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217 Positive Words That Start With The Letter “J”

Positive words that start with J

Jamboree, Joy, Jolly

There is something about the letter “J” that makes me happy. I’m not sure why, but maybe it’s because there are a lot of “J” words that are happy words. I listed three examples of just such words above.

You can’t think of a jamboree, or being joyful, or jolly without being in a positive mindset. So I can’t think of a better letter to use to emphasize positive words. The letter “J” gives us plenty!

In this article, I am going to point out and discuss some particular “J” words that fall into a number of different categories.

However, just stating some “J” words and their meanings really doesn’t do anything to improve our lives, and that’s really what we want to achieve.

Where the magic happens is when we take a word, look at its meaning and then explore how it can make us better people, help us to have better relationships with our friends and family, or increase our success and satisfaction at work.

So, join me while I look at “J” words, and find out what can inspire and motivate you!

Positive Action Words That Start With “J”

217 Positive Words That Start With The Letter “J”

We’re going to begin by taking a look at positive “J” words that are action words. Action words, also known as verbs, reflect a state of being, or doing something.

The first positive “J” action word that pops into my mind is “jump”. What a delightful word.

As a child, I spent a lot of time jumping rope. It was such fun to chant our rhymes, and jump rope with my friends.

Often as adults we set aside these kinds of activities, but they are fun and liberating!

You don’t have to jump rope, but jumping around in a fitness class is heaps of fun and is really good for our fitness!

Join - another great “J” action word - a gym and set yourself up to achieve some fitness goals.

Continuing in the fitness vein, jogging on your own might be more to your liking.

It can be incredibly helpful for clearing your mind, and of course, has great fitness benefits.

Action words can be wonderful motivators because they often reflect movement.

Take your positive “J” action words and use them to really make a positive change in your life.

To do this takes more than identifying the words that resonate with you.

To really make a change in your life, think about how you want to incorporate those words into your daily routines.

For example, you might like to write about a couple of key “J” words in a journal.

Maybe you want to share them with a close friend and talk about how you are going to make those words inspire a positive change.

Start by looking at the list of positive “J” action words below, and then make your plan to make those words instigate new and exciting changes in your life.

1. "Join"

2. "Jingle"

3. "Jumble"

Positive Action Words That Start With “J”

4. "Juggle"

5. "Jut"

6. "Joust"

7. "Joyride"

8. "Journey"

9. "Journal"

10. "Jitter"

11. "Jostle"

12. "Joke"

13. "Jetwash"

14. "Jeer"

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15. "Jockey"

16. "Jaywalk"

17. "Justify"

18. "Jiggle"

19. "Jangle"

20. "Judge"

21. "Jab"

22. "Jumpstart"

23. "Jinx"

Positive Action Words That Start With “J”

24. "Jilt"

25. "Judder"

26. "Jibe"

27. "Jettison"

28. "Jabber"

29. "Joint"

30. "Jet"

31. "Jolt"

32. "Jam"

33. "Jimmy"

34. "Jeopardize"

35. "Jerk"

36. "Juice"

37. "Jounce"

38. "Jail"

39. "Jaw"

40. "Jog"

41. "Jam-pack"

42. "Jazz"

43. "Jive"

Nouns That Start With “J”

Our next category is positive "J" nouns. Nouns are the words we use to name people, places, and things.

Immediately, the word "joy" comes to mind. What a beautiful word to reflect a feeling that expresses extreme happiness. It is something we all want in our life, but it can be hard to attain.

The first step is to think about what makes us happy, and then consciously plan to I corporate these things into our lives.

Music, physical activity, and good food are all things that can bring us joy. Find ways to build what brings you joy into every day and you'll be on your way to achieving greater happy in your life.

This lovely word can also be a person's name. I have a friend whose name is Joy, and she is a positive, cheerful person, just as her name suggests.

Below are forty-eight positive "J" nouns. Read on for ideas that might spark your interest.

44. "Jemmy"

45. "Junkyard"

46. "Jailbait"

47. "Jumpmaster"

48. "Jampot"

Nouns That Start With “J”

49. "Juiciness"

50. "Japery"

51. "Jail-bait"

52. "Jalfrezi"

53. "J'accuse"

54. "Juarez"

55. "Jailbreaker"

56. "Jolley"

57. "Juryman"

58. "Jenever"

59. "Jerrican"

60. "Jargonelle"

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61. "Judicator"

62. "Jackrabbit"

63. "Jacquerie"

64. "Joho"

65. "Jarful"

66. "Jetsetter"

67. "Jardiniere"

68. "Julienne"

Nouns That Start With “J”

69. "Joblessness"

70. "Judgeship"

71. "Jingoism"

72. "Jugular"

73. "Juncus"

74. "Jodhpur"

75. "Janitor"

76. "Joinder"

77. "Jody"

78. "Jotter"

79. "Jackdaw"

80. "Joviality"

81. "Jockstrap"

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82. "Jamboree"

83. "Jerkin"

84. "Junto"

85. "Juba"

86. "Junker"

87. "Jukebox"

88. "Journeyman"

Inspirational Words Beginning With The Letter “J”

Have you ever heard the phrase, "life is a journey"? I think that the word journey is incredibly inspiring and when we consider inspirational "J" words it tops my list.

The concept that life is a journey is inspirational because it reminds us that we don't need to get it right the first time, or have it all figured out.

Life should take us on many twists and turns, and not be a simple straight line.

This does mean, of course, that we will have uneven terrain to navigate, mountains to climb over, and rough waters to cross, but it is through these tough challenges that we learn and grow.

I used to be a person who always wanted to get it right and I didn't like to take risks, but as I have gotten older and dealt with many unanticipated challenges, I have come to realize that crappy things are going to happen to all of us, no matter how well we plan, and we become stronger because of the issues we deal with.

So, take the journey with me through Inspirational "J" words and see where it takes you.

89. "Jannock"

90. "Jestfully"

91. "Journalism"

92. "Judicious"

Inspirational Words Beginning With The Letter “J”

93. "Jocularly"

94. "Jiggish"

95. "Joculatory"

96. "Jauntly"

97. "Jubilant"

98. "Jeweled"

99. "Jester"

100. "Joyfulness"

101. "Jehovah"

102. "Jaculable"

103. "Jocundity"

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104. "Jocosely"

105. "Jokester"

106. "Jocoserious"

107. "Jumpy"

108. "Jam-packed"

109. "Job"

110. "Jest"

111. "Jouissance"

112. "Joyously"

Inspirational Words Beginning With The Letter “J”

113. "Jazzily"

114. "Jovial"

115. "Jocosity"

116. "Juggling"

117. "Jitterbug"

118. "Jollification"

119. "Justification"

120. "Junoesque"

121. "Juvenescent"

122. "Jestingly"

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123. "Jovially"

124. "Jestful"

125. "Jamming"

126. "Jackpot"

127. "Jimp"

128. "Jubilation"

129. "Jaunt"

130. "Jubilantly"

131. "jeez"

132. "Juggler"

Inspirational Words Beginning With The Letter “J”

Positive Words That Start With J To Describe A Person

Do you have a friend who is the life of the party, and is always telling jokes? A great "J" word to describe such a person is "jolly".

Another word we don't hear so often, but is a terrific "J" word is "jocund" which you would use to describe someone who is cheery and light-hearted.

"Joyful" is another very positive way to describe someone, and we all need someone who is joyful in our lives.

If you reflect on the people in your life, whether they be co-workers or family members, or friends, would any of them fit these words?

There are other possibilities, of course. Read the list that follows for other ideas, and have fun increasing your "J" vocabulary!

133. "Jaunty"

134. "Jittery"

135. "Jake"

136. "Jolly"

137. "Jocund"

138. "Jaded"

139. "Jesting"

140. "Jocose"

141. "Jim-dandy"

142. "Joyful"

143. "Jocular"

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144. "Jokey"

145. "Jealous"

146. "Joyous"

147. "Judgmental"

148. "Joyless"

149. "Juicy"

Positive Words That Start With J To Describe A Person

Strong And Motivating Words That Begin With The Letter J

When you're u say the letter "J" you notice that it has a fairly strong sound. There are, in fact, a number of "J" words that are strong and motivating.

A favorite "J" word of mine is "justice" and its related words - just, justly, justify, justified, justification.

These are powerful words that stand for what is right, what is moral and ethical.

These words also represent a legal system which protects people's rights. The justice system is one of the pillars of a free and democratic society.

These words also carry meaning for each one of us in a personal way. In our lives, we should feel justified in being treated fairly and equitably.

We should feel that we can stand up for respectful and equitable treatment in the workplace.

Feeling empowered is important for each and every one of us.

The word "juggernaut" suggests an unstoppable force. It could be used to describe someone who is powerful and determined and confident.

This is someone who knows what they're about and who pursues their goals without swerving from the path.

Want to see more strong and motivating "J" words? Read on!

150. "Jadedly"

151. "Justified"

152. "Jolted"

153. "Janitorial"

154. "Juxtapose"

155. "Jubilee"

156. "Jagged"

157. "Jet-setter"

158. "Jeering"

159. "Joining"

160. "Juggernaut"

161. "Jigsawed"

162. "Jazzed"

Strong And Motivating Words That Begin With The Letter J

Positive Adjectives That Start With J

When you want to give your ideas punch use adjectives. Adjectives are descriptive words that provide information about a person, place or thing, in other words, nouns.

The letter "J" has an abundance of amazing positive adjectives. There are so many great ones, it's hard to know where to start.

Some of my favorite positive J adjectives include "joyful," "jovial," "just," "jubilant," "jazzy," "jaunty," and "jolly".

Use these positive "J" adjectives in your life to describe yourself and the kind of person you want to be.

It can set you on a path to self-improvement and self-love. Accept your little foibles, we all have them, and turn your mind to positive things.

Have a read through the positive J adjectives in the list below, and see which ones resonate with you!

163. "Jinxed"

164. "Jewish"

165. "Jaundiced"

166. "Jabbering"

167. "Japanese"

168. "Jainist"

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169. "Jarring"

170. "Jaw-dropping"

171. "Jiggling"

172. "Jingoistic"

173. "Jerky"

174. "Jassant"

175. "Jolif"

176. "Jazzy"

177. "Jacoserious"

178. "Jigjog"

179. "Jobbing"

180. "Joysome"

Positive Adjectives That Start With J

Words of Encouragement That Start With The Letter J

Encouragement can come in many different forms. For some people, a belief in the power in crystals can support them through a difficult time. Music is a source of encouragement for many. If you find music is what you want when you need encouragement, check out our songs for letting go and moving on, taking chances, or not giving up. There is sure to be something there that is just right.

For yet others, simply reading a word can provide the encouragement they need. Take J words, for instance. When it comes to words that start with the letter J, there are plenty of options to choose from that can provide a boost of encouragement.

First on my list of J words of encouragement is justified. When I'm feeling down in the dumps, I remember that I have talents and skills, that I am a good person who is kind and thoughtful, and that I am justified in doing well at work, as well as in my relationships.

Another word that I like to keep in the forefront of my mind is "joy". I actually have this word inscribed on a favorite bracelet and whenever I look at it, I am reminded that this small word means so much, and that this is really what I strive to achieve in my life.

If there are aspects of my life that are acting as a barrier to my finding joy in my life, then I need to let those things go, and move forward in a positive way.

I know it's easier said than done, but being focussed on the importance of trying to attain joy is a huge step toward making it happen.

Remember that as we journey through this amazing life, we have the choice to make it what we want.

181. "Jollify"

182. "Jovialize"

183. "Jollying"

184. "Joltiness"

185. "Jussive"

186. "Jovian"

187. "Jollygood"

188. "Jargogle"

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189. "Jolterhead"

190. "Jargonize"

191. "Jovialness"

192. "Juxtaposition"

193. "Jouncing"

194. "Jowly"

195. "Joculator"

196. "Jolliment"

197. "Jocundness"

Words of Encouragement That Start With The Letter J

Kind Words That Start With J

Our last category of J words is those that speak of kindness. We all need to hear words of kindness, and they can mean so much whether they come from a dear friend, or from a stranger in the line at the grocery store.

Be just and fair to others and to yourself!

Find joy in small things like an ice cream cone on a hot summer's day.

Find your jolly side, and laugh often.

Check out the list of kind words that start with J, and make somebody’s day or your own brighter.

198. "Jesus"

199. "Justly"

200. "Jiffy"

201. "Jinnee"

202. "Jig"

203. "Jape"

204. "Juncture"

205. "Jamphle"

206. "Jaegar"

207. "Jactation"

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208. "Jury"

209. "Jumpy"

210. "Jiggumbob"

211. "Juvenescent"

212. "Jetavator"

213. "Jaculeferous"

214. "Jasper"

215. "Justiciar"

216. "Jabberwocky"

217. "Judder"

Kind Words That Start With J

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a love word that starts with J?

A love word that starts with J is "jubilant." Not considered a romantic word, "jubilant" expresses a deep sense of joy and celebration. It can describe the overwhelming happiness and excitement one feels when deeply in love. The word conveys a sense of happiness associated with a fulfilling relationship.

What word starting with J can I use to describe a great person?

A word starting with J that you can use to describe a great person is "just." It may seem a simple word, but carries a powerful meaning to describe someone. It implies fairness, integrity, and righteousness in their actions and character.It signifies a person of high ethical standards and someone who consistently strives to do what is right.

How popular is the letter J?

The letter J is not as commonly used as some other letters in the English language. It ranks as the 24th most frequently used letter in English texts, accounting for around 0.15% of all letters. It plays a significant role in forming words and names, especially in the context of certain languages.

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