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100+ Summer Journaling Prompts To Cherish The Season! 

100+ Summer Journaling Prompts To Cherish The Season! 

As the days are longer, the smell of tanned skin, hot nights, and the summer season beckons us to step into its warm embrace.

Amidst the laughter of beach days, the allure of new adventures, and the lazy afternoons spent under clear skies, a perfect opportunity exists to embark on a journey of self-discovery through journaling.

Summer is a unique season that entices us to explore novel and thrilling experiences.

To fully embrace the essence of this summer, why not consider starting a journal?

Journaling offers an ideal means to encapsulate your summer adventures and relive those warm memories during the colder winter months.

It also presents a simple yet effective method of practicing self-care by allowing you to reflect, jot down thoughts, and preserve cherished moments for years to come.

In this article, we will talk about how journaling during the summer season can be a powerful companion, offering a getaway to capture the essence of the sun-kissed chapter of your life.

Through journaling, we take time to pause and reflect, allowing the vibrancy of the summer to be remembered on paper.

Join me as we delve into the hot season, discovering how the act of journaling can help us be present, redirect our intentions and goals, create good memories, and grow as a person.


Let’s start from the very beginning:

Why Should You Have A Summer Journal?

Simple, it captures the essence of the season. It is a safe space where you can keep your lasting memories for years to come.

Here are some reasons why you should have a summer journal:

  • First and most importantly: to keep memories. It lets you capture experiences, feelings, adventures, and people you meet. Because as you may know, as time passes, we forget about the small details of cherished moments. And what better way to save it in your journal?
  • You can be creative. Get artsy; draw the people you met, the animals you saw, the little things that made you smile. This is also a very therapeutic activity.
  • Track your goals. Documenting your summer goals can help you track your process and accomplish what you set to achieve.
  • Is the perfect opportunity to reflect and grow. Writing about your summer experiences can help you gain valuable insights about yourself.
  • Appreciate the little things in life. During summer, we can appreciate so many things! Write them down.
  • Develop your writing skills! It’s an excellent way to sharpen your storytelling and descriptive skills.

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Here are some summer journaling prompts to start:

35 Creative Summer Writing Journal Prompts

Summer is a great time to pause, relax, and reflect on yourself.

During the summer, I like to journal about my life because summer is the perfect season to reflect and connect with myself. And what is a better way to do it creatively?

A journal is personal and can become an enjoyable practice; let your journal be your safe space for self-expression, reflection, and an encounter activity with you.

A good journaling practice when starting out is to write the little things that matter and are inspiring to you.

Use your journal as a canvas for creativity and experiment with different topics, such as things you feel grateful for, inspirational quotes, drawings, bucket lists, travel experiences, random acts that marked you, etc.

Try to make it an everyday habit!

The most important part of journaling is making it personal and enjoyable.

Here are some journaling prompts that will help you to get inspired to start doing it!

1. "It's the first day of summer vacation and a group of friends decides to run away from home to live in the woods. Explore this from the point of view of both the kids and their parents."

2. "Write a story in which a group of teenagers working at an amusement park must solve the murder of a mysterious Jane Doe that wound up dead in the food court."

3. "Explore the origins of a strange summer tradition one family practices every year."

4. "Write a thriller story about a family on summer vacation when they're held hostage by two desperate criminals."

5. "Write about a whirlwind romance that only takes place over the summer months."

6. "Start your story with a young writer for the school newspaper witnessing a crime committed by the principal on the last day of the school year."

7. "Start your story with a child going missing from a summer camp."

8. "Write about a crime that happens on July 4th during the fireworks display. The town's only detective—brand new to the area—has to solve the case."

9. "The world is about to end, and humanity collectively agrees to take the last summer off. What happens during the last months before the apocalypse?"

10. "Write about a second-grade teacher who decides to hitchhike to Woodstock in the summer of 1969."

11. "Write about a character who experiences a summer that's both the best and worst of their life."

12. "See if you can convey the magic of summer fun with a story about kids without a care in the world trying to make the most out of their summer in small-town America."

13. "Write about a small group of students dreading summer break. Why do they fear it? What happens in their town during summer that is so frightful?"

14. "Write about a character whose favorite thing about summer is the heat."

"Write about a character whose favorite thing about summer is the heat."-Summer Journaling Prompts

15. "Set your story at a summer camp for adults."

16. "Write a horror story about a hot summer day that just keeps getting hotter and hotter. How would people survive? What could they do to escape the heat?"

17. "Write about a group of kids who have summer activities planned but they keep getting interrupted before they can enjoy them."

18. "Write about a character who sets out to do 100 random acts of kindness during her summer."

19. "A small town's summer festival goes awry when nearly all the attendees are drugged. When the dust settles, someone's dead. But who's to blame?"

20. "Think of your favorite summer memory and write a story in which a character experiences that for the first time."

21. "Tell the story of a character's summer vacation through a series of their blog posts. This type of epistolary story is great for character development!"

22. "Pick a summer activity you love and write about characters doing that activity when they're interrupted by something completely unexpected."

23. "Write a story that takes place exclusively on the three major summer holidays: Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day."

24. "Your protagonist gets a summer job at a local resort. But he soon finds out that something shady is going on at the resort, and he may have seen too much."

25. "Write an acrostic poem about the joys of summer. These types of poems are great for creative thinking and expanding your vocabulary."

26. "Start your story with a water balloon fight that soon gets out of control."

27. "Write about two groups of kids with rival lemonade stands trying to outdo each other."

28. "Begin your story with a character getting an anonymous note that says, “Contact me when summer starts.”"

29. "Set your story on a beach near a bonfire. A fight breaks out, and one of the fighters is your protagonist!"

30. "A group of strangers boards a small boat for a trip to a secluded island resort. But a summer storm lands these vacationing strangers on a deserted island. They must learn to work together—or pay the ultimate price."

31. "Write about three competitive friends who participate in a summer scavenger hunt that sends them all over New England."

32. "Write about a family staying at a cabin when the high temperatures and low moisture cause a forest fire. They must escape, but that's easier said than done."

33. "A group of once-tight-knit friends gets together after many years apart. The idea is to reconnect over the summer, but one member of the group has an ulterior motive. And it's not a nice one."

34. "Your protagonist is a camp counselor at a summer camp that has been closed since some awful murders happened there. It soon becomes clear that something strange is happening again. . ."

35. "When a young girl is upended and moved across the country during the summer, she befriends an old woman who has been shunned by the town. What does she learn about herself and the world by starting this friendship?"

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30 Summer Journal Prompts For Kids

Summer symbolizes a sense of liberation, particularly for children. It marks a hiatus from the structured routines of the school day, ushering in a period of increased playtime and sun-soaked days by the pool.

During the summer, children acquire vital social skills, foster creativity, and cultivate friendships.

However, for certain families and children, the vacation period can introduce more stress than the school year itself.

Numerous families struggle to maintain their children's well-being and engagement throughout the summer break due to various factors.

One effective way to keep them entertained is through journaling.

Journaling is an enjoyable and imaginative channel for a child's creativity to flourish.

Within the realm of journaling, children find the freedom to articulate their thoughts, allowing their creativity to roam freely in this personal domain.

My Favorite activity to do during the summer with my kids is to journal. It allows them to express their emotions, especially the negative ones, so they can let them out and understand themselves better.

Also, journaling doesn't mean just writing; it can be a good way to be creative. Let them use markers, colors, and paintings. Make it a good and exciting experience.

Start your child's journaling practice with these simple ones, and let the summer be a memorable season!

36. "List 10 things you like about your best friend. Find a way to compliment them on at least one of those things this week."

37. "Create a poem out of words cut out of an old magazine. Be sure to ask permission first!"

38. "Should students wear uniforms? Why or why not?"

39. "Pick a favorite season and describe an activity you enjoy doing that time of year."

40. "What’s your favorite thing to do on a nice day outside?"

"What’s your favorite thing to do on a nice day outside?"

41. "Would you rather… explore the oceans in a submarine or the skies in a hot-air balloon? Why?"

42. "Think about someone you know that you look up to. What do you admire about them? Write down a question that’s been on your mind that they could advise you on. If you are able and comfortable doing so, ask them that question this week."

43. "Imagine you’re the school principal for the day. What are you going to change?"

44. "List 10 things you like about yourself. Bookmark this page afterward so you can find it again when you need it."

45. "Think about something you’re really good at. Now write a short guide explaining how to do that activity. Imagine the person reading your guide has never done it before!"

46. "Think about a fictional character or celebrity that you look up to. What do you admire about them? What advice would you ask them to give you?"

47. "What kind of music do you like? Listen to your favorite song and write down 10 specific things that you like about it. It might be hard to describe, but try your best!"

48. "Grab a book off your shelf that you’ve already finished and turn to page 50. Starting at the top, read until you reach a character’s name, then, in your journal, imagine you’re that character (even if they’re not your favorite!) and write about what their morning was like. What time did they wake up? How were they feeling? What did they have for breakfast?"

49. "Choose a world out of a book, movie, TV show, or video game that you would want to live in. What would you life be like there?"

50. "Imagine you are an animal for a day. What animal would you be? How would you spend your day?"

51. "Do you have pets? Describe what you like about them. If you don’t have a pet, imagine you do. It can be any animal, real or made up!"

52. "Imagine you’re a tourist coming to your city or hometown for the first time. Where would you go sightseeing? Even if you think your town is boring, it might not be to a newcomer, so think about what makes it unique."

53. "If you could plan school lunches for a week, what would be on the menu?"

54. "Imagine a brand new holiday with its own traditions and activities."

55. "Imagine you and three friends are surviving the zombie apocalypse. What strengths would each of you bring to the group?"

56. "Think about your parent(s) or guardian(s). What do you have in common with them? How are you different?"

57. "Pick a myth or fairytale and imagine it taking place in modern times. What’s different? What stays the same?"

58. "Pick one of the jobs you listed before and write about a typical day at work. What parts of the job do you like? What parts are challenging?"

59. "Would you rather… eat only your least favorite food for a week or not get to eat your favorite food for a whole year?"

60. "Try to think of 10 jobs you’d want to have when you grow up."

"Try to think of 10 jobs you’d want to have when you grow up."-Summer Journaling Prompts

61. "What’s your favorite thing to do when it’s raining?"

62. "What’s your favorite holiday? What special activities do you do to celebrate it?"

63. "Imagine yourself five years from now. What do you hope your life is like? What are some goals you hope to have made progress on?"

64. "What are three important things that have happened to you this week? Write about one of them as if you were reporting the story in a newspaper."

65. "If you could send a message to yourself five years ago, what would you say?"

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42 Summer Journal Prompts For Self-Discovery

Self-discovery is the process of knowing who you are without judging yourself.

Shaping yourself is a journey. It requires consistency and dedication to achieve what you truly want.

With a journal, you can reflect on your emotional and physical state, helping you identify areas you would like to enhance.

Start exploring any feelings, emotions, triggers, or patterns you want to change.

They could be related to physical health goals, emotional well-being, or even personal skills you want to develop.

Reflect on the labels you are holding yourself into and set them free so you can shape your life according to your purpose and dreams.

It's okay to get tired along the way but keep caring for yourself anyway.

Journaling prompts develop self-reflection.

They prompt you to direct your thoughts about what you like and don't like about yourself.

Through this process, you gain valuable insights about you.

Self-discovery is about knowing your desires, motivations, and aspirations and how to accomplish them.

They are important if you want to improve and set your intentions.

Start your self-discovery with these journaling prompts:

66. "What have you achieved so far this year?"

67. "What is your favorite book to read on the beach and why?"

68. "Write about water. Do you love an ocean, lake, stream? How does water make you feel?"

69. "What’s your ideal way to celebrate the end if summer?"

70. "What ONE thing would you change about your life tomorrow?"

71. "If you could visit anywhere in the world this summer, where would it be? Why?"

72. "What habit would you like to change this summer?"

73. "What’s your main goal this year?"

74. "Write about a memorable summer job."

75. "How do you know when summer has truly arrived?"

76. "Imagine yourself as a child, flying a kite on a summer afternoon. Now write about how you felt."

77. "What’s your perfect summer picnic menu?"

78. "What’s your favorite book about summer? Which characters do you love?"

79. "Do you know what your biggest dream is?"

80. "What do you do on rainy days when you’re on vacation?"

81. "Take 5 deep breaths then free write for 5 minutes. (free writing is great if you are having a creative block)."

82. "What are you grateful for this summer season?"

"What are you grateful for this summer season?"

83. "Write about the last time you visited a beach."

84. "Describe summer in 5 words."

85. "Write about a summer song that makes you feel like dancing."

86. "What’s your ideal way to celebrate the start of summer?"

87. "What is your favorite time of day in summer?"

88. "What’s your favorite summer campfire treat?"

89. "What is your favorite poem about summer? Why does it inspire you?"

90. "Describe the colors of summer."

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91. "What’s your greatest hope for the rest of the year."

92. "What do you love about a summer farmer’s market trip?"

93. "What do you love most about the summer months?"

94. "What 4 ingredients would you have to take to a desert island?"

95. "Where is the BEST ice cream you’ve ever had?"

96. "Write a short story about the sun and the moon."

97. "Describe the scents of summer."

98. "Make up a silly ice cream truck jingle. (bonus points for singing it out loud!)."

99. "What do you love about eating outside in summer?"

100. "Plan your EPIC summer dinner party."

101. "Which season do you love most?"

102. "Write a poem that celebrates summer days."

103. "How can you feel more in tune with the seasons and nature?"

"How can you feel more in tune with the seasons and nature?"-Summer Journaling Prompts

104. "Plan a staycation for the end of summer. Where have you yet to explore in your local area?"

105. "What do you dislike about eating outside in summer? (WASPS!)."

106. "What can you do to celebrate the last day of summer?"

107. "What is your perfect summer meal?"

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Start A Summer Journal?

Summer Journal Ideas:

Sit down and write your thoughts, feelings, experiences, and everything that you saw or did. Try creatively making drawings, using different colors, and adding photos, maps, tickets, etc.

What Is A Summer Journal?

A summer journal is a notebook that captures your experiences, feelings, lessons, etc., during the summer. It is also a simple way to take care of yourself, giving you time to reflect and capture your most memorable memories.

What Are Summer Journaling Prompts?

Summer journaling prompts are creative and thematic questions designed to inspire your journaling practice during the summer season. They encourage you to reflect on your experiences, memories, and emotions related to this vibrant time of year.

How Can Summer Journaling Prompts Enhance My Summer Experience?

Summer journaling prompts provide a structured way to capture and commemorate your summer adventures, thoughts, and feelings. They help you create a meaningful record of your summer memories.

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