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52 Sympathy Care Package Ideas To Express Your Condolences

52 Sympathy Care Package Ideas To Express Your Condolences

Loss is part of life, yet although we know this to be true, it is difficult for us to deal with. When someone we care about passes away, we are left with a hole in our life, and there is no easy way to fill it.

Kindness from others can help to ease the pain. A thoughtful gesture tells us we are not alone and brings us comfort.

Care packages offer a way for those who wish to show they are thinking of you to do so in a thoughtful way.

Sending a care package can also ease the pain of the loss you, yourself, may be feeling at the person’s passing.

What do you include in the care package?

In general, care packages may contain a variety of items. Often, food, reading material, clothing, or other items that would have special meaning to the recipient go into the parcel.

There is no particular number of items which must be included. A care package that includes one item is as acceptable as one that includes a number of items.

How To Determine What Items To Include?

The items you decide to include in the care package should be based on a number of considerations:

  1. The occasion. Is the purpose to honor someone’s passing, to help a person who is recovering from an accident, or perhaps to just let someone know you are thinking of them?
  2. Your relationship with the recipient. Is this a close relative or a friend from work? You may have known the deceased but do not know their partner well.
  3. How much you want to spend. The appropriate amount to spend on the package should be based on your finances first and foremost, but also on how close you are to the person.
    A grandiose care package for someone you barely know looks out of place.
  4. How well you know the person's particular likes and dislikes. If you are close, you will be able to include items that reflect your knowledge of the individual’s preferences, but if you do not know them well, more general items are suitable.

In this article, I will review these considerations by looking at particular categories of sympathy care package ideas.

You will find helpful ideas so you can put together a care package with confidence.

Sympathy Gift Ideas

We often find it challenging to know what gift ideas to include in a care package when someone has passed away.

Gifts that hold the person’s memory in honor are definitely appropriate if you knew the deceased.

For example, a memorial garden stone or piece of jewelry with the person’s name on it would be a treasured gift.

A beautiful gesture that can be made by a group of people is planting a tree in the person’s honor. This is something that could be done by a church group or work colleagues.

Additionally, a tree provides a lasting memorial of the person’s life.

1. "Memorial Jewelry Such as Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings, etc."

2. "Memorial Tumbler Mug"

3. "Memorial Flower Planter Box"

4. "Angel Wind Chime"

5. "Memorial Garden Stone"

6. "Plant A Tree In Their Name"

7. "Keepsake Box"

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Fruit And Gourmet Box Sympathy Care Package Ideas

Fruit and gourmet items are accessible to everyone and can be given by those who knew the deceased well as well as those who are perhaps closer to a family member.

Such a gift also works well when you are giving a care package to a group of people such as a whole family.

You can also purchase items in a range of prices, and there are abundant choices.

A special bottle of wine which was a particular favorite of the deceased is a gift best given by someone close.

A gift of special cookies may be given. If you do not know the recipient’s preferences then a selection of flavors is a good idea.

When giving a care package that has fruit or other food items, be sure to find out if the recipient(s) has any allergies.

8. "Apples"

9. "Plush Teddy Bear"

10. "Oranges"

11. "Pear"

12. "Wine, Champagne Or Sparkling Cider"

13. "Coffee"

14. "Chocolate"

15. "Grapes"

16. "Cheeses"

17. "Cakes"

18. "Crackers"

19. "Roses"

20. "Bananas"

21. "Gourmet Cookies"

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Comfort Gifts For Sympathy Care Packages

Comfort gifts for sympathy care packages can include a wide range of items from a gently scented candle to bath items, from a cozy throw to a beautiful plant.

How well you know the recipient of the care package will help you determine what is appropriate in this category of gift items.

A plant is a thoughtful and appropriate gift for anyone to give while more personal items, such as a body moisturizer, are more appropriate for someone close to give.

A gift can also reflect your personality. If you know the recipient of the care package, it may bring additional comfort to them to receive something that reflects the special relationship you share.

22. "Peace Plant"

23. "Therapy Care Package"

24. "Personalized Mesage Clutch"

25. "Candles"

26. "Bath Bombs"

27. "Calender"

28. "Journals"

29. "Blanket"

30. "Everyday Photo Book"

Food Gifts As A Special Treat

Food can bring comfort and even some happiness at a time of loss. Both young and old appreciate a treat in the form of a special snack or food item.

A tin of mixed nuts for the nut lover, a package of gourmet popcorn, an assortment of hot chocolate, tea, or coffee, or a fruit basket are some examples of food items you can give in a care package.

There will be moments when the person is alone with their grief and the pain can be lessened by a thoughtful treat they have received.

31. "Fruit Or Fruit Basket"

32. "Tea Or Chocolate"

33. "Tins Of Popcorn"

34. "Favorite Soda"

35. "Assorted Nuts"

36. "Gourmet Soup"

37. "Candies"

38. "Ice-Cream"

Personalized Sympathy Care Package Gift Ideas

If you know the recipient of the care package well then a care package containing a personalized item is thoughtful.

A lovely gift would be a photo album containing memories of the deceased. This can bring many hours of comfort and delight to someone who has lost someone special.

Another cherishable care package idea is a memory book commemorating special times and moments in the deceased’s life.

Gifts like a photo album or memory book can be big projects and lend themselves to being given by a group of people who all contribute items.

39. "Home Cleaning Gift Card"

40. "DIY Compassion Care Package"

41. "Personalized Throw Blanket"

42. "Charitable Donation"

43. "Photo Album With Family/Friend Pictures"

44. "Sympathy Ornament"

45. "Book Or Jar With Memories Of The Deceased, Written By Friends And Family"

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Sympathy Gifts Of Special Note

The gifts in this category are some that you may not have thought of but are worthy of note.

They speak to the importance of taking into consideration the age of the deceased as well as the age of the recipient of the gift.

For example, a stuffed animal might be a thoughtful and appropriate care package item for a young person, or to commemorate a child’s passing.

You may feel an item from this list is exactly the right thing to give, or perhaps something here will inspire your own unique gift idea.

46. "Gift Basket"

47. "Letters/Card"

48. "Teddy Bears/Stuffed Animal"

49. "Balloons"

50. "Acts of Service"

51. "Throw Blanket/Heated Blanket"

52. "Flowers"

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