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208 Negative Words That Begin With The Letter “J”

208 Negative Words That Begin With The Letter “J”

Jealousy, Judge, Jingoism

The letter J provides many interesting and helpful words that can increase your vocabulary. Do you have a report to write, a presentation to make, an essay to produce? These negative words that start with "J" may give you just the words you need to get your ideas across.

Having the right words is not only important for work and school. It’s also important in regular conversation with friends, family, and colleagues.

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When we build our bank of available vocabulary, we feel more confident that we can explain our ideas in conversation with others whether that’s in person or online.

With widespread use of social media and online communication, it is more important than ever to build your knowledge of words, both positive and negative.

I come from a family that enjoys a good discussion of various topics. To actively participate in these discussions you need to have a pretty good command of the English language.

Making your point with confidence, being able to use the correct words to express yourself means you can fully participate, not just in family discussions and friendly banter, but in all aspects of your life.

Words truly are powerful, and the more vocabulary you have at your fingertips, the better equipped you are to engage in your world in every way.

Come with me as we explore the letter J, and some of its negative words, and take a positive step toward increasing your vocab!

Negative J Words To Describe People And Things

Descriptive words are extremely important as they provide more information about people and things. They really fill out the picture you are trying to paint.

Negative J words provide us with some interesting options for words that describe both people and things.


Let’s start by considering the word, jumbled. Have you ever heard someone say their thoughts are jumbled? This means that this person’s thinking, and their ideas are mixed up, unclear.

If your thoughts are jumbled, that reflects perhaps a lack of organization, and flitting from one thing to another, perhaps unable to complete a task fully.

A jumbled person may have difficulty expressing themselves, and making their wishes known.

People who suffer from dementia have jumbled thoughts. Sadly, it becomes challenging for them to express their thoughts, and they may reach the stage where they need someone else to care for them.

Things can also be jumbled, or mixed up. A word search is an excellent example of this as the words are all this way and that, hidden among random letters.

If you have children, you may be very familiar with the term jumbled. I know my kids often leave their rooms in a jumbled up mess with everything hither and thither!

It can be an enormous task to tidy it up!

Hoarder disorder is another very serious example of jumbled. Two to six percent of the population suffers from the compulsion to collect possessions and keep them, resulting in an overcrowded space, and an unhealthy environment.

If you know someone who has difficulty parting with things because they feel they need to save them, help that person to seek medical help.

Negative Words That Start With J To Describe Person Or Things

  1. "Jittery"
  1. "Jadedness-inducing"
  1. "Jealous"
  1. "Jumbled"
  1. "Jumpy"
  1. "Jaded"
  1. "Joviality-lacking"
  1. "Jinx-prone"
  1. "Jerky"
  1. "Jester-like"
  1. "Joy-repelling"
  1. "Judgmental"
  1. "Jingoistic"
  1. "Joy-snatching"
  1. "Jarring"
  1. "Jargon-filled"
  1. "Jerkish"
  1. "Joy-dampening"
  1. "Jilted"
  1. "Jowly"
  1. "Joyless"
  1. "Jaundiced"
  1. "Jumpiness-inducing"
  1. "Judgment-clouding"
  1. "Joy-killing"
  1. "Judgement-clouded"
  1. "Jinx-inducing"
  1. "Jinxed"
  1. "Jeering"

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Negative Adverbs That Start With J

Adverbs are a part of speech that can give emphasis to something, or provide more information. For example, you might say they ran quickly, or the room was super clean, or the company was really early.

In these examples, quickly, super, and really are the adverbs. Adverbs often end in “ly”.

An example of a negative J adverb is judgmentally.

Have you ever worked with someone who continually told you your work needed this or that to be better? Passing judgment over your work was that person being judgemental.

When we add ly to the word judgmental, we get the word that describes how the individual makes their remarks.

You could say, the person in the cubicle next to you at work judgmentally read everything you wrote, and always had know-it-all advice to give me.

When we are judgmentally interfering with someone else’s work, or judgmentally criticizing someone else’s ideas, we run the risk of hurting their feelings because what we are really saying is that their work and ideas are not good enough.

It’s a short leap for the person on the receiving end of the judgment to start feeling inadequate, and start doubting their ability.

Whether in your work environment with co-workers, or at home with your partner and children it is important to be aware of how we express ourselves.

If it’s really necessary to pass judgment, then try to do that in a helpful, productive way, not judgmentally.

Adverbs Starting With Letter J

  1. "Janglingly"
  1. "Jerkily"
  1. "Jauntily"
  1. "Jadedly"
  1. "Jejunely"
  1. "Jarringly"
  1. "Jointly"
  1. "Jeeringly"
  1. "Jaggedly"
  1. "Jollily"
  1. "Jealously"
  1. "Jocularly"
  1. "Jazzily"
  1. "Joltingly"
  1. "Jocosely"
  1. "Jokingly"
  1. "Jestingly"
  1. "Juicily"
  1. "Joyfully"
  1. "Joyously"
  1. "Justly"
  1. "Jumpily"
  1. "Joshingly"
  1. "Jubilantly"
  1. "Justifiedly"
  1. "Judiciously"
  1. "Jovially"
  1. "Just"
  1. "Judgementally"
  1. "Joylessly"

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Words For Halloween That Begin With The Letter J

One of the most popular and well-known symbols of Halloween is the jack-o’-lantern. As children go door-to-door asking for candy, the cheerful or scary jack-o’-lantern is there to greet them.

What is a jack-o’-lantern exactly? A jack-o’-lantern is a pumpkin with a face carved in it, and a candle placed inside to light it up. The glowing effect is fantastic, and provides a clear sign to kids that this house is open to trick or treaters!

You might wonder where this custom of carving a face into a pumpkin began. It all started in Ireland. Stingy Jack was the character of an Irish myth who decided to invite the Devil in for a drink.

Through a number of tricks, Jack fooled the Devil, and made him promise that if Jack died, the Devil would not claim his soul and take him to Hell.

However, when Jack did die, God could not take the trickster into Heaven, so the Devil doomed Jack to an existence of roaming the earth at night with just a piece of burning coal for light.

Jack, being the resourceful man he was, found a turnip which he carved out and put the burning coal into.

In Ireland, Scotland, and England a number of vegetables have been used to carve a face out of and put a light into. These include turnips, potatoes and beets.

They carved a scary face into the vegetable and placed them by a window or door to keep Stingy Jack away.

When Irish immigrants came to North America, they brought the tradition with them. Pumpkins replaced other vegetables, and the tradition of the jack-o’-lantern was born.

Halloween Words Starting From Letter J

  1. "Jason"
  1. "Jack-o'-lantern"
  1. "Jokes"
  1. "Jinx"
  1. "Jumpsuit"
  1. "Jamboree"
  1. "Jolt Cola"
  1. "Juju"
  1. "Jack-o’-lantern tooth"
  1. "Jester hat"
  1. "Jeepers Creepers"
  1. "Jangle"
  1. "Jelly beans"
  1. "Jump-scare"
  1. "Jack the Ripper"
  1. "Jigsaw"
  1. "Jive"
  1. "Joker"
  1. "Jambalaya"
  1. "Jinx remover"
  1. "Jaws of death"
  1. "Jangling"
  1. "Jekyll and Hyde"
  1. "Jaws"
  1. "Jingle"
  1. "Jinn"
  1. "Judgement"
  1. "Juggernaut"
  1. "Joust"
  1. "Jagged"
  1. "Jinxing"

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  1. "Jellied eyeballs"
  1. "Jigsaw puzzle"
  1. "Jovial"
  1. "Jumping spider"

Obscure Words Beginning With The Letter J

An obscure word is one you may not be very familiar with or know the meaning of. These are words that we may not hear very often.

Learning the meaning of some obscure words is a great way to increase your vocabulary.

Under the category of obscure negative J words we have, jeer. Jeer is a verb or an action word. You jeer at someone. It can also be used as a noun.

Have you ever been witness to someone making rude comments that make fun of someone else? They are making a jeer, or jeering.

Often people who make jeers do not have much self-esteem. They pick on someone else to make themselves feel better.

A jeer might take the form of commenting rudely on a challenge a person might have. It could be physical, mental or circumstantial.

Someone who makes jeers is often referred to as a bully. We often see this kind of jeering behavior on the school playground.

Adults can also be jeered at. No matter what the age, being the target of jeering hurts, and if it goes on for a period of time, the effects can be very damaging to a person’s well-being.

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Obscure Words Starting With Letter J

  1. "Jaunty"
  1. "Jejune"
  1. "Jettison"
  1. "Jargon"
  1. "Jest"
  1. "Jeer"
  1. "Jollity"
  1. "Juncture"
  1. "Justify"
  1. "Jibe"
  1. "Junket"
  1. "Jaunt"
  1. "Jurisdiction"
  1. "Jeopardize"
  1. "Juxtapose"
  1. "Judicious"
  1. "Jocular"
  1. "Jubilant"
  1. "Junta"
  1. "Jostle"
  1. "Jurisprudence"
  1. "Jingoist"

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Unusual J Words

If you are interested in looking at some unusual J words, check out the list below. A J word that is unusual is, junket.

This word might make you think it has something to do with junk, but its meaning is actually quite different from that.

Have you ever heard reports in the news on a politician taking a luxury trip with taxpayers footing the bill? That is a junket.

Here is an example of a sentence using junket. The senators’ junkets caused a backlash of anger from the voters.

You could also use junket as an action word. In this case, the sentence might read: The senator junketed off to the island wedding of his wealthy friend.

Another J word that is rather unusual is, jingo. If someone is a jingo they aggressively support a policy of war. Jingoists are strongly patriotic in nature.

Take a look at the list below for more unusual J words!

Unusual Words Starting With Letter J

  1. "Jaggery"
  1. "Jaculation"
  1. "Jamb"
  1. "Jagger"
  1. "Jalousie"
  1. "Jaculiferous"
  1. "Jalouse"
  1. "Jade"
  1. "Jaleo"
"Jaleo" - Negative Words That Start With “J”
  1. "Jampan"
  1. "Jailage"
  1. "Jangada"
  1. "Jamdani"
  1. "Janizary"
  1. "Jambiya"
  1. "Japanophilia"
  1. "Jambeau"
  1. "Jansky"
  1. "Janiform"
  1. "Jannock"
  1. "Janitrix"
  1. "Janker"
  1. "Jargoon"
  1. "Jardinière"
  1. "Jarta"
  1. "Jargonaut"
  1. "Jarabe"
  1. "Jarvey"
  1. "Jardon"
  1. "Jararaca"
  1. "Jark"
  1. "Jaseran"
  1. "Jargonelle"
  1. "Jaspideous"

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  1. "Javelot"
  1. "Jaspe"
  1. "Javanais"
  1. "Jasperated"
  1. "Jawhole"
  1. "Jasper"
  1. "Jaunce"
  1. "Jecoral"
"Jecoral" - Negative Words That Start With “J”
  1. "Jazzophone"
  1. "Jejunator"
  1. "Jazzbo"
  1. "Jemadar"
  1. "Jectigation"
  1. "Jazzetry"
  1. "Jemmy"
  1. "Jeepable"
  1. "Jebel"
  1. "Jaw-Jaw"
  1. "Jato"
  1. "Jellygraph"

More J Words To Build Your Vocabulary

There are many more great J words for you to explore! The list that follows has lots for you to look at.

Among those words is judicature. This interesting word refers to the area that a court or judge presides over.


The judicature encompassed more than one county.

The judicature can also be called the judiciary.

Judicature can also refer to a body of judges or the administration. You could say that the judicature gathered to discuss the possible application of the new laws.

More Vocabulary Words Starting With Letter J

  1. "Jiggery-Pokery"
  1. "Jnana"
  1. "Jitney"
  1. "Jobbery"
  1. "Jiggumbob"
"Jiggumbob" -Negative Words That Start With “J”
  1. "Jigamaree"
  1. "Jive"
  1. "Jobbernowl"
  1. "Jink"
  1. "Jitterbug"

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  1. "Jocko"
  1. "Jiggermast"
  1. "Jockteleg"
  1. "Jinker"
  1. "Jobation"
  1. "Jimswinger"
  1. "Joist"
  1. "Joggle"
  1. "Jongleur"
  1. "Jointure"
  1. "Jollyboat"
  1. "Jocoserious"
  1. "Joinder"
  1. "Jolterhead"
  1. "Jolley"
  1. "Jocose"
  1. "Jorum"
  1. "Joculator"
  1. "Jordan"
  1. "Judder"
"Judder" - Negative Words That Start With “J”
  1. "Jube"
  1. "Judogi"
  1. "Jubilate"
  1. "Jubbah"
  1. "Judicature"
  1. "Jubilarian"
  1. "Jud"
  1. "Jubate"

Frequently Asked Questions

How Old Is The Letter J?

The letter J emerged as a separate character from I in the 14th century, making it relatively young compared to other letters. Its roots can be traced back to older forms of writing, but as a distinct letter, it's a more recent addition to the English alphabet.

What Is J With A Symbol Over It?

When you see a symbol, like a circumflex (^), placed over the letter J, it indicates a modified pronunciation. This diacritic is used in languages such as French and Portuguese to alter the sound of the J, typically making it softer or palatalized. However, the exact pronunciation can vary depending on the language and context.

What Words Start With J For Personality?

Here are some personality-related words that start with J: joyful, jovial, judicious, just, jocular, jubilant, judicious, and jovial. These words capture various positive traits associated with different personalities.
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