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124 Inspirational Journal Prompts About Entrepreneurship To Help You Realize Your Business Dreams

124 Inspirational Journal Prompts About Entrepreneurship To Help You Realize Your Business Dreams

Are you interested in business? Do you have ideas for starting a business? Explore your entrepreneurial aspirations with these journal prompts about entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is having an idea for a business and developing it with a long-term goal for its success in mind.

I remember when my daughter was little how she was always thinking of ideas for selling things.

She spent one summer painting rocks and selling them to the neighbors who lived on our road and to all of her relatives.

She was so excited about her business venture!

Another year she wrote storybooks and would put them all on display for her potential buyers (usually her grandma and grandpa).

She was a budding entrepreneur.

It reminded me of my brother who, when he was young, grew pumpkins and sold them at a roadside stand.

He, too, was an entrepreneur at heart.

My brother had a sense for business, and not surprisingly, he pursued a business career.

My daughter has also gone into business. She is self-employed as an influencer. I find it really interesting to watch her develop her business, and am excited for her as she continues to experience more and more success.

Today is an exciting time for those who have an entrepreneurial spirit. With the availability and potential of technology and the internet, online businesses are taking off.

There are so many options for today’s entrepreneurs.

In this article, I will explore journal prompts about entrepreneurship. Come along and explore with me; maybe you’ll discover a budding entrepreneur within yourself!

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Journal Prompts For Spiritual Entrepreneurship

An entrepreneur brings their creativity and skills to a business design and they pursue the development and marketing of their product.

The aim of an entrepreneur is to successfully grow their business and ultimately make money from their venture.

A spiritual entrepreneur has a different focus. This individual brings their skills and knowledge to the workplace with the intention of positively affecting their co-workers.

The spiritual entrepreneur aims to uplift others and inspire them to grow emotionally through their work.

Rather than measuring their success through the sale of a product, the spiritual entrepreneur measures their success by the level of positivity, joy, and camaraderie in the workplace.

This person will work to keep relationships among co-workers collegial and cooperative.

If conflict arises in the workplace, the spiritual entrepreneur works to solve the issue and restore a copesetic relationship among those involved.

The value of a spiritual entrepreneur can ultimately be seen in the productivity of the workplace and the successful production of the business idea.

This is measured by profits made.

Due to the specific focus of the spiritual entrepreneur to help others and create positivity, they often work with companies in the service industry or with organizations whose aim is to help others improve their lives.

Depending on the specific skills, talents, and interests of the spiritual entrepreneur, this could take the form of fundraising for a community that wishes to address a particular problem.

Spiritual entrepreneurs also work in the sphere of education, health and wellness, the arts, photography, design, animal care, jewelry, and the food industry.

The prompts which follow encourage you to explore questions that help you to view yourself from the light of spiritual entrepreneurship.

You may discover that your nature is suited to spiritual entrepreneurship and journaling on this topic may lead you to a career in this field.

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25 Journal Prompts For Spiritual Entrepreneurship

1. "Who is your dream client and what’s keeping that person awake at night?"

2. "What’s does your ideal workday look like?"

3. "What’s a current bottleneck in your business and what else could you do if that was no longer a problem?"

4. "What’s your next level money goal? Write down the number and journal on how that money would make you feel."

5. "What would effortless ease feel like and look like in your business?"

6. "What are you ultimately helping your clients or customers do/be/feel? (Go beyond the surface level problem!)"

7. "Zoom out for a little perspective. How does your business ultimately help the entire world?"

8. "Think legacy. What’s the one thing you want to be known for & why?"

9. "What experience from your past inspired you to create your business?"

10. "If your client/customers don’t work with you, what are they missing out on?"

11. "How does selling your services/products serve the world?"

12. "What about your product or service is completely unique to you?"

13. "How does you having more money make the world a better place?"

14. "What essential part of your soul are you not expressing and sharing with your audience?"

15. "What are the words you want people to think of when it comes to you and your business?"

16. "What’s one thing that you’d love to share with your audience that you’re too scared to?"

17. "If you didn’t have imposter syndrome or self-doubt, how would you show up today?"

18. "What’s one message you need to deliver to your ideal customer right now?"

19. "What’s one thing you know will move your business forward that you’ve been avoiding & why?"

20. "If the answer could only be yes, what else would you ask for in your business?"

21. "What would it feel like to show up in your business, share and sell with ease?"

22. "What are your favorite topics to share when it comes to your business?"

23. "Pick one business with great branding (colors/logo/etc) and journal on the reasons why you love it."

24. "What’s the most fun, fulfilled, aligned way to make money for your business?"

25. "What other business owners inspire you and why?"

"What other business owners inspire you and why?"-Journal Prompts About Entrepreneurship

Journal Prompts For Better Business Practices

Every year many new businesses start up. There is excitement and a positive outlook.

The entrepreneurs have worked diligently, using their unique skills and knowledge to develop a product that is both helpful and exciting.

The future looks bright for the business people.

Then, within six months, it falls apart. They thought they were being smart about how they set things up. What went wrong?

Creating a business requires attention to many different things. The market can be a volatile place.

If you’re an entrepreneur, what can you do to secure your success in business?

Journaling about various considerations can help you prepare and navigate the waters of the business world.

The prompts in this section will get you thinking and writing about numerous aspects of creating a business, and it will help you to know yourself better as a business person.

For example, you may want to do some reflecting on your essential beliefs and how they will influence your business. The following prompt urges you to think about your value system:

What are your beliefs about earning and receiving money from this business?

The following prompt has you identify what you need from your business from different angles:

What do you need from your business today — physically, emotionally, energetically?

If setting up or running your business is not going as smoothly as you want, you may find it help to consider this prompt:

What area of your business do you need help with? How can you get the help?

Read through all of the prompts in the list that follows, and start addressing areas that will ultimately help you build better business practices.

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44 Journal Prompts For Better Business Practices

26. "What are your beliefs about earning and receiving money from this business?"

27. "What lifestyle do you want to have as an entrepreneur?"

28. "What feels totally impossible with your business right now? Why do you feel that way?"

29. "What do you need to feel successful today? Why?"

30. "What do you need from your business today — physically, emotionally, energetically?"

31. "What are you most proud of about your entrepreneurship to date?"

32. "List 3 business tasks you have been avoiding and describe why you’ve been avoiding them."

33. "Think of a time when you indulged in confusion or overwhelm with your business and describe how you felt and how you handled it. What would you do differently the next time?"

34. "Write about a time you used your intuition to guide a decision with the business. Was it a good decision? Why or why not?"

35. "What are your long-term goals for the business?"

36. "What do you believe you have to do next to reach your long-term goals?"

37. "Write about 5 positive things you are getting as an entrepreneur."

38. "Write about 5 challenges you are facing as an entrepreneur."

39. "What business milestones did you reach last week?"

40. "What area of your business do you need help with? How can you get the help?"

41. "Who is your biggest cheerleader as an entrepreneur? How do you spend quality time with this person?"

42. "Write about an “a-haa” moment you had this week. Thoughts, feelings, outcomes, etc."

43. "Who is your ideal client and where do you find this client?"

44. "How did you manage your work/home balance last week? How are you going to manage it this week?"

45. "What new skills do you want to develop as an entrepreneur? Why?"

46. "What failures have you faced on your journey and how did you handle them?"

47. "Make a list of 6 qualities you believe you need to have for an entrepreneurial mindset."

48. "What business leader would you like to be more like and why?"

49. "What successes did you have in business last month? How are you using those successes to guide your business management this month?"

50. "Write about a difficult customer you’ve had and how you handled the situation."

"Write about a difficult customer you’ve had and how you handled the situation."

51. "How have you left your comfort zone recently?"

52. "What are your business priorities for the upcoming month?"

53. "What is the most helpful business feedback you’ve received to date?"

54. "Who is your ideal mentor and why?"

55. "What is one thing you keep thinking about and how can you resolve it?"

56. "Write about how your loved ones feel about your business and how you deal with those feelings."

57. "Are you working on anything (a blog post or new offer) that you need some market research for? When and how are you managing to do that?"

58. "When and what was the last thing you did for fun? How are you finding balance in your life?"

59. "What does your self-care practice look like each day? Do you need more focus on this aspect of life?"

60. "What was the worst advice you took from someone about business?"

61. "To whom do you owe your business smarts?"

62. "If you could switch places with a top competitor, how would you handle their business?"

63. "How have you changed since you decided to grow your business?"

64. "What do you think is your biggest advantage among other businesses in your industry?"

65. "What does business integrity mean to you? Is it important? Why or why not?"

66. "How are you planning to win new clients this quarter?"

67. "What impact do you want to make on the community through your business?"

68. "What are the best and worst things that could happen if this entrepreneur venture doesn’t work?"

69. "How have your objectives changed from when you first started your business?"

Journal Bannar

Journal Prompts To Level Up Your Business

If your business is established and doing well, you may be interested in leveling up to enjoy even greater success.

What is the vision you have for your business and where would you like to take it ultimately?

Responding to journal prompts about leveling up can provide you with the information you need about where your business is currently, plus the what and how of getting to your next big goal.

The following prompts are examples of what you will find in this section:

What's blocking me from bringing my business vision to life right now?

Where does my energy want to go right now?

What is standing in the way of me meeting my goals?

Too often we can get caught up in meeting the responsibilities of the job in front of us and it can be easy to lose sight of our dream.

Taking the time to reflect on these journal prompts can re-awaken your vision, and help you re-commit to realizing it.

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55 Journal Prompts To Level Up Business

70. "What do I believe about business?"

71. "What do I believe about people who are successful in business?"

72. "What do I believe about myself as a business owner?"

73. "What do I believe is possible for me in my business?"

74. "What feels impossible for me in my business and how could I open up to that being possible?"

75. "Where does my energy want to go right now?"

"Where does my energy want to go right now?"-Journal Prompts About Entrepreneurship

76. "What do I believe about money, and about earning and receiving money from my business?"

77. "What's blocking me from bringing my business vision to life right now?"

78. "What lifestyle do I believe I can have?"

79. "If I let it be easy, what would I do?"

80. "If I let it be fun, what would I do?"

81. "How can I work smarter, not harder?"

82. "Is the work that I'm doing aligned with the vision I have for my career?"

83. "How can I lead with more empathy?"

84. "What is something I have been putting off that needs my attention?"

85. "What do I need help with to reach the next level in my career?"

86. "Is there something draining my energy, and how can I shift away from that?"

87. "What is a goal that is important to me, and how do I plan to achieve it?"

88. "What unhealthy thoughts have been consuming me lately, and how can I move my mindset away from them?"

89. "What are the limiting beliefs I think about myself that aren't true?"

90. "What is standing in the way of me meeting my goals?"

91. "What do I feel is lacking in my life right now?"

92. "Do I feel that I am on the path to getting burned out, and how can I reroute to prevent that?"

93. "Have I become too comfortable, and, if so, how can I start to challenge myself more?"

94. "What do I do when I'm upset over a work issue? Is it helping my situation or making things worse?"

95. "When was the last time I faced a difficult situation at work, and how can I navigate it more efficiently the next time it happens?"

96. "What are three things I can do today to help me be more successful?"

97. "Are there ways I can stop wasting my time?"

98. "How can I develop my mindset to set myself up for growth?"

99. "Do I let how other people's opinions of me prevent me from living my most authentic life?"

100. "Do I have a quality support system in place? If not, how can I achieve that?"

"Do I have a quality support system in place? If not, how can I achieve that?"

101. "Explain why being an entrepreneur is important to your future. Are you passionate about entrepreneurship? What kind of benefits will come from achieving success in this field?"

102. "Name three things you want to achieve within two years. What are your goals? Who’s going to help you achieve those goals? Why should anyone listen to what you have to say?"

103. "If you had $100,000 in cash lying around, what would you spend it on? How would you invest that money? Would you use part of it to finance your business? Or would you go on a vacation somewhere?"

104. "What are the main factors that determine whether someone succeeds or not in his career? What influences people to fail? Is there something we can do to prevent failure from happening in the first place?"

105. "What are your greatest strengths as an entrepreneur? What are your weaknesses? Is there something about yourself you wish you were better at?"

106. "Do you have a special talent? If so, what is it? What do you enjoy doing most? How has it helped you become successful?"

107. "Describe your worst experience and how you dealt with it. How did it affect you? Did you change anything in your life as a result of it?"

108. "What are the biggest problems facing your industry today? What do you consider to be the biggest problem facing our country/world? Is there anything you think society needs to fix?"

109. "Have you ever taken a risk that failed? If yes, describe what went wrong & explain what you learned from it. Did you try again? Will you still attempt the same thing? Why?"

110. "Talk about how you achieved great success in the past. What motivates you to keep working hard every day?"

111. "Do you believe in luck? What is luck? Why do we need to work harder instead of waiting for good luck?"

112. "Describe your greatest achievement. Was it difficult to achieve? If so, why was it challenging? What was your motivation behind getting up early in the morning? After all that effort, what happened?"

113. "Have you done anything embarrassing recently? If yes, what? How do you feel about it? What lessons have you learnt from it?"

114. "When you look back over your life, where do you see yourself in 10 years time? Where do YOU want to be in 10 years time?"

115. "What qualities are necessary to be a leader? What makes you a good leader? What are the best and worst traits of business leaders? Why?"

116. "Write down everything you know about the person you want to emulate. Include details about their personality as well as achievements they may have made. Be sure to put in detail about their flaws along with their strengths."

117. "Tell us about a goal that you really want to accomplish by this year end. What inspired you to set such goals? What will help you succeed? When would you like to complete this task? Please describe how you plan on achieving this goal."

118. "In one word, describe your perfect job. Why are you passionate about this job?"

119. "Describe your ideal situation. What kind of house will it be? Who are you going out with? Are you married or single? What type of car do you drive? What age group are you with? What are you wearing? Write about this dream home."

120. "Share an event or experience you had in your childhood which shaped you into the mature individual that you are today. What did you learn from it?"

121. "What is the most important quality you possess? Why? How can you improve upon it?"

122. "What is the most powerful lesson you have learnt since becoming an entrepreneur? What were you doing when you learnt it"

123. "Write about something positive that someone says about you. Write down their words & repeat them throughout the week."

124. "What is one habit which makes you happy? Why does it make you feel better?"

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Journal Prompts About Entrepreneurship?

Journal prompts about entrepreneurship are thought-provoking questions or statements designed to encourage individuals involved in entrepreneurship to reflect on their business goals, strategies, and personal growth.

How Can Journal Prompts About Entrepreneurship Benefit Entrepreneurs?

These prompts can benefit entrepreneurs by promoting self-awareness, creativity, and problem-solving skills. They encourage reflection on business challenges, goal setting, and the development of a growth mindset.

What Types Of Questions Are Included In Journal Prompts About Entrepreneurship?

These prompts cover a wide range of entrepreneurial topics, including business vision, goal setting, marketing strategies, customer engagement, financial planning, and personal development.

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