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253 Positive Words That Begin With The Letter “O”

Positive words that start with O

Optimistic, Obtainable, Olympic

Every two years the world is treated to what is considered to be the highest level of physical competition, the summer, and alternately, the winter Olympic Games.

The five interlocking rings that are the symbol of the Games are of five different colors - blue, yellow, black, green, and red - repressing the five continents: Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, and the Americas.

Competitors are to reflect the values of excellence, respect, and friendship. Watching this incomparable display of athletic prowess and sportspersonship, is truly inspiring. What a phenomenal “O” word!

“O” words that are meaningful to you might involve setting goals that are truly “obtainable” through hard work, perhaps that require dealing with an “overarching” issue, one that you tackle by taking down “obstacles” one at a time.

Whatever positive “O” words strike a chord with you, be sure they encourage you to be “outstanding”, “optimistic”, and “original”. Your positive “O” words should inspire you to be your best, true self.

Join me in exploring positive “O” words. In this article you will find over 250 positive words that begin with the letter “O”. Read on and get inspired!

Positive Action Words That Start With O

As a child I was very active. I had a ton of energy, and ran from one activity to another. To describe what I was doing would have required a lot of verbs, also known as action words.

The English language is rich in action words, and the letter “O” has many good ones we can use.

A very simple action word that is packed with meaning is “open”. We use this word often as we tell someone to open a door or window, or open a package or letter.

Every summer people open their pools, or their cottages and prepare for great summer fun.

Growing up, my family didn’t own a cottage. My dad was a farmer, and summer is a very busy time on a farm, so there really is no reason to have a cottage.

However, I was super lucky in that I got to go to my friend’s cottage, and got to swim in a beautiful lake, try water skiing, canoeing, and of course roasting marshmallows by the fire!

As an adult, my whole family has a weekend each summer at my brother’s cottage. It really is a magical time, and there is nothing that can compare with the beauty of the lake, and the melancholy cry of a loon.

In this case, the word “open” carries more than one meaning - opening the cottage also means opening yourself to peace and serenity, to happy times with friends and family, and making wonderful memories to last a lifetime.

We can also be open to new experiences in life. When I try something for the first time, I know I learn more about myself, and become a stronger person.

The first time I tried tree-top trekking was both scary and fun! I came out of that experience knowing I could do it, and that increased my confidence.

Check out the list below, and see what “O” action words resonate with you!

1. "Observe"

2. "Outdazzle"

3. "Officiate"

4. "Oppress"

5. "Objurgate"

6. "Onerate"

7. "Obscuration"

8. "Orb"

9. "Opinlate"

10. "Occupate"

11. "Ominate"

12. "Orthographize"

13. "Oppugn"

Positive Action Words That Start With O

14. "Obfirmate"

15. "Omit"

16. "Operate"

17. "Outbar"

18. "Opalesce"

19. "Ostracize"

20. "Oppilate"

21. "Occrustate"

22. "Orientalize"

23. "Overagitate"

24. "Outbrave"

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25. "Outbabble"

26. "Obstupefy"

27. "Ossify"

28. "Outbring"

29. "Ogle"

30. "Outbalance"

31. "Obequitate"

32. "Obelisk"

33. "Optate"

34. "Outcompass"

35. "Obdurate"

36. "Open"

37. "Outcant"

38. "Outcrafty"

Positive Action Words That Start With O

39. "Ostentate"

40. "Orchestrate"

41. "Oint"

42. "Overbrim"

43. "Overarch"

44. "Objectify"

45. "Offend"

46. "Overcharge"

47. "Omen"

48. "Overabound"

49. "Outbrazen"

50. "Oblatrate"

51. "Oar"

52. "Overdate"

53. "Overbalance"

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54. "Organ"

55. "Obstacle"

56. "Oscillate"

57. "Opine"

58. "Outblush"

59. "Opacate"

60. "Overbide"

61. "Obnubilate"

62. "Orphan"

63. "Outdream"

Positive Action Words That Start With O

64. "Oust"

65. "Orn"

Words Of Encouragement That Start With The Letter O

We all need to hear words of encouragement from time to time, and the letter “O” gives us some great ones!

I think the most obvious one is “optimism”. When we feel down, we need to remind ourselves to be optimistic.

A lot of studies have shown that when we tell ourselves to think positively about something, we can actually train our brain to think that way. We can ‘flip the script’. Isn’t that the coolest?!

How we choose to live our lives - like a glass half-full, or a glass half-empty - can make the difference between being happy, and just getting through each day.

If we look at a challenging situation, or a big task that needs to be done, in a positive, optimistic light, it is much easier to deal with it. We might even find enjoyment in the task!

I find it so easy to start getting into a negative mindset about my work. In my job I deal with a lot of challenges and problems. People come to me every day with issues that I must deal with.

I find if I take the time to step back from the situation, and think about how I can choose to deal with it either negatively or positively, it allows me to put things into a totally different perspective.

I see those challenges as opportunities to help people, to use the skills I know I have, and to make my workplace a better place for everyone to work in.

What is key is taking a conscious moment to say to myself, I am going to be positive about this; I am not going to view this as a pain, but an opportunity.

I think it is absolutely amazing how we can train our brain to view a situation in an optimistic way simply by taking a moment to tell it to.

I invite you to join me in thinking optimistically! You will see how it changes your life for the better.

66. "Outstandingly"

67. "Ostentatious"

68. "Outage"

69 "Outstanding"

70. "Ownership"

71. "Objective"

72. "Opal"

73. "Om"

74. "Origin"

75. "Outline"

76. "Optimal"

77. "Onward"

78. "Opulent"

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79. "Outpouring"

80. "Oval"

81. "Obliging"

82. "Onrush"

83. "Orange"

84. "Onboard"

85. "Occupied"

86. "Overjoyed"

87. "Ordinary"

88. "Orthodox"

Words Of Encouragement That Start With The Letter O

89. "Osmosis"

90. "Oxen"

91. "Outer"

92. "Oomph"

93. "Offing"

94. "Outclass"

95. "Optimism"

96. "Other"

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97. "Optimum"

98. "Operational"

99. "Owning"

100. "Oblige"

101. "Oversee"

102. "Order"

103. "Oh"

Positive Adjectives That Start With The Letter O

An adjective is a word that gives a description. We find adjectives next to nouns, providing information about people, places, and things.

One of my favorite positive “O” adjectives is “overcome”. There is not one of us who has not had something happen to them that they have had to overcome.

The wonderful thing about overcoming a challenge is that we come out on the other side of it stronger and more confident.

I admit that to be overcome by something is not a positive state to be in, but the real power in the word is the potential it presents to change your state of being.

Have you ever been in a relationship that you were really committed to and thought was going to last forever just to be told the relationship was over?

I have, and I definitely felt overcome with grief and sorrow. All of my plans for a happy future with this person suddenly ended. They were crushed, and my heart along with them.

Out of that state of feeling overcome with sadness, I began to see a little light, and the light gradually increased until I recovered from the heartbreak.

I know when I am feeling overcome with negative emotions, I start reaching out, finding comfort in good friends and family members. I start throwing myself into my work more, and find satisfaction in doing well.

In the end, while my romantic relationship was over, I could see improvements in other parts of my life, and that helped me to see the breakup as an opportunity.

Aside from feeling overcome when a relationship goes south, we can also feel overcome by negative things in our work life.

Having to drag yourself into work each day when you are feeling overcome by negativity, is brutal. No one wants to exist in that kind of an atmosphere day after day. It can really take its toll on a person.

The marvelous thing is that this sort of experience can motivate us to change our work situation for the better either by taking action in your current job through talking to someone about ideas to improve the workplace, or by seeking a new job elsewhere.

You know how making a mistake in cooking or baking can often lead to the invention of a new, fabulous recipe? It’s the same in a negative work situation.

Feeling overcome, can work to make your life better! Just use it as the fuel to improve your relationships or your work!

Consider how you can make other positive adjectives work for you! See the following list.

104. "Outshone"

105. "Outsmart"

106. "Onset"

107. "Oozing"

108. "Outperforming"

109. "Ovation"

110. "Oil-bearing"

111. "Offering"

112. "Ooze"

113. "Ongoing"

Positive Adjectives That Start With The Letter O

114. "Obcordate"

115. "Opalescent"

116. "Outperformed"

117. "Overbrimming"

118. "Outlast"

119. "Overjoy"

120. "Odds-on"

121. "Outwit"

122. "Overachiever"

123. "Orchestrator"

124. "On-target"

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125. "Obviousness"

126. "Orgasmic"

127. "Outspoken"

128. "Omnipotent"

129. "Obliged"

130. "Overcautious"

131. "Occupation"

132. "Onwards"

133. "Outright"

134. "Overtake"

135. "Outrageous"

136. "Overactive"

137. "Obligingly"

138. "Observance"

Positive Adjectives That Start With The Letter O

139. "Overbold"

140. "Oneness"

141. "Overflow"

142. "Omniscient"

143. "Outstretch"

Unusual Words That Start With O

Some O words fit a category we’ll call ‘unusual "O" words’. These words may not be as common as others, but they can still be valuable and meaningful in their own way. To me, these words reflect the idea of being unique and embracing our own individuality.

I love words. I love the power they have to express every feeling and thought perfectly. I love how they can describe anything in our world, and capture the unique qualities of everything that exists in our world.

As a young person studying English, I remember being taught the word “onomatopoeia”. What a crazy, delicious word! Onomatopoeia refers to words that sound like the noise they make.

An example of onomatopoeia is the word “buzz”. When you say the word, the sound you make is like the sound itself - like you would hear the buzz of a bee, for instance.

The buzzing that a bee makes is its own, unique sound. Onomatopoeia can be a reminder to us of the unique qualities that each one of us has, and that we should be proud of.

As the Irish writer, Oscar Wilde, said, “Be yourself, everyone else is taken”. Don’t let the pressure to be like others change who you are. Be your own person, and celebrate that!

Music is a great way to express your uniqueness. You might like mainstream hits, or maybe you prefer a lesser known indie track, but whatever your musical taste is, embrace it!

Check out The Fifth Element Life’s 100s of songs that express many different thoughts and feelings, and let music help celebrate you.

Explore the unique and unusual “O” words in the following list.

144. "Obeliscolychny"

145. "Obfuscate"

146. "Objurgate"

147. "Oast"

148. "Onychotillomania"

149. "Optative"

150. "Omphalopsychite"

151. "Ophthalmophobia"

152. "Oneirocriticism"

153. "Oophoron"

154. "Obedientiary"

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155. "Obdormition"

156. "Obedible"

157. "Obganiate"

158. "Obiter"

159. "Obeism"

160. "Objicient"

161. "Obelus"

162. "Obequitate"

163. "Obeophone"

Unusual Words That Start With O

164. "Obelize"

165. "Oakum"

166. "Oblate"

167. "Obduracy"

168. "Obelisk"

Positive Words That Start With O To Describe A Person

Are you quiet and shy, and find it hard to engage in conversation with people you don’t know? Do you find it difficult to reach out to others when you're in a new situation? Chances are you have a friend you would describe as “outgoing”.

Those individuals who are at ease with meeting new people, who don't mind expressing their viewpoint, who grab any opportunity to try something new are people we often admire.

If you’re like me, a little hesitant to ‘put myself out there’, then you know how great it is to have an outgoing friend. I find myself doing more things, whether it be a new type of food, or a new activity, because of my outgoing friends.

These people can help us to grow, and discover more interests and strengths than we ever knew we had!

Join me in being thankful for the outgoing people in our lives!

In the list below you’ll find more positive “O” words to describe people. Read on.

169. "One-and-only"

170. "Ours"

171. "Owl-eyed"

172. "Opinionated"

173. "Outgoing"

174. "Observant"

175. "Overachieving"

176. "Ombudsman"

177. "Open-hearted"

178. "On-the-ball"

179. "Outlier"

180. "Operatic"

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181. "Open-handed"

182. "Overwhelming"

183. "Organized"

184. "Oncoming"

185. "Obedient"

186. "On-time"

187. "Oracle"

188. "Obsessed"

Positive Words That Start With O To Describe A Person

189. "Olympiad"

190. "Out-of-this-world"

191. "Orderly"

192. "Original"

193. "Open-minded"

194. "Offbeat"

195. "Orator"

196. "Opaque"

197. "Optimistic"

Inspirational Words beginning With O

There are many options for “O” words that give inspiration, but one that I really love is “opalescent”.

Opalescent is not your usual, run-of-the-mill word, but it is so beautiful that I just had to share it with you.

Opalescent means a display of colors. Think of the northern lights or a gorgeous sunset. Opalescent is not just the perfect word to describe a lot of things in our natural world, but it’s also a lovely way to think of ourselves.

Sometimes we can box ourselves in, and be stuck thinking of ourselves as being a particular way, never taking steps in a different direction, never trying something new, never taking a chance on a new job, or a new relationship, or traveling to a new country.

This kind of approach to life is super limiting. To me the word opalescent suggests exploring our world, taking risks, learning new things. In this way we reflect many colors, and isn’t that beautiful?

198. "Oasis"

199. "Orientation"

200. "Overage"

201. "Online"

202. "Once"

203. "Outstretched"

204. "Office"

205. "Octane"

206. "Outlook"

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207. "Opportunities"

208. "Options"

209. "Outcome"

210. "Odyssey"

211. "Ordeal"

212. "Organization"

213. "Opening"

Inspirational Words beginning With O

214. "Occasion"

215. "Opus"

216. "Opinions"

217. "Outings"

218. "Origination"

219. "Oath"

220. "Origins"

221. "Originality"

222. "Overriding"

223. "Owner"

224. "Ozone"

Strong and Motivating Words That Start With O

In the introduction to this article I talked about the word “olympic”. What an incredibly strong and motivating word!

Watch the Olympic games and you can’t help but get motivated to push your boundaries and see what more you can do.

Aim high and go for it! You are sure to achieve!

Another favorite strong and motivating “O” word of mine is “opportunity”. Opportunities are everywhere!

Face life with an open mind, ready to seek out new challenges and opportunities. With each opportunity you take on, you will become stronger and more confident in your capabilities.

Take on opportunities with the spirit of an olympian and you’re sure to land among the stars!

225. "Over-the-moon"

226. "Oblivion"

227. "Objectively"

228. "Overpowering"

229. "Overabundance"

230. "Out-of-reach"

231. "Obedience"

232. "Opening-up"

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233. "Oneness-of-heart"

234. "Obviate"

235. "Orderliness"

236. "Outperform"

237. "Overcome"

238. "Outdo"

239. "Openness"

Strong and Motivating Words That Start With O

240. "Obligation"

241. "Obtainable"

242. "Outshine"

243. "Open-handedness"

244. "Organised"

245. "Overcome-failure"

246. "Own-up"

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247. "Opportunity-for-improvement"

248. "Overpower"

249. "Out-going"

250. "Oppose"

251. "Over-generous"

252. "Optimise"

253. "Observantly"

Strong and Motivating Words That Start With O

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the longest word in the world?

The longest word in the world, according to the Guinness World Records, is the chemical name for titin, a protein found in muscle tissue. The full chemical name for titin has 189,819 letters and takes about three and a half hours to pronounce. In everyday language, the longest word often referred to is "pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis."

What are the good qualities of O?

The letter "O" possesses several good qualities that make it a valuable and versatile component of the English language. Some of the notable qualities include openness, optimism, clarity, versatility, harmony and resilience.

What are long O words in English?

There are many “O” words in english. Some of the examples include Coconut, Colossal, Emotion, Heroic, Microphone and Motion. These words have a long "O" sound and can be used in various contexts and conversations.

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