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108 Positive Words That Begin With The Letter “Z”

Positive words that start with Z

Zoo, Zany, Zealous

Wow, the end of our alphabet! The letter Z is extraordinary, and is interesting from the standpoint of pronunciation. The British pronounce Z like “zaid”, and Americans say “zee”.

Whichever way you say it, the letter Z provides an opportunity to increase your vocabulary so when you are writing a paper, making a presentation, or just want to impress your friends you have the knowledge at your fingertips.

This article will explore Z words that fit into different categories. We will look at Z words that can be used to describe a person as well as action words, adjectives, and inspirational, encouraging, and motivational Z words.

Are there any One Direction fans out there? If so, you know the singer Zayn Malik. Along with Niall Horan, Harry Styles and Liam Payne the four singers were discovered during an X Factor competition.

The boys had competed individually but did not go through to the next level. However, judge Simon Cowell saw the potential in the boys to form a successful boy band, and subsequently formed One Direction, also known as 1D.

The band was enormously popular from 2010-2016 when the members decided to go their separate ways.

Zayn left the band in 2015, wanting to go out on his own, but One Direction continued for another year with the addition of Louis Tomlinson.

So now that we have looked at a famous Z persona, let’s continue with positive Z words to describe a person.

Positive Words That Begin With Z To Describe A Person

You can never know too many words that may be used to describe a person. It feels great when you know just the right word that captures a person’s unique personality.

Zealous is a marvelous Z word that perfectly suits someone who is truly devoted to someone and who shows diligence in the way they attend to things that are important in their life.

This individual’s energy seems endless as they pursue something with great energy and devotion.

Zealous is exactly the word I would use for a good friend of mine who is a grade one teacher. She adores her students and is passionate about teaching.

She particularly loves teaching children to read and she is most zealous about this aspect of her work.

You cannot sit with my friend for long before the conversation moves to the little ones she instructs. Her eyes light up as she relates one story after another of this one and that one who are sounding out words, and beginning to string a few together.

With her zealous attitude there is not one child in her class who will not move forward with their learning. She is truly a gift to them, and she would say the same of those children in her life.

Positive Words That Start With Z To Describe A Person

1. "Zany"

2. "Zappy"

3. "Zealous"

4. "Zesty"

5. "Zing"

6. "Zippy"

.7 "Zazzy"

8. "Zen"

9. "Zestful"

Positive words that start with Z

10. "Zingy"

11. "Zooty"

12. "Zaftig"

13. "Zaddik"

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14. "Zardozi"

15. "Zeal"

16. "Zealed"

17. "Zealful"

Positive Action Words That Start With The Letter Z

Action words are also known as verbs. They depict, just as you might guess, action. There are two action words that begin with the letter Z that I would like to bring to your attention.

The first of these is the word zoom. To zoom means to move very quickly. When I think of this word I recall many lovely times reading to my children at bedtime.

One of their favorite books was one by Sandra Boynton which features different dinosaurs and each one’s particular personality.

One of the dinosaurs is called Zoomer and Zoomer zooms past things and people at a very speedy rate! “Everything she does, she does it fast!”

I’m sure you know people who zoom here and there. My sister zooms throughout her day, and when I am with her I can hardly keep up! I must admit that she accomplishes a lot.

The opposite of zooming is another Z action word, zeeing. If you are zeeing, you are taking a nap, having a rest or sleeping.

I think that naps are very civilized and I love to take a nap around 1 p.m. if I can possibly squeeze it into my day.

Do you zee? My sister would never zee because she’s too busy zooming.

Positive Action Words That Start With Z

18. "Zhuzh"

19. "Zotz"

20. "Zizzle"

21. "Zhng"

22. "Zirconiate"

23. "Zeolitize"

24. "Zoomorphize"

25. "Zephyr"

26. "Zerg"

27. "Zeriba"

28. "Zizz"

29. "Zorb"

30. "Zionize"

31. "Zinc"

32. "Zoologize"

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33. "Zionify"

34. "Zhoosh"

Positive Adjectives That Start With The Letter Z

When you use a descriptive word, you have used an adjective. Adjectives tell us things like what color something is, or someone’s age. They provide us with important details that can help us to have a better understanding about a place, a person or a thing.

An example of this is the classic scary book phrase describing the setting, “It was a dark and stormy night.” In this case, the adjectives are “dark” and “stormy.”

So now that you understand the importance of adjectives let’s move on to a Z adjective that belongs to the culinary world.

There are many dishes that one would call zesty! To say something is zesty means that it is spicy, and has a strong flavor.

Foods that are typically zesty are pasta sauces, many Thai dishes as well as foods from South America which feature hot peppers.

If you travel to the southern states, particularly to the Bayou area you will have the chance to try Cajun cooking which is known for its piquant flavors.

I love to cook with ingredients that make zesty dishes, and my kids love these foods as well. They will always ask me to make my zesty chili, or my tomato sauce that I use in lasagna and to top a big plate of spaghetti.

Are you a fan of zesty food? If you are, why not whip up your favorite dish tonight?

Positive Adjectives That Start With Z

35. "Zonked"

36. "Zimbabwean"

37. "Zigzag"

38. "Zillion"

39. "Zipless"

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40. "Zoetic"

41. "Zairean"

42. "Zionist"

43. "Zero"

44. "Zambian"

45. "Zonal"

46. "Zoogenic"

Inspirational Words That Start With The Letter Z

Are you looking for inspiration ? There is a fantastic, inspirational word that starts with Z that I want to share with you.

This word has a place in astronomy, but can be used in other ways as well. The word is zenith.

If you love to gaze at the stars, study the planets, and dream of other galaxies then you have an interest in astronomy, the natural science that is concerned with celestial objects and phenomena.

The word zenith in astronomy refers to the point on a celestial sphere that is vertically above an observer. “The way over one’s head” is how the Arabic term originated.

Even if you aren’t into astronomy, you can make the word zenith a helpful and impressive part of your vocabulary.

Simply, the zenith is the highest point or state. If you are climbing a mountain you will reach the zenith when you get to the top.

When you become the boss of a company, you are reaching the zenith of your career.

The zenith can be seen as the final step or culmination of your efforts. It’s like the highest point of all of everything you have been striving for.

You can relate the term to just about anything you do in life. For example, you could say that a child’s parents felt they had reached the zenith of their child rearing when their daughter was fully independent and on a clear life path.

Take a moment to think about your zenith. It can be illuminating, just like the stars in a celestial sphere.

Inspirational Words Beginning With Z

47. "Zenith"

48. "Zealot"

49. "Zest"

50. "Zowie"

51. "Zazzle"

52. "Zenithal"

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53. "Zymurgy"

54. "Zealously"

55. "Zest for success"

56. "Zestfulness"

57. "Zestiness"

58. "Zest for learning"

Inspirational Words

59. "Zonate"

60. "Zest for living"

61. "Zen-like"

62. "Zestily"

Words Of Encouragement That Start With Z

When we watch a sport on TV we might hear that a player or team is in the zone. What does this mean exactly?

Being in the zone means that a person is completely focused on the task at hand. I have seen my son, who is crazy about video games, in the zone many times. So much so that he doesn’t hear me when I call him for supper!

Being in the zone, that state of being completely immersed in a task, can help us to achieve optimally. When you are in the zone you are not thinking about anything else. Your time is 100 percent spent on the game, the problem, the assignment.

If you can be in the zone, it goes to say that you can get a lot done. In other words, that total concentration can move you forward toward the achievement of your goal.

Try getting in the zone by removing any and all distractions. Give yourself a block of time to focus on the task, and then go for it.

You will be excited about the results from this completely focused time, and it will encourage you to keep moving forward with your goal!

Go for it and see how encouraging and empowering being in the zone can be!

Words Of Encouragement That Start With The Letter Z

63. "Zealotry"

64. "Zest for change"

65. "Zest for creativity"

Words Of Encouragement

66. "Zaniness"

67. "Zest for challenge"

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68. "Zinginess"

69. "Zest for improvement"

70. "Zanily"

71. "Zest for innovation"

72. "Zest for achievement"

73. "Zest for growth"

74. "Zest for exploration"

75. "Zest for life"

76. "Zest for adventure"

Positive Action Words

77. "Zest for progress"

78. "Zest for excellence"

Motivating Words That Begin With Z

For a motivating word beginning with the letter Z look no further than “zen.” The term zen comes from Buddhism, and is a state of complete calm.

Essential to being zen is letting go of the value we put on material things, and accepting the belief that there is a connection among all things in the universe.

Meditation is key, and being present or mindful. In addition, we should show respect and have an attitude of gratitude.

In this way we can achieve peace of mind, and live a serene and simple life.

If you are motivated by this way of living, try establishing a routine of meditating each day. Often the morning is a good time before the demands of the day creep in and claim our time.

Little by little you will find yourself getting closer to a zen state, and you will reap the benefits in all aspects of your life.

The site has many powerful and helpful things for you to explore if you are looking to achieve a better, more healthy state of being. Check it out.

Strong & Motivating Words That Start With Z

79. "Zoom"

80. "Zoned"

81. "Zestful attitude"

82. "Zestful energy"

83. "Zestful enthusiasm"

Motivating Words

84. "Zestful motivation"

85. "Zestful spirit"

86. "Zen-like calm"

87. "Zen-like focus"

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88. "Zen-like mindset"

89. "Zen-like peace"

90. "Zen-like tranquility"

91. "Zen-like wisdom"

92. "Zealous determination"

Positive Words

93. "Zealous drive"

94. "Zealous effort"

95. "Zealous enthusiasm"

96. "Zealous focus"

97. "Zealous motivation"

98. "Zealous spirit"

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99. "Zealous work ethic"

100. "Zeroed in"

101. "Zestful drive"

102. "Zestful engagement"

103. "Zestful persistence"

104. "Zestful pursuit"

105. "Zestful resilience"

106. "Zestful striving"

107. "Zestful vitality"

108. "Zestful zeal"

Positive Adjectives

Frequently Asked Questions

What seven letter word has a Z?

One seven-letter word that contains a "Z" is "dazzled."

What sentences start with Z?

Sentences starting with the letter "Z" may be less common than those starting with other letters, so they might not be as frequently used in everyday language.

What are popular Z words?

The list with Z has an incredible amount of words. Some of the popular words that start with Z are zen, zeal, zebra, zing zero and more.

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