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190 Riveting Mystical And Metaphysical Journal Prompts

190 Riveting Mystical And Metaphysical Journal Prompts

"Philosophy, the occult, and mystical and metaphysical journal prompts have long played a role of interest for people in our society."

The essential questions of how life came to be on this earth, the meaning of our lives, and the mystery of death may be viewed through a metaphysical lens.

Finding a purpose for life and a deeper meaning to our existence has been a problem that philosophers, mystics, and metaphysicians have wrestled with for centuries.

Searching for answers to these kinds of questions can be facilitated by journaling. The prompts in this article cover a number of different topics.

This provides you with the choice to focus on a particular area of interest.

Join me as I explore mystical and metaphysical journal prompts.

Journal Bannar

Journal Prompts To Reflect On The Year

The end of a calendar year is a marvelous time for reflection and a valuable exercise.

Journaling provides a very helpful way to think about your journey over the last twelve months.

Reflecting on occurrences, our actions and reactions to situations, as well as our attitude and state of being, can lead to breakthroughs in understanding our nature and lead us to plan changes that will positively impact our lives.

Many of us take stock of where we are in our life journey at the conclusion of a year.

We ask ourselves if the year was positive overall. Did we stay true to our goals? Were there major things that happened which derailed our progress?

In looking back over the year, you may identify areas of your life that you wish to improve, like health and wellness or finances.

The aim of reflecting on the past year is to determine goals and intentions for the coming year, a year that focuses on self-acceptance and self-improvement.

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30 Questions To Reflect Over The End OF Year

1. "Did I love my family well?"

2. "How did I use my talents and gifts to serve my family and others?"

3. "What goals did I set that I achieved?"

4. "Have I acknowledged those answered prayers and thanked God?"

5. "Did my priorities align with how I spent my time?"

6. "What books impacted my spiritual growth this year? What were the truths and lessons I wanted to remember?"

7. "As a family, how did we grow in faith together?"

8. "How would I best describe this year?"

9. "What acts of love, respect, service and kindness did I show to my husband?"

10. "Did I practice the discipline of daily gratitude? If yes, how did that impact my faith and attitude?"

11. "What are the lessons my children learned and what milestones did they reach?"

12. "What goals didn’t get completed this year? Why?"

13. "How would I describe my attitude towards motherhood this year?"

14. "What prayer requests still need to be prayed through?"

15. "What is one thing I did really well?"

16. "What acts of love, respect, service and kindness did I show to my children?"

17. "How can I better improve the quality of my devotional time?"

18. "What is an area in our marriage do you need to focus on this coming year to continue growing closer together?"

19. "What books impacted my home this year? (marriage, motherhood, home keeping, etc.) What were the lessons I wanted to incorporate into my home?"

20. "How can I better love those around me and show hospitality in the coming year?"

21. "What acts of hospitality did I participate in?"

22. "What did we do this year to grow and strengthen our marriage?"

23. "How did I show God’s love and grace to those in my community?"

24. "How would I describe my relationships with extended family and friends?"

25. "How where we challenged as a family?"

26. "What prayer requests were answered this year?"

27. "Did I love others well?"

28. "Did I make my time with the Lord a priority?"

29. "What is something I know I need to work on?"

Questions To Reflect Over The End OF Year

30. "What were some notable blessings, gifts or memories from the year?"

Question Journal Prompts To Notice

Asking the right question is important. You need the right question to get the information you require to move forward with your plan, whatever that might be.

The journal prompts in this list provide you with the right questions for exploring you and how you feel about yourself.

Some questions pertain to the physical self, others deal with your spiritual side.

Through these questions, we are encouraged to see the strength within us and that we ought to care for ourselves; that we are worthy of self-care.

If I am feeling discouraged and my confidence has taken a blow, I turn to these prompts and by journaling, I am renewed.

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21 The Question Prompts To Notice

31. "What do I love most about my body?"

32. "What do I love most about my spirit?"

33. "What does my daily self-care currently consist of?"

34. "What do I love most about my mind?"

35. "What would my ideal daily self-love routine consist of?"

36. "What is my core intention in life/today?"

37. "What are my favorite ways to express love to myself?"

38. "If I had 3 wishes to be granted right at this moment what would they be?"

39. "What helps me to keep a clear mind?"

40. "What can I forgive myself for?"

41. "What makes me feel energized?"

42. "What do I love most about my life?"

43. "What can I add to my day that will make me feel loved and appreciated by myself?"

44. "What are my favorite ways to express love to another?"

45. "What are my favorite activities to care for my body?"

46. "What do I love most about my personality?"

47. "What are the activities that I know I need to let go of that are not for my highest good?"

48. "What are my unconscious beliefs that I need to release that are not for my highest good?"

49. "What are my favorite ways to connect with spirit?"

50. "How can I go about actively releasing these activities and beliefs?"

51. "What do I love to do in my alone time?"

Template Journal Prompts To Remember

How would you complete a sentence about yourself, your strengths, your skills, talents, knowledge?

Many of us get caught up in caring for others. Ask us how to complete a statement about our children or our partner and we would have no trouble at all highlighting their many gifts.

When it comes to ourselves, however, it is much more difficult.

We need to remember that we must love ourselves in order to love others fully.

Spending time considering and writing about the positives in ourselves is time very well spent.

Find a quiet corner, a few minutes to yourself, and write about you.

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21 The Template Prompts To Remember

52. "I feel content with…."

53. "I love my body and honor it by …"

54. "I am most grateful for my …"

55. "My most mastered skills are…"

56. "The skills that I am enjoying learning are…."

57. "The things I appreciate most about my personality are…"

58. "I am releasing thought patterns that no longer serve me by…"

"I am releasing thought patterns that no longer serve me by…"-Mystical And Metaphysical Journal Prompts

59. "I am thankful to myself for…"

60. "I am worthy of everything my heart desires because…"

61. "I am releasing habits that no longer serve me by…"

62. "I am a ……. lover of myself"

63. "My favorite features are my …"

64. "I feel fully embodied when…"

65. "I feel happiest when…"

66. "I honor my boundaries of …."

67. "I am dedicated to my self-love cultivation because…"

68. "I am fully deserving of taking time to…"

69. "I enjoy being treated with…"

70. "I am worthy of …"

71. "I feel fully confident when…"

72. "I deserve to make taking care of myself a priority because…"

Journal Prompts When You’re In A Rush

Life demands much of us and our time. The days, the weeks, the months rush by, and it always feels as though we have little to no time to think, let alone write our reflections in a journal.

Yet, the commitment to carving out some time during the day for journaling has the potential to pay enormous dividends.

When we reflect on aspects that are important about our lives and ourselves, we are more aware of friends, co-workers, and family members, and our relationships with them become more meaningful.

Our daily existence becomes clearer and more intentional.

The prompts in this list recognize how busy you are. Take the time to read them and respond to the ones that speak to you.

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Journal Bannar

20 Journal Prompts When You're In Rush

73. "Create a positive self-love affirmation for yourself."

74. "List 5 things you’d love to do or try if you knew you couldn’t fail."

75. "What does self-love look and feel like to you?"

76. "Make a list of 10 acts of self-care that would make you feel good."

77. "What does it mean, to you, to love yourself?"

78. "How can you be kinder and more compassionate to yourself?"

79. "When was the last time you said “no” to something you wanted to say “yes” to? And why?"

80. "List 5 things you’re excited about."

81. "List 5 things that always cheer you up."

82. "Write 10 things you want more of in your life."

83. "List 10 things you’re grateful for."

84. "List 3 things that sap your energy and joy."

Prompts When You're In Rush

85. "Write down one thing you’ll do today that is just for you."

86. "Write 3 things you’d love to add to your self-care ritual."

87. "What would you do today if you loved yourself?"

88. "What’s one thing you could do today to make your life better?"

89. "How can you advocate for yourself? List 5 ways."

90. "When was the last time you said “yes” to something you wanted to say “no” to? And why?"

91. "Write yourself a full-on, all-out love letter like you’re the #1 fan girl of yourself (FYI, you should be)."

92. "What is your biggest challenge when it comes to loving yourself, and what can you do about it?"

Self-Love Journal Prompts For Body Confidence

We are surrounded by images of beautiful people whose bodies are tall, strong, and toned.

Being bombarded with these images from the time we are small and seeing them constantly on social media, it is no wonder that so many people have trouble accepting and loving their bodies.

To appreciate our bodies we need to spend time thinking about all of the positives. Perhaps you are flexible, perhaps you are strong.

Maybe you appreciate your body because it allowed you to give birth.

Your body allows you to get through the day and all of its demands. Celebrate your body and build your body confidence!

Read these journaling prompts and spend time reflecting and writing on the beauty and awesomeness of your body!

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27 Self-Love Journal Prompts For Confidence & Your Body

93. "What are you most proud of achieving in your life so far?"

94. "Write about what you’re great at and what your strengths are."

95. "Make a list of hobbies, classes, and experiences you’ve always wanted to try."

96. "What did you love spending hours doing as a child?"

97. "Take a no-makeup selfie and write a loving description of what you see."

98. "When do you feel physically strong?"

99. "List your 5 main priorities in life."

100. "Write a thank you letter to your beautiful body and all it does for you."

101. "What are the three parts of your body you like least? Write something loving about each of them."

102. "What’s one thing you could do today to build your confidence?"

103. "When do you feel most at peace?"

104. "Describe (in detail) one of your all-time favorite days or memories."

105. "What’s your relationship with food like?"

106. "When do you feel most comfortable and at home in your body?"

107. "How do you most like to move your body?"

108. "When do you feel most stressed?"

109. "How can you treat your body more lovingly today?"

110. "What makes you feel sexy?"

111. "What is your current relationship like with your body vs. what your dream relationship would be?"

112. "What makes you wildly unique?"

113. "Describe a tough challenge you’ve worked through and overcome. How did you grow from this experience?"

114. "What is your go-to outfit when you want to feel confident? How does it make you feel?"

115. "What brings you joy?"

116. "What do you love about your physical appearance?"

117. "When do you feel most confident? Who are you with? What are you wearing? What are you doing?"

118. "What advice would you give your younger teenage self?"

119. "How do you think you’d feel if you were a confident woman? How would you think, speak, and feel? Where would you go? What would you do differently from what you’re doing today?"

Journal Prompts For Self-Love

Self-love is at the core of our ability to live our lives to the fullest, and to interact with others and our world in a rich and fulfilling way.

Although it is incredibly important, many of us struggle to love ourselves. We are taught, from the time we are young, to show love toward others by caring for them.

After a while we can lose sight of who we are. Spending time journaling about self-love can help you to develop positive feelings about yourself.

I have found the prompts in this list to be highly beneficial in developing my love of self. I invite you to explore them, too.

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25 Journal Prompts For Self-Love

120. "List one negative thing you tell yourself. Next, rewrite that negative thing into a positive thing. Cross out the negative so that only the good things remain."

121. "What situations bring out your negative traits? What parts of you want to be protected during these times?"

122. "Think of a time(s) when you needed someone to support you and they didn’t, how can you offer that support to yourself?"

123. "What are 3 ways you can love yourself better daily?"

Journal Prompts For Self-Love

124. "What words do you need to hear right now to believe that you are worthy of love? Repeat them to yourself out loud."

125. "What is something that if other people found out about you would have a negative impact, make you feel guilt or shame?"

126. "What is my life’s purpose? What is keeping me back from walking on that path?"

127. "Are there any relationships in your life where you know that person is doing more harm than good? (e.g. family members or friends ). What are you afraid would happen if you ended that relationship? Are there any reasons why you feel you aren’t worthy of a better relationship?"

128. "Write about a situation that made you feel unworthy. Be specific about what brought about those uncomfortable feelings."

129. "What negative traits and patterns keep repeating in your life? For each negative pattern write about when or where you think it started. Then, assess what events or negative emotions trigger this pattern. Lastly, list different ways to break this pattern or avoid your trigger."

130. "Have you ever felt embarrassed about who you are? Why or why not?"

131. "Write a love letter to yourself, showing appreciation and admiration for the things you love about yourself."

132. "What is your biggest regret? Why?"

133. "Do you link your value as a person to your achievements? What is the worst thing that can happen if you don’t achieve the things others say you should, would you still feel worthy of love and happiness? Why or why not?"

134. "Recall a situation that made you feel loved and/or appreciated. How can you implement those things into your daily life?"

135. "What emotions come up when you compare yourself to others?"

136. "When have you been too hard on yourself? How could you have shown yourself more compassion for a more positive impact?"

137. "Write down 10 things that make you feel good about yourself and why."

138. "Do you put yourself first, or do you neglect your needs for others? What bad thing would happen if you put your needs first?"

139. "What character traits make you feel most confident about yourself?"

140. "What does happiness mean to me?"

141. "What is my relationship like with myself? What can I do to make it better?"

142. "What emotions are you uncomfortable expressing or seeing other people express? Who or what taught you that it wasn’t ok or safe to express those emotions?"

143. "What are you afraid someone might judge you for? Does that fear ever prevent you from pursuing things that you want?"

144. "How do you show love to others? Do you show yourself the same type of love? Why or why not?"

Spiritual Journal Prompts For Self-Discovery

Connecting to our spiritual being can bring us to self-discovery.

Responding to prompts like the following will help you on this journey to self-discovery:

What inspires you spiritually? What brings you to a place of peace and happiness?

What is your favorite thing about your spiritual journey thus far?

Seek out the prompts that you connect with and allow the journaling experience to help you know yourself better.

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29 Spiritual Journal Prompts For Self Discovery

145. "Make a list of questions you would like to ask someone in your life who has passed on. What would you like to know? How might you use this information?"

146. "What are three things you’ve been meaning to do, but haven’t gotten around to yet?"

147. "Write down all of your beliefs in the divine. What do you believe about love, life, and our world? How does this belief system affect your daily life?"

148. "What is one thing that you would like to learn more about on your spiritual journey?"

149. "Spirituality means something different for everyone. Write about what it means to you personally."

150. "In what ways has experiencing pain helped you to grow?"

Spiritual Journal Prompts For Self Discovery

151. "Write about a time in your life when you felt the most alone, and how you filled that loneliness."

152. "What inspires you spiritually? What brings you to a place of peace and happiness?"

153. "What is your favorite thing about your spiritual journey thus far?"

154. "What are three things you love about yourself? What are three new things you’d like to learn about yourself?"

155. "What are some ways that you will grow your spirituality in the future?"

156. "Write about how your daily life is when you are in a state of peace. What do you notice and feel? How does it affect the rest of your day?"

157. "Write about the amount of peace you have in your life, and what could make it even better."

158. "What are you grateful for in your current situation?"

159. "Think of a significant spiritual experience you have had to date. How did the experience change you?"

160. "Make a list of all the things you’re afraid of. What are the reasons behind those fears? Can you find a way to let go of them or at least to accept them as part of your life?"

161. "What have been some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced lately? How have they affected your spiritual path? Have any of them changed your perspective or way of life?"

162. "What makes you feel spiritually connected?"

163. "Write about what is important to you at this moment in time."

164. "After losing someone close to you, how have you found ways to connect with them again?"

165. "What is a new experience you would like to have in the near future? How will your spirituality help you bring this about?"

166. "How has spirituality helped you to become closer to other people?"

167. "Write about a time when you felt incredibly close to another person. What made it so special?"

168. "Write about a time when you felt especially connected to the divine or another being/entity/energy, etc."

169. "What steps can you take to become even more spiritual than you already are?"

170. "What are you interested in learning more about, exploring, or experimenting with?"

171. "Since becoming more spiritual, how has your life changed? Has your life become more fulfilling or easier in any way?"

172. "What are some of the most beautiful experiences you have ever had? How did they make you feel?"

173. "What is one way in which you can become more in touch with your intuition?"

Creative Journal Prompts

The prompts in this category encourage us to tap into our creative side and express ourselves and feelings in a creative manner.

Do you like to write stories or perhaps poetry? Often, expressing our thoughts and ideas in a creative manner releases aspects of ourselves that we were unaware of before.

Set your creative spirit free with these journal prompts!

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17 Creative Journal Prompts

174. "Write a poem about the changing of the seasons and the beauty of nature."

175. "Write about a place that has had a significant impact on your life, and what memories or emotions it brings up for you."

176. "Write a poem that uses the theme of water to convey a deeper meaning or emotion.

177. "Write about a relationship that taught you an important lesson about yourself or the world around you."

178. "Write a story about a character who receives a letter from a long-lost relative with a surprising revelation."

179. "Write a story from the perspective of an animal who is trying to survive in the wilderness."

180. "Write a story about a character who is forced to confront their deepest fear."

181. "Write a story about a time traveler who accidentally gets stuck in the wrong time period."

182. "Write a story from the perspective of an inanimate object that has come to life."

183. "Write a poem that explores the idea of home and what it means to you."

184. "Write a story from the perspective of a character who has lost their memory and is trying to piece together their past."

185. "Write about an experience that taught you a valuable lesson about forgiveness or acceptance."

186. "Write a poem that reflects on the beauty of everyday moments."

187. "Write a story that begins with the sentence “The door creaked open, revealing a long-forgotten room.”"

188. "Write a story about a character who discovers a mysterious book with a hidden message."

189. "Write about a character who wakes up one day with a superpower."

Creative Journal Prompts

190. "Write a poem that explores the concept of time and how it shapes our lives."

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should I Use Mystical And Metaphysical Journal Prompts?

These prompts can deepen your understanding of mystical and metaphysical concepts, foster spiritual growth, and help you connect with your inner wisdom. They provide a structured way to explore the mysteries of life and the universe.

How Frequently Should I Use Mystical And Metaphysical Journal Prompts?

The frequency is entirely up to you. You can use these prompts daily, weekly, or whenever you feel drawn to explore mystical or metaphysical concepts. It depends on your personal goals and interests.

What Topics Do These Prompts Cover?

Mystical and Metaphysical Journal Prompts cover a wide range of topics, including consciousness, meditation, energy healing, chakras, astral projection, past lives, spirit guides, psychic experiences, and the nature of reality.

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