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29 Fabulous Prompts To Inspire Ideas To Successfully Sell Your Product

29 Fabulous Prompts To inspire Ideas To Successfully Sell Your Product

Have you ever wondered why some products seem to sell really well while others are just a flash in the pan?

From coming up with a product idea to marketing and selling it there are numerous steps and aspects to consider.

Knowing your target market is step one and requires some research. If you get this part wrong your product is not going to sell successfully.

Manufacturing your product requires making sure you have sourced the materials you need at the most reasonable price.

Advertising your product can be a significant part of your financial investment. Deciding the what, where, and how of how you will advertise your product is crucial.

How to sell your product requires thorough reflection. Journaling can help with this process.

Through the prompts in this article, you will look at different aspects to consider for selling your product.

Take your time to read the prompts through and respond to a few in each section, or focus on the area of your greatest need/interest.

You are sure to pick up helpful ideas on how to best sell your product.

Let’s get started, shall we? Sell, sell, sell!

Journal Bannar

Journal Prompts For Opportunity, Transformation, And Pleasure

A good way to approach the selling of your product is to address opportunity, transformation, and pleasure.

Products that sell well will be able to offer the ability to satisfy one or more of these things.

Let’s talk about each one individually. We’ll start with considering “opportunity”.

A product will often offer the opportunity for improvement in some aspect of a person’s life.

For example, certain products might promise to reduce the amount of time it takes to perform a task.

Kitchen appliances and gadgets are great examples of this. For instance, I have a mini food processor which grates garlic in no time simply by pulling on a little cord until I have the size of pieces I want.

I hate cutting up garlic. It’s friggy, and takes way too long - definitely longer than my patience allows, so this little gadget gives the opportunity to have cut up garlic in seconds.

Transformation is a selling point that is often used in regard to things that improve our health and appearance.

Workout equipment fits into this category. There are also a lot of drinks, foods, and even candies that promise to transform your size and shape.

Perhaps the product you are selling fits into the category of “pleasure”.

Any recreational activities, destinations, and equipment belong in this category. Many of us would regard a cruise as a pleasure.

Things that we can do in our free time like board games, or surf boarding also bring pleasure.

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6 Opportunity, Transformation & Pleasure

1. “What other areas of their lives are better now?”

2. “What does their life look like without their problem or the opportunity solved?”

3. “What can they look forward to now?”

4. “Looking back on how they were feeling earlier, how does each part of their lives feel now?”

5. “How do they feel with their needs satisfied?”

Opportunity, Transformation & Pleasure

6. “What feels amazing with this problem totally gone?”

Journal Prompts For Connection, Problems, And Pain Points

Knowing your customer is key to selling your product.

For maximum punch when selling your product, you want to be sure that you know any of your customers’ issues and annoyances with similar products.

If your product can connect with customers on this point then you are sure to get lots of positive feedback and your sales should do well.

A smart business person will advertise their product in such a way as to sympathize with the customer about problems they may have had with other products.

An example of a type of pain point that customers can experience may be due to the product being too expensive and out of their reach financially.

If this is a major issue for similar products on the market then it would be smart to look for ways to reduce the price of your product.

Let’s look at an example of a product problem that is known to a wide number of people - toilet paper that is so thin it doesn’t do the job it’s supposed to do.

The challenge for toilet paper manufacturers is to come up with a superior product but keep it at a price point that most people can afford.

Work through the prompts in this list and start dealing with potential problems and pain points to ensure better sales.

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Journal Bannar

10 Connection, Problems & Pain Points

7. “What do they say to describe what they really want?”

8. “Why do they want this?”

9. “Are other parts of their lives are affected by these problems?”

10. “How do they feel when they’re in the middle of their problem?”

11. “What problem do you solve for your customer?”

12. “How is your prospect feeling right now?”

“How is your prospect feeling right now?”-Journal Prompts To Product Ideas To Sell

13. “How does the problem make them feel?”

14. “How do they want to feel?”

15. “What do they Google when they’re looking for what they need?”

16. “What do they want or need that they don’t yet have?”

Journal Prompts For Why They Are Fantastic And What The Components Are

If you want to grab the attention of your customers you need to address what it is about the product that will improve their life in some way.

This is commonly abbreviated to WWIIFM, or "What's in it for me?”

Put yourself in the place of the buyer and ask that question. You should have a ready answer that is honest and genuine.

What makes your product so great? Why should people buy it?

These are the fundamental questions to ask yourself.

When you address the question of what makes your product so great, you might want to look at the specifics of your product.

Does it have a particular design quality that sets it apart, makes it more durable and longer lasting? Is it easier to use than the competitor’s product?

We see this kind of advertising in regard to vehicles all the time. The manufacturer will emphasize some aspect of the engineering that is superior to the previous model or even to the model of another vehicle manufacturer.

Explore these journal prompts and be confident in what sets your product apart from the competition.

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5 Why They Are Fantastic And What Are The Components

17. “How will their lives be improved? ”

18. “What can they do now?”

19. “What tactical components do your clients get?”

20. “WIIFM? What’s in it for me?”

21. “What benefits will your customers get?”

Journal Prompts To Place Your Product In The Market In Such A Way That It Creates A False Need

Clever marketing will make the public believe they need this product. The power of marketing to razzle dazzle the public attests to the power of images, words, and color.

Skilled marketers demonstrate a connection with their consumers. They relay an understanding of the customer's life, their desires and their ‘needs’.

The skilled marketer will make the consumer believe they need that vacation, or that boat, or that pair of diamond earrings.

We have all heard the ads that tell you, “You’re worth it.” People start to internalize that message and eventually believe that they are actually worth it, and therefore should have it, whatever “it” is.

Clever advertising will be empathetic to the buyers’ reality, and then will spin the message to make the product address some aspect of that reality, always promising something better. And who doesn’t want “better”?

8 Place Your Product In The Market In Such A Way That It Creates A False Need.

22. “How can you show them that you understand them?”

23. “Who do you work with? These are your favorite people you can also deliver amazing results to.”

24. “Why should they listen to you? Have you been there before?”

25. “What do they say they want? Show them how they get it.”

Place Your Product

26. “15 Reflective things. Examples: Compact mirrors, crystals, sterling silver items, sunglasses.”

27. “25 Things that begin with a certain letter. Let’s try the letter J. Just to be random.”

28. “15 Fashion trends or items you almost like and would actually love if they were just a bit different.”

29. “Redesign 5 of your favorite “Today’s Deals” on Amazon.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Journal Prompts To Product Ideas To Sell?

Journal prompts to product ideas are a creative and strategic process where individuals or entrepreneurs use journaling as a tool to brainstorm, develop, and refine potential product or business concepts that can be brought to market.

How Can Journal Prompts Help Generate Product Ideas To Sell?

Journal prompts stimulate creative thinking, encourage brainstorming, and prompt self-reflection. They can guide you to explore your passions, identify problems to solve, and discover market opportunities.

Do I Need To Have A Background In Business To Use Journal Prompts To Product Ideas To Sell?

No, anyone can use journal prompts to generate product ideas, regardless of their business background. It's a tool for creative thinking and brainstorming that doesn't require specific expertise.

How Often Should I Use Journal Prompts To Product Ideas To Sell?

The frequency of journaling for product ideas can vary. Some people do it as a regular practice, while others use it as needed when they're seeking inspiration or exploring new business opportunities.

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