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198 Marvelous Journal Prompts For Healing, Calm, And Happiness

journaling prompts for healing

Journaling has been proven to be a very effective way to work through issues and situations that have caused us hurt and sorrow. journaling prompts for healing

Journaling involves thinking and reflecting on something and then putting those thoughts and reflections in writing.

Through this process, our mind, our heart, our spirit heal.

In this article we will look at 14 categories of journaling prompts to help with healing.

Please come along on this journey that could lead you to finding peace and calm.

45 Journal Prompts For Day To Day Healing

Healing prompts can be helpful for day to day. Focusing on your overall well-being, or on something specific, journaling can assist you with maintaining a positive mindset.

How do you feel about yourself today, at this moment?

Write a letter to someone you need to forgive.

What is something you would love to do, but you’re not sure you can?

These three examples of prompts in this category give you a sample of the wide variety available.

Check out the rest of the list!

1. “Who are some people that taught you about unconditional love when you were at your lowest point?”

2. “What external circumstances are bringing the most stress and anxiety to your life?”

3. “What could you do to make a positive difference in your own life?”

4. “What parts of your life have been affected most by your pain?”

5. “Write down 10 affirmations for yourself related to where you are in your healing.”

6. “How do you feel about yourself today, at this moment?”

7. “What feelings and emotions do you experience most often?”

8. “Write a letter of encouragement to your mind.”

9. “What encouragement would you give yourself as if you were talking to someone else?”

10. “Use five positive words to describe yourself.

11. “What has your pain taught you?”

12. “If I added (fill in the blank) to my life, I would be further down the road to healing.”

13. “What do you wish you would go back and tell yourself to prepare you for what you’ve been through?”

14. “Write a letter to someone you need to forgive”

15. “When do you feel most alive and free?”

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16. “What's your biggest fear about the future?”

17. “If you could go back and relive any moment in your life, what would it be?”

18. “Where do you want to be on your healing journey in 1 month? 1 year?”

19. “What are some anger and frustrations you're holding onto?”

20. “What does unconditional love and support mean to you?”

45 Journal Prompts For Day To Day Healing

21. “Write down five aspects of your identity (personality, routines, relationships, hobbies) that have changed because of your pain and journey to heal.”

22 “What is something you would love to do, but you’re not sure you can?”

23. “Make a list of things about yourself that bring you joy.”

24. “What would you tell your best friend if they were going through the same challenges you are right now?”

25. “Describe an experience that ultimately made you stronger.”

26. “Are there any feelings you’re holding back from experiencing because you’re afraid they’re too raw, hard, or difficult?”

27. “Who do you know you can count on for support?”

28 “What are some new things you’ve learned about yourself from your healing so far?”

29 “How can you make progress towards healing and self-discovery this week?”

30. “What excites you most about the future?”

31. “What kind of person do you want to be?”

32. “What's something you need to let go of?”

33. “What do you fear most about the future?”

34. “Write a letter of encouragement to your body.”

35. “Today I am hoping for…”

36. “What will be the mark of the “end” of your healing journey?”

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37. “Today I am working towards…”

38. “What could you be doing to bring more peace into your life?”

39. “Make a list of small or unexpected things that have been helpful along your journey of healing? Then give thanks to them.”

40. “If I eliminated (fill in the blank) from my life, I would be further down the road to healing.”

41. “What are three actionable steps you can take today to bring more peace into your life?”

42. “What do you wish you would remember on your bad days?”

45 Journal Prompts For Healing

43 “What are the most important lessons you’ve learned from your healing so far?”

44. “What is one gift this season of healing has given you?”

45. “Describe your biggest strength.”

16 Journal Prompts For Inner Healing

We all have ghosts from our past, things that continue to plague us in the present. Working through these can help us to have a better life.

In this list of prompts you are encouraged to delve into things that may be holding you back.

For example, describe an experience or challenge you are ready to release today.

You are also encouraged to adopt a positive mindset, as is the case with this prompt:

Write out three affirmations that encourage positive feelings. Repeat them every morning or as often as you can.

Try some of the other prompts in this list.

46. “Is there someone you need to forgive? If yes, write them a letter explaining how you feel and that you are ready to release the thoughts or feelings.”

47. “How does holding onto the thoughts, feelings or energy negatively impact your daily life?”

48. “I can’t change the past, or control __________________, but I choose to ______________________________.”

49. “Is there a lesson in this experience or challenge you’ve learned?”

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50. “What thoughts, feelings or energy have you been holding on to because of this experience or challenge?”

51. “Describe your inner strength in five positive words.”

52. “What thoughts, feelings or energy would you like to feel instead?”

53. “I am not the experiences I’ve had ______________________ , I’m what I choose to be: _______________________.”

54. “If my best friend were going through the same challenges I would tell them ______________”

55. “Write your future self a letter. Describe yourself and your life as you’d like it to be. How you’re feeling, how you are, how you’ve moved forward, etc.”

56. “Write out three affirmations that encourage positive feelings. Repeat them every morning or as often as you can.”

57. “What are three actionable steps you can take today to bring greater peace and joy into your day and life?”

58. “Is there anything you need to forgive yourself for? If yes, write yourself a detailed and intimate letter.”

59. “Describe an experience or challenge you are ready to release today.”

16 Journal Prompts For Inner Healing

60. “I choose to be a warrior, and ____________________ will no longer define my story, or who I am.”

61. “I’m ready to move forward with my life because I deserve ______________________.”

8 Journal Prompts For Self-Care

Looking after ourselves can sometimes mean dealing with something that is bothering us, and holding us back from living a full life.

If you are bothered by something or someone, and it’s casting a shadow over you, journaling about it can lead you to take steps that will eliminate the issue, and help you feel better.

62. “Do you think you’ve failed yourself in one way or another?”

63. “How can you begin to forgive yourself?”

64. “What secrets are you holding onto and what harm are they causing?”

65. “Are you willing to uncover the sources of your pain? Why or why not?”

66. “Do you examine mistakes that you’ve made from a place of compassion or judgment?”

67. “What do you need to forgive your younger self for not knowing?”

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68. “What do you need to know how to do, or learn more about? How is not knowing/learning holding you back?”

69. “What anger or frustrations are you holding onto and why?”

7 Journal Prompts To Improve Relationships

Do you have a relationship with someone that is less than ideal?

We can be involved in relationships that are negative at the workplace, and at home.

It’s important that we examine these relationships, get to the core of the problem, and then deal with it.

It might be that you need to forgive someone, or that you have caused harm and need to mend the damage, or even that you wish to have a relationship with a particular person, but something is holding you back.

70. “How can you mend the harm that you’ve caused others to experience?”

71. “What experiences have you had with others that you believe you’re still suffering from?”

72. “What are some things that you like about yourself that others seem to criticize you about?”

73. “Are you upset with God about something that has taken place in your life? Why?”

74. “Who have you hurt and why?”

75. “Who do you need to forgive and why?”

76. “Who do you want to help you in your life? What’s stopping you from cultivating this relationship?”

6 Journal Prompts To Fight Situations

Do you ever find yourself getting involved in a situation that ends up causing you pain? Are there things you need to back away from, let go of, and not get involved in?

Coming to terms with situations we should not allow ourselves to get involved in can really cause our life to improve.

Journaling is a great way to look at this with honesty and sincerity. These prompts will help you do this, and then act on what you have learned about yourself.

77. “What do you need to let go of that you have no control over?”

6 Journal Prompts To Fight Situations

78. “Which external circumstances cause you to experience the most stress?”

79. “How can you use your hurt and pain to change situations and/or help someone else?”

80. “How can you contribute to the healing and suffering you see in a positive manner?”

81. “What situations are taking place in your community, country or the world that leave you hurting or confused?”

82. “What fears arise from external conditions that are out of your control?”

10 Journal Prompts For Happy Mornings

Beginning your day in a positive way can set you up for positivity all day long.

Even if things happen that are out of your control, you will be able to respond in a more constructive way if you are in a positive mindset.

These journaling prompts are sure to put you in the right frame of mind to have a great day!

83. “If today could unfold perfectly, it would look like this...”

84. “My top 3 goals of the day...”

85. “My word of the day is...(abundance, love, forgiveness, grace, tenderness, trust, faith)”

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86. “3 ways I could love myself today...”

87. “Today, I want to feel...”

88. “3 ways I could stay present today...”

89. “What am I most needing right now?”

90. “3 ways I could nourish myself today....”

91. “I'm appreciating...”

92. “3 ways I could take action today...”

7 Journal Prompts For Clarity

Taking some time to reflect on how you are feeling and what might be causing you some pain is beneficial in dealing with this and then being able to move forward.

What are you really needing these days? What is no longer serving you? What would your perfect schedule be?

For these and other prompts, check out the list below.

93. “What am I truly needing these days?”

94. “If I could have things my way, they would look like this...”

95. “I've been feeling like this because...”

96. “What would my perfect schedule look like?”

97. “What is no longer serving me?”

98. “Ways I want to begin feeling...”

99. “Recently, I've been feeling very...”

13 Journal Prompts For Well-Being

We can all use some help in this department. Checking in with how you are feeling, and recognizing what you need to make your life better is time well spent.

You might begin with reflecting on what well-being is, what it looks like, and feels like.

The next step is to recognize how you are feeling, and then how you want to feel.

Once you know this, you can look at how to achieve your best self.

100. “What can I begin to let go of?”

101. “When I think of this emotion and time of my life, what is my biggest fear? What do I believe I am?”

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102. “What activities bring me a deep sense of inner calm?”

103. “What could I begin to do to soften and love this scared part of me?”

104. “What boundaries need to be placed so I can return to well being?”

105. “What does well being look like?”

106. “If I had to name one emotion that seems to live deep in my core, it would be...”

107. “What does well being feel like?”

108. “How do I want to begin feeling?”

109. “Where could it have come from?”

110. “How long have I felt this emotion?”

111. “What makes me feel safe?”

112. “What situations, circumstances or people seem to trigger this negative emotion within me?”

13 Journal Prompts To Overcome Anxiety

When you feel anxious, having a plan for dealing with those feelings is so helpful!

The following prompts will help you to know what triggers your anxiety, what you experience when you are feeling anxious, and what steps you can take to alleviate the anxious feelings.

Journal about your anxiety, and take steps toward finding more calm in your life.

113. “Things I can do in this moment to help myself...”

114. “Things I can't control...”

115. “Even if the worst thing happened, I know all would still truly be okay because...”

116. “The worst thing that could happen would be...”

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117. “New beliefs I can choose that serve me...”

118. “Things I can control...”

13 Journal Prompts To Overcome Anxiety

119. “Talking to these people make me feel worse...”

120. “Talking to these people make me feel more calm...”

121. “What improves if I let go and go with the flow?”

122. “Beliefs that trigger my anxiety...”

123. “What improves if I worry?”

124. “I am currently feeling...”

125. “The best thing that could happen would be...”

7 Journal Prompts For Personal Integrity And Identity

What do you value? What values do you admire in others? Do you live your life according to the morals and values that are important to you?

Journal prompts on the topic of personal integrity and identity will get you doing some deep thinking, and the result could be a happier and more confident you.

Go for it!

126. “What virtues need to be more cherished in today’s society?”

127. “The world would be a better place if_______________.”

128. “What can you do to live more authentically?”

129. “What kind of person do I strive to become?”

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130. “How would you describe your lifestyle?”

131. “I firmly believe in________________ because____________.”

132. “What is the last news or a post you saw that warmed your heart?”

8 Journal Prompts For Self-Discovery

Journal prompts for self-discovery are about awareness. By being more aware of our surroundings, and how we are feeling, we can live a life that is more conscious - in a good way!

Take some time to notice your surroundings - the sounds, the smells of nature.

Be aware of the energy in the room you’re in, or what usually distracts you, or even how often you use your phone.

These things can be enlightening. You might decide to make certain changes based on what you discover.

133. “If you could describe the energy in your room right now, how would you describe it?”

134. “What is the current season in your country? Open the windows or step outside. Observe nature and write down what you see. What is the weather like? How does the air smell? Write it all down.”

135. “What stresses you out the most right now?”

136. “What is your favorite smell?”

137. “What are your usual distractions?”

8 Journal Prompts For Self-Discovery

138. “What are the things you are the most grateful for?”

139. “What is your phone usage daily average? What are your phone activities?”

140. “Sit in a calm, quiet place where no one can disturb you. Focus on every part of your body, starting from your toes to the top of your head in your mind. What goes through your mind?”

7 Journal Prompts To Unstuck Yourself

Ever feel like you’re in a rut and can’t move forward? It can happen to us both in our personal and professional lives.

The prompts in this category will inspire you to get unstuck, and get going.

I love this one: What are the things that you don’t need or use but still keep? Why? What if you let go of them?

I also like this prompt: Is there something from your past you keep ruminating about and can’t seem to let go of?

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The answers to these prompts can act like a key to open doors that will take you to better places in your life!

141. “When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone and felt great?”

142. “The thing I wish I did way earlier is__________________.”

143. “What are the things that you don’t need or use but still keep? Why? What if you let go of them?”

144. “Is there something from your past you keep ruminating about and can’t seem to let go of?”

145. “What awakens the procrastinator in you?”

146. “What area of your life do you feel the most stuck right now? What needs to change to get you unstuck?”

147. “Do you have any unfinished projects? Which ones? Why are these on a hiatus?”

30 Journal Prompts For Emotional Healing

Getting in touch with our emotions is incredibly important, yet too often we go through life doing what needs to be done each day, and we give little to no time to how we are feeling.

Doing an emotional check-in can lead us to feel better overall, and help us to deal with all of those responsibilities from a more positive mindset.

Becoming aware of what things upset us, or make us feel negative can help us to make better decisions in the future.

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148. “Do you set healthy boundaries with the people around you?”

149. “What are you grateful for? Write down everything you feel gratitude towards, be it a person, an object, or simply the sun shining.”

150. “How do you feel about yourself today?”

151. “Do you need to forgive someone for a past hurt, in order to heal yourself?”

152. “List 5 steps you can take to make this week more positive than last week.”

153. “What are you ready to let go of?”

154. “List 5 positive qualities you have.”

155. “Do you have a childhood memory that has impacted your adult life?”

156. “What are 3 small things you can do today to bring you peace?”

157. “Write about the last time you felt uncomfortable in a situation. Who made you feel this way, and why did it bother you so much?”

158. “What are 3 emotions you’d like to experience more of in your life?”

159. “Do you think your relationships impact you positively or negatively?”

160. “What do you wish other people understood about you?”

161. “If you had the chance to redo one situation in your past, which would you choose and why?”

162. “When was the last time you felt down? Do you often feel negative emotions?”

163. “How does holding onto negative emotions impact your everyday life?”

164. “What is your definition of failure?”

30 Journal Prompts For Emotional Healing

165. “What has been taking up a lot of space in your mind lately?”

166. “What would you love to do, that the fear of failure stops you from doing?”

167. “When was the last time you went out of your comfort zone, and what was the result?”

168. “What kind of person do you not want to be?”

169. “What makes you feel the most fulfilled in life?”

170. “When do you feel the most like yourself?”

171. “What is the worst emotion you’ve experienced today?”

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172. “When was the last time you cried? What were you upset about?”

173. “Do you feel in alignment with your true self?”

174. “What advice would you give a friend in the same position as you?”

175. “Do you have any toxic relationships that you know you need to let go of?”

176. “If you could offer your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be?”

177. “What situation from the past has been causing you inner turmoil, and why?”

20 Journal Prompts For Happiness

Our final category of journal prompts is about happiness.

You may have journaled about some of the previous categories, or maybe you are focusing on this category, but however you approach it, happiness journal prompts are wonderful!

Explore these prompts to determine what things make you really happy, and how to incorporate them into your life!

178. “Is there anything you long for?”

179. “What do you think your younger self would be proud of you for?”

180. “Do you think you’ve failed yourself? If so, how?”

20 Journal Prompts For Happiness

181. “Are you holding onto any secrets? Would letting them go release you from negative emotions?”

182. “Do you believe there is a happy and fulfilled life in your future?”

183. “Who appears to have life figured out? In what way do they seem to have it together?”

184. “Do you feel content with where you are right now?”

185. “What triggers envy for you? Why do you feel jealous?”

186. "What do you daydream about?"

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187. “Is there anyone that can help you move forward in your life?”

188. “Do you have a gut feeling about what you should do with your life?”

189. “What is the biggest risk you ever took, and did it pay off?”

190. “What is a personality trait you have that others have criticized?”

191. “Write about someone you looked up to that let you down.”

192. “What is your biggest fear?”

193. “What does happiness look like to you?”

Journal Prompts For Happiness

194. “Is there a past version of yourself that you’re embarrassed of? Why do you think that is?”

195. “What have you done today to help you move closer to your goals?”

196. “Do you have the same core values as your parents?”

197. “Name the things that make you feel the most relaxed.” 198 “Are you an overthinker? Write down the first 10 thoughts that pop into your head.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is "198 Marvelous Journal Prompts For Healing, Calm, And Happiness"?

"198 Marvelous Journal Prompts For Healing, Calm, And Happiness" is a carefully curated collection of 198 thought-provoking prompts designed to inspire self-reflection, healing, tranquility, and happiness through the practice of journaling.

How can these journal prompts promote healing, calm, and happiness?

These journal prompts are crafted with the intention of encouraging deep introspection and emotional processing. Engaging with these prompts allows individuals to tap into their inner thoughts, address unresolved emotions, and develop a greater sense of self-awareness.

Can anyone benefit from using these journal prompts?

Absolutely! "198 Marvelous Journal Prompts For Healing, Calm, And Happiness" is designed for individuals of all ages and backgrounds who are seeking a constructive and therapeutic way to enhance their emotional well-being.

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