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180 Spiritual Journaling Prompts To Live A Fulfilling Life

Spiritual Journal Prompts

Sometimes, growth comes by difficult roads. But growth is always good for a fulfilling life. Unlock profound self-discovery and inner growth with these inspiring Spiritual Journaling Prompts."

If you could look at your life from above, you would see that everything that happens is beautiful.

In this article, I will show you the journaling prompts that have taught me how to let go of uncomfortable situations and learn from them. Also, help you have a life full of gratitude and connection with yourself and the energy that surrounds the universe.

The responsibility to live a happy life is yours.

29 Journal Prompts To Spark Change

Journaling is a powerful tool to achieve change.

Have you ever felt you need to change your life to move forward?

Through my journaling journey, I've identified behavioral patterns that wouldn't allow me to grow as a person.

I learned that to win; you have to give in first. Instead of opposing change, you have to flow with it. The nature of water is to flow; it does not resist.

Change begins by recognizing that there is no absolute truth and that people can grow and evolve if they allow it.

If you want to achieve change in your life, start by recognizing the areas you want to improve. Don't be so hard on yourself; just try to know yourself better.

Here are some journaling prompts to spark change in your life:

1. "What are some unresolved issues in your life? What steps do you need to take to resolve them?"

2. "What makes your life meaningful?"

3. "What are some attitudes you have that you need to change? How can you change them?"

4. "What is the condition of your inner life? What shifts do you need to make?"

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5. "In what way can you be of help to others?"

6. "What does spirituality mean to you?"

7. "Who or what has had the most influence on your spiritual life?"

8. "Have you been deliberately unkind to someone? Why? How can you prevent this attitude towards others in the future?"

9. "What painful life experience have you had? How can you find healing or how have you found healing?"

10. "What makes you happy?"

11. "How do you start your day? What can you add or remove to make it better?"

12. "Name at least five things that blows you away and why?"

13. "Why do you feel fearful of the unknown? What steps can you take to get rid of this fear?"

14. "What are some little habits you can create to help you have a more fulfilling day"

15. "Do you believe in God? Why or why not?"

16. "What are your beliefs when it comes to spirituality?"

17. "What do you believe happens when you pass on?"

18. "How are you feeling right now?"

spiritual Journalling prompts

19. "What are some public opinions about spirituality that you have a problem with. Why?"

20. "What has shaped your belief?"

21. "Are there affirmations or mantras that you use in your spiritual life?"

22. "Do you need to burn the skeletal remains of your past so that you can move forward? what steps do you need to take?"

23. "How do you engage your spirituality everyday?"

24. "Is there growth in your spiritual life? How can you have increased growth?"

25. "What does faith means to you?"

26. "What are you grateful for?"

27. "Are you genuine and humble? How can you work on this aspect of your life?"

28. "When do you feel most connected to God or a higher power?"

29. "What is the main structure on which your life is built?"

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43 Journal Prompts For Healing

Use journaling as a healing therapy.

This practice will help you navigate and process your emotions; it is a safe place to write your concerns, frustrations, everyday challenges, and basically everything that you need to get out of your mind.

The following journaling prompts will give you a sense of emotional release, reduce stress, give you a clearer perspective of your emotions, and start healing your soul.

Free pain and start healing with these journaling prompts:

30. "What encouragement would you give yourself as if you were talking to someone else?"

31. "What is one gift this season of healing has given you?"

32. "If you could go back and relive any moment in your life, what would it be?"

33. "What will be the mark of the “end” of your healing journey?"

34. "What's something you need to let go of?"

35. "What are three actionable steps you can take today to bring more peace into your life?"

36. "What does unconditional love and support mean to you?"

37. "Today I am hoping for…"

38. "What would you tell your best friend if they were going through the same challenges you are right now?"

39. "What are the most important lessons you’ve learned from your healing so far?"

spiritual journal prompts

40. "Describe an experience that ultimately made you stronger. "

41. "If I added (fill in the blank) to my life, I would be further down the road to healing."

42. "What could you do to make a positive difference in your own life?"

43. "Make a list of small or unexpected things that have been helpful along your journey of healing? Then give thanks to them."

44. "What's your biggest fear about the future?"

45. "What could you be doing to bring more peace into your life?"

46. "Make a list of things about yourself that bring you joy."

47. "Write a letter of encouragement to your body."

48. "What are some new things you’ve learned about yourself from your healing so far?"

49. "What do you fear most about the future? "

50. "What feelings and emotions do you experience most often?"

51. "What parts of your life have been affected most by your pain?"

52. "What do you wish you would remember on your bad days?"

53. "When do you feel most alive and free?"

54. "What is something you would love to do, but you’re not sure you can?"

55. "Write down 10 affirmations for yourself related to where you are in your healing."

spiritual journal prompts

56. "Where do you want to be on your healing journey in 1 month? 1 year?"

57. "What kind of person do you want to be?"

58. "What are some of the most important milestones on your healing journey so far?"

59. "Write a letter to someone you need to forgive"

60. "Today I am working towards…"

61. "What excites you most about the future?"

62. "How can you make progress towards healing and self-discovery this week?"

63. "What are some anger and frustrations you're holding onto?"

64. "Are there any feelings you’re holding back from experiencing because you’re afraid they’re too raw, hard, or difficult?"

65. "What has your pain taught you?"

66. "Who do you know you can count on for support?"

67. "What do you wish you would go back and tell yourself to prepare you for what you’ve been through?"

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68. "How do you feel about yourself today, at this moment?"

69. "Who are some people that taught you about unconditional love when you were at your lowest point?"

70. "Use five positive words to describe yourself."

71. "If I eliminated (fill in the blank) from my life, I would be further down the road to healing."

72. "What external circumstances are bringing the most stress and anxiety to your life?"

73. "Write a letter of encouragement to your mind."

Spiritual Journal Prompts

25 Spiritual Writing Journal Prompts

Spiritual writing is something that has enhanced me to explore my inner self and higher power beliefs.

Connecting not only to myself but to a divine source of power has brought so much peace and joy to my life.

Using a journal to connect with my spiritual guide provides a safe place to explore my beliefs, values, and experiences related to spirituality.

By paying attention to the present moment, you become more aware of the signs the universe gives you.

Sometimes we are so busy that we forget all the blessings we have around us; through Journaling, I started to notice that the universe already had given me a lot of things I was asking for.

It just takes a minute to stop and realize that our spiritual guide is always working quietly on our behalf.

The universe is energy. And energy is always there.

If you want to start connecting with the source of energy that surrounds us, use these journaling prompts for spiritual writing:

74. "Are there any parts of your faith practice that feel like you’re going through the motions? How can you improve that situation?"

75. "What’s your earliest memory of feeling God’s presence?"

76. "Which acts of service give you the greatest feeling of faith?"

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77. "What role has God played in your life today?"

78. "What’s a subtle or less than obvious blessing in your life you’re grateful for?"

79. "Which locations give you a sense of closeness to God?"

80. "Which beliefs do you hold about the afterlife that impact your day-to-day decisions?"

81. "What is something you currently fear, and how can God help you remove that fear?"

82. "Which people help you feel closer to God?"

83. "What does your favorite scripture mean to you?"

84. "Who could you forgive in your life and how could you make it happen?"

85. "What is something out of your control you should fully surrender to God?"

86. "Which stories of people from scripture inspire your life, and how?"

87. "Where would you most like to grow spiritually?"

88. "When the time comes for your funeral, what’s the one thing you wish people will be able to say about you that isn’t true today?"

89. "How can you make prayer more open and honest?"

90. "What are some of the blessings of God’s natural world most meaningful to your life?"

91. "What in your life currently distracts you from God, and how can you remove that distraction?"

Spiritual journal prompts

92. "If you had to choose a single word that feels most descriptive of your current relationship with faith, what would it be? Why?"

93. "When have you started to worship the creature (or thing) instead of the Creator, and how did you remedy it?"

94. "When have you achieved something seemingly impossible with the help of God?"

95. "How close do you feel to God right now?"

96. "What is the smallest or easiest step to draw closer to God you could take?"

97. "What do you believe about God’s nature and how does this impact your life choices?"

98. "When was a time you felt a strong sense of God’s presence?"

99. "Describe a time that prayer profoundly helped you."

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20 Journal Prompts For Balancing Soul

Staying calm during a crisis can save you years of pain and heartache.

Having balance in our lives is very important for our well-being.

A balanced soul is being able to handle situations in the right way. No matter how hard a situation may be.

Not being carried away by feelings makes you a reasonable person. Every process is born from people who have taken the risk to visit the places they feared and recognize that even in difficult situations, calm can be found as long as stability is maintained.

Journaling has become the medicine that I take every morning to stay balanced.

If we realize so many stressful or anxious situations surround our life, we forget how to balance the good and the bad. Through Journaling, I have expelled all these feelings of anguish or anxiety.

I believe that self-help is necessary to have a balanced soul, and one of these techniques is writing.

From my personal experience, writing gives me peace and makes me reconnect with myself, helping me to be well with myself and all the people around me.

Balance is key.

Use these journaling prompts to balance your soul.

100. "How can you be a better person tomorrow than you were today?"

101. "Do you think you’re a spiritual being trapped in a human body?"

102. "What makes you feel the most alive?"

103. "Who is your best friend, and why are they important to you?"

104. "What are some spiritual practices that have been beneficial to you?"

105. "Do something nice for yourself or others – what do they need, and how can you help them get it?"

106. "What have you taken for granted lately?"

107. "Make a list of five things that make life worthwhile for you right now (e.g., family, friends)"

108. "What people, figures, or ideas have had the most influence on your spiritual life?"

109. "What do you want to be remembered for after your death?"

Spiritual Journal Prompt

110. "Think about what makes life worth living – what brings joy into your life and why is it important to have these things in your life?"

111. "Reflect on any significant events from the past year that impacted the way you live now."

112. "What is one thing you are grateful for today?"

113. "If there was one person who could have been with you your whole life, who would it be and why?"

114. "What words would I use to describe my relationship with a higher power?"

115. "Did anything good happen to you this week that made your day brighter (e.g., the weather, meeting someone new)?"

116. "What is it about this year that makes it different from all others?"

117. "What emotion do you try to avoid?"

118. "How do you find peace in a chaotic world?"

119. "What is preventing you from living the life you desire?"

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Journal Prompts To Ignite Spiritual Awakening

Expressing gratitude in your journal is an important aspect of spiritual awakening.

Writing about all the things you’ve been through and all the lessons learned cultivates a positive mindset.

Spiritual awakening is the process of seeing things with a meaning based on blessings. This reflection provides a sense of motivation and inspiration to grow in your spiritual path.

Since I started to look at the "negative" things that happened to me with a: what will this teach me, instead of: why me? I started to realize that no matter how bad the situation was, it would always teach me something positive.

Our spiritual guide is always there watching over us to bless and care for us when we need it the most.

We are never alone.

Keeping a spiritual journal allows expressing your prayers, gratitude, hopes, and desires.

Writing in your journal can create a sacred space for communication, seeking guidance, and developing a deeper connection with the spiritual realm.

If you don't know how to begin your spiritual journey, use this list of journaling prompts:

120. "Am I connected and tapped into a bigger purpose?"

121. "Do I feel alive, inspired, and free?"

122. "How can I surrender to the plans the Universe has for me?"

123. "What is stirring in the depths of my soul?"

124. "Can I forgive myself and others for past occurrences?"

125. "How is my relationship with control?"

126. "What fears are holding me back in life?"

Journal prompts

127. "Am I fulfilled?"

128. "Am I showing up fully and authentically as myself without any masks?"

129. "Am I taking responsibility in all aspects of my life"

130. "Do I fully love and accept myself without judgment?"

Gratitude Journal Prompts

Gratitude makes us live in peace with ourselves and everything around us.

It is the quality of being grateful for everything around us.

It consists of appreciating the non-materialistic aspects of our life and recognizing the value of the people, circumstances, and things surrounding us.

Since I was a little girl, my mother taught me to appreciate all the situations I faced because, at the end of the day, the good and the bad teach you.

Practicing gratitude in my life has brought me peace.

And I want you to start doing it, too, because you will be slightly happier when you know everything around you.

Be grateful for all the things that the universe has put you through. We are here for a reason; let's trust the process.

131. "What book most impacted you and why?"

132. "What is your favorite Bible verse? Why?"

133. "What do you love about your spouse? Why?"

134. "Who are you most grateful for and why?"

135. "Name your favorite song and why?"

136. "What do you love about your parents? Why?"

137. "What do you love about your children? Why?"

138. "What attribute of God is most significant to you?"

139. "What luxury are you thankful for?"

140. "Recall a time you received encouragement."

141. "Where is your favorite place and why?"

142. "What is your favorite promise of God?"

143. "What are you learning about God?"

144. "Name a highlight in your day."

145. "What made you laugh today?"

spiritual journal prompt

146. "Reflect on God’s forgiveness in your life."

147. "What is your favorite Bible story and why?"

148. "What made you smile today?"

149. "What friend are you thankful for and why?"

150. "What is your favorite God-given strength you are thankful for?"

151. "Why are you grateful for your home?"

152. "What is your favorite food?"

153. "What are you learning about yourself?"

154. "What prayers have you received an answer to recently."

155. "Where did you see God moving in your day?"

156. "When have you experienced God’s comfort?"

157. "Name a time you felt the peace of God."

158. "What is your favorite creation?"

159. "What is your favorite season and why?"

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Christian Journal Prompts

My personal journal is my safe space to connect with Jesus.

Jesus is my best friend, and I can explore my faith, reflect and connect with him through my journal.

It is where I can acknowledge what lessons, insights, and experiences have left a mark on me.

Expressing gratitude for his blessings, guidance, and love has made my life much easier.

Writing in my journal, I can feel God's presence.

If you want to seek transformation and align your actions and attitudes with God's principles, use the following Christian journal prompts I've prepared for you:

160. "Am I holding onto any bitterness?"

161. "Name 10 ways God sees me."

162. "What is my next step in spiritual growth?"

163. "What am I doing today that matters for eternity?"

Spiritual journalling

164. "Whom can I encourage today?"

165. "How is sin impacting my life?"

166. "How can my stress strengthen my faith"

167. "Describe a time where I believed God spoke to me."

168. "Tell God how much I love him and praise him for who He is."

169. "Describe a blessing that happened this week."

170. "Pray a Psalm over my life."

171. "Pray for a friend I am thankful for."

172. "How can I serve God better?"

173. "What are my spiritual gifts and how can I use them to glorify God?"

174. "Am I a peacekeeper?"

175. "Who can I serve in a unique way this week?"

176. "What idols seek to steal my affections from God?"

177. "How did I respond the last time someone upset me?"

178. "What do my goals/dreams reveal about my heart?"

179. "What brings me the most joy?"

180. "I really want God to……"

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I write in my spiritual journal?

If you want to try journaling as a part of your spiritual practice, here are a few writing prompts to help you get started:

  • For self-discovery. What do I enjoy most doing?
  • For self-care. What kinds of activities bring me joy?
  • For fun. What gives me happiness?
  • For daily check-In. On a scale from 1-10, how am I feeling today?
  • For spiritual guidance. How can my stress strengthen my faith?

How do you journal your spiritual life?

How to Keep a Spiritual Journal

  • Write your blessings.
  • Write about the things that make you feel grateful.
  • Take a moment to appreciate the no materialist things that make you happy.
  • Write about the things you want God to do for you.

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