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550 Positive Words That Start With P

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Positive Words That Start With P: Power, Purpose, Participate

I am so excited to talk about positive “P” words because the letter “P” provides a wealth of marvelous words to motivate, inspire, describe perfectly, and act intentionally!

You could say I’m “passionate” about “P” words. The “possibilities” are endless!

Positive Action Words That Start With P

Action words, also called verbs, are about doing, and I want to highlight two positive “P” action words, persist and prosper.

Often the things we want to do and accomplish require a lot of conviction. It can be hard to stay true to the course when there are numerous obstacles to get over. Yet, if we persist we can prosper.

A key to persisting is planning - another great “P” word. For example, if you want to have a certain career, and you wish to attain a certain level in that career, you must plan all of the steps that it will take to achieve that success.

Being true to your plan, and persisting, even when things get tough, will allow you to keep moving forward.

I recently began following a particular plan to get rid of my debt, and thereby lead a debt-free future where I can prosper.

At this point I am almost debt-free. It has taken concentrating my effort and persisting every week, every month, for going on two years now. I follow the plan faithfully, and through intentionality, I know I will succeed.

Being debt-free will open the door for me to prosper. I couldn’t do this without being dedicated to planning and persisting even through challenging times like Christmas and my kids’ birthdays.

Read the list below for more great “P” action words.

Positive Action Words That Start With P

1. "Pervaporation"

2. "Perpetuation"

3. "Percentage"

4. "Persistence"

5. "Phantasy"

6. "Periphery"

7. "Perusal"

8. "Petitioner"

9. "Percussion"

10. "Pedestrian"

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11. "Persuading"

12. "Pebble"

13. "Performance"

14. "Payday"

15. "Permissibility"

16. "Phenomena"

17. "Perfumery"

18. "Persistent"

19. "Penman"

20. "Perimeter"

21. "Perplexity"

22. "Paean"

23. "Pageantry"

24. "Palette"

25. "Pal"

26. "Pallor"

27. "Parasol"

28. "Pacifism"

29. "Pail"

30. "Paprika"

31. "Pertinence"

32. "Pepper"

33. "Perfectibility"

34. "Personification"

35. "Patronage"

36. "Personnel"

37. "Pheasant"

38. "Permit"

39. "Paternalism"

40. "Persiflage"

41. "Perpetrator"

42. "Persecution"

43. "Perilla"

44. "Petulance"

45. "Payoff"

46. "Philosopher"

47. "Paunch"

48. "Petroleum"

49. "Parking"

50. "Pedigree"


51. "Peacock"

52. "Passage"

53. "Personage"

54. "Participation"

55. "Perspective"

56. "Pawn"

57. "Passing"

58. "Perseverance"

59. "Past"

60. "Pet"

61. "Pearl"

62. "Philology"

63. "Parsimony"

64. "Pedagogue"

65. "Pastor"

66. "Parliament"

67. "Pariah"

68. "Pharmacist"

69. "Paralanguage"

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70. "Peroxide"

71. "Parsonage"

73. "Parenchyma"

72. "Pantheon"

74. "Parlance"

75. "Parchment"

76. "Patience"

77. "Paradise"

78. "Partisan"

79. "Peasanthood"

80. "Paranoiac"

81. "Passageway"

82. "Pavilion"

83. "Patchwork"

84. "Paraphernalia"

Nouns That Start With The Letter P

A noun is a word that is a person, a place, or a thing. One of the greatest “P” words has to be “peace”.

Peace is something we can all strive for in our lives. Perhaps you find peace in a quiet moment just for yourself each morning before rising to take on the day’s challenges.

You might experience peace when you sit quietly and meditate whether it’s in a church, synagogue, temple, or on a yoga mat in your living room.

When we have a sense of peace it means we can go about our day with a sense of calm.

Life is extremely busy and there are many demands on our time. It can be easy to fill our days with all of the things we need to do to get our children off to school, get ourselves to work, rush home and make dinner, then take children to their evening activities.

Before you know it, the day is in and you have zero energy for anything else. All you want to do is go to bed.

When we lead a life that is so busy, it is easy to completely set aside some time to just clear our heads and relax, but it is so important.

I find the best time for me to find a few moments of peace is when I first wake up and before the craziness of my day begins.

While still in bed, I take some time to think of things that I am grateful for, and I mentally prepare myself to deal with life from a place of peace and calm. My day is better for it, and yours can be, too.

Noun That Start With Letter P

86. "Pressure"

87. "Population"

88. "Pair"

89. "Process"

90. "President"

91. "Percent"

92. "Period"

93. "Person"

94. "Post"

95. "Project"

96. "Policy"

97. "Production"

98. "Photo"

99. "Plant"

100. "Property"


101. "Payment"

102. "Price"

103. "Player"

104. "Program"

105. "Practice"

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106. "Party"

107. "Park"

108. "Product"

109. "Protection"

110. "Package"

111. "Police"

112. "Privacy"

113. "Power"

114. "Page"

115. "Piece"

116. "Paper"

117. "Picture"

118. "Pattern"

119. "Purpose"

Positive Adjectives That Start With P

Positive “P” adjectives can help us live our lives in an optimistic way, by viewing the world around us in a positive light.

Adjectives are words that give more information about nouns - people, places, and things. Adjectives are descriptive words. By using positive “P” adjectives we are able to describe our friends, family, our surroundings and our work with positive words, and that, in turn, helps us to have a brighter outlook on life.

The word “polite” is one that we sometimes forget about, but it’s very important to the kind of world we wish to create around us.

Simply using “please” and “thank you” reflects on the kind of person we are, someone who does not take the actions of others for granted, and who shows appreciation. This makes others feel good about themselves, and you will get that back in the way they treat you.

I find being polite helps me to maintain a mindset of gratitude. Many studies have shown the link between gratitude and happiness.

The next time you have the chance, hold the door for someone, greet your neighbor with a cheery good morning, or offer your seat on the bus or subway to someone. You’ll feel good for doing it, and they’ll be appreciative.

Positive Adjectives That Start With P

120. "Perivascular"

121. "Parabolic"

122. "Preoccupied"

123. "Plastic"

124. "Prefabricated"

125. "Plunderous"

126. "Pathless"

127. "Pretibial"

128. "Prandial"

129. "Procreative"

130. "Primary"

131. "Pouty"

132. "Pudgy"

133. "Persian"

134. "Predatory"

135. "Posey"

136. "Prim"

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137. "Participatory"

138. "Pre-Trial"

139. "Perinatal"

140 "Paschal"

141. "Personal"

142. "Permissible"

143. "Penurious"

144. "Paperless"

145. "Purposive"

146. "Predominant"

147. "Prismatic"

148. "Perky"

149. "Prospective"

150. "Polluted"


151. "Proprietary"

152. "Popping"

153. "Propositional"

154. "Professed"

155. "Philosophical"

156. "Patrilineal"

157. "Peachy"

158. "Parathyroid"

159. "Presynaptic"

160. "Problematic"

161. "Present"

162. "Prepositional"

163. "Politic"

164. "Psionic"

165. "Precocious"

166. "Phobic"

167. "Philanthropic"

168. "Pissed"

169. "Paranoid"

170. "Providential"

171. "Promotional"

172. "Preferential"

173. "Perspicacious"

174. "Pietistic"

175. "Parental"

176. "Prejudicial"

177. "Paranormal"

178. "Populous"

179. "Purplish"

180. "Pluralistic"

181. "Postoperative"

182. "Preemptive"

183. "Purist"

184. "Proximal"

185. "Patronal"

186. "Punitive"

187. "Praiseworthy"

188. "Perforate"

189. "Proportional"

190. "Papuan"

191. "Posthumous"

192. "Prostatic"

Positive Words That Start With P To Describe A Person

There are many wonderful “P” words that can be used to describe people. Some of my favorites are “positive”, “passionate”, and “patient”.

I really appreciate people who are positive thinkers, those people who are really good at taking a potentially negative situation, and finding the silver lining.

I have a friend who is like that, and I find that she’s not only great to be around, but that her positive outlook rubs off on me.

I can honestly say that I have become a better person because of her positive influence.

Another quality I appreciate is passion. I would describe one of my sisters as passionate. Her love of music, flowers and nature in general, as well as her family is heartwarming.

Being around her is like getting a positive energy jolt! I always come away from time we spend together feeling invigorated.

I also want to pay some attention to the word “patient”. This word reminds me of a certain work colleague who always took the time to ‘teach me the ropes’. When I started out in my career, there was a lot that I needed to learn, and it was so wonderful to have someone who showed such patience while I gradually developed the necessary knowledge and skills.

We have all had teachers like that as well, and I bet they were your favorites. I know they were mine.

Positive Words That Start with P To Describe a Person

193. "Preeminent"

194. "Panchromatic"

195. "Passerine"

196. "Pleading"

197. "Percussive"

198. "Pumped"

199. "Preventive"

200. "Political"


201. "Perpetual"

202. "Pestilential"

203. "Preconceived"

204. "Perspectival"

205. "Paternalistic"

206. "Pigtailed"

207. "Peaceful"

208. "Parricidal"

209. "Pyrotechnic"

210. "Paltry"

211. "Premature"

212. "Poky"

213. "Polish"

214. "Preparatory"

215. "Pacific"

216. "Perverted"

217. "Pineal"

218. "Prestigious"

219. "Prompt"

220. "Platonic"

221. "Prefatory"

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222. "Piggish"

223. "Proximate"

224. "Perfective"

225. "Picturesque"

226. "Plaintive"

227. "Paralogous"

228. "Prescriptive"

229. "Pestering"

230. "Perplexing"

231. "Promiscuous"

232. "Perennial"

233. "Prerequisite"

234. "Perturbed"

235. "Penultimate"

236. "Parsimonious"

237. "Pappy"

238. "Punctilious"

239. "Prevailing"

240. "Polygenic"

241. "Premalignant"

242. "Proactive"

243. "Peeved"

244. "Perceptual"

245. "Prescient"

246. "Practical"

247. "Propionic"

248. "Pantomimic"

249. "Preconscious"

250. "Promotable"


251. "Pious"

252. "Praetorian"

253. "Perilous"

254. "Palatable"

255. "Premonitory"

Difficult Words That Start With The Letter P

How many of you have come across some crazy tricky P words that are a gazillion letters long; those tongue-twisting words that can be a big challenge to pronounce?

When faced with difficult P words like "polycarboxylate" or "plethysmographs," it can be tempting to avoid using them altogether. However, these words can be important in certain fields and contexts, such as in scientific or medical research.

So, how do we tackle pronouncing difficult P words? The key is to break them down into smaller parts and practice saying them slowly. It can also be helpful to listen to how others pronounce these words and try to mimic their pronunciation.

By practicing and embracing difficult P words, you can expand your vocabulary and confidently communicate in a variety of settings.

Go ahead and pick some words from the list. Have some fun learning to pronounce them and make them part of your regular speech!

Difficult Words That Start With Letter P

256. "Psychochemistry"

257. "Phytotoxicities"

258. "Phytochemically"

259. "Philosophizings"

260. "Philosophize"

261. "Phoneticized"

262. "Phosphorylative"

263. "Proverbializing"

264. "Polycarboxylate"

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265. "Psychologize"

266. "Phagocytized"

267. "Propoxyphene"

268. "Physiopathology"

269. "Photoxylography"

270. "Physicochemical"

271. "Psychographical"

272. "Psychosynthesis"

273. "Paramyxoviruses"

274. "Pickapacking"

275. "Photolyzable"

276. "Plethysmography"

277. "Pinealectomized"

278. "Phlebotomize"

279. "Peroxidizing"

280. "Psychophysicist"

281. "Phycomycetes"

282. "Pharmacodynamic"

283. "Polycythemic"

284. "Photooxidize"

285. "Psychobiography"

286. "Phagocytizes"

287. "Phonemicization"

288. "Phototypography"

289. "Polyrhythmic"

290. "Phytoplanktonic"

291. "Polygamizing"

292. "Photochemically"

293. "Psychopathology"

294. "Phonemicizes"

295. "Phenomenalizing"

296. "Projectivity"

297. "Plethysmographs"

298. "Puzzleheaded"

299. "Postsynchronize"

300. "Phytopathogenic"

Positive words that start with P

301. "Psychedelically"

302. "Pharmacotherapy"

303. "Pasqueflower"

304. "Pancreozymin"

305. "Propylitizes"

306. "Pathophysiology"

307. "Phosphatized"

308. "Psychogenically"

309. "Phonemicized"

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310. "Pyrophotography"

311. "Phosphatizes"

312. "Psychography"

313. "Phytogeographic"

314. "Photozincograph"

315. "Psychosociology"

316. "Phoneticization"

317. "Parfocalized"

318. "Psychomachia"

319. "Pickpocketed"

320. "Plasmolyzing"

321. "Psychobabble"

322. "Phosphorized"

323. "Pulverizable"

324. "Polypharmacy"

325. "Psychosexuality"

326. "Physiography"

327. "Parchmentize"

328. "Polymerizing"

Strong And Motivating Words That Start With P

When we set out to achieve something we can benefit from having some key words that give us strength and motivation.

For me, that word is “prosper”. The word prosper can apply to different parts of our lives. If I want to prosper in a relationship, for example, then I would think about how to make the relationship better.

I would focus on specific actions and things that I could say to make the relationship more rewarding and positive.

I also experience times in my career when I need strong and motivating words. There have been times when I doubt my ability to do something, and I might shy away from taking a step that could further my career goals.

Reminding myself that I can prosper in my career, keeps me on track, and believing in myself.

Strong And Motivating Words That Start With P

329. "Preponderance"

330. "Productivity"

331. "Platinum"

332. "Presence"

333. "Partnership"

334 "Profession"

335. "Perceptiveness"

336. "Priority"

337. "Publicity"

338. "Placement"

339. "Plenary"

340. "Paradigm"

341. "Public-minded"

342. "Payout"

343. "Pathway"

344. "Pragmatism"

345. "Principles"

346. "Poise"

347. "Prestige"

348. "Preference"

349. "Preparedness"

350. "Periodical"

Positive words that start with P

351. "Pastime"

352. "Psychology"

353. "Presto"

354. "Pentecost"

355. "Protest"

356. "Profit"

357. "Paycheck"

358. "Prophetic"

359. "Pension"

360. "Plum"

361. "Phew"

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362. "Prentice"

363. "Primetime"

364. "Positiveness"

365. "Prodigy"

366. "Palace"

367. "Precedence"

368. "Populist"

369. "Presentable"

370. "Portfolio"

371. "Popularity"

372. "Panoramic"

373. "Parade"

374. "Patent"

375. "Prince"

376. "Plethora"

377. "Princess"

378. "Potential"

379. "Procession"

380. "Phenomenon"

381. "Problem-free"

382. "Pursuit"

383. "Perks"

Words Of Encouragement That Start With The Letter P

When I’m feeling like the cards are stacked against me, and there is no way I am going to be able to overcome an obstacle, hearing words of “praise” from a good friend can help to build my confidence.

In the world of work, there are many times we are called upon to prove to others that we are capable. Do you find that you are your worst enemy? I know I do. That’s when it’s so great to hear words of encouragement from a co-worker or from a friend.

When someone reminds me of the positive qualities and abilities that I have, those words of praise give me the lift I need. That’s sometimes all it takes for me to take on the next challenge, and not feel discouraged.

I am so grateful for the people in my life who care enough to know when I could use those words of praise, and send some my way. I also try to be that person to others.

One of my favorite things to do is send an e-card to someone who is going through a rough time. I personalize it by praising their unique gifts, and letting them know how much I appreciate those qualities in them.

Take a moment and praise someone you care about who is struggling. It could make all the difference.

Words Of Encouragement That Start With The Letter P

384. "Prepare"

385. "Perceptive"

386. "Paradise "

387. "Personable"

388. "Peace"

389. "Passion"

390. "Patriotism"

391. "Peak"

392. "Pert"

393. "Peppy"

394. "Pacify"

395. "Pep"

396. "Properly"

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397. "Pamper"

398. "Praise"

399. "Plea"

400. "Perspicuous"

Positive words that start with P

401. "Prime"

402. "Poetic"

403. "Painless"

404. "Plan"

405. "Permissive"

406. "Peerless"

407. "Promise"

408. "Patron"

409. "Permanent"

410. "Partner"

411. "Pizzazz"

Inspirational Words That Start With P

Have you ever taken some time to just reflect on the possibilities in life, in your life?

I love the word “possibilities” and find it extremely inspirational. When we’re young we tend to think big and look at all sorts of possibilities. As we go through life, we usually start to narrow those possibilities. We start limiting ourselves.

I know I can get caught in negative self-talk. I can find myself saying I can’t do this and I can’t do that when really the only thing holding me back is belief in myself.

I remember being in a workshop once when we were all encouraged to think big and come up with ideas of what we would like to do with our lives. The focus was career, but it could easily be applied to personal lives as well.

I had a really tough time with this exercise and it made me realize how I limited myself. After that, I spent focussed time every week, thinking about my goals with an eye to thinking big.

Don’t limit yourself. Get inspired by thinking about all the possibilities!

Inspirational Words Beginning With P

412. "Philosophy"

413. "Personalization"

414. "Pinnacle"

415. "Proactivity"

416. "Plentiful"

417. "Protect"

418. "Prudence"

419. "Progress"

420. "Possibility"

421. "Prosperity"

422. "Promising"

423. "Profitable"

424. "Prioritize"

425. "Positivity"

426. "Preparation"

427. "Potentiality"

428. "Playfulness"

429. "Paternal"

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430. "Peacefulness"

431. "Proven"

432. "Pledge"

433. "Portray"

434. "Profound"

435. "Pleasure"

436. "Punctuality"

437. "Politeness"

438. "Purity"

439. "Perfection"

Refreshing Words That Start With P

The word refreshing makes me think of a positive fresh start. There are “P” words that can give us that.

I think an excellent word for this is “playful”. I love to watch children play. They are so free as they run, climb and skip. They take joy from the simple act of movement, and their laughter is so refreshing.

When I am feeling burdened by work, or a family issue, I find it helpful to think of the word playful. Something I like to do is have a friend over and play cards or a board game. We inevitably find ourselves laughing, and I forget all about that issue that was weighing me down.

Refreshing Words That Start With P

440. "Predisposition"

441. "Predetermine"

442. "Predecessor"

443. "Posh"

444. "Pacification"

445. "Penitent"

446. "Psychometry"

447. "Preponderate"

448. "Pumpernickel"

449. "Pachuco"

450. "Physiology"

Positive words that start with P

451. "Pourboire"

452. "Predilection"

453. "Polyglot"

454. "Pangloss"

455. "Pluralism"

456. "Phoenix"

457. "Pantisocracy"

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458. "Placebo"

459. "Passable"

460. "Planetarium"

461. "Prothalamium"

462. "Poetry"

463. "Piquancy"

464. "Pathology"

465. "Preciseness"

466. "Psychotropic"

467. "Politesse"

468. "Plume"

469. "Parnassian"

470. "Pulchritudinous"

471. "Poignancy"

472. "Possessions"

473. "Portraiture"

474. "Panorama"

475. "Pedicure"

476. "Peripatetic"

477. "Pinup"

478. "Parachute"

479. "Pontificate"

480. "Passionflower"

481. "Pseudonym"

482. "Pukka"

483. "Perfervid"

484. "Philtre"

485. "Plafond"

486. "Practicality"

487. "Prevalence"

488. "Precaution"

489. "Puissance"

490. "Plenitude"

491. "Pith"

492. "Pierian"

493. "Pennywise"

494. "Pearlescent"

495. "Painkiller"

496. "Potency"

497. "Propinquity"

498. "Permission"

499. "Prescience"

500. "Panache"

Positive words that start with P

501. "Peart"

502. "Panoply"

Peculiar Words That Start With P

The letter “P” has some words that we can fit into the category “peculiar”. These words might not play a part in your regular conversations, but it can be fun to read them, and learn what they mean.

Did you know that “pusillanimous” means being cowardly, not brave, or that “peely-wally” means that someone looks pale?

Have fun with the words in this list, and maybe throw them into your next conversation just for fun!

Peculiar Words That Start With P

503. "Paedonymic"

504. "Pandation"

505. "Pacation"

506. "Paste-and-scissors"

507. "Palpabrize"

508. "Pantomnesic"

509. "Pabulum"


511. "Pantagruelian"

512. "Paddynoddy"

513. "Panchreston"

514. "Parbreaking"

515. "Paillette"

516. "Pauciloque"

517. "Pitt's-picture"

518. "Pactolian"

519. "Panomphean"

520. "Perfabricate"

521. "Pilcrow"

522. "Panification"

523. "Pervoo"

524. "Pedipulate"

525. "Pantoglot"

526. "Pandiculation"

527. "Pensiculative"

528. "Perhiemate"

529. "Pinaciphobia"

530. "Pheese"

531. "Pogonophobia"

532. "Pitcherings"

533. "Pulpit-thumper"

534. "Pot-of-wine"

535. "Pizzlo"

Positive words that start with P

536. "Poker-talk"

537. "Psyma"

538. "Pitchpole"

539. "Puggled"

540. "Poosk"

541. "Prick-me-dainty"

542. "Purwheegnal"

543. "Percipient"

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544. "Pendulous"

545. "Palindromic"

546. "Pusillanimous"

547 "Papillary"

548. "Poignant"

549. "Premeditated"

550. "Paraphyletic"

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