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28 Supportive And Encouraging Journal Prompts For Cancer Patients

28 Supportive And Encouraging Journal Prompts For Cancer Patients

It is safe to say that there is no one whose life has not been touched by cancer either directly or indirectly.

Cancer research has come a long way, and there are cures now that didn’t used to exist.

For those battling cancer there are a number of emotions that are felt: fear, anger, sadness, even guilt.

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Along with the worry for their own health, there is the concern for others who may be affected when a parent or a sibling has the disease.

The strain can be increased by worries about money needed for things like gas necessary for driving to appointments and treatments, and groceries when a person is unable to work.

If there are young children, who is looking after them? Who is getting meals on and seeing that they get to school?

Who is dealing with their emotional and mental fragility?

It can be challenging to know how to talk to people about the fact that you have cancer.

People feel terrible for you, but they often do not know what to say, or what they can do to help, and you sense their discomfort.

When I worked in a secondary school, there was a student who was battling cancer.

Students and teachers were there to support her whenever she was able to be at school, and the administration always acted out of compassion, being flexible about submission dates and examinations.

But there were students in the girl’s classes who didn’t know what to say or how to act around her.

The twenty-eight journal prompts in this article offer opportunities to reflect on your feelings, how you can care for yourself, and how to stay motivated.

1. Cancer Journal Prompts For Self-Care

One of the most important things when you are a cancer patient is to keep looking after yourself.

It is essential to your emotional, mental, and physical well-being that you attend to self-care.

Cancer clinics run sessions on how to wear a headcover if hair loss is something you must contend with.

They also teach people how to apply makeup so as to bring out their best features, and deal with issues like the loss of eyebrow hair.

This can do much to make a person feel confident and boost their self-esteem.

Finding ways to work through your feelings is very important.

There will be times when you feel low. Acknowledging these feelings through journaling can be productive.

These two prompts encourage you to come to terms with what might be really challenging for you right now.

What I need right now is …

The thing I cannot write about is …

By naming these feelings, thinking, and writing about them you are managing them.

Journaling about what makes you happy can help to keep you in a positive mindset. These two prompts force your mind to go in a positive direction.

I am hopeful about …

I feel a sense of comfort when …

Finding the positives makes you realize that it’s not all bad.

There are also prompts that make suggestions that may calm you, and make you feel peaceful such as the prompt to listen to relaxing music while you write.

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Cancer Journaling Prompts For Self-Care

1. "I am grateful for …"

2. "I am currently caring for myself by …"

3. "I can access feelings of calm when …"

4. "What I need right now is …"

5. "The thing I cannot write about is …"

"The thing I cannot write about is …"-Journal Prompts For Cancer Patients

6. "Right now, I am feeling …"

7. "I am hopeful about …"

8. "I feel a sense of comfort when …"

9. "Right now, I notice … "

10. "I really believe that …"

11. "Sometimes I …"

12. "Be honest about your hopes, fears, dreams, frustrations and well, everything. Otherwise, what’s the point?"

13. "Make up prompts for yourself. For example, visualize yourself in retirement, on vacation, finished with chemo or living a life without cancer."

14. "Try playing relaxing music or lighting a candle while you write."

15. "Tell yourself you are creating a learning tool for yourself or a visual recording of your own personal history."

2. Journal Prompts For Women Fighting Cancer

Women who have cancer are often mothers who have children that they primarily care for.

When this is the situation, the woman can be riddled with feelings of guilt for how the cancer will negatively affect her children.

It is very important for women to take the time to focus on themselves. In this way they will be able to interact with their children in a more positive way.

While many women are used to carrying the load for nurturing and caring for their partner and children, this is a time when they need to be okay with a loved one shouldering that burden.

Journaling can be a marvelous tool for working through feelings, and the prompts in this list provide a variety of topics, so you may choose depending on how you are feeling and your mood.

You may come back to the list another day and choose a different topic.

Journal Bannar

A friend of mine who battled breast cancer found journaling very helpful. It was her quiet time to think and express her thoughts without having to share them with anyone else.

She would express her anger that way, her fears, and her sorrow. She found she also wanted to write about her hopes, and her positive thoughts.

She enjoyed lighting candles, sitting in her favorite chair with her favorite throw, and just letting her feelings out on the page.

She found she was in a better state of mind afterward.

Sometimes things would come to light while she was writing that she would want to follow up on when talking to her husband or her best friend.

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Journal Prompts For Women Fighting With Cancer

16. "What do you love the most about your life right now?"

17. "What is one thing that you are *REALLY* good at?"

18. "Where in your life do you need to give yourself more grace?"

"Where in your life do you need to give yourself more grace?"

19. "What is one personal accomplishment that makes you super proud of yourself?"

20. "What would you not change about your personality?"

21. "How can you be intentional about giving yourself some self-love today?"

22. "What does your partner/kid/best friend admire the most about you? (*ask them!)"

23. "What would you not change about your body?"

24. "What negative feelings about yourself do you need to let go of? "

25. "What would you not change about your story?"

3. Encouraging And Motivational Journal Prompts To Fight Cancer

Much has been done in the field of cancer research and doctors continue to make breakthroughs in treatment.

This sort of optimistic information is what cancer patients can read to realize that their situation may not be as bleak as they initially thought.

When we hear a cancer diagnosis our minds automatically go to the worst-case scenario, but this is often not the prognosis or the reality.

An optimistic and determined spirit can go a long way to getting through the journey ahead.

Having people on your team is also helpful. Knowing you have the support of others, people who are looking after things on the home front while you are undergoing treatments can do much to ease your concern.

With a strong support team you don’t feel alone, but know that others as well are doing all they can to help you fight this disease.

Make time to check in with yourself through journaling. Ask yourself what you did today or what you can do in general to help yourself on this journey.

Reflect on your emotions on any given day. Is there something you could do or perhaps others could do for you that would help you to stay positive?

Think about the future, and ask yourself if there are things you and your family could be doing to reduce the risk of anyone in the family getting cancer in the future.

These prompts are about keeping the thoughts positive and moving forward. There is no time wasted on blame or guilt.

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Encouraging & Motivational Journal Prompts To Fight Cancer

26. “What were my emotions today and how did I react to them.”

"What were my emotions today and how did I react to them.”

27. “What did I do/ what am I going to do today that is helping me on my journey”

28. “What can I do to reduce my risk and my family’s risk of getting cancer in the future?”

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Journal Prompts For Cancer Patients?

Journal prompts for cancer patients are thoughtful and healing questions or statements designed to guide individuals through the emotional and reflective aspects of their cancer journey. These prompts provide a safe space for expressing emotions, finding strength, and fostering resilience.

How Can Journal Prompts Benefit Cancer Patients?

Journal prompts offer cancer patients an outlet to process their emotions, fears, and hopes. Engaging in introspective writing can help alleviate stress, improve emotional well-being, and provide a sense of empowerment during the challenging journey of cancer treatment and recovery.

Can Journaling With These Prompts Replace Medical Treatment?

No, journaling with prompts is a supplementary tool and not a substitute for medical treatment. While it can have positive emotional and psychological effects, it doesn't replace the medical expertise needed for cancer treatment.

Can These Prompts Be Used By Caregivers Or Loved Ones Of Cancer Patients?

Absolutely. Caregivers and loved ones can also benefit from using these prompts to process their emotions, find ways to support the patient, and cope with their own experiences related to cancer caregiving.

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