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59 Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Prompts To Get You Organized

60 Bullet Journal Weekly Spread Prompts

Are you looking for a way to simplify your life? Do you feel like you go through the days flying by the seat of your pants?

Life in the 21st century is extraordinarily busy. Many people are working more hours per week than ever, while also trying to make room for a personal life.

If you have children, then that very busy life just hit off-the-chart levels. It is mind-boggling to consider all of the activities today’s active children are involved in.

Journal Bannar

From baseball and hockey to piano and voice, from dance classes to horseback riding, and gymnastics to acting, there are so many wonderful activities that our children can participate in!

The tough part is making it all work with everyone’s schedules. Oh, and on top of all the running here and there, you need to make time to eat!

Does this sound familiar?

The answer to finding some control over your life when it feels out of control can be as simple as using a journal.

I don’t say that to oversimplify the issue because even with an effective way of scheduling your life will still be busy.

The difference is that you will be more on top of what is happening day-to-day, and better equipped to deal with all of the curve balls that come your way on any given day of the week.

The weekly spread bullet journal can be your best friend. In this article I will introduce you to different ways of setting up and using a weekly spread bullet journal so that you can find the method that works best for you.

Weekly Spread Layout Design Styles

The design your weekly spread journal takes will be driven by the types of things you want to include in your journal, and also how your brain works.

Whatever design allows you to take in the information quickly and easily without confusion is what is best for you.

The layout should also inspire you to do what is written there.

It can be as simple as determining whether you take in information when it is visually presented vertically or horizontally. In other words, do you prefer reading up and down columns, or are you drawn to reading left to right in rows.

Others find it very helpful to use boxes, squares, rectangles or other shapes to classify reminders and inspiring thoughts.

Have you heard of a Dutch Door spread? This style is beneficial if you have a part of your weekly journal that stays constant day-to-day.

As the name suggests, the Dutch Door layout has you cut part of the page away, allowing the part that remains the same throughout the week to be visible as you turn the pages of your journal.

It’s a great time-saver as you aren’t copying out the same information on each page.

Check out the various layouts in our list below and see what inspires you!

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12 Weekly Spread Layout Design Styles

  1. "Vertical Columns"
  1. "Circular Spread"
  1. "Dutch Door Spread"
  1. "Horizontal"
  1. "Squares"
  1. "Rectangles"
  1. "Shapes"
Weekly Spread Layout Design Styles
  1. "Empty Spaces"
  1. "Lists"
  1. "Boxes"
  1. "Dashboard"
  1. "Morph a pre-printed planner"

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Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads Design Ideas

Different designs work for different people. One of my daughters, for example, is a minimalist. She would be put off by a journal that had too much going on on the page.

Simple, clean lines with just the essential bulleted info would be ideal for her. Whereas, my other daughter finds things that have some embellishment more attractive.

For her, adding color to her journal will make it more effective for her to use as she will be drawn to its colorful appearance.

You may decide you want a design that is very straightforward, or you may find that your top design priority is a weekly planner that is one page. You need to see everything all at once, and do not want to be turning pages.

A twist on this streamlined idea is an all-in-one weekly journal which contains everything from appointments to meetings to reminders of self-care. It may be more than one page, but everything is included.

Yet for others separating things out makes the journal clear and more effective. You might have pages devoted to work, and other pages devoted to school.

6 Bullet Journal Weekly Spreads Design Ideas

  1. "Colorful bullet journal weekly spread "
"Colorful bullet journal weekly spread "
  1. "Minimalist weekly bullet journal"
  1. "Simple bullet journal weekly planner"
  1. "One page weekly planner for bullet journal"
  1. "All in one weekly journal planner"
  1. "Work or school weekly planning pages"

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Adding Doodles To A Weekly Spread Layout

This category - adding doodles - makes some people cringe, and makes others clap their hands with glee.

Remember my two daughters I was telling you about? One is minimalist and one likes to dress things up.

As you might guess, the minimalist would only want to use things that will make her journal more functional, but nothing beyond that.

My other daughter would want stamps, stickers, and brush pens to give different finishes to lettering.

Some people find that using stamps and stickers helps the key info jump out at them, and gets their attention. This makes it worthwhile investing in these things because it essentially makes the journal more effective.

Brush pens can provide beautiful, colorful, stylistic flourishes in titles, subtitles or just important words that you want to stand out.

Check out the list below for other ideas.

5 Adding Doodles To A Weekly Spread Layout

  1. "Washi Tape"
  1. "Stamps"
Adding Doodles To A Weekly Spread Layout
  1. "Stickers"
  1. "Brush Pens"
  1. "Magnetic Ruler"

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Weekly Spread Things To Include

One of the biggest decisions to make is what to include in your weekly spread journal. To determine this, think about what it is that makes your life so hectic and throws you off.

Is there a particular part of your life that always seems to be at the root of a mix-up or is especially stressful? If so, you definitely want to include those things.

It may be that the extra-curriculars in your life and those of your kids just get muddled up in your mind. You find it hard to remember the time and exactly which activity is happening on any given day.

Having those set out so you can see them quickly and easily may be all that you need to make things run smoothly.

Maybe the issue is trying to find the time for things like grocery shopping or getting a haircut. If so, take the time to include those in your weekly spread journal, and your life will become manageable.

Journal Bannar

What you include is whatever will ease your stress, calm you mind, and allow you to have that confidence that you’ve got this.

It can include self-care items like reminders to do yoga, birthdays and other special occasions if you tend to forget them, inspirational quotes if you find they can keep you going - just whatever works for you personally.

In the following list you’ll find lots of ideas. Don’t let the list overwhelm you, just consider each thing for yourself, and make a checkmark beside those things you want to include.

They can always be modified later.

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36 Weekly Spread Things To Include

  1. "To-do lists"
  1. "Reminders or notes section"
  1. "Ongoing tasks log/important tasks"
  1. "Weekly goals"
  1. "Appointments"
  1. "Meetings"
  1. "Important dates (i.e., Anniversaries & Birthdays)"
  1. "Plan for next week"
  1. "Small habit tracker/weekly trackers"
  1. "Meal planning"
  1. "Daily journal entry"
  1. "Brainstorming new ideas"
"Brainstorming new ideas"
  1. "Inspirational quotes"
  1. "Weekly budget tracker"
  1. "Memories and highlights of the week"
  1. "Weekly reflection on personal growth"
  1. "Weekly review of career goals"
  1. "Inspirational words for the week"
  1. "Top priorities for the week"
"Top priorities for the week"
  1. "Gratitude journaling"
  1. "Meal planning for the week"
  1. "Weekly workout routine"
  1. "Weekly reading list"
  1. "Weekly self-care goals"
  1. "Weekly reflection and journaling"
  1. "Weekly habit tracker"
"Weekly habit tracker"
  1. "Brainstorming new ideas"
  1. "Inspirational quotes"
  1. "Weekly budget tracker"
  1. "Memories and highlights of the week"
  1. "Weekly water intake tracker"
  1. "Challenges and obstacles to overcome for the week"
  1. "Weekly affirmations"
  1. "Health and wellness goals for the week"
  1. "Creative writing prompts"
  1. "Daily gratitude list"
"Daily gratitude list"

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The First Step In Starting A Bulleted Weekly Spread Journal?

Step one is take some time to think about what things are causing you the most stress in your week. As you think about this, write down those things.

Step two is to decide what layout design you want to try.

Step three is to match your list of things to include in the journal with a design idea.

You’re ready to make your journal!

What If I Start Using My Journal And Discover It Isn’t Working Ideally?

It can take some experimentation before you get your journal set up exactly the way you like it.

First, ask yourself what, if anything, is working, and where there needs to be some tweaks made.

A different layout, or a pared-down list of the things to include might help.

Remember that the journal is there to make your life easier. If it isn’t serving you, then change it up.

How Can I Stay Consistent With Using My Bullet Journal Weekly Spread?

Set a specific time each week to create and review your spread, such as on Sundays or Mondays. Make it a routine, and your Bullet Journal will become a valuable tool for staying organized.

Journal Bannar

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