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216 Bullet Journal Ideas To Help You Get The Most From Your Journal

216 Bullet Journal Ideas To Help You Get The Most From Your Journal

Bullet journals are extremely effective for organizing our crazy, busy lives. They allow us to jot down quickly those items in our schedule we want to include, and we can read them and get the information we want super fast. Bullet Journal Ideas for effective organization.

Bullet journals have a real practical purpose, but they can also be a lot of fun to make and design.

One of the basic things we need to consider when creating a bullet journal is just what exactly to include.

In this article, I will walk you through fifteen different categories of journal idea prompts, so that you can pick and choose what will work best for you.

Let’s go!

Journal Bannar
Journal Bannar

6 Cool Bullet Journal Ideas

Some ideas that are really cool for your bullet journal could include a page completely devoted to quotes that are meaningful to you. These might be quotes that inspire you to be your best self, quotes that help you focus on a goal, or quotes to remind you to show gratitude.

Another cool idea is a section for life milestones. You can turn to this and immediately be reminded of important milestones for yourself, your family, friends, and colleagues.

How about including a life-saving social media password tracker? Need I say more?

1. “Week at a glance”

2. “Bullet journal “key” page”

3. “Quotes page”

4. “Social media password tracker”

Cool Bullet Journal Ideas

5. “Life milestones”

6. “Brain dump”

19 Healthy Living Bullet Journal Ideas

Most of us have health goals, and including some of these in a bullet journal is a great way to stay dedicated.

There’s a great list here to help you get started on deciding what to include. They are all valid so it’s really about choosing what matters in your life.

If you have an issue with migraines, then a migraine tracker makes lots of sense.

Maybe your health goal is as simple as increasing your daily water intake.

7. “Water consumption”

8. “Home exercise routine”

9. “Food log”

10. “Daily supplements log”

11. “Strength training page”

12. “Weight loss log”

13. “Gym routine”

14. “Daily steps”

15. “Activity tracker”

16. “Daily mood

17. “Flossing”

18. “Sleep quality”

19. “Sleep time”

20. “Workouts completed”

21. “Migraine tracking”

22. “Daily meds log”

23. “Flexibility/stretching/yoga tracking”

24. “Exercise log”

25. “Migraines/ailments tracking”

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19 Work/Business Bullet Journal Ideas

One of the areas in our life that can cause us the most stress is our work. Include contact lists, and/or project lists so everything is right there, easy for you to refer to.

Maybe it makes sense for you to include short-term or long-term goals.

Include some fun elements, too, like special occasions associated with work and business colleagues.

26. “To-do list”

27. “DONE list”

28. “Call schedule”

29. “Task list”

30. “Conference schedules”

31. “List of leads”

32. “Special day” tracking for employees/coworkers”

Work/Business Bullet Journal Ideas

33. “Pomodoro tracking”

34. “Project deadlines”

35. “Brainstorming ideas”

36. “Hours worked”

37. “Short Term Goals”

38. “Long term goals”

39. “Project lists”

40. “Contact list”

41. “Office supply list”

42. “SMART goal sheets”

43. “Contingency plans”

44. “Vision board”

24 Personal Life Bullet Journal Ideas

Many of us long to improve the time in our lives outside of work. A quality personal life isn’t always easy to achieve, but by highlighting certain things to work on or emphasize in a bullet journal, we can really make improvements.

Do you long to travel? Why not dedicate journal space to a list of the places you would like to go? If you want to get more specific, add timelines.

Check out the list for other great ideas!

45. “Bucket list”

46. “Medical info”

47. “Prescription list”

48. “Movies to watch”

49. “Restaurants to try”

50. “Daily “Me time””

51. “Dates to remember”

52. “Places to see”

53. “New skills to learn”

54. “Countries and places to visit”

55. “Passwords list”

56. “Relationship goals”

57. “Dentist/doctor appointments”

58. ““No TV” days tracking”

59. “Podcasts to try listening to”

60. “Called parent/family/friend to connect”

Personal Life Bullet Journal Ideas

61. “Music list”

62. “TV shows to try”

63. “Social media task list”

64. “Social media time tracking”

65. “Books to read”

66. “Important birthdays”

67. “Phone backups completed”

68. “List of favorite websites”

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11 Home Life Bullet Journal Ideas

The home life journal ideas in this list focus on household managerial sorts of tasks. We’re talking cleaning schedules, home maintenance tasks, garden chores, and even vehicle care.

These may not be glamorous, but they can be absolutely essential to the smooth running of your week. Who doesn’t want to avoid running out of gas or getting a flat tire?

69. “Cleaning task list”

70. “Cleaning schedule”

71. “Home improvement projects”

72. “Cleaning supplies checklist”

73. “Shopping list”

74. “Meal ideas”

75. “Cooking task list”

76. “Vehicle maintenance log”

77. “Household management checklist”

78. “Garden/yard chores”

79. “Honey-do” list ideas”

13 Self-Improvement Bullet Journal Ideas

With self-improvement the focus is on you! We so often skip this super important part of our lives while we are so busy taking care of everyone else.

The fact is, when we take some time to look after our own well-being, we are so much better at looking after the well-being of others.

Don’t let this all-important aspect of your life fall by the wayside. Give it some prime real estate in your bullet journal, and see how you actually can have time for you!

80. “Habit tracking”

81. “Gratitude journal”

82. ““I love me” list”

83. “Habit triggers to avoid”

84. “New Year’s “resolutions””

85. “Personal mission statement”

86. “Self care planning (physical)”

Self-Improvement Bullet Journal Ideas

87. “Self care planning (mental)”

88. “Bad habits to get rid of”

89. “Things to be thankful for”

90. “Daily affirmations”

91. “Evening routine ideas”

92. “Morning routine ideas”

12 Financial Tracking Bullet Journal Ideas

The number one reason that marriages end up in divorce is issues around finances. Many of us act like ostriches, and bury our heads in the sand when it comes to money, but those issues won’t go away on their own.

Dedicating space in a bullet journal to specific financial aspects can be a huge step in the right direction of making sure you’re on top of things.

Plug in some time for you and your partner to have financial meetings. It’s so important to talk about your finances and to both be on the same page.

93. “Budget log”

94. “Monthly bills”

95. “No spend days”

96. “Tax-deductible expenses”

97. “Investment idea log”

98. “Investment tracking”

99. “Things to buy in bulk”

100. “Grocery budget”

101. “Cash envelope system tracking”

102. “Ideas to save money”

103. “Coupon tracking”

104. “Expense tracking”

Journal Bannar

5 Crafts And Hobbies Bullet Journal Ideas

A great way to relax, have some fun with your friends and family, and develop some new skills is through learning a new hobby or craft!

Do you have a DIY list you’d like to tackle? Include it in your bullet journal, and while you’re at it, why not collect and list all of the helpful websites for your project or new craft?

105. “Hobbies to try”

106. “DIY ideas”

107. “DIY project idea “someday” list”

108. “Craft supplies list”

109. “Top websites related to your hobby/craft”

Crafts And Hobbies Bullet Journal Ideas

10 College/School Bullet Journal Ideas

A bullet journal is the perfect place to keep track of school-related things.

For example, include your class schedule, bell times, and study group times.

It’s also a convenient spot to record grades, and goals for grades.

Jot down the key points you need to follow for a project, and when and where you and your group members are going to meet.

Let your bullet journal keep you up-to-date and organized for all things school!

110. “Daily study log”

111. “Project progress chart”

112. “Project notes”

113. “Study hours”

114. “Study schedules”

115. “Test/quiz dates”

116. “Assignment progress tracker”

117. “After school activity tracker”

118. “Grade tracker”

119. “School supplies checklist”

11 Parenting Bullet Journal Ideas

If you have children chances are you could use some help staying on top of their busy schedules.

I once got the time of a birthday party incorrect, and my son arrived after the presents were opened and the cake had been cut. He wasn’t too happy, and I felt so bad, not to mention embarrassed.

If you can relate, make your bullet journal a way of keeping track of what is going on, when and where.

120. “Kids daily schedule”

121. “Kids activities"

122. “Ideas of things to do with kids”

Parenting Bullet Journal Ideas

123. “Snack ideas for kids”

124. “Kids essential info”

125. “Book for kids to read”

126. “Craft ideas for kids”

127. “Merit/demerit list for kids”

128. “Kids chore chart”

129. “Things your child says”

130. “Daily time spent with kids”

8 Travel Bullet Journal Ideas

Traveling is one of the most wonderful things we can do. It’s exciting, rejuvenating, educational, and just downright fun!

But too often, traveling can be stressful, and an organizational nightmare. There are so many details to look after.

List all of the aspects of your traveling you can think of in your bullet journal. You’ll be so glad you have all the information you need right there in one place.

And because you are taking the time to organize your journal beforehand, you won’t be scrambling at the last minute!

131. “Pre-travel check-list (flights, hotels, rental info)”

132. “Packing list”

133. “Trip itinerary”

134. “Travel check sheet”

135. “Vacation ideas”

136. “Camping prep. list”

137. “States visited /dates”

138. “Countries visited/dates”

36 Self-Reflection Bullet Journal Ideas

Bullet journal ideas for self-reflection is one of my personal favorites. I have included 42 ideas in this list which is really all about you.

If you have trouble making time for self-reflection or even getting your head around the idea, make this a priority in your bullet journal.

Once you incorporate some ideas into your life, you will see how meaningful it can be!

139. “What’s your favorite thing about yourself?”

140. “___________ is giving you anxiety right now.”

141. “Describe your ideal day.”

142. “5 ways that you can treat yourself better.”

143. “What’s stressing you out?”

144. “How are you, really?”

145. “What makes you smile the most?”

146. “What are you looking forward to in 48 hours?”

147. “You get one hour to revisit any moment from your life. What do you pick?”

148. “List your favorite thing about your 5 favorite people.”

149. “Today, you’re grateful for….”

150. “What do you associate with your favorite color?”

Self-Reflection Bullet Journal Ideas

151. “Favorite self-care activity.”

152. “During a zombie apocalypse, whose your go-to partner?!”

153. “Describe your best memory using your senses:”

154. “sight, sound, taste, smell, hearing”

155. “What can you not see in front of you in life?”

156. “What scares you?”

157. “Write 5 short-term goals for yourself.”

158. “What’s your favorite thing to spend money on?”

159. “Find an image you love. Describe it the best you can.”

160. “What was your favorite childhood toy?”

161. “List your top 3 qualities.”

162. “Create a five year plan for yourself, using only one sentence for each year.”

163. “Write a secret message within your words.”

164. “Write about your favorite thing to do by yourself.”

165. “What are you coping with right now?”

166. “If you could have an exotic pet, what would you have?”

167. “What was your favorite thing about last year?”

168. “Name 2 ways you can boost moral or be more positive.”

169. “What’s the next vacation you want to take?”

Reflection Bullet Journal Ideas

170. “My inner critic says….”

171. “What has taught you the most?”

172. “Favorite thing to do during a snowstorm.”

173. “What can you improve on?”

174. “How can you be a better friend?”

175. “List 10 of your absolute favorite things.”

21 Bullet Journal Ideas For Self-Inspiration

Ideas for self-reflection and ideas for self-inspiration can go hand in hand with the results of your self-reflecting guiding the kind of inspiration you need.

If you feel that music is lacking in your life, why not include that in your self-inspiration. Make it a goal to listen to music for several minutes each day. When you write it in your journal, it’s way more likely to happen!

176. “What are your plans for this weekend?”

177. “Write 5 affirmations for when you are feeling low.”

178. “What is the best book you have read recently?”

179. “How have you grown this year?”

180. “What are the most important life lessons you have learned?”

181. “Have trouble sleeping? What’s keeping you up?”

182. “What is the last dream you remember?”

183. “Name the three biggest priorities in your life right now.”

184. “What are your biggest fears?”

185. “Do you have a fear that is stopping you from achieving your goals?”

186. “Name three challenges…. and three ways to overcome them.”

187. “Write down your ultimate way to relax.”

188. “What would you do if you were granted three wishes?”

189. “How about if you were given five wishes?”

190. “Name three bad habits you would like to change.”

191. “What was the last show you went to?”

192. “Do you have a secret talent you are hiding?”

Bullet Journal Ideas For Self-Inspiration

193. “Add some more items to your bucket list…if you don’t have a bucket list, start one.”

194. “What is your biggest regret?”

195. “Think about someone you really love. Write about the person that came to mind.”

196. “List the best 10 moments of your life so far.”

10 Bullet Journal Ideas for Gratitude

Living a life from a mindset of gratitude has been shown to bring us happiness and joy. By starting and ending our day with a few moments of gratitude we can change our lives for the better.

We can also improve the life of those around us because gratitude grows gratitude.

Check out these ideas for making gratitude a regular part of your life.

197. “What 5 things are you grateful for this week?”

198. “Name the one thing you are most grateful for in your life at this moment.”

199. “Write about 5 amazing childhood memories you are grateful for.”

200. “Which people in your life are you most grateful for?”

201. “Write about something that made you smile today.”

202. “When were you last surprised?”

203. “What is the most exhilarating thing that has happened to you this year?”

204. “Name a challenge you have overcome and how it helped you to grow.”

205. “How can you show gratitude more?”

206. “What are 3 things that have happened to you which were difficult but you are now grateful for the experience?”

10 Goals And Inspirations Bullet Journal Ideas

Let’s face it, we all have goals we want to reach, but very often we find ourselves at the end of another week or another month without feeling any closer to what we wanted to achieve.

The intentionality of putting goals and inspirations into a bullet journal can be a key part of committing to your goal.

Write down your 1-year goal, your 5-year goal, and your 10-year goal. Then break those down into manageable pieces by putting together a plan.

Include all of this in your journal and you’re sure to start making headway!

Go get’em!

208. “What are your top 10 goals?”

207. “Write down actionable steps to help you reach a goal.”

Goals And Inspirations Bullet Journal Ideas

209. “What is your 1-year goal?”

210. “What is your 5-year goal?”

211. “What is your 10-year goal?”

212. “If you could start life again, would you? What would you change?”

213. “Who is someone that inspires you and why?”

214. “Is there a hobby you would like to start?”

215. “Name a skill you would love to learn.”

216 “What kind of person do you aspire to be?”

Frequently Asked Questions

How can bullet journal prompts spark creativity and inspiration in my daily planning?

Bullet journal prompts can ignite creativity and inspiration by providing specific topics or ideas to explore in your journal. They help break through creative blocks, encourage self-reflection, and add variety to your daily planning routine.

What are some popular bullet journal prompts for goal setting and habit tracking?

Popular bullet journal prompts for goal setting and habit tracking include prompts such as "My top three goals for this month are..." or "One habit I want to develop is...". These prompts help you define and track your goals, ensuring progress and accountability in your bullet journal journey.

How can bullet journal prompts help in staying organized and increasing productivity?

Bullet journal prompts help you stay organized and increase productivity by prompting you to record important tasks, deadlines, and events. They can also guide you in evaluating your progress, identifying areas for improvement, and staying focused on your priorities. By regularly using prompts, you can enhance your organizational skills and optimize your productivity levels.

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