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110 Marvelous Art Journaling Prompts To Inspire Creativity

Marvelous Art Journaling Prompts

I have to admit that I was somewhat hesitant about trying art journaling prompts as I have very little talent and ability when it comes to drawing or painting.

Art is good for the soul.

Whether you haven’t dabbled in artistic pursuits since elementary school or you’ve taken interest courses in sketching and pottery, art journaling is for you!

Expressing ourselves creatively expands our mind and gets us using parts of our brain that we might not use as often as we should.

Art is also good for the expression of emotions and can be very therapeutic.

If you’re feeling anger or frustration, you can work through those feelings by expressing them in artistic ways.

It can be a delight to express joy and contentment artistically as well!

My sister got all the artistic talent in the family. I envy her ability to paint beautiful watercolor scenes.

Yet, when I tried art journaling I found the answer to my desire to try art, but in a safe way.

Journaling is just for you unless you wish to share your journals with others. This takes away the whole judgment thing!

Come with me as I take you through four categories of journaling prompts for art, and free yourself to experience art!

25 Art Journaling Ideas From Renowned Artists

Don’t let this category title scare you. These art journaling prompts from renowned artists are not stuffy and full of terms that you won’t know.

These prompts come from people who know the great benefits of artistic endeavors, and they are there to encourage you.

You won’t be directed to paint like Picasso or sketch a college-level drawing.

Remember, this is about you. What prompts do you connect with? Which ones motivate you to start art journaling?

I love this prompt from Marnita Patton: Imagine a favorite and enjoyable sound. How can you create this sound with color, patterns, and images?

If this feels too ‘out there’ and you would prefer more specific instructions and less artistic freedom, how about this prompt from Michelle Schratz?

Close your eyes and use the very first color that pops into your mind as a starting point. Flip through a magazine, find pages with that color, tear them into pieces, and create a color collage.

This prompt may make you feel more comfortable through the use of a magazine. Plus most of us are familiar with collages.

There are even some prompts that incorporate writing. If you are used to journaling then writing may be a great bridge to art journaling!

1. "Choose an old book page, notice what words jump out at you from the page, and use those words to create a new story in your journal. (Shared by Leslie Wood)"

2. "Where are you right now? Draw a picture of your surroundings or write a sentence or paragraph about your life right now. Date the entry. (Shared by Lydia Velarde)"

3. "Imagine a favorite and enjoyable sound. How can you create this sound with color, patterns, and images? (Shared by Marnita Patton)"

4. "When writing in your journal, start with who, what, when, where, and why. The why is most important because there is always a deeper meaning to everything we create. (Shared by Caterina Giglio)"

5. "What do you see when you close your eyes? Create it on the page. (Shared by Peggy Gatto)"

Art Journaling Ideas From Renowned Artists

6. "Create a page that’s inspired by your favorite place. Think about the colors, textures, patterns, and shapes you experience there, and incorporate these into your page. (Shared by Diane Adams)"

7. "Go outside and find five objects that interest you. Use your imagination to represent each object in your journal. You can use the item itself or its color, shape, or texture to influence your piece. (Shared by Stephanie Aune)"

8. "What was your favorite song in high school? Bring it to life on an art journal page using only three of your favorite art supplies … and no words! (Shared by Nicole Austin)"

9. "Grab three colors you seldom ever use and create a page with them. Start off the page with your eyes closed and paintbrush in hand. (Shared by Tiffany Goff Smith)"

10. "Use a gel print or a “cleanup page” as a starting point for a background. (Shared by Jo Hanson)"

11. "Think of a childhood memory, whether it is fuzzy or vivid, and try capturing the colors and feelings of it. (Shared by Narah Kimberly Minardi)"

12. "What is one of your favorite childhood memories, and how can you illustrate it in your art journal? (Shared by Leslie Wood)"

13. "Close your eyes and use the very first color that pops into your mind as a starting point. Flip through a magazine, find pages with that color, tear them into pieces, and create a color collage. (Shared by Michelle Schratz)"

14. "Collect magazine images that intrigue you through color, texture, subject matter, etc., and use them as inspiration for a journal theme or page. For example, replicate the colors of an exotic desert, capture the energy of a Bolivian marketplace, or use the colors from a fashion ad (Shared by Carol A. More)"

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15. "Base a journal page on your favorite lyric from one of your favorite songs. (Shared by Carrie Todd)"

16. "Create a page that includes a face without using a paintbrush. (Shared by Karen Campbell)"

17. "Journal about your favorite music album or a collection of songs. (Shared by Tina Walker)"

18. "Use words and imagery to express the emotions that nature evokes within you. (Shared by Lynne Moncrieff)"

19. "Use your favorite drawing tool to mindfully focus on creating lines on your journal page from left to right, filling the whole page, or draw differently sized circles all over the page, etc. These will serve as a wonderful background. (Shared by Marnita Patton)"

20. "Explore using stencils in your art journal. Use one stencil in many different ways. (Shared by Kim Collister)"

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21. "Use a patterned paper napkin on a page. Decide to use only parts or all of one. Adhere them with matte gel medium and build from there. They are also beautiful when muted with a wash of diluted gesso. (Shared by Jennifer Tritle)"

22. "If you found a map to the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow, what would your pot of gold look like? What would it contain? Create your version of your pot of gold on your art journal page. (Shared by Amber Walker)"

23. "Incorporate photos of unknown people in your art journal. Let your mind conjure up a fascinating and adventurous history for the people in the photo to feed an imaginative layout. (Shared by Sharon Hoerth)"

24. "Look around for a small abandoned art project and use it, or part of it, to jump-start a page. (Shared by Debi Barton Haverly)"

25. "Start a page with splatters of paint and a large circle or a series of circles to get the page covered quickly. (Shared by Chris Tessnear)"

31 Inspirational Art Journaling Prompts

These inspirational art journaling prompts will allow you to make connections between your regular journaling and art journaling.

Even if you don’t typically keep a journal, but are attracted by the idea of art journaling, these prompts will get you going!

Connect your art journal with goals that you have. This can be a great way to motivate you to stick with your goals.

This is a great goal-oriented prompt: Draw a staircase or ladder depicting your goals, then connect each step or rung to the steps you take to achieve your dream.

Other prompts get you thinking about favorites.

What’s your favorite childhood memory? What’s the best meal you’ve ever eaten?

When you draw these things, it doesn’t matter if your aunt looks true to life, or that it’s hard to tell if the piece of meat resembles a piece of chicken or a pork chop.

That’s the beauty of art journaling; it’s for your eyes only, so no one is going to judge you - except yourself, but don’t let that hold you back.

Have fun with it!

26. "Grab an old magazine and cut out pictures you find beautiful. Use the pictures to create a collage on one page of your journal."

27. "What is your biggest fear? Write it out and draw a picture of it (or how it makes you feel)."

Inspirational Art Journaling Prompts

28. "Pick a verse from your favorite song and draw what you think the lyrics are saying."

29. "Fill the page with random shapes then shade or paint the shapes in different colors."

30. "Draw a visual representation or map of where you are in relation to your goals and where you want to be."

31. "Open up your favorite novel to a random page and draw the scene described on the page."

32. "Draw a self portrait accenting the characteristic you love most about yourself."

33. "What are some of your favorite things? Draw or paint pictures of your favorite things (animals, food, colors, drinks, places, etc.)."

34. "Draw random doodles until one page of your journal is completely filled."

35. "Sketch a picture of your dream _______ (house, vacation, job, etc.)."

36. "Draw or paint a picture of your favorite childhood memory."

37. "Sketch or paint your favorite fairy tale."

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38. "Write a list of 10 things you’re grateful for, then sketch or draw each item as an accent to your list."

39. "Write out one of your favorite quotes in the center of a journal page, then decorate the space around the words with doodles or drawings to emphasize the quote."

40. "Draw or paint the best meal you’ve ever eaten."

41. "What does your inner critic say to you? Write down all that criticism, then cover the words with paint until you can no longer read them."

42. "Pick an object in the room. Draw it 10 different times in 10 different ways."

43. "What is on your mind right now? Write or draw your thoughts."

Inspirational Art Journaling Prompts

44. "Draw a staircase or ladder depicting your goals, then connect each step or rung to the steps you take to achieve your dream."

45. "Draw or paint what you think peace looks like."

46. "Sketch yourself as a god or goddess."

47. "If you could have a super power, what would it be? Draw yourself with that power."

48. "Create a drawing or sketch using only an ink pen."

49. "Go outside or look out your window and draw what you see."

50. "Use found pages (book pages, sheet music, newspaper pages, etc.) as the backdrop to a painting or drawing in your journal."

51. "What is your favorite color? Use the color to create a monochromatic art journal page."

52. "Pick an object in your room and draw it without ever picking up your pencil from the page."

53. "Write and illustrate your bucket list."

54. "If you could live anywhere, where would you live? Draw what you see outside the window in your dream home."

55. "Draw or map out an imaginary dream world only you can visit."

56. "Use different mediums to create unique textures on your journal page."

36 Art Journaling Prompts For Creativity

With the prompts in this list, you will do some reflecting on your personal art journaling path.

These prompts encourage you to take stock and set a path for continuing to move forward with art journaling.

We do this in a lot of other aspects of our lives, and it helps us to clarify what we want and how we are going to get there. We are more invested in the experience.

The following prompts are just some of the art journaling prompts in this section:

What would you like to learn next?

What’ve you been dreaming of doing for a long time but haven’t yet? Why haven’t you gotten around to it yet? What’s holding you back from doing it?

How has your style changed over time?

What’s your favorite part of the creative process?

This is an opportunity to think about why you started art journaling, what you have learned about yourself through art journaling, and how you have grown as an artist.

Are there specific things you want to try next in relation to art journaling? Perhaps you are fond of a particular art medium and wish to take it to the next level.

Or maybe you want to try something different that might connect better with your creative interests.

Taking time to look at where we’re at and where we want to go next is always time well spent.

57. "What would you like to learn next?"

Art Journaling Prompts For Creativity

58. "What’ve you been dreaming of doing for a long time but haven’t yet? Why haven’t you gotten around to it yet? What’s holding you back from doing it?"

59. "How has your style changed over time?"

60. "What’s your favorite part of the creative process?"

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61. "How do you feel about your art now compared to then?"

62. "When did you start creating?"

63. "What’s your favorite creative outlet and why?"

64. "Do you tend to create more abstract or representational pieces? Why do you think that’s?"

65. "Who’s an artist that inspires you in your work and why?"

66. "Write down what you draw and why"

67. "What advice would you give someone just starting in the art world?"

68. "When did you realize crafting was more than just a hobby for you?"

69. "What made you want to become an artist?"

70. "What do you wish someone had told you when you first started crafting?"

71. "If money were no object, what kind of studio would you want to work in?"

72. "Is there a special skill or talent that’s surprised you lately?"

73. "What do you like most about making art?"

74. "How long have you been making art?"

75. "How do you choose the mediums or techniques you use in your work?"

76. "What challenges and obstacles do you face when it comes to creativity?"

77. "How can you tell when a work is finished? What makes it complete for you?"

78. "What’re three things that make up your creative space/workspace?"

79. "What’s your favorite color? And why?"

Art Journaling Prompts For Creativity

80. "What types of things inspire you to create?"

81. "What would it be and why if you could change one thing about yourself as an artist (or even just in life)?"

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82. "Do you’ve any creative rituals? What’re they?"

83. "What’s been the biggest challenge on your artistic journey so far?"

84. "When was the last time you did something brave in your art practice? Why did it feel so brave, and how did it go?"

85. "Do you think creativity is a gift or something we all have inside of us just waiting to be tapped?"

86. "What would you do next if there were no limits to your creativity?"

87. "Do you’ve any tips for artists looking for inspiration?"

88. "What’s your favorite way to start a new project?"

89. "What was the first thing you ever made?"

90. "What do you think about originality and imitation in art?"

91. "What’re your favorite pieces you’ve done in the past, and why?"

92. "What was the most creative thing you did today? How did it make you feel?"

18 Creative And Unique Art Journaling Prompts

Sometimes it can be hard to come up with an idea for art journaling. If you feel like you’re tapped out, quotes and song lyrics can be great sources of inspiration.

The written word - poetry, plays, and prose - has long been a source of inspiration for artists like musicians, dancers, sculptors, and painters.

Words can depict powerful images and these images can inspire you in your art journaling.

Don’t feel you have to necessarily look at things that were written a long time ago.

That is certainly a great option, but there are plenty of current song lyrics that could give rise to some great art journaling!

Whether your musical style is country or classical, jazz or pop it all has potential.

The important thing is that you connect with it, and it gives you inspiration.

Great quotes can do the same thing. A quote that you really like is likely one that has personal meaning for you.

It’s this personal connection that can inspire art journaling.

Go for it!

Creative & Unique Art Journal Prompts

93. "A quote from your favorite book"

94. "A quote that motivates you"

95. "A quote from your favorite TV show"

96. "A quote that you relate to"

97. "A quote from your favorite author"

98. "A quote from your favorite actor/actress"

99. "A song lyric from your most played song on Spotify last year"

100. "A song lyric from a song that you relate to"

101. "A quote that inspires you"

Creative And Unique Art Journaling Prompts

102. "A song lyric from your favorite song of all time"

103. "A song lyric from your favorite genre"

104. "A song lyric from a song that was released the year you were born"

105. "A quote from the last movie you watched"

106. "A quote from a book that you read today"

107. "A song lyric from a song that inspires you"

108. "A song lyric from a song that makes you smile"

109. "A quote from a memorable moment in history"

110. "A song lyric from your favorite song right now"

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Art Journaling Prompts?

Art journaling prompts are creative cues or ideas that inspire individuals to express themselves through artistic techniques within a journal.

How Can Art Journaling Prompts Inspire Creativity?

Art journaling prompts encourage experimentation, self-reflection, and imaginative expression, guiding artists to explore new concepts and techniques.

Can These Prompts Benefit Both Beginners And Experienced Artists?

Absolutely! Art journaling prompts cater to various skill levels, offering beginners a starting point and challenging experienced artists to diversify their practice.

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