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168 Positive Words That Begin With The Letter “Q”

Positive words that start with Q

Quiet, Quest, Quintessential

Perhaps the first “Q” word many of us would remember would be “quiet”. It might have registered with us as our mother gently hushed us to sleep as babies, or maybe you can recall a teacher telling the class to “Be quiet!” in not such a quiet voice.

Whatever your recollection, the word quiet is a lovely “Q” word, and one I will explore more with you in the article as this article is all about positive “Q” words.

On our “quest” to find marvelous “Q” words for all kinds of things, we will look at how certain “Q” words can help us to improve our lives.

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Come along with me as we discover the 17th letter of the English alphabet!

Positive Words That Start With Q To Describe A Person

Let’s begin our exploration of “Q” words by looking at words beginning with this letter that are particularly good for describing a person.

There are a couple of words that I would like to bring to your attention. The first is “quirky”. People we might describe as quirky are unique. They often have a personality trait that makes them stand out.


My friends I would describe as quirky have a unique way of looking at things. They bring a different point of view to our discussions, and are often insightful. My quirky friends enrich my life, and I value our friendship a great deal. If you have friends you would call quirky then you totally get what I mean.

I have also known people I would call “quick-witted”. These individuals think fast on their feet and have a great sense of humor that keeps folks laughing.

Quick-witted people are a lot of fun to be around. I am always amazed at how a particular friend of mine who is quick-witted can come up with all of the funny things he says. He will reduce me to tears from laughing so hard.

In the list below you will find other positive Q words that you may wish to include in your vocabulary when you are describing someone. Read on!

1. "Quarrelsome"

2. "Queenly"

3. "Questionable"

4. "Quackish"

5. "Queasy"

6. "Querulous"

7. "Quarantined"

8. "Quick"

9. "Queer"

10. "Qualified"

11. "Quixotic"

12. "Quotable"

13. "Quick-minded"

14. "Quirky"

15. "Quizzical"

16. "Quiet"

17. "Quickest"

18. "Quivering"

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19. "Quick-thinking"

20. "Quick-acting"

21. "Quintessential"

22. "Quick-tempered"

23. "Quiescent"

24. "Quick-paced"

25. "Quick-witted"

Positive Action Words That Start With The Letter Q

An action word can also be referred to as a verb. These are ‘doing’ words, and in the positive “Q” word department, an action word I like is “question”.

To me, being curious and asking questions is how we learn. Have you heard the phrase, “There are no stupid questions”? I believe that is true.

Young or old, we should be asking questions about any and everything. A lot of people are shy about asking questions because they don’t want to risk looking silly, but chances are other people in the room have the same question, and you are doing them a favor by asking it.

We can also look inside ourselves and question our values and beliefs. A little self-examination is good for a person.

I try to make this a regular part of my life, and reflect on whether my actions and my words really speak to the kind of person I want to be.

As members of society, we should be encouraged to question the decisions and laws that are made on our behalf. We should take an active part in this.

When I question things I am looking for answers, and when I get them I know more about my world, and my role in it. I hope that by questioning myself and the world around me, I can make improvements in both areas.

26. "Quack"

Positive Action Words That Start With The Letter Q

27. "Quelch"

28. "Quadruplicate"

29. "Qualify"

30. "Quarter"

31. "Quake"

32. "Quell"

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33. "Quarrel"

34. "Quadruple"

35. "Quintuple"

36. "Quiver"

37. "Quit"

38. "Quarantine"

39. "Quail"

40. "Quash"

41. "Quilt"

42. "Quibble"

Positive Action Words That Start With The Letter Q

43. "Quote"

44. "Quench"

45. "Quicken"

46. "Quip"

47. "Queue"

48. "Quieten"

49. "Quiz"

50. "Quest"

51. "Query"

52. "Question"

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53. "Quiesce"

54. "Quantize"

55. "Queen"

56. "Quaff"

57. "Quaver"

58. "Quantify"

Positive Action Words That Start With The Letter Q

Positive Adjectives That Start With The Letter Q

If I had to pick a favorite part of speech, I think I would say adjectives. I love how they provide more information and allow me to be more precise in what I am trying to say and describe.

Adjectives are descriptive words that give information about nouns - people, places, things.

Quaint is a word that makes us think of often endearing things that are charming. There tends to be an old-fashioned feel about things that are described as quaint.

After I was married we moved to a quaint village that was nestled among hills. There were some older stores in the village, a main street, school, arena, and farm co-op and that was about it.

I loved the village and enjoyed rearing my children in this quiet, charming environment. In more recent years, the village has become a notable arts community, and there is a wonderful mix of arts and heritage. It has not lost any of its charm, and I continue to enjoy visiting its shops and walking along the path that follows a gentle stream.

59. "Quaint"

60. "Quality"

61. "Quick-drying"

Inspirational Words Beginning With Q

Inspirational words are those that make us want to take big steps forward. They help us to set lofty goals, and to dream big.

This can be the beginning of something wonderful in your life. For me such a word is “quest”.

In medieval times, knights made quests to secure or achieve something. Today, characters go on quests in video and computer games.

These journeys and pursuits are typically noble in purpose. Each of us can adopt the idea of a noble quest, perhaps not in the form of a journey, but simply by seeking something.

Your quest can be as simple or as complex as you wish, but establishing a quest is the first step in achieving a goal. Once you have a quest in mind, say, to have a greater sense of calm in your life, you can create a plan to attain your goal.

Read the inspirational words below to see what inspires you.

62. "Quieting"

63. "Quelling"

64. "Quondam"

65. "Queen-bee"

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66. "Queenhood"

67. "Quick-march"

68. "Qui-Vive Quench"

69. "Qawwali"

70. "Queenie"

71. "Quality-Assurance"

Inspirational Words Beginning With Q

72. "Qualify Race"

73. "Quin-Centenary"

74. "Quattrocentism"

75. "Quodlibet"

76. "Quemeful"

77. "Questing"

Words Of Encouragement That Start With The Letter Q

Coloring Book Bannar

Encouraging words are important to have in our lives. We can put a key word of encouragement on a piece of jewelry, or write it on a sticky note that we put on our desk at work.

One of my favorite Q words of encouragement is "quell". At first glance, you might not think this word is very positive, yet it works for me because it reminds me to squash any negative thoughts I might have.

When I start having doubts about my ability to do my job, or I begin to question whether I am making good decisions in my personal life, I quell those thoughts and re-programme my brain to think positively.

One of the ways I do this is by listening to music. When I am feeling negative or anxious, listening to music can be super helpful to getting back into a positive groove.

If you’re the same, check out the music in Self-Help at The Fifth Element Life site. There are so many great tracks there that I love, and that help me to clear my mind and recharge my batteries. Those things that were stressing me out don’t seem like such a big deal.

When negative thoughts or emotions start to take hold, the word "quell" reminds me to stay calm and in control. It encourages me to find ways to quell those negative feelings, whether through music, meditation, exercise, or talking to a trusted friend or family member. What works for you?

78. "Quietness"

79. "Quick-release"

80. "Queen-like"

81. "Quality-check"

82. "Quintessentially"

83. "Quickness"

84. "Quick-wittedly"

85. "Quick-moving"

86. "Qui-vive"

87. "Quick-wittedness"

Words Of Encouragement That Start With The Letter Q

Strong And Motivating Words That Start With Q

When I am in need of strong and motivating words, I often think of the “Q” word, “quality”. This word reminds me to stay true to the course, and not lose sight of the goal. The way to achieve it is to produce quality work in my career, and be a quality friend in my personal life.

To me living a quality life means finding balance. There are always a number of aspects that demand my attention like family, friends, work, leisure time, finances, and travel.

Sure, there are times in my life when I’m busy with my career so the time I have for my friends is lessened, but in the summer I have more leisure time and I spend less time on my career. In the end, it balances out.

One of the ways I commit to a quality life is by making time each day to center myself through meditation. Even if I have only five minutes, I find that this is essential to feeling grounded.

What strong and motivational words from the list below resonate with you?

88. "Qigong"

89. "Quorum"

90. "Quaestuary"

91. "Quotha"

92. "Quamoclit"

93. "Quantum"

94. "Quat"

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95. "Qasida"

96. "Quarender"

97. "Quarrion"

98. "Qi"

99. "Quiety"

100. "Quadraphonic"

101. "Quality-of-life"

Nouns That Start With The Letter Q

Nouns are words that are people, places, and things, and my favorite “Q” noun is “quilt”.

Now, I get it if you think that’s kind of a lame “Q” noun. Why would I possibly choose “quilt”? Once I explain, I think you’ll understand.

You see, I was a lucky child who always had a homemade quilt on her bed. My mother was a gifted quilter. Every year Mom would work at cutting out the pieces then stitching them together to make a beautiful, often intricate pattern for the quilt top.

During the winter, our dining room would be turned into a quilting room, and the four long pieces of wood were set up with the quilt stretched out across these wooden frames. The frames sat atop chairs, one at each corner.

As Mom skillfully and quickly stitched a beautiful quilt pattern onto the quilt, the side frames would be rolled in, decreasing the width of the quilt until it was eventually completed.

Mom made quilts for our beds, and then as we eventually married and had homes of our own, Mom made quilts for the beds in our houses. When grandchildren grew up and settled in their own homes, Mom made quilts for them.

Truly, Mom is a gifted artist, and her quilts are works of art that we in my family willl treasure forever.

102. "Quarry"

103. "Quota"

104. "Quantity"

Nouns That Start With The Letter Q

105. "Qualification"

106. "Quartet"

107. "Quid"

108. "Quotation"

109. "Questionnaire"

110. "Qualifier"

111. "Quartz"

112. "Quantification"

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113. "Quarter-final"

114. "Quay"

115. "Quarterly"

116. "Quirk"

117. "Quine"

118. "Quayside"

119. "Quintet"

120. "Quadrant"

Nouns That Start With The Letter Q

121. "Quarto"

122. "Quiche"

123. "Quad"

124. "Quasar"

125. "Quintin"

126. "Quinine"

127. "Quill"

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128. "Quotient"

129. "Quinta"

130. "Questioner"

131. "Quark"

132. "Qin"

133. "Quli"

134. "Quire"

135. "Quattrocento"

136. "Quisling"

Nouns That Start With The Letter Q

137. "Quim"

138. "Quickdraw"

139. "Queasiness"

140. "Quartier"

141. "Quaich"

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142. "Quantisation"

143. "Quilter"

144. "Quince"

145. "Quarryman"

Adverbs That Start With Q

Adverbs are words that modify verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs to give more information about how, when, or where something is done.

They can add depth and nuance to our speech and writing, and help us to better get across our thoughts and emotions.

The adverb "quietly" is one that I always try to keep in mind. I am a person who naturally moves quickly, and I can become a little ‘scattered’ at times. So pausing to remember the word “quietly” helps me slow down, take a deep breath and proceed at a healthier speed!

Those few moments of stillness during my day help me to be centered, and when I am centered I think more clearly.

I simply can’t leave out the adverb "quintessentially". It’s fun to say and it’s important as it encourages me to be true to myself and to always follow my own path, no matter what others may think or say.

Check out more “Q” adverbs below.

146. "Quackingly"

147. "Quadrangularly"

148. "Qualmlessly"

149. "Quiescently"

150. "Quantically"

151. "Quietly"

152. "Qualmishly"

Adverbs That Start With Q

153. "Quinarily"

154. "Queenlily"

155. "Queerishly"

156. "Quenchingly"

157. "Quackishly"

158. "Quantifiably"

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159. "Quadratically"

160. "Quadrennially"

161. "Quincuncially"

162. "Quantificationally"

163. "Quadrantally"

164. "Quantitatively"

165. "Quellingly"

166. "Queerly"

167. "Quincunxially"

168. "Quinquennially"

Adverbs That Start With Q

Frequently Asked Questions

What 4 letter word contains Q?

One four-letter word that contains the letter "Q" is "quit."

What are positive words that start with Q?

Some of the positive words that start with Q are quick-witted, quiet, queenly, quotable, quality and more. These words can be used to convey positivity and optimism in various contexts and conversations.

How do you spell Quil?

The word "quil" is typically spelled as "quill."

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