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117 Exciting Vision Board Ideas To Fuel Your Goals

117 Exciting Vision Board Ideas To Fuel Your Goals

Vision boards are amazing! If you haven’t created a vision board before, you will enjoy the experience.

What exactly am I talking about? What is a vision board and what is its purpose?

If you have a dream, a vision board can help make it a reality. Vision boards capture the essence of your dreams and depict them in detail.

Vision boards can reflect a big dream or a smaller one. Their purpose is to help you flesh out the details of your dream and provide a visual you can refer to again and again as you pursue your goals.

A vision board consists of images and key words or phrases. You can make a vision board out of photos, magazine clippings, materials downloaded from the internet, and actual objects.

Vision boards provide a practical strategy that can do much to help you maintain your focus on the goal. It can reinforce why it is important as well as the how of your goal attainment.

Whether you choose a general or a specific goal will depend on the nature of the change you want to make.

Some goals are just bigger and must be refined as you go while others are smaller and more particular.

We have established that having a dream and a goal related to the dream is the foundation for creating a vision board.

What do you do next? You don’t need to look any further than the lists accompanying this article.

Here I provide you with different types of vision boards. There are fifty-nine ideas for unique and creative vision boards in our first list.

I will highlight some of these and take you through how you could use them.

Then you have a category called goal-specific vision boards. I look forward to explaining how to use these and looking at their strengths.

So, let’s not waste another minute but dive into the marvelous, creative, yet practical world of vision boards!

Please join me!

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Creative And Unique Vision Board Ideas

One of the aspects of vision boards that makes them so attractive as a strategy for goal achievement is the opportunity they give for creating your own unique piece.

Vision boards can help with any goal you want to achieve. In the list that follows, you will find many interesting goal ideas, fifty-nine in fact, that vision boards can be used for.

One of my earliest vision boards was to help me achieve a financial goal. My goal was to be debt free within a particular time.

Items I put on my vision board included things that being debt free would allow me to do.

For example, I wanted to go to Madrid, Spain, where my daughter was living so I put up pictures of Madrid and a photo of my daughter.

I printed a thermometer sheet and stapled it onto the board. I would color in the dollar amount I saved as I went along.

This gave me a quick visual of where I was and kept me motivated to increase my savings.

I used a number of things on my vision board to help me stay focused on my goal. For example, a clip from a magazine on how to save money on everyday purchases like groceries went on.

I also included pictures of decks as mine was literally falling apart and I knew I would have that expense soon.

The visuals you decide to include on your vision board provide quick reminders of why you have the goal and what you need to do to reach it.

Key words can also help to keep us on track with our goal. I wrote phrases and words that were meaningful to me like the name of my daughter in Madrid, and the saying, “A penny saved is a penny earned.”

The word freedom I printed in large, block capitals as I so wanted the feeling of freedom I knew I would experience once I was debt free.

Enjoy going through the following list of creative and unique ideas for vision boards and get your creative juices flowing!

Creative & Unique Vision Board Ideas

1. "Intention vision board"

2. "Affirmations vision board"

3. "Dream life vision board"

4. "Clip art vision boards"

5. "The color vision board"

6. "The pink sky"

7. "Learning how to paint"

8. "Vision boards inspired from nursery rhymes"

9. "Ways to improve self esteem vision board"

10. "Feeling good vision board"

11. "The “Have been there’ vision board"

12. "Spiritual vision board"

13. "Best life vision board"

14. "You are power vision board"

15. "Vision board for learning a new language"

16. "The ‘Yet to go there’ vision board"

17. "Career related vision boards"

18. "Clothesline vision board"

19. "Five-year plan vision board"

20. "Charity goals vision board"

21. "Learning arts and crafts"

22. "Annual goals vision board"

23. "New beginnings vision board"

24. "Career related vision boards"

25. "Expectations vision board"

26. "Actions vision board"

27. "Vision board about yoga poses"

28. "Relationship goals vision board"

29. "Vision wall"

30. "Make your dreams happen vision board"

31. "Vision board about meditation goals"

32. "Portable vision board"

33. "Keyword based vision board"

34. "Cultures and cuisines vision board"

35. "Travel companions vision board"

36. "The happiness vision board"

37. "Healthy habits vision board"

38. "Learning a new musical instrument"

39. "The growth mindset vision board"

40. "The challenges vision board"

41. "Vision board about yoga and meditation benefits"

42. "Inner journey vision board"

43. "Rewiring vision board"

44. "Family vision board"

45. "Therapy vision board"

46. "Radical acceptance vision board"

47. "Goal setting vision boards"

48. "I am vision board"

49. "Shared vision boards"

50. "Dreaming and scheming vision board"

51. "Relationship mileposts vision board"

52. "The discipline vision board"

53. "Inner peace vision board"

54. "Love laugh love vision board"

55. "Learning how to cook"

56. "Vision board online"

57. "Social and emotional learning skills vision board"

58. "Fitness goals vision board"

59. "Financial planning vision boards"

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Goal Specific Vision Boards

Very often we have a general idea of what area of our life we want to change for the better but we might not have it narrowed down.

When my marriage fell apart I knew I wanted to get out from the negativity that had, sadly, characterized my married life.

It took me some time to figure out what I wanted to change specifically and what I should focus on first.

At that time I didn’t know about vision boards. A friend of mine told me how creating a vision board had helped her to figure out a goal and stick to her plan to achieve that goal.

My friend shared her vision board with me and I couldn’t wait to create one of my own.

I knew I wasn’t my best self after having lived in a negative relationship for a lot of years. I wanted to work on my overall health but that was too big to take on all at once.

A vision board can be used for general ideas but they serve us best when there is a specific focus.

I decided my mental health should be the first thing I focused on.

I created my vision board around my goal to improve my mental health and reflected the various aspects of my plan to get mentally healthy.

I then broke down my goal further and created vision boards for each step of the journey to improve my mental health.

For example, I created a vision board around reading positive affirmations daily.

If I had a difficult day and was lacking the mental strength to read an affirmation, my vision board would bring me back to what it was all about and I would be back in the game.

This super-specific vision boarding helped me achieve my mini goals with tremendous intensity.

I am a fan of this approach to goal attainment and use highly specific vision boards all the time now.

I love to share them with my kids. They are great for school and really aid in keeping a student on top of the many academic responsibilities they have.

Read through this list of great ideas for specific-goal vision boards and let them inspire you to make the changes you desire in your life.

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Goal Specific Vision Board Ideas

60. "Getting Up Early"

61. "Establishing A Morning Routine"

62. "Establishing A Night Routine"

63. "Journaling"

64. "Beginning A Gratitude Practice"

65. "Saying Daily Morning Affirmations"

66. "Having Better Focus And Productivity"

67. "Attending A Conference Or Mastermind"

68. "Starting A Regular Visualization Practice"

69. "Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone"

70. "Increasing Self-Discipline"

71. "Inviting Others Over For Dinner"

72. "Regular Date Night"

73. "Regular Rituals For Connection"

74. "Specific Places You Want To Travel"

75. "Learning A New Hobby"

76. "Getting Your Dream Job"

77. "Paying Off A Specific Loan"

78. "Eliminating Your Debt"

79. "Cultivating A Larger Income"

80. "Having More In Savings"

81. "Owning Your Dream House"

82. "Owning Your Dream Car"

83. "Having More Income Streams"

84. "Creating Passive Income"

85. "Simplifying Your Work Life"

86. "Working Fewer Hours"

87. "Investing More"

88. "Giving More To Causes You Believe In"

89. "Earning An Award Or Recognition"

90. "Building Better Communication Practices"

91. "Having More Time For Creative Work Ideas"

92. "Exploring A New Career Path Or Project"

93. "Writing A Book"

94. "Starting A Budget"

95. "Being Present"

96. "Establishing Clear Family Time"

97. "Playing With Your Kids And Partner"

98. "Simplifying Your Family Life"

99. "A Remodel In Your Shared Living Spaces"

100. "Teaching Your Kids Life Lessons"

101. "Adding A Pet To Your Family"

102. "Practicing An Interest With Your Child"

103. "Radiant Energy"

104. "Peak Nutrition"

105. "A Meditation Practice"

106. "Exercising"

107. "Drinking Water"

108. "Incorporating More Nature In Your Life"

109. "Getting More And Better Sleep"

110. "Eating More Vegetables"

111. "Losing Weight"

112. "Running A Race"

113. "Climbing A Mountain"

114. "Getting Stronger"

115. "Adding Rest And Recovery Periods"

116. "Completing A Health Challenge"

117. "Finding more freedom or autonomy in your work life"

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