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204 Positive Words That Begin With The Letter “V”

positive word start with v

Victorious, Vibrant, Vow

The letter “V” provides a rich selection of marvelous words to capture many different feelings and actions. It is a powerful letter.

In this article we are going to take a closer look at some key “V” words, and you will have lists of “V” words categorized to make it easy for you to find what you are looking for.

From action words to positive “V” words to describe a person, from words that inspire to those that motivate, there are many wonderful “V” words to consider.

I find that “V” words are easy to connect with. One I really like is “vow”. I attended my nephew’s wedding last summer, and the vows that each one made to the other were incredibly touching. I am a fan of couples writing their own vows because they really come from the heart and they are so personal.

“Vibrant” is another favorite “V” word of mine. I am very much attracted to people who have a vibrant personality. That vibrancy can pick me up when I’m feeling down, and make me smile and laugh. People with this kind of personality are such a gift.

Come along with me as I explore more great “V” words!

Positive Words Starting With “V” To Describe A Person

People who are “virtuous” have a strong sense of their morals and values. You could say they are morally excellent.

I am very fortunate to have such a friend. She is very committed to her value system, and I find that when I spend time with her, she makes me a better person.

Ideally, I think that all relationships should lead us to develop ourselves into better people, don’t you?

My friend has a very positive outlook. She always tries to see the silver lining in something. This inspires me to do the same, and also to reflect on my own views.

I find being around someone who is a positive thinker inevitably makes me happy. When I am seeing the good in people, and responding to a situation with a positive outlook, I am simply having a better day!

Now I set goals for myself to be more positive, to see the good in people, and to try to be someone with values that lead me and those around me to have a happy existence.

Positive Words To Describe A Person Starting With V

1. "Vivacious"

2. "Venturesome"

3. "Valiant"

4. "Venerate"

5. "Virtu"

6. "Veracious"

7. "Verily"

8. "Versatile"

9. "Volunteer"

10. "Valor"


11. "Viable"

12. "Versed"

13. "Vouch"

14. "Victor"

15. "Vigilant"

16. "Veteran"

17. "Vigorous"

18. "Vindicate"

19. "Vow"

20. "Vindictive"

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21. "Vehement"

22. "Vengeful"

23. "Vicarious"

24. "Visionary"

25. "Vain"

26. "Vicious"

27. "Vainglorious"

28. "Verbose"

29. "Vibrant"

30. "Vagabond"

31. "Vulgar"

32. "Visitor"

33. "Valid"

34. "Victorious"

35. "Valuable"

36. "Voracious"

37. "Vulnerable"

38. "Vivid"

39. "Virtuous"

40. "Verve"


41. "Vintage"

42. "Vast"

43. "Vital"

44. "Virgin"

Inspirational Words Starting With “V”

When we need inspiration, it can be helpful to have some key words or phrases that we can turn to. One such word for me is “valuable”.

When I refer to this term, I don’t mean things that have material value. I’m not talking about expensive jewelry or cars.

I’m talking about the value that each one of us has as a human being.

When I need to find inspiration, I think about what value I bring to my work and to my relationships.

I might list the positive character traits I have, and maybe think about some of the things I have done to make my workplace a better place for everyone there, or how I show my appreciation for my boyfriend, my girlfriends and my family members.

It’s a little like taking inventory, and it really works to make me feel good about myself, and inspires me to be an even better me.

We all have things about ourselves that make us valuable. Take a few minutes to think about what is valuable about yourself, and see how it inspires you to be even better!

Inspirational Words Starting With V

45. "Vegetarian"

46. "Vacation"

47. "Venture"

48. "Vision"

49. "Validation"

50. "Vigilantly"

51. "Veridical"

52. "Value"

53. "Virtuoso"

54. "Visit"

55. "Venus"

56. "Virtuosity"

57. "Vetiver"

58. "Very"

59. "Verdant"

60. "Variety"

61. "Validity"

62. "Various"

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63. "Vouchsafe"

64. "Vernal"

65. "Vivify"

66. "Verify"

Positive words that start with V

67. "Verbal"

Strong And Motivational Words That Start With “V”

To be strong and motivational, a word needs to make us want to get going and bring our A game!

One “V” word in particular does that for me. That word is “vital”.

I became a fan of this word by observing important people in my life who I really look up to and admire.

The word “vital” suggests that someone has remarkable energy, and a personality that makes you sit up and take note. “Vital” also means something that is essential to life.

My mother is a vital person. Everything she does, she does with incredible energy. She is one of those people that you pay attention to because her mere presence commands attention - in a good way.

Other people pick up on Mom’s positive energy and you just can’t help but feel better! My friends were able to experience that, as Mom has always happily welcomed any and all of our friends.

Whether it was a request that my friend stay for dinner, or overnight, Mom would always say yes. What a fantastic role model she provided of generosity, caring, and love.

Strong & Motivational Words Starting With V

68. "Voluptuous"

69. "Vocal"

70. "Verifiable"

71. "Viva"

72. "Volume"

73. "Vividly"

74. "Victrix"

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75. "Validatory"

76. "Visible"

77. "Vitalize"

78. "Viewable"

79. "Vibrate"

Positive words that start with V

80. "Volant"

81. "Vigilance"

82. "Votary"

83. "Vivace"

84. "Vivacity"

Positive Adjectives That Start With “V”

Adjectives are describing words. These words describe nouns - people, places, and things.

Do you enjoy the outdoors? Are camping and kayaking your thing? Does dinner cooked over an open fire sound better than an up-scale restaurant to you?

Take this a step further. Does shooting the rapids or scaling a mountain sound right up your alley?

If this sounds like you, then the term “venturesome” could be applied to you. Venturesome describes someone who enjoys dangerous activities, and taking risks.

One of my son’s is venturesome. The more intense the challenge, the more he wants to do it. He loves to test his limits, and is happiest when he must use all of his mental acuity and physical prowess.

As his mother, I respect what he does, but it’s pretty nerve wracking!

Positive Adjectives Starting With V

85. "Velvety"

86. "Venerable"

87. "Veritable"

88. "Vapored"

89. "Variant"

90. "Vaporing"

91. "Vandal"

92. "Variable"

93. "Vapid"

94. "Vaporizable"

95. "Vaporific"

96. "Varied"

Positive words that start with V

97. "Vanilla"

98. "Vapory"

99. "Vascular"

100. "Varying"

101. "Vernacular"

102. "Valerianaceous"

103. "Valeric"

104. "Valetudinous"

105. "Valedictory"

106. "Valerianic"

107. "Valent"

108. "Vallatory"

109. "Valery"

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110. "Vallar"

111. "Valkyrian"

112. "Valorous"

113. "Vallary"

Words Of Encouragement That Start With “V”

One of the most frequently used “V” words is “victory”, and with good reason! What could be more encouraging than someone rooting for you to be victorious?!

When we think of the word, victory, our first thought is about playing a sport and being the winning team. But this word can apply to other situations as well.

Any time you set a goal for yourself, you can aim to be victorious in achieving that goal. For example, maybe you set a goal for yourself to eat more healthily.

That’s the overall goal, but to achieve victory in the overall goal, you need to set mini-goals along the way.

This was actually my goal last year. I have never been big on vegetables. As a child I would basically eat meat and dessert at meals, and that was it. I would eat potatoes if they were mashed and had lots of butter and salt on them, lol.

As an adult, I am still not crazy about many vegetables, and I knew I needed to do something about that, so I set an overall goal for myself to eat a greater variety of vegetables and to eat vegetables at every lunch and dinner. I gave myself two months to gradually reach my goal.

I set about putting together a plan with mini-goals. Mini-goals are absolutely essential to gaining victory of the overall goal. They help to break down the big goal and make it manageable.

Plus, we have the opportunity for many mini-victories which is super motivating!

Increase your chances of victory by making a plan with lots of mini-victory opportunities! It’s fun to celebrate!

Words Of Encouragement Starting With V

114. "Vigor"

115. "Vie"

116. "Vest"

117. "Vulnerary"

118. "Vitality"

119. "Verdure"

120. "Vantage"

121. "Veraciously"

122. "Voice"

123. "Victory"

124. "Vaccinate"

125. "Vanquish"

Positive words that start with V

Action Words Starting With “V”

Action words are also known as verbs. They suggest motion, or doing, and they can also indicate a state of being.

For “V” action words, I like “vow”. To vow something is to make a promise.

We can vow to achieve any number of things, or to be a particular kind of person. We might vow to keep our house tidier, to spend more time with a family member who is ill, to go for a walk five times per week.

We could vow to be more thoughtful and set a goal to do an act of kindness a minimum of once per day, or be a better listener, and focus on really being invested in our conversations with our partner.

We often hear the word “vow” in relation to marriages. In this case people vow to love, support, and cherish each other.

What vows do you want to make that could improve your quality of life?

Action Words Starting With V

126. "Vapor"

127. "Varnish"

128. "Verbalize"

129. "Vat"

130. "Vend"

131. "Vandyke"

132. "Vandalize"

133. "Vaagmer"

134. "Variate"

135. "Vesiculate"

136. "Vade"

137. "Vaticinate"

138. "Venditate"

139. "Vaunt"

140. "Ventouse"

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141. "Vacillate"

142. "Vamper"

143. "Vernish"

144. "Versify"

145. "Vermiculate"

146. "Verse"

147. "Vestigate"

148. "Vegetable"

149. "Venenate"

150. "Vegetate"

151. "Vowelize"

152. "Voluntary"

153. "Volcanize"

154. "Vomit"

155. "Volatilize"

156. "Voyage"

157. "Volow"


Nouns Starting With The Letter “V”

A noun is a person, place, or thing, and is a major building block of language. When we consider “V” nouns, we have plenty of choices, but I am going to talk about a very special “V” noun, “vacation.”

Every summer my brother and my sister-in-law host a family weekend at their cottage. It is definitely one of the highlights of my summer.

Three or four days at the cottage, enjoying the peace and fun of the lake, time spent around the campfire laughing and singing, roasting marshmallows, playing cards inside when the mosquitoes drive us in are some of the wonderful things we do.

Taking time to step back from the demands of our daily lives can help us to reset, and return to our responsibilities refreshed and renewed.

Whether you vacation in your back yard or take off to explore another part of the world, taking time to unplug and unwind is critical for our mental health.

If you are interested in other ways to improve your well-being, check out You will find a great variety of things to check out and get into like crystals, quotes and affirmations, music, and many more.

Nouns Starting With V

158. "Vinney"

159. "Voider"

160. "Velayat"

161. "Vampire"

162. "Vagitus"

163. "Vihara"

164. "Vogue"

165. "Vestry"

166. "Visage"

167. "Vaulter"

168. "Vodoun"

169. "Venison"

170. "Violence"

171. "Verbosity"

172. "Vestige"

173. "Valley"

174. "Vein"

175. "Venom"

176. "Verine"

177. "Void"

178. "Vowel"

179. "Violin"

180. "Voicer"

181. "Vanuatu"

182. "Vibist"


183. "Vaccine"

184. "Vachana"

185. "Venezuela"

186. "Voyager"

187. "Vertex"

188. "Vacuole"

189. "Valence"

190. "Vivification"

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191. "Vomica"

192. "Ventilation"

193. "Virion"

194. "Vidcap"

195. "Vent"

196. "Valewe"

197. "Vacationland"

198. "Verge"

199. "Vintry"

200. "Verdit"

201. "Viscoelasticity"


203. "Voicemail"

204. "Valance"


Frequently Asked Questions

What words start with V alliteration?

Some of the alliteration words that starts with “V” includes Velvet, Vivacious, Valiant, Vast and Vibrant. The alliteration occurs when words share the same initial sound in a sequence adding a rhythmic quality to your speech or writing.

What words start with V to describe winning?

There are many words that start with “V” and are associated with winning. Some of them include Victory, Vanquish, Valiant, Vaunt and more. These words capture difficult aspects of winning success, overcoming challenges and more.

What are the rule V words?

There is no specific rule that applies to all words starting with the letter "V," as English pronunciation rules can be complex and inconsistent. However, there are some general guidelines for pronouncing "V" words. It is important to note that pronunciation can have variations, so it's always helpful to refer to specific words or dictionaries for accurate pronunciation.

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