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260 Positive Words That Begin With The Letter “U”

Positive words that start with U

Universal, United, Uplifting

Have you ever noticed how “U” words sometimes get the short end of the stick? This is due to the fact that the prefix “un” is at the beginning of many, many “U” words.

A prefix is letters that come at the beginning of a word - “pre”. They are attached or “fixed” to the root or main part of the word.

The meaning of “un” is typically “not”, so it’s negative in meaning. Take a minute and just brainstorm words that start with “U” and you’ll find yourself coming up with a lot of negative terms.

But that’s not to say we can’t put a positive spin on those “un” words. All you have to do is phrase it in a positive light. Here’s an example of what I mean.

“Uncertainty can be what motivates you to get more knowledge and make a plan to deal with your situation.”

Plus, there truly are some fantastic “U” words that can proudly stand alongside positive words that begin with other letters! You could say that “U” words are “undeniably underrated”, and deserve to be “universally uplifted!”

So, please accept my “unabashed” invitation to explore positive “U” words. They are sure to help you be an “unstoppable” force!

Positive Action Words That Start With “U”

Action words are also known as verbs. They often reflect movement of some sort, and can also be a state of being. One of my favorite “U” action words is “uplift.”

If you separate the two parts of this word you get “up” and “lift”. It really means that you are lifting something up. You could focus on uplifting yourself, or you can focus on uplifting others, your community, hey, even the world! There’s nothing wrong with thinking big!

I think all of us can benefit from uplifting ourselves from time to time. I know I can get dragged down and feeling negative sometimes, but when I make a conscious effort to focus on things that could put me in a more positive frame of mind, I feel way better!

I like to be active, and the winter months can be challenging. But instead of moping on the couch, I make a plan to get out on my cross-country skis whenever there’s enough snow. I don’t worry about driving somewhere, I just go around my property.

Getting outside and staying active is how I uplift myself, but there are lots of other things you can do. Try to find a way to enjoy your hobbies. Maybe you like listening to music, or meditation puts you in a peaceful frame of mind.

If that’s the case, explore our site You’ll find so many fabulous, uplifting things to uplift yourself and your friends!

Positive Action Words That Start with U

1. "Undomesticate"

2. "Unearth"

3. "Unbox"

4. "Unlearn"

5. "Unstring"

6. "Uncrate"

7. "Upstand"

8. "Unbraid"

9. "Upsell"

10. "Unplait"

Positive words that start with u

11. "Upload"

12. "Unify"

13. "Undervalue"

14. "Unpleat"

15. "Unclog"

16. "Unwrap"

17. "Unconfound"

18. "Unleash"

19. "Unbar"

20. "Underlay"

21. "Unsolder"

22. "Underwrite"

23. "Understudy"

24. "Unpick"

25. "Unseat"

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26. "Unbewitch"

27. "Unveil"

28. "Unbuckle"

29. "Unfasten"

30. "Uproot"

31. "Unsubscribe"

32. "Unbalance"

33. "Unionize"

34. "Undermine"

35. "Unbias"

36. "Unscrew"

37. "Unlock"

38. "Usurp"

39. "Urbanize"

40. "Unanchor"

Positive words that start with u

41. "Unfreeze"

42. "Unnail"

43. "Utilize"

44. "Unbridle"

45. "Underestimate"

46. "Unnerve"

47. "Underline"

48. "Unman"

49. "Unfetter"

50. "Uncouple"

51. "Unsettle"

52. "Uncap"

53. "Unravel"

54. "Unswaddle"

55. "Unharness"

56. "Unthread"

57. "Universalize"

58. "Unshackle"

59. "Unhinge"

60. "Underbid"

61. "Undulate"

62. "Unhitch"

63. "Undertake"

64. "Undress"

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65. "Unload"

66. "Underrate"

67. "Undersell"

68. "Unsaddle"

69. "Understand"

70. "Upbear"

71. "Unbind"

72. "Unseal"

73. "Usher"

74. "Uncork"

75. "Unbethink"

76. "Untangle"

77. "Uninstall"

78. "Unfold"

79. "Upholster"

80. "Underfong"

Positive Adjectives That Start With “U”

When you describe something, the words that you use are adjectives. They give us information about people, places, and things - nouns.

A fantastic “U” adjective is “unique”. Many things can be described as unique. It might be a unique piece of art, a unique house, or a unique item of jewelry.

Unique is also a word that can be used to describe people, their sense of humor or their fashion sense.

Being unique means you are your own person, not afraid to be different from others. It means you express who you are in a way that may not conform to the standard image.

A person can express their unique interests and preferences through the music they listen to, or the literature they read, or often it is through the clothes they choose to wear.

In this world where so many people follow the lead of others, it is a wonderful thing to see someone who is not afraid to express their unique self.

Let’s encourage one another to be unique, and not hide who we are from the world.

Positive Adjectives That Start with U

81. "Unbelievable"

82. "Unattached"

83. "Unambiguous"

84. "Uncluttered"

85. "Uncomplaining"

Positive words that start with u

86. "Unchallengeable"

87. "Unconfined"

88. "Unbruised"

89. "Unconditionally"

90. "Unabashed"

91. "Uncorrupted"

92. "Unassailable"

93. "Unanimous"

94. "Unconditional"

95. "Unbound"

96. "Undamaged"

97. "Uncomplicated"

98. "Undefined"

99. "Unbreakable"

100. "Unburdened"

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101. "Unabated"

102. "Uncritical"

103. "Unbelievably"

104. "Underscore"

105. "Unbeaten"

106. "Undaunted"

107. "Unarguable"

108. "Unclouded"

109. "Uncontestable"

110. "Undeniable"

Positive words that start with u

111. "Undeniably"

112. "Unaccountable"

Positive Words That Start With “U” To Describe A Person

There are many great options to consider when we are looking for just the right “U” word to describe a person - a colleague, a friend, a family member.

You might say your sister is “uncomplicated”, and your work colleague is “unbeatable”. Maybe the word that describes your free-spirit, bestie is “uninhibited.”

A “U” word for describing people that has importance for me is “unforgettable”. When my grandma turned 80, some years ago, we had a big party for her at my sister’s house.

There was a wonderful turnout of my aunts, uncles, and cousins, and my grandma’s sisters. Lots of laughs, speeches, and good food were hallmarks of the day.

The best part for me was when my cousin sang the song “Unforgettable” to Grandma. It was so beautiful, and so perfect for this very special person in all of our lives.

Do you know someone who is “unforgettable”?

Positive Words That Start with U to Describe a Person

113. "Unquestioning"

114. "Unimpressed"

115. "Unruffled"

116. "Unfailing"

117. "Unfettered"

118. "Unblemished"

119. "United"

120. "Unpredictable"

121. "Unencumbered"

122. "Unresponsive"

123. "Unyielding"

124. "Unafraid"

125. "Unhindered"

126. "Unforeseeable"

Positive words that start with u

127. "Unprejudiced"

128. "Unforgiving"

129. "Unmatchable"

130. "Unflustered"

131. "Universal"

132. "Unreserved"

133. "Unselfconscious"

134. "Ultimate"

135. "Undeterred"

136. "Unbiased"

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137. "Unconventional"

138. "Uninhibited"

139. "Uncompromising"

140. "Unflinching"

141. "Unselfish"

142. "Unconquerable"

Words Of Encouragement That Start With The Letter “U”

A beautiful word of encouragement that begins with the letter “U” is one of the simplest words in the English language - “up.”

When things aren’t going your way, you’ve hit a rough patch, and you’re having a tough time finding the joy in life, sometimes all you need to remember is the word “up”.

Get up off the couch or up out of your bed, look up at the stars in the sky, and know that whatever the issue is, you have a whole life to live, and you can get past this problem, put it behind you, and move on.

It may take time, but eventually, things will ‘look up’.

Have you seen the Pixar movie, “Up”? It is a beautiful, tender, at times sad, and at other times humorous film about an elderly man who goes on a trip.

The trip was a lifetime dream shared by the man and his wife, but they never made the trip together, and when she passes away, her husband decides he must do this for her.

It’s an endearing movie you might watch if you haven’t yet. It’s hard not to be encouraged by the sentiments that are shared, and it may help you to look up.

Words of Encouragement That Start with the Letter U

143. "Untroubled"

144. "Unstressed"

145. "Unscathed"

146. "Unwavering"

147. "Unassuming"

148. "Unfaltering"

149. "Unforgettable"

150. "Unique"


151. "Uninterrupted"

152. "Unite"

153. "Unpretentious"

154. "Unshakable"

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155. "Unadulterated"

156. "Understanding"

157. "Unhampered"

158. "Unreservedly"

159. "Unshakeable"

160. "Upstanding"

161. "Unhurried"

Strong And Motivating Words That Start With “U”

Sometimes all you need to get yourself going is the right word. Words can be very powerful, and can be truly instrumental in helping us find our mojo.

Two strong “U” words I love are “unflagging” and “unwavering”. These words are similar in meaning. They both reflect sticking to something, and not faltering, not giving up.

We all have trouble staying the course now and again, and when we have those moments, days, weeks we need to remind ourselves that our goal is worthy of effort, and that we have the ability to stick with it.

Be unwavering and unflagging in your determination to achieve your goals, whether those goals are simple or complex. Go for it! You’ve got this!

Strong and Motivating Words That Start with U

162. "Unflagging"

163. "Unquenchable"

164. "Unassuageable"

165. "Unshaken"

166. "Unswervable"

167. "Unshrinking"

168. "Unswerving"


169. "Unhesitating"

170. "Unfluctuating"

171. "Unrelieved"

172. "Unfazed"

173. "Unrelenting"

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174. "Unstinting"

175. "Unflappable"

176. "Unrestrained"

177. "Unbridled"

178. "Unstoppable"

179. "Unswayable"

180. "Unperturbed"

181. "Unbeatable"

182. "Uncompromised"

183. "Unhesitant"

Inspirational Words beginning With “U”

Looking for inspiration? What inspires you? I find that the word “unequivocally” is a really great place for me to start when I am looking for inspiration.

What I do is say or write the word “unequivocally” and then pair it with positive words that are important to me, that reflect who I am, my values, and my beliefs.

I ask myself, What are the things that I really believe in; what kind of person do I really want to be?

By pairing those words with “unequivocally” I lend strength to them. They become doubly powerful and inspiring.

This is because unequivocal means absolute, not subject to change, so I am declaring my commitment to who I want to be, and what I want from life, unequivocally.

Inspirational Words Beginning with U

184. "Unequivocally"

185. "Upliftingly"

186. "Undisputable"

187. "Upgradable"

188. "Unstirred"

189. "Unequivocal"

190. "Upgraded"

191. "Understandable"

192. "Uplift"

193. "Unreal"

194. "Unrestricted"

195. "Unstained"


197. "Untarnished"

198. "Upliftment"

199. "Undisputedly"

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200. "Unworried"

201. "Unerring"

202. "Upraise"

203. "Undisputed"

204. "Upbuild"


205. "Undefeated"

206. "Undying"

207. "Upheld"

208. "Understood"

Nouns That Start With “U”

I can’t write about “U” words without a shout-out to that mystical, magical creature, the unicorn.

The unicorn is white for purity and innocence. It resembles a horse which suggests strength and grace, and their legendary single, spiraling horn is said to have magical healing powers.

Did you know that the unicorn is the national animal of Scotland? As a creature known for its ability to escape those who try to pursue and capture it, the connection with proud Scotland is clear.

Unicorns were always a favorite of my younger daughter who had stuffed animal unicorns, and other play toys. Any show on TV that featured a unicorn became her instant favorite.

Are you a fan of this popular creature of mythology?

Nouns That Start With U

209. "Undergrowth"

210. "Understatement"

211. "Undergraduate"

212. "Uranium"

213. "Unemployment"

214. "Undercurrent"

215. "Umbellales"

216. "Ukraine"

217. "Unacceptability"

218. "Urn"

219. "Ukulele"

220. "Unreliability"

221. "Utopianism"

222. "Underbracing"

223. "Ulfilas"

224. "Underpinning"


225. "Underachievement"

226. "Ulanova"

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227. "Unpleasantness"

228. "United States"

229. "Ubiquinone"

230. "Undercut"

231. "Unconvincing"

232. "Undergirding"

233. "Underbrush"

234. "Underarm"

235. "Underbelly"

236. "Underclassman"

237. "Underground"

238. "Underbedding"

239. "Underling"

Unusual Words That Start With “U” to Upgrade Vocabulary

If you are looking for words to impress your boss at a meeting or your family at the next Thanksgiving dinner, look no further than the letter “U”. The 21st letter of the alphabet has some great ones to choose from.

If you belong to a family that has curly hair, you could use the word “ulotrichous” to describe it.

Another interesting word is “unciform”. This “U” word means hook-shaped. If you’re watching Peter Pan with your nieces and nephews, you can impress them, and increase their vocabulary as well, by describing Captain Hook’s hand as unciform.

Unusual Words That Starts Wth U To Upgrade Vocabulary

240. "Ultracrepidarian"

241. "Uggle"

242. "Umplist"

243. "Ubuquit"

244. "Ululate"

245. "Umblook"

246. "Uivigar"

247. "Ucalegon"

248. "Under-honest"

249. "Ugly-Whisper"

250. "Unasinous"

251. "Ultrafidianism"

252. "Ughten"

253. "Ubiliciform"

254. "Underbreet"

255. "Ulotrichous"

256. "Unidextral"


257. "Unistylist"

258. "Unheckled"

259. "Upbig"

260. "Uranomania"

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the U sound?

The "U" sound in English can have different pronunciations depending on the word and context.

English pronunciation can vary based on accents and regional dialects, so these examples represent general pronunciations but may not be the same for every speaker.

Are there any double U words?

Yes, there are words in the English language that contain the letter combination "uu" (double U). However, it is quite rare. One example of a word with a double "u" is "vacuum."

What words end in U?

There are some words that end with the letter U such as Tabu, Honshu, Guru, Rescindu, Sudoku and more. The letter "U'' is not a very common ending for English words, so the options are relatively limited.

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