

4. “3 of my favorite people”

5. “3 things that are unique about me”

6. “3 things I’d like less of in my life”

7. “3 things that always bring me joy”

8. “3 things I am excited about”

9. “3 things I can forgive myself for”

10. “3 things on my bucket list”

11. “3 of my very favorite things”

12. “3 things I can’t stop thinking about lately”

13. “3 things I would do over and over again if I had the chance”

14. “3 things I am really good at”

15. “3 things I can let go of”

16. “3 things I wish someone else would say to me”

17. “3 things I’d like more of in my life”

18. “3 things I am grateful for today”

19. “3 big goals”

20. “3 things that drain my energy”

Self-love Journal Prompts For Your Favorites

21. “3 things I am looking forward to”

22. “3 things I love about myself”

23. “3 things that make me smile”

24. “3 things about myself that I’d like to change”

25. “3 ways I could help somebody else today”

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25 Self-Love Journal prompts For Self-Discovery

We sometimes think that as we get older everything comes together for us and we have it all figured out.

That hasn’t been my experience! I think that sometimes the more miles we put on in life, the more aware we become of our weaknesses, and we can actually grow more critical of ourselves.

If anything, I was more optimistic when I was younger. Now with the reality of a divorce in my life, and some big challenges with my kids, it can be hard to always see the silver lining.

And it’s way too easy to say that, I am the cause because of bad decisions I made, because I’m too much of a push-over, and so on, and so on.

Does this sound familiar to you? If it does, then you understand how important it is to do some self-love journaling and get out of that downward spiral.

Take the time to discover fabulous things about yourself!! Those qualities are there and you need to discover them, then celebrate them!

26. “3 people I’d like to spend more time with”

27. “3 of my biggest struggles”

28. “3 instances when I’ve felt unworthy”

29. “3 bad habits I’d like to eliminate”

30. “3 things I would buy if money were no object”

31. “3 things I need to accept about myself”

32. “3 challenges I have overcome”

33. “3 things that inspire me”

34. “3 things I am insanely passionate about”

35. “3 little things that make a big difference in my days”

36. “3 instances when I feel truly content”

37. “3 of my best memories”

38. “3 times when I continually compare myself to others”

39. “3 of my biggest dreams”

40. “3 hobbies I’ve always wanted to try”

41. “3 of my biggest challenges”

Self-Love Journal prompts For Self-Discovery

42. “3 lies I keep telling myself”

43. “3 routines I’d like to adopt”

44. “3 compliments I can give myself today”

45. “3 things I am able to control”

46. “3 things I am curious about”

47. “3 things out of my control”

48. “3 things that nourish my soul”

49. “3 characteristics others would describe me as being”

50. “3 of my biggest priorities in life”

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25 Self-Love Journal Prompts For Self-Reflection

My humble opinion is that self-reflection is hugely underrated.

We live incredibly busy lives. I get it, but carving out some time for self-reflection can result in the rest of your life being waaay better!

While it would be nice to be able to find 15 minutes - hey, even 10 - at the beginning of your day before the rest of your household wakes up, I recognize that simply may not be possible.

So, why not do some self-reflection on the way to work. If you take public transit, it can be easy to read some prompts and lose yourself in thought.

From three of your biggest insecurities to three times you truly felt at peace, there are prompts here that are sure to speak to you.

51. “3 of my darkest moments”

52. “3 of my best qualities”

53. “3 things that always cheer me up”

54. “3 ways I stay focused”

55. “3 ways I love people”

56. “3 ways I can be more true to myself”

57. “3 ways I like to treat myself”

58. “3 ways I can remind myself that I am enough”

59. “3 ways I can pick myself up when I am down”

60. “3 things I’d like to tell my future self”

61. “3 things I can’t live without”

Self-Love Journal Prompts For Self-Reflection

62. “3 boundaries I have set in my life”

63. “3 ways I can cope with the bad days”

64. “3 ways I can be more intentional with my days”

65. “3 things I want to be remembered as”

66. “3 times when I’ve truly felt at peace”

67. “3 things that make me angry”

68. “3 things I’d like to tell my younger self”

69. “3 of my favorite affirmations”

70. “3 ways I advocate for myself”

71. “3 of my biggest fears”

72. “3 times when I’ve had to be brave”

73. “3 of my biggest insecurities”

74. “3 things I could use help with”

75. “3 times when I feel powerful”

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25 Self-Love Journal Prompts For Self-Awareness

Many people go through life without being very aware of themselves, yet being aware of our good qualities and those we would like to develop can yield a higher level of quality in our relationships and in our work.

What are three things that give you major anxiety? What are three ways you can celebrate wins? What are three things you need to stop judging yourself for?

These and lots more prompts are in the list below, and can lead you to greater self-awareness - such a critical step in the journey towards self-love.

76. “3 people or resources I can go to for help”

77. “3 things I need to stop judging myself for”

78. “3 instances when I feel jealous of others”

79. “3 things I wish other people knew about me”

80. “3 ways I can be kinder to myself”

81. “3 ways I can celebrate my wins”

82. “3 ways I like to reward or pamper myself”

83. “3 of my favorite places on earth”

84. “3 ways I can connect with others more”

85. “3 things that give me major anxiety”

86. “3 things I’d like to start saying no to more often”

87. “3 of my hidden talents”

Self-Love Journal Prompts For Self-Awareness

88. “3 things I struggle to love about myself”

89. “3 aspects of my life I’d like to improve”

90. “3 of my biggest time wasters”

91. “3 negative beliefs about myself”

92. “3 ways I am creative”

93. “3 recent wins”

94. “3 things that scare me”

95. “3 things I need to let go of”

96. “3 ways I can love myself more”

97. “3 things I love about my home”

98. “3 of my favorite self care activities”

99. “3 quotes that lift me up when I’m down”

100. “3 quotes that motivate me”

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25 Self-Love Journal Prompts To Know Your Inner Self

If you really want to get to the nitty-gritty of what makes you tick, then read through these prompts created to get you exploring your inner self.

This is next-level introspection. Here, for example, you go beyond identifying the things you like or dislike about yourself, and you ask the question, why are those the traits you like about yourself, or dislike about yourself.

This can really lead to some breakthroughs about the person you are.

It can lead to a greater acceptance of yourself, and it can lead you to an understanding and knowledge about how to change something you truly do not like about yourself. Read on!

101. “Are my thoughts supporting me? Can I choose more nurturing thoughts?”

102. “Where do I need to stand up for myself?”

103. “What can I make peace with?”

104. “How can I simplify my life?”

105. “Where can I express myself more authentically?”

106. “Where can I show myself kindness and compassion?”

107. “Where am I saying yes, when I would really like to say no?”

108. “What unhealthy habits would I like to change?”

109. “What does my body/mind/spirit need?”

110. “What Affirmations would support me?”

111. “What would give me energy?”

112. “Do my relationships need attention?”

113. “Is there something I need to allow myself to feel?”

114. “Do I need to ask for support?”

115. “What would I like less of in my life?”

116. “What can I forgive myself for?”

Self-Love Journal Prompts To Know Your Inner Self

117. “What food would nourish me this week?”

118. “What is something new and exciting I would like to try?”

119. “What is something inspiring I would like to do?”

120. “How can I strengthen my spiritual connection?”

121. “Do I need to make more time for fun and play?”

122. “What would I like more of in my life?”

123. “Is there a challenging conversation I need to have?”

124. “What does my heart need?”

125. “Where can I let go of perfectionism?”

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4 Self-Love Journal Prompts To Boost Your Confidence

Too many of us waste time and energy on fear. We’re afraid to hurt someone’s feelings so we don't make the point we want to at a meeting, even though it’s a good one!

Journal Bannar

We don’t take that trip we’ve been thinking about for years because we’re afraid of getting on a plane.

We haven't asked out that person we’ve been crazy about for months now because we fear rejection.

A boost of confidence is what we need once in a while to move us forward in our lives.

I love this first prompt: “What current goal (or goals) are you working on, and why is it important to you? What are you doing to achieve it?”

Taking stock of where I’m at with my goals helps me to reaffirm their importance. And if I can’t find the importance, then it’s time to steer the ship in a different direction!

126. “What current goal (or goals) are you working on, and why is it important to you? What are you doing to achieve it?”

127. “How can you support yourself more today?”

128. “How does dating make you feel?”

Self-Love Journal Prompts To Boost Your Confidence

129. “List the people in your life who nourish and inspire you.”

31 Self-Love Prompts For Your Dreams

Remember that little bit I just wrote about fear? I used to be afraid of any question to do with my dreams.

I think it might have had something to do with the fact that I had lived for my children for so many years. I never really stopped to think about me and my goals.

I certainly had goals when I was younger, but once I had my family, and then my marriage broke down, I was just trying to get through each day, working in a high-stress job, and trying to care for my kids.

I lost my path somewhere along the way. Now that my kids are grown up and I’m on my own, I need to re-evaluate my dreams, and start by recognizing that it’s acceptable for me to have my own dreams!

Take a look at the prompts in this list, and see if they can inspire you to establish some dreams. Let’s get inspired together!

130. “How do you feel when you set aside “you time” in your calendar?”

131. “Where would you like to see yourself in a year/five years/ten years?”

132. “What is your usual communication style?”

133. “When did you last step out of your comfort zone? How did it feel?”

134. “What do you believe you deserve?”

135. “Write some positive affirmations that could help you love yourself more. Repeat these to yourself often like a mantra.”

136. “How can you show others more love and compassion?”

137. “Describe a tough challenge you’ve worked through and overcome. How did you grow from this experience?”

138. “List the people in your life who drain you and make you feel small.”

139. “What’s one thing you could do today to build your confidence?”

140. “How do you like to give and receive love?”

141. “When do you feel most confident? Who are you with? What are you wearing? What are you doing?”

142. “What would make your future self proud of you?”

143. “How do you think you’d feel if you were a confident woman? How would you think, speak, and feel? Where would you go? What would you do differently from what you’re doing today?”

144. “What’s one limiting belief you’d like to release today that is not serving you?”

145. “How can you set and communicate healthier boundaries in your relationships?”

146. “How does being alone make you feel?”

147. “Are you embodying the qualities that you’re looking for in your other relationships?”

148. “When did you last fail at something? What did you learn?”

149. “When do you feel physically strong?”

150. “What are your boundaries?”

Self-Love Prompts For Your Dreams

151. “What action could you take today towards your goals and dreams?”

152. “How comfortable do you feel receiving pleasure, and why do you think this is?”

153. “What are you most proud of achieving in your life so far?”

154. “Who inspires you (in real life and public figures you look up to)?”

155. “List 3 of your biggest fears.”

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156. “What qualities are most important to you in a partner?”

157. “Self-love journal prompts for relationships”

158. “What qualities are most important to you in a friend?”

159. “What is your go-to outfit when you want to feel confident? How does it make you feel?”

160. “What is your biggest dream for your life?”

50 Self-Love Journal Prompts For A Better You

This is really what it’s all about - greater acceptance of ourselves, our little foibles, and all the awesome things about ourselves.

When we feel good about who we are, we are a great version of ourselves!

Take a look at the prompts in this list and let them guide you to a better you.

161. “What current habits are destructive to your sense of self-love”

162. “Name three ways you can start taking actionable steps toward your dreams”

163. “Write out what your “dream life” looks like”

164. “If money wasn’t an issue, how would you live the rest of your life?”

165. “What makes me unique?”

166. “My best personality trait is…”

167. “When you’re having a bad day, what’s one thing that consistently cheers you up?”

168. “Write about a time when someone did something nice for you and it made their day”

169. “What makes you feel most alive?”

170. “How can you better set healthy boundaries in your relationship?”

171. “Write about a professional achievement that you’re especially proud of”

172. “Describe yourself positively in 10 words”

173. “Write a positive letter of advice to your future self”

174. “Write down five hobbies you’d like to try”

175. “Name an action you can take right now that your future self will thank you for”

176. “What am I proud of myself for?”

177. “What does your support system currently look like, and how can you strengthen it?”

178. “Write down five nice things people have said about you recently”

179. “Write down five things you’re grateful for”

Self-Love Journal Prompts For A Better You

180. “What can you do to “fill your own cup,” or “fasten your seatbelt first” before helping others?”

181. “Think of all the people you feel judged by, and write down why these feelings aren’t valid”

182. “What’s something you need to get rid of?”

183. “When do you feel the most confident in yourself?”

184. “Write a thank-you note to yourself”

185. “What compliment do you like to give to people? Give it to yourself”

186. “Write about a personal achievement that you’re especially proud of”

187. “Write yourself a love letter”

188. “What are my biggest goals and dreams?”

189. “Write down 10 positive affirmations”

190. “What labels do you assign to yourself?”

191. “I am worthy of happiness because…”

192. “What do you need to start saying “yes” to?”

193. “List three self-care items you’d like to start”

194. “Write a reference letter for yourself”

195. “Name three good habits you’d like to cultivate”

196. “Write down five positive things you can say to yourself when negative self-talk starts to creep in”

197. “Name three things you love about your personality”

198. “What makes you feel loved?”

199. “What is your biggest struggle with loving yourself, and what can you do about it?”

200. “Name three flaws you accept about yourself”

Self-Love Journal Prompts For A Better You

201. “What flaws and mistakes do you need to forgive yourself for?”

202. “Where in your life do you need to slow down?”

203. “Name something you love about your body that isn’t related to what it looks like”

204. “What are some positive ways you’ve changed over the last five years?”

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205. “What makes me happy?”

206. “What’s standing in the way of your feeling happier, and what can you do to change that?”

207. “Write out your perfect morning routine, and what you can do to make it a reality”

208. “Write about a time when you did something kind for a friend or family member”

209. “What self-care activities bring you feelings of joy and calm?”

210. “What boundaries do I need to set for myself?”

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is self-love important for personal growth and overall well-being?

Self-love is crucial for personal growth and well-being because it helps cultivate a positive relationship with oneself. When we practice self-love, we accept and appreciate who we are, embracing our strengths and acknowledging our imperfections.

How can journaling promote self-acceptance and joy?

Journaling provides a safe and private space to explore our thoughts, emotions, and experiences. By engaging in self-reflection through writing, we gain clarity and insight into our inner world. Journal prompts focused on self-love encourage us to acknowledge our accomplishments, appreciate our unique qualities, and practice self-compassion.

Can you provide tips for effectively using these journal prompts?

Certainly! Here are a few tips for making the most of these self-love journal prompts:

  • Find a quiet and comfortable space where you can focus on your thoughts without distractions.
  • Set aside dedicated time for journaling, preferably at a regular interval to make it a habit.
  • Write freely and without judgment. Let your thoughts flow naturally and express yourself honestly.
Journal Bannar

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