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189 Helpful Journal Prompts For Quality Relationships

189 Helpful Journal Prompts For Quality Relationships

Relationships are at the heart of our lives. We have professional relationships at work, and we have personal relationships in our lives outside of work with family and friends.

People are complex, and so it is not surprising that when we bring people together in a relationship that there are sometimes, even often, challenges.

In this article, I look at journal prompts about different relationships with the goal of helping you improve the ones in your life.

Let’s get started!

1. Journal Prompts For Love Life

Some of the most complex relationships are those with a partner.

When we refer to a person’s love life, we can be talking about the relationship with our partner overall, or we can be referring specifically to physical intimacy.

Experts encourage people to communicate their feelings and their desires to their partner so that each has a better understanding of the other.

There are prompts in this list to help you sort out what you want and feel, and how to communicate that to the special person in your life.

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Journal Prompts For Love Life

1. “How do you like to communicate hard things?”

2. “What are three important qualities you look for in a friend?”

3. “How do you like people to communicate hard things to you?”

4. “I feel energized after spending time with”

5. “What actions can someone take to make me feel seen?”

6. “When we spend time together, who initiates it?”

7. “Do you tend to hold grudges, or do you forgive and move on?”

8. “What is something special about ?”

9. “I feel like I can be myself around”

10. “What is the ideal size of your social circle?”

11. “What does love mean to you?”

12. “What are three things I admire about ?”

13. “How satisfied are you with your social life?”

14. “What relationships make me feel seen?”

15. “Does take an interest in my life?”

16. “I feel drained after spending time with”

17. “Do I take an interest in life?”

18. “What is my Love Language?”

19. “Does inspire me to be a better person?”

20. “How do I feel about asking for help?”

21. “What am I grateful for about ?”

22. “What does intimacy mean to you?”

23. “How would I describe this relationship to my best friend?”

24. “Is this person reliable?”

2. Journal Prompts To Grow Relationships

The eleven prompts in this category get you thinking about what you need in a partner, and what things are deal breakers.

Having a good sense of these things can go a long way to helping you work on the relationship you are currently in and any future romantic relationships.

Tackle some of these prompts and you’ll reap the benefits in the improved quality of your relationships.

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Journal Prompts To Grow Relationships

25. “Is your current relationship working?”

26. “Who do I dread seeing?”

27. “What does romance mean to you?”

“What does romance mean to you?”

28. “Describe your ideal friendship.”

29. “What frightens me about relationships?”

30. “What are my deal breakers in a romantic relationship?”

31. “Describe your ideal partnership.”

32. “What does passion mean to you?”

33. “Who is the last person I said “I love you” to?”

34. “How does being in love affect your life?”

35. “What are my deal breakers in a friendship?”

36. “What does good communication look like to you?”

3. Journal Prompts To Understand Relationships

Many people don’t take the time to really think about the quality of their relationship. Too often we want a relationship, so we put up with one that is not healthy.

If a relationship has issues, it’s important to deal with those, and to do that together so that both people are invested in making the partnership better.

If both people are not on the same page, the relationship can become unhealthy to the point where there is resentment and toxicity.

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Journal Prompts To Understand Relationship

37. “How could your relationship be improved?”

38. “Respect is communicated in this way…”

39. “Which relationships do you respect?”

40. “Do you believe in love at first sight?”

41. “List 10 things that are special about your partner.”

42. “List 10 things that are special about your relationship.”

43. “Do you fight fairly?”

44. “What are you grateful for about your relationship?”

45. “Do you believe in having a soulmate?”

46. “Love is communicated in this way…”

47. “What can you do to show more love to your partner?”

48. “What are your expectations about relationships?”

49. “How are you willing to improve your relationship?”

50. “What is rewarding about love?”

51. “How can you make your partner feel more loved?”

52. “Are you a forgiving person?”

53. “What great qualities do you bring to a relationship?”

54. “What is challenging about love?”

55. “What does the term family mean to you?”

56. “Is it easy or hard for you to ask for help when you need it?”

4. Journal Prompts To Prioritize Relationships

If you feel your relationship needs some attention, selecting some prompts and working through them together is a great way to make improvements.

Individually, you can work on these journal prompts as well, but make sure that you are following up the journaling with lots of conversation!

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Journal Prompts To Prioritize Relationship

57. “What happens when people try to help each other too much in a relationship?”

58. “Is it your partners job to make you feel safe in a relationship?”

59. “How can one make themself a better partner?”

60. “How can two growth oriented people make a healthy relationship?”

61. “Can someone that doesn’t grow make a good partner?”

62. “Should relationships make us feel complete and emotionally healthy?”

63. “What type of people make up the best relationships?”

64. “What is the purpose of a relationship?”

65. “How does mindset and mental health affect relationships?”

66. “What happens if you still feel lonely, insecure, and afraid of being abandoned in a relationship?”

“What happens if you still feel lonely, insecure, and afraid of being abandoned in a relationship?”-Journal Prompts For Quality Relationships

5. Journal Prompts For Couples

The journal prompts in this category are designed with couples in mind.

It can be fun as well as helpful to look at journal prompts together, talk about them, then write about their thoughts.

This sort of activity done as a couple can really strengthen your relationship.

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Journal Prompts For Couples

67. “What qualities do you appreciate about your partner?”

68. “What qualities do you bring to your relationship?”

69. “What is your most favorite memory together?”

70. “What is something you’ve never done together, but always wanted to?”

71. “How do you feel about your partner overall?”

72. “What is your favorite way to spend the day alone?”

73. “Have you been hurt by past relationships? In what ways?”

74. “Are your partner’s needs being fulfilled?”

75. “What is your favorite way to spend the day together?”

76. “Are your needs being fulfilled?”

77. “What are your expectations in romantic relationships?”

78. “What is something you can do today to make your relationship even better?”

6. Journal Prompts For Friends

Journal prompts for friends are for those relationships that are special, but are not romantic in nature.

Have you ever felt like a good friend takes you for granted? Are you always the person who has to drive to things? Do you end up doing what your friend always wants to do?

If this sounds like you, or if you just want to make your friendships the best they can be, then spend some time with these journal prompts and have more fulfilling relationships.

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Journal Prompts For Friends

79. “Have you been hurt by past friendships? In what ways?”

80. “Who do you most rely on for support?”

81. “Who is the #1 friend you know you could confide in about anything? What makes them special?”

82. “Are there any toxic friends you know you might need to let go of?”

83. “Are you happy with the people currently in your friend circle?”

84. “Which friend can you be most “yourself” around?”

85. “Describe everyone in your friend circle. How long have you known them? How close are you with them?”

86. “What do you need more of from your friends?”

87. “How have your friends made your life better?”

7. Journal Prompts For Family Relationships

The relationships we have with family can be some of the most challenging.

We can’t choose our family, plus we spend a lot of time with these people!

Often children will feel that a parent favors another child. You might feel that your parents were harder on you and expected more of you than your sibling because you were older.

As adults looking back on our childhood we may need to challenge some of those ideas that are so firmly planted in our minds.

Having conversation with our family members can clear things up, and pave the way for better relationships.

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Journal Prompts For Family Relationships

88. “How is your relationship with your siblings?”

89. “How has your childhood impacted your future relationships?”

90. “How did your parents respond to you showing emotions as a child? Was it “safe” to express emotions?”

“How did your parents respond to you showing emotions as a child? Was it “safe” to express emotions?”

91. “How has your family shaped you into who you are today?”

92. “Are you close with your extended family? Why or why not?”

93. “What is your favorite family memory?”

94. “What frustrates you the most about your family?”

95. “Overall, how is your relationship with your parents?”

96. “What do you love most about your family?”

97. “Who is the #1 person in your family you can go to about anything? Do you have someone like that?”

98. “How has the way you feel about your family changed from when you were a kid to now?”

8. Journal Prompts For New Relationships

The beginning of a new relationship is an exciting time and we tend to show our best selves to the other person.

Taking time to think about aspects of yourself that you bring to a relationship, some challenges you have in relationships, and what you need from the other person is very important.

The best time to do that is now, before you get involved in a new relationship.

Go into the relationship with eyes open, knowledgeable about what you’re looking for and how to present your likes and dislikes.

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Journal Prompts For New Relationships

99. “Do you have a hard time accepting people for who they are?”

100. “What is something you wish to know about your significant other that you haven’t talked about yet?”

101. “What qualities are you drawn to about this person?”

102. “What have you learned throughout your relationship history?”

103. “What do you look forward to most in a relationship?”

104. “Journal Prompts for Healthy Relationships

105. “What is the best way for you to resolve a disagreement effectively?”

106. “Is it hard for you to ask for help when you need it?”

107. “Do you tend to overshare or undershare?”

108. “List 5 ways you can grow with your partner.”

109. “How can you give to the people you love while also making sure your cup is filled too?”

110. “Do you see yourself with this person long-term or are things pretty casual?”

111. “What is a warning sign that you need to enforce your boundaries?”

112. “What was your first impression of each other?”

113. “Have you ever been in an unhealthy relationship but didn’t realize it at the time? What made you realize it later on?”

114. “Describe what a healthy vs. unhealthy relationship looks like to you.”

115. “What are some red flags a potential friend or partner could have?”

116. “Do you have a good balance of doing things together vs. doing things alone?”

117. “Do you tend to be more independent or codependent in your relationships?”

118. “What personal values are most important to you?”

119. “Are you good or bad with enforcing your boundaries?”

9. Journal Prompts For Couple Intimacy

Extremely important in a relationship, intimacy is something that many couples shy away from talking about.

Women, in particular, have difficulty expressing their needs and wants.

The prompts here help with that conversation between you and your partner.

Choose prompts together and talk about them, then write about them. Having the prompts right there for you will help with getting the conversation going.

This super important part of your relationship should reflect how much you care for each other. Taking the time to journal together is key.

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Journal Prompts For Couple Intimacy

120. “How do you express your love to me?”

121. “Describe a moment you felt the most sexually connected to me.”

“Describe a moment you felt the most sexually connected to me.”-Journal Prompts For Quality Relationships

122. “How do you showoff love?”

123. “What do you enjoy doing for me?”

124. “When do you feel the most emotionally connected to me?”

125. “What do you consider intimacy? Sex or emotional connection?”

126. “How do you think the fire in our relationship can continue to burn bright?”

127. “What do you like the most about my body?”

128. “Do you feel emotionally safe with me?”

129. “Describe a moment you had the most fun with me.”

130. “How can I show you appreciation?”

131. “What would convince you that you’re the only one for me?”

132. “Do you feel close to me when we laugh and have fun?”

133. “Do you feel supported by me? In what ways? (emotionally, career, etc.)”

134. “What is your idea of a romantic activity?”

135. “What are the things I do that make you feel loved?”

136. “How can I make you feel more understood and seen?”

137. “What drew you to me at the beginning?”

138. “Describe a moment you felt the most intimate with me.”

139. “What do you like the best about my personality?”

10. Fun Journal Prompts For Couples

When people first start dating, they tend to do lots of fun things together.

As the relationship goes on, many couples find they do less and less together and the fun they had at the beginning of the relationship is gone.

Combine that with the stresses of raising a family, work, and finances, and the vibrant relationship you once had is hanging by a thread.

Whether you choose to have a designated date night, or you want to be more spontaneous, coupletime to just have fun is essential.

Let these journal prompts inspire you to enjoy each other’s company.

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Fun Journal Prompts For Couples

140. “Do you have enough time to have fun with your friends and family?”

141. “What do you enjoy doing with other for fun?”

142. “Would it be fun to recreate old dates or photos?”

143. “Should we plan an adventurous trip together?”

144. “Do you feel that we make fun important in or relationship?”

145. “Do you enjoy playing games or watching movies together?”

146. “What items on our bucket lists can we start to plan?”

“What items on our bucket lists can we start to plan?”

147. “Do you feel recharged and ready to be with me when you have fun with others?”

148. “Describe your funnest moments with me.”

149. “What is something I do that you find funny?”

150. “How well do you know me?”

151. “What are some things on your bucket list?”

152. “What do you find fun to do together as a couple?”

153. “Name a few things that you notice about me.”

154. “Would it be fun if we learned something new together? What do you suggest? Fishing, sushi making, knitting, skiing, reading a new book, etc.”

155. “Is fun a priority for you?”

11. Journal Prompts To Find Blindspots

The eight journal prompts in this category may help you to see and deal with certain blindspots you have.

They’re called blindspots because we’re not aware of them. Identifying these blindspots means you can deal with them, and that, in turn, will make for better relationships.

I sometimes say things that I mean to be funny, but then I realize after saying it that it might have hurt someone’s feelings.

We can all be better people. Some effort in this area could positively impact your future relationships.

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Journal Prompts To Find Blindspots

156. “What happens if you’re behaving in a harmful way that you don’t notice?”

157. “Do trusted people help you to see areas you can grow in?”

158. “Are you resistant to believing your partner’s perspective?”

159. “How does viewing the world from your partner’s eyes help you?”

160. “Do you have unhealthy emotional needs that you place on other?”

161. “Do you believe that you may have unhealed emotions that you don’t notice?”

162. “Do you trust your partner to point out things about you?”

163. “Do you have people in your life that you can trust to tell you the truth?”

12. Journal Prompts To Set Relationship Goals

The twenty-five journal prompts in this list will provide you with a wide range of topics to help you identify areas you want to work on, and set relationship goals.

As always, be sure you’re being honest. When we’re talking about relationships, dishonesty is an absolute must, and you need to start with yourself.

Once you have set your relationship goals, you will want to make a plan for reaching them, and check on your progress regularly to stay on track.

Go for it!

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Journal Prompts To Set Relationship Goals

164. “What is the ideal way you would like to treat your spouse during conflict?”

165. “Describe your ideal fantasy of you and your partner interacting/communicating.”

166. “Commitment to me is…”

167. “Why do you fall short in your ideals for the relationship?”

168. “What steps can you make to do this?”

169. “List the things that are going well in your relationship.”

170. “What is one thing you wish your partner knew?”

171. “What does your partner do that you find incredibly attractive?”

172. “What is your biggest fear, weakness, and worry?”

173. “Do you want to hold hands and call each other pet names during hard conversations?”

174. “Why did you stop? What’s stopping you from starting?”

175. “How do you think your partner wants you to love them?”

176. “Do you wait for them to act a certain way before you treat them well?”

177. “Do I accept my partner for who they are – faults and all?”

178. “How can you improve the communication in your relationship?”

179. “Did you once fantasize about all the ways you wanted to love on your partner?”

180. “List 20 ways to make your relationship more fun.”

181. “Describe the ideal way you think that conflict should be handled.”

182. “What have you learned about relationships over your life?”

“What have you learned about relationships over your life?”-Journal Prompts For Quality Relationships

183. “What do you wish the relationship had more of? (Example: kisses, love notes, etc.)”

184. “How can you celebrate those things more?”

185. “What are your relationship goals?”

186. “List 20 things that make you laugh.”

187. “How can you partner help build you up?”

188. “Are your ideals for yourself realistic?”

189. “List 20 ways to say “I love you” without using words.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Journal Prompts For Quality Relationships?

Journal prompts for quality relationships are prompts designed to foster deeper connections, communication, and understanding within various relationships. They encourage self-reflection, empathy, and personal growth, leading to more meaningful and fulfilling interactions.

How Do I Use Journal Prompts For Quality Relationships?

Using journal prompts for quality relationships involves selecting a prompt that relates to the relationship you want to enhance. Reflect on the prompt, write down your thoughts, feelings, and insights, and consider how you can apply them to improve your interactions with others.

Can I Use These Prompts For Both Romantic And Non-Romantic Relationships?

Absolutely. Journal prompts for quality relationships are versatile and can be applied to a variety of relationships, including romantic partners, family members, friends, and colleagues. Adjust the prompts to suit the nature of the relationship you're focusing on.

Can These Prompts Help With Resolving Conflicts Within Relationships?

Yes, these prompts can assist in resolving conflicts by promoting self-awareness and empathy. Reflecting on the prompts can help you understand your feelings and perspectives, enabling more effective communication and problem-solving.

How Often Should I Use These Prompts To Improve My Relationships?

The frequency of using relationship-focused journal prompts depends on your goals and the nature of the relationships. You can use them as often as needed, whether it's a daily practice or occasional reflection. The key is to apply the insights to your interactions.

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