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206 Gratitude Journal Prompts To Help You Show Appreciation

206 Gratitude Journal Prompts To Help You Show Appreciation

Studies have shown that living life from a place of gratitude provides us with much greater happiness than never thinking about gratitude. Our collection of Gratitude Journal Prompts is designed to ignite your appreciation for life's blessings.

Certainly we have known that grumpy people who like to complain are less likely than their pleasant, appreciative counterparts to live long and fulfilling lives.

We are now being told that being intentional about being thankful is one of the great keys to a happy life.

But what does it mean exactly to be grateful? Are there particular things we should be grateful for rather than others? Is there a magic number of times in a day or a week that we should show gratitude?

Is it enough to think about how grateful we are for certain people and things or do we have to show our appreciation in some concrete way?

This article, while it won’t answer all those questions, will help you to consider aspects of your life where you can be grateful, and will give you concrete things to consider.

We look at the concept of gratitude within the construct of a journal. This is a dynamite combination!

Let’s dive in!

10 Daily Gratitude Journal Prompts

Building into each day a practice of gratitude can truly change your life. If you wake up each day and struggle to find something to smile about, creating a daily practice of gratitude can turn things around.

The Gratitude Journal is a powerful key for making this impactful change in your life. Let’s look at how it works.

In the list that follows you will find ten questions that will guide your daily gratitude practice.

Choose a question for a particular day, record it in your gratitude journal, and write down your response.

There is no magic way to do this. You might do some thinking while still lying in bed, or perhaps you find that sitting on a yoga mat and meditating about your gratitude question is helpful.

Use whatever works for you. You might find that the time you are traveling to work on the subway is ideal.

1. "What are three reasons you are glad to be alive today?”

2. “What do you like about where you live right now?”

3. “What are three qualities you appreciate about yourself?”

4. “What is something you are grateful to have learned recently?”

5. “Who are you grateful for today?”

6. “What is a simple delight you have been enjoying lately?”

7. “How does expressing gratitude make you feel right now?”

8. “What is something in your life that you feel “lucky” to have?”

9. “What are three things you are grateful for today?”

10. “In what ways have you grown as a person today?”

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26 Memorable Gratitude Journal Prompts

In memorable gratitude journal prompts the focus is on things that are, well, memorable. The questions or prompts ask you to consider the most special and why.

For example, “What do you like most about yourself?”, “What is one thing about the Internet that you admire?”

The prompts are phrased in such a way that they get you to answer in a positive way. You are ‘forced’ to think positively.

This is how we train our brain to start viewing life from a grateful perspective.

Always try to be sincere and intentional in your response. There are delightful prompts like the one to recall a time when you laughed uncontrollably.

There are also prompts to express gratitude for particular things which require you to show that gratitude in some way.

11. “Express gratitude for 5 things that you use daily.”

12. “Write about an electronic device that you feel grateful to have.”

13. “Write about a movie that touched your heart, and why.”

14. “Appreciate the vehicles that let you travel long distances.”

15. “Express gratitude for the facility of ordering food at your doorstep and the people who deliver it.”

16. “Write about a song that you can't help but sing along to.”

17. “What was the most enjoyable part of your childhood?”

18. “What aspect of your health do you feel grateful for?”

19. “Whose company do you like the most?”

20. “Look around and list 5 things that help you in your day-to-day life.”

21. “Appreciate a friend who lives far away but is dear to you.”

22. “Write about a time when you laughed uncontrollably.”

23. “List 5 ways that having a mobile phone makes your life easier.”

24. “List 5 things in your bedroom that you are grateful for.”

25. “What privilege do you enjoy that others might not?”

26. “Express gratitude for 5 tools that help you save time.”

27. “What is the best gift that you have ever received?”

28. “What do you like most about yourself?”

29. “What do you love most about the time you are living in?”

What is the best gift that you have ever received

30. “What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?”

31. “Write about someone that you really admire.”

32. “Express gratitude for having as much food as you need.”

33. “Appreciate a refreshing walk that you had in nature.”

34. “What is something that you can do today that people 30 years ago couldn't?”

35. “What is one thing about the Internet that you admire?”

36. “Think about the people you don't know who help make your life easier.”

33 Hopefulness Gratitude Journal Prompts

Hope is a positive feeling. You cannot have hope and be a pessimist. Hope and gratitude go hand in hand.

Considering hopefulness prompts, inspires us to look ahead to the future with happiness and gratitude.

Hopefulness can often be inspired by being grateful about something that has happened, people that you have in your life, or an occurrence that you see as helpful or beneficial in some way.

When we recognize that this goodness has occurred in our life, it’s an easy step to be hopeful that other good will happen to us and to those we care about.

Take a leisurely read through the list of hopefulness gratitude journal prompts and see what inspires your gratitude journey.

38. “When did something wonderful happen unexpectedly?”

39. “What is your most prized possession?”

40. “Which recent experience in life taught you a big lesson?”

41. “Express gratitude to yourself and the journey you're having.”

42. “What does spirituality mean to you?”

43. “What happened in the last week that made you laugh out loud?”

44. “Appreciate a stranger that was helping someone in need.”

45. “Which is your favorite weather, and why?”

46. “What is the most fascinating thing about life?”

47. “Write about one positive thing that happened today.”

48. “Write about the most influential people in your life.”

49. “Which tool do you use most frequently to get your tasks done? (mobile phone, pen, Internet, transport, utensils, etc.)”

50. “Who is the most reliable person in your life?”

51. “What is your favorite part of your life?”

52. “What is the funniest video you've watched recently?”

53. “Write about a recent improvement in your lifestyle.”

54. “Write about a day when you felt really happy.”

55. “What are you always excited to do?”

56. “What is one skill or quality about yourself that you appreciate the most?”

57. “Write about a song that always comforts you.”

What are you always excited to do

58. “Write about something that makes you feel lucky.”

59. “Write about a time when you challenged your comfort zone.”

60. “What is your strongest life value?”

61. “Write about the person that you like the most. How do you feel about them?”

62. “Where do you feel most happy and relaxed?”

63. “Write about an achievement that you are most proud of.”

64. “What do you like about growing up?”

65. “Write about something beautiful that moved you to tears.”

66. “What is your favorite part about your town or city?”

67. “Write about someone that you idolize, and why.”

68. “What excites you about the future?”

69. “What is your favorite part about nature?”

70. “What are your favorite things to eat?”

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42 Reflective Gratitude Journal Prompts

Reflection, taking the time to sit and think about something, is far underrated in our busy, go, go, go society.

The prompts in this section really deserve some quiet contemplation, and some call for you to write about something.

Choose a prompt that lines up with the time that you have. You may decide to write and share a letter of gratitude to someone who has been a well-wisher in your life, or maybe you will simply take the invitation to take a deep breath and be thankful for who you are, where you are.

Take this a step further by thinking about how practicing gratitude impacts your thoughts. That’s some heavy, very worthwhile stuff.

Don’t shy away from making this kind of commitment to the process. You’ll find it very rewarding.

71. “Write about a recent obstacle you faced and how you overcame it.”

72. “What is something that you are looking forward to in your life?”

73. “What are some great words that you read recently?”

74. “Write about someone who has mentored you and taught you important lessons.”

75. “Look around you and find something that you can feel grateful for, no matter how small.”

76 .“What is your favorite holiday, and why do you love it?”

77. “Write about someone you’ve never met but who has enriched your life in some way.”

78. “Appreciate yourself for building the habit of gratitude to live a happier life.”

79. “Take a moment to appreciate a fond memory that always brings a smile to your face.”

80. “What is one thing that you do for yourself that enriches your health?”

81. “What is something that always gives you happiness?”

82. “Choose 3 people to say thanks today. Write about why you are thankful to them.”

83. “Which activity do you enjoy doing the most?”

84. “Write and share a Letter of Gratitude to someone who has been your well-wisher.”

85. “What is your favorite TV show, and why do you love it?”

86. “Express gratitude for the time you achieved a goal with your willingness and effort.”

87. “What are the steps that you have taken through the years that made you a better version of yourself?”

88. “Describe the last time someone helped you solve a problem at work or personal tasks.”

Which activity do you enjoy doing the most

89. “Express gratitude for how you've grown and developed through the years.”

90. “Write about something valuable that you learned this week.”

91. “How does practicing gratitude impact your thoughts?”

92. “What is something that you turn to when you need comfort?”

93. “Remember a time when someone listened to you and empathized with you as you needed them to.”

94. “Take a deep breath and feel grateful to be who you are, right where you are.”

95. “Describe a family tradition that you are most grateful for.”

96. “Who is a teacher or mentor that has made an impact on your life, and how did they help you?”

97. “What is a special memory from your childhood?”

98. “What is something that was hard to do but you did it anyway?”

99. “What part of your life has changed for the better over the past year?”

100. “What is one part of your life that you won't trade for anything?”

101. “Why did you start gratitude journaling? Express gratitude to yourself for taking this step.”

102. “Reflect through the week and write about moments that made you happy.”

103. “When did someone smile or laugh because of you? How did that make you feel?”

104. “What is a lesson in your life that has helped you?”

105. “Write about a person who helped you through a tough situation.”

106. “Write about someone who makes your life better.”

107. “Who is the person in your life that you'll call in an emergency?”

108. “Write about a time you were grateful for something a loved one did for you.”

109. “How have you supported people throughout your life? Remember a time when you helped someone in need.”

110. “Pick a random photo, and write about why you’re grateful for that memory.”

111. “Write a thank-you note to yourself.”

112. “What is your favorite part of your daily routine?”

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25 Powerful Gratitude Journal Prompts

Do you sometimes feel less strong than you would like? Do you wish you could tap into an inner strength to get you through some challenging times?

Powerful gratitude journal prompts can help you to do just that. Choose from numerous prompts that have you recall a time you were proud of something you achieved, worked through an issue, opportunities you have had in life.

Or you may be drawn to prompts that have you name a luxury in your life you are happy to have, a book you have recently read that you are grateful for, or your favorite thing about your home and why.

Thinking about such things helps to make you feel strengthened, and makes you grateful for these wonderful times in your life and the things you have currently that make your life the fabulous life it is.
Powerful Gratitude Journal Prompts

113. “List 3 opportunities you’ve had in your life and why you are grateful for them.”

114. “Name something you’re excited about for tomorrow.”

115. “What do you love most about this time of year?”

116. “Write about your favorite part of the day and why it’s so special to you.”

117. “Name 3 good things you can say about someone else in your life and then go tell them”

118. “What’s your favorite thing about your home and why?”

Name something you’re excited about for tomorrow.

119. “List 5 things you love about yourself and why.”

120. “Write about an obstacle in your life that you overcame and why you’re grateful for that experience.”

121. “Name a book you have read recently that you are grateful for and why.”

122. “What about today made you smile?”

123. “List 2 things in your life that you are proud of.”

124. “Think about something beautiful you saw today, what was it?”

125. “List a podcast or blog that has helped you recently and what you learned from it.”

126. “Name the greatest gift you ever received and why it means so much to you.”

127. “What luxury in your life are you most thankful for and why?”

128. “What is one of your favorite traditions and why?”

129. “What is your favorite guilty pleasure?”

130. “Name 5 people in your life that you love and why. Now, go tell them how special they are to you”

131. “Name someone in your life you are grateful for and why.”

132. “Write a note of gratitude to someone special in your life and then give it to them”

133. “What inspires you about your future the most?”

134. “What are 5 things you are excited about for this year?”

135. “Think about your childhood, what is your happiest memory?”

136. “What lessons have you learned recently that have helped you?”

137. “List 3 reasons why you are thankful to be exactly who you are.”

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39 Thankfulness Gratitude Journal Prompts

There are things all around us each and every day that we can be thankful for. You can start with something as seemingly basic as the bed you woke up in, or the cup of coffee you started your day with.

The practice of gratitude teaches us that simple pleasures should not be taken for granted, but appreciated the same as bigger things in our lives.

Thankfulness journal prompts really help us to shine a light on the many different aspects of our lives for which we can be thankful.

When we are thankful, we approach life from a stance of humility and appreciation. Let the following list of journal prompts guide you to seek out and show thanks and appreciation for your life.

138. “Pick your favorite teacher or professor from your past or present and write about what makes him or her special.”

139. “Write a paragraph about what you admire about your favorite person in the world.”

140. “What top three things/people make your home feel special?”

141. “What's one small step you can take towards overcoming a challenge you currently face.”

142. “List three qualities you admire about yourself.”

143. “Choose an organization or public service (library, education, fire department, etc.) you're grateful for and write a paragraph about it.”

144. “Which books do you reread over and over again? Write down why these boost your mood.”

145. “What are four actions you can take to make another person happy? Then go out and do these in the next week.”

146. “Write down five objects found in nature you're grateful for.”

What inspires you about your future the most

147. “Make a list of what makes your closest friends special.”

148. “What's a small purchase you can make and how can it increase your happiness? (You could buy chapstick, comfortable socks, a scented candle, or something else.)”

149. “What are 10 items you own that make your life easier (technology, appliances, etc.)?”

150. “Which three struggles have you overcome throughout your life and how did these make you a better person?”

151. “Think about a work of art that resonates with you and write down how it makes you feel and why you love it.”

152. “List some of the qualities of people you admire. Then find ways to add these qualities to yourself.”

153. “What's something big or small you can do to help those less fortunate than yourself (homeless people, children with cancer, etc.)?”

154. “In what ways can you be more thankful in your day-to-day life?”

155. “What valuable lessons did you learn from your past mistakes?”

156. “What are your favorite meals you enjoy eating or cooking?”

157. “What are some of your favorite things about your town, city or state?”

158. “Imagine why your favorite song makes you happy, sad, etc., and describe this feeling in a few sentences.”

159. “Write down three reasons why a particular object in your home brings you joy.”

160. “What's one way you can brighten a neighbor's day today?”

161. “Name the top six ways you can help improve your neighborhood (plant trees, organize a neighborhood cleanup, become a mentor, etc.)?”

162. “What are some things you love about your personal style and clothing choices?”

163. “Name five things that make you smile. Reflect on how these affect your mood.”

164. “What's your favorite color and what about it boosts your positivity?”

165. “List nine things you can do to love yourself more and try incorporating these into your everyday life.”

166. “How can doing good for others make you happier than doing things for yourself?”

167. “What makes you appreciate your job or career the most? Is it something you do or your work environment, or is it the people you work with and why?”

168. “What makes you laugh really hard and how can you make yourself laugh more often?”

169. “What's your favorite smell in the whole world? Write down how it stirs your senses and provokes your emotions.”

170. “Consider one thing that makes you angry. How can you turn this into something more pleasant?”

171. “How can you appreciate your five senses more by being mindful?”

172. “Name three good deeds you can do for others in the next few days and do them.”

173. “Make a list of 20 places you'd like to visit before you die and consider visiting at least one of them soon.”

174. “Whose one person you can't stand? Now write down anything you can learn to love about him/her. (This could be his/her style of clothing, hair color, or something else.)”

175. “Put down three paragraphs about a family member and why you're thankful for them.”

176. “Pick a holiday you enjoy and write two paragraphs about why you feel this way.”

20 Gratitude Journal Prompts For Self-Discovery

One of the great benefits of keeping a gratitude journal is the journey of self-discovery that it can lead us on.

If you wish to push the boundaries back, and search within yourself in order to know more about you and what makes you tick, then these prompts for self-discovery can help you.

These prompts encourage you to extend your thinking, and make associations with other aspects of gratitude journaling.

Set aside more time to engage in this illuminating exercise, and see where it takes you.

177. “Think about something nice you did for another person and write a paragraph or two about the situation.”

178. “Do you have a favorite creative outlet? If so, how does it improve your mood? If not, write down a creative outlet you'd like to learn and how this can cheer you up.”

How can you appreciate your five senses more by being mindful

179. “When was one time a stranger made an honest effort to help you? Write a paragraph about why you liked this person and why what they did for you mattered.”

180. “Make a list of things that irritate you. Then write down ways to see them from a different perspective. Can you laugh at some of these or make them easier to handle?”

181. “Which movie always puts you in a brighter mood or is there one that changed your life in some way? Consider why you feel so strongly about it.”

182. “What place makes you feel inner peace? How can you bring part of this into your daily life?”

183. “Write down ideas on how you can be more accepting of those who are different from you. How can doing this improve your quality of life?”

184. “Name one way in which you're more fortunate than someone else. How does this make you more thankful?”

185. “What's the most beautiful place you've ever traveled to? Imagine how you felt while you were there and write your feelings down.”

186. “In your opinion, what's something that makes a person genuinely beautiful?”

187. “Consider a time you did a good deed for someone else. How did this affect you and the other person?”

188. “Pick a goal you'd like to achieve. Write down how achieving it could increase your life satisfaction.”

189. “Name a fear you've always had and list ways you can start to overcome it.”

190. “What are some things you can do for a friend or family member next time they're unhappy or not feeling well?”

191. “Who was your childhood sweetheart and what positive qualities about this person would you like your next partner to have?”

192. “Write down one highlight of your day and why it's positive for you.”

193. “Name one bad habit you'd like to change and why. Then write down small steps you can take to make this happen.”

194. “Consider one way you're unique from those around you. Why do you appreciate this difference in yourself?”

195. “What's one thing you can do to make your bedroom more comfortable or bright and how can this make you cheerful?”

196. “What did your parents teach you growing up that made you a better person?”

9 Positive Gratitude Journal Prompts

Our lists conclude with positive gratitude journal prompts, but you may choose to use them at the beginning of your gratitude journaling, or really any time you want to simplify, and embed yourself in positive gratitude.

With these prompts as your foundation, you can begin to embrace the power, freedom, and the happiness that comes from living a life of gratitude.

197. “List some positive ways you can deal with any problems or people that bother you?”

198. “In what ways can having a positive mindset each day make your life easier?”

199. “What or who makes life more meaningful to you?”

200. “How did the people around you play roles in making you the person you are today?”

201. “Name one time you felt uncomfortable with change. After this change, how did your life improve?”

202. “How can you turn what bothers you about someone into something that benefits you in a healthy way?”

203. “What gives you a sense of purpose and why? If you lack a purpose, write down ways you can have one on a daily basis and how this can enhance your lifestyle.”

204. “How can seeing the strengths of various people help you understand their true worth?”

205. “How does overcoming obstacles make you feel?”206 “Which talent do you appreciate the most about someone you admire and why?”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a gratitude journal?

A gratitude journal is a personal tool for expressing and documenting things you are grateful for in your life. It helps cultivate a mindset of appreciation and enhances overall well-being.

How do gratitude journal prompts work?

Gratitude journal prompts are questions or statements that guide you to reflect on and write about things you appreciate. They help focus your gratitude and encourage deeper exploration of positive aspects in your life.

How can gratitude journal prompts help show appreciation?

Gratitude journal prompts provide structure for expressing appreciation. They help you acknowledge people, experiences, and things that bring gratitude, leading to increased happiness, improved mental well-being, and stronger relationships.

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