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87 Couple Journaling Prompts For A Quality Relationship

Couple Journal Prompts

Are you in a relationship but feel that it is lacking in some way? Are you in a relationship that’s solid but could be even better? Check out our couples journaling prompts.

Relationships are at the heart of our existence. Most of us spend a good deal of our adult life dedicated to finding the right person to build a life with.

As incredibly important as relationships are, oddly enough, very little attention is given to the study, if you will, of how to find the right person, and how you know when you have.

The rate of divorce in modern society is extremely high and couples that stay together are seen as the exception not the rule.

At the heart of the issue is the complexity of, well, people. When we put two complex individuals together how could we expect it to be smooth sailing?

We feel as though some people are just lucky and seem to magically get it right.

So, what about the rest of us?

While there are numerous reasons for why a relationship might fail or succeed, understanding yourself - your values, interests, personality, and goals can do much to lead you to make a sound decision about whom you should be with.

Journaling is a great way to gain a better understanding of what makes you tick, and it’s a fantastic way to determine the right kind of partner for you.

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Not only that, but journaling can help you to develop a more meaningful relationship with your partner.

If you’re looking to improve your relationship with your partner then these journaling prompts can get you there.

What are the things in a partner that you really need to have? Is your partner delivering on those things?

What do you bring to the table in the relationship? Are there traits in your own character that you want to change?

Are there aspects of your current relationship that you want to talk to your partner about?

That’s where journaling prompts can really make a difference.

With eighty-seven prompts in this article, you have a variety of topics which will allow you to focus on what is most important for your relationship.

Let’s begin!

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40 Couple Journaling Prompts For Relationship Growth

Many couples find that their relationship stagnates after several years. They feel like they are in a rut and the excitement and joy is no longer there.

This is certainly normal and common, but it doesn’t need to happen. How can we avoid this?

I’m sure you know couples that have begun taking each other for granted, spending more and more time apart, arguing about every little thing, and just overall do not seem to be very happy.

Hopefully you also know couples who enjoy each other’s company, plan together time, discover new things together, laugh a lot, hold each other’s hands and show caring and respect for one another.

How do we avoid the negative scenario and achieve the positive one?

I am fortunate to know a number of couples who are shining examples of getting it right.

One of the things present in these couples is that the individuals have much in common with each other.

In one of the couples, both people love to cycle and they go on extensive cycling trips.

They also love music and are both talented musicians. They even had a band for many years and played gigs most weekends.

The other couple I know is outdoorsy and both are people who enjoy cross-country skiing and kayaking.

Additionally, both couples have a solid group of friends and enjoy socializing.

Probably one of the biggest factors in these successful relationships is their communication.

They talk. And their conversation reflects sincere respect for the other person.

While the number of divorces may significantly outweigh the number of successful partnerships, I know there are things that we can do to change that fact.

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Examine your relationship. Ask questions of yourself and your partner, delve into the reality of your relationship in order to figure out what could help it grow!

In the following forty prompts you will find some keys to making your relationship better. Look through this list, do some thinking, and journal.

It could be the first step in making real, positive improvements in your relationship.

1. “Are we too busy to communicate? There’s always room for improvement Maybe it’s time to set aside some free time for just us Ask each other what you can do to keep the spark burning and improve your communication skills together Who knows? It might be fun trying different approaches”

2. “Each make a list of your sexual desires / fantasies. Would you be comfortable sharing these with your partner? Why / why not?”

3. “How important is religion or spirituality to you in a relationship? And to your partner?”

4. “What little things make you feel most loved by your partner?”

5. “How have you changed since the beginning of your relationship?”

6. “As long as you feel safe, take risks Are you willing to give me all of yourself? Do you trust me enough to keep a secret? How can I show you that I am trustworthy?”

7. “What is one piece of relationship advice that has always stuck with you?”

8. “Are your mutual relationships with your in-laws positive or negative? How could they be improved?”

9. “Do you have a healthy balance of doing things together, apart, and with close friends as a couple? Do you both agree?”

10. “Independently write about your hopes and dreams for retirement, and compare your list with your partner’s. Is there anything you need to discuss here?”

11. “Do you know your attachment style? Write about how your attachment style came to be and compare it to your partner’s.”

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12. “What are each of your wishes for when you die? Have a frank face to face conversation with your partner, ensuring they are aware of yours and asking them about their own.”

13. “What are your favourite hobbies to do together?”

14. “What is your favourite type of event to visit with your partner, and why?”

15. “Do you and your partner have any recurring / unresolved conflicts in your relationship? Do you agree about what they are? Write each other a positive letter, avoiding blame or accusations, about how you could work through these issues together.”

16. “What is your definition of ‘cheating’? Is this something you’ve discussed and agreed on? If not, make this conversation a priority for your relationship.”

17. “How do you feel about your partner’s occupation and how do you support each other’s career goals?”

18. “How would yo describe your current relationship status?”

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19. “How can I be more romantic? Love doesn’t need to be complicated It can often be spontaneous and joyful However, sometimes couples forget to express their love to each other”

20. “Do you like alone time, or do you prefer to be around your partner all of the time?”

21. “What is your favourite memory about a family outing you had?”

22. “Have I expressed everything I care about to you? Your actions speak louder than words By saying one thing, you might mean another Make sure you understand each other well before making emotional commitments”

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23. “What is your communication style?”

24. “Is there any area of your life where you don’t feel supported by your partner? Write them a positive letter explaining how this makes you feel, avoiding blame and accusations and suggesting different ways you could work on it together so you feel better.”

25. “What is your opinion on monogamy or polyamory? Does your partner agree?”

26. “What is your greatest challenge in life, and how does your partner support you with this?”

27. “If you could buy your partner any gift in the world without worrying about the cost, what would it be?”

28. “List 20 reasons why you love your partner.”

29. “What do you want less of in your relationship?”

30. “Are you confident about openly discussing your physical intimacy with your partner so that it can be mutually satisfying? If not, why not? Think about how it could be improved for you, and if you’re not comfortable discussing it with your partner, write them an unconventional love letter about it instead.”

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31. “How can your partner help you feel safer together?”

32. “How do you handle conflict? Conflict hurts us because it disrupts the peace within our relationship Learn to resolve conflicts without causing harm to each other”

33. “How can I become more patient? Life isn’t easy Sometimes, it seems like everyone around us wants to drag us down We get tired and frustrated”

34. “What can I do to make you happy? How can I cheer you up when you aren’t enjoying yourself? Is there anything you would like to change about me? Would you prefer that I eat my meals in silence?”

35. “How do you deal with a stressful situation? How do you cope when things don’t go right? Think of ways that you can solve problems easily”

36. “What is your idea of a dream date with your partner?”

37. “What positive things do you and your partner do together and separately that contribute to your personal and collective wellbeing?”

38. “What is your favourite outside place to go with your partner?”

39. “Do you notice me when I am angry? Everyone has bad days Why do you choose to stay mad at me when you clearly know it won’t make you happy? Do you wish you had someone who could help you through tough times? Imagine what it feels like to have your best friend stand behind you during those difficult moments”

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40. “What worries you most about your relationship?”

47 Couple Journaling Prompts For Contentment In A Relationship

Why is it often so much easier to be negative than positive? We see that all the time in relationships.

How many times have you been out and seen couples arguing and bickering. There seems to be no respect in the relationship, no happiness or contentment.

How can we secure this seemingly elusive quality in our own relationship with our partner?

As with most things, we need to start with ourselves. Take a look at your behavior in the relationship and even outside of the relationship.

Can you identify things about yourself that are negative? Do you tend to poke holes in things and look for opportunities to criticize rather than praise?

The next step is to look at how this affects your relationship. Do you bring negativity into your communication with your partner?

If you do see things that aren’t great in your relationship, how can you change those? What is at the root of the issue?

Some people seem to always be looking outside of their own relationship for something better.

It doesn’t need to be that way. Talking to your partner and getting on the same wavelength about what you both want as a couple is a great exercise.

Once you know that, you need to plan the concrete things you’re going to do to get there.

To stay committed to the plan, you need to do regular check-ins, and that could be as frequent as daily, especially at the beginning.

The following journaling prompts can lead you to the conversations that could take your relationship from ho-hum to quality!

Set aside time to read the list together and then talk and plan. Do this with honesty and purposefulness, and be sure to always be respectful to each other during this process.

You could be on your way to a dynamite relationship!

41. “How long do you hope to be together?”

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42. “What do I really look forward to all day long? Do you ever wonder why I act excited whenever we’re together? Think about the things you do that bring joy into your life”

43. “What can I do that would help you fall more deeply in love with me? How could I communicate better with you? Is there any way that I could earn your trust?”

44. “What is the most important lesson you’ve learned from watching a loving relationship close to you?”

45. “Have you been keeping secrets from me lately? Open up now and confess everything No matter how silly it may seem, try and understand where your partner is coming from”

46. “Where should we spend our free time? Shouldn’t we both enjoy ourselves as individuals before going back together later?”

47. “What habits do you wish your partner would change? What about your own habits?”

48. “What can I do if I want to impress you? Are you attracted to the person I am becoming? Share your accomplishments with me so that I will realize how much I truly appreciate you”

49. “If you are married, what are your plans for the next five years of marriage?”

50. “Do you have any secrets you haven’t told your partner yet?”

51. “Have I done something to upset you? Sometimes, we don’t mean to hurt anyone else; but, we unintentionally cause damage when we let anger control us”

52. “Relationship Writing Prompts to Strengthen Your Bond”

53. “Do you wish you were more affectionate towards me? A lot of men like to receive physical attention And, many women appreciate compliments and gifts”

54. “What are your opinions on having children?”

55. “What qualities do you and your partner most value in yourselves and each other? Why?”

56. “What are your core values? Do they match your partner’s? Are there any glaring discrepancies? How do you deal with these?”

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57. “Can you see beyond the surface? Think about a friend or family member’s flaws Now, imagine those same traits reflected on your partner How would you feel?”

58. “How can I improve myself? In order to keep growing as a person, we need constant growth in our relationships”

59. “Valuable Journal Prompts For Relationships”

60. “If your physical health were to suffer and you became unable to care for yourself, what would you want your partner to do?”

61. “What are some things that you and your partner struggle with together or apart?”

62. “Am I doing enough for my mate? Does this ring true for you? Make an effort to show appreciation for the little things that you do for your partner”

63. “More Writing Prompts For Couples”

64. “Do you like your partner’s closest friends?”

65. “What is your favourite thing about the day/night that you met your partner?”

66. “Do you talk to me about important issues? What does she need from me? When did I last share a heartfelt thought about how special she is?”

67. “If your partner became unable to care for him/herself, what would they like to do?”

68. “If you’re not married or engaged, what would you like the proposal to look like?”

69. “What things are deal breakers for you in your relationship? Does your partner feel the same way?”

70. “What is your love language? (Gift giving, physical touch, quality time, acts of service, words of affirmation.)”

71. “What is your dream for our future together? Does anyone ever ask you what you want? When was the last time you asked your partner what they wanted? Take turns asking the questions. Try telling them that you heard your spouse mention something interesting related to their work. You could also invite your partner over to talk about it further.”

72. “What would you most love if your partner did for you?”

73. “Do you want more children? More pets?”

74. “Are you ready to grow as a couple? Be honest with each other and encourage one another to learn new skills Together, we’ll both enjoy a richer relationship”

75. “If you could change one of your partner’s opinions, which one would it be? Why?”

76. “Write about the first kiss you shared and how it made you feel.”

77. “If you do not have a home together yet, how do you want to decorate your home? How do you want it to look?”

78. “Would your childhood self be proud of the you that you are today? Why or why not?”

79. “Where do we disagree? Don’t you think we should start discussing the differences our ideas have? Some people believe that if we disagree on a subject, it means we no longer like each other This isn’t true It simply shows that we differ on certain views So, instead of arguing or feeling guilty and sorry about our disagreement, let’s use it as an opportunity to create a stronger bond between us”

80. “What makes you feel butterflies in your relationship?”

81. “How would your life be different now if you had never started dating your partner?”

82. “What hobby does your partner have that doesn’t interest you personally? How much time do you spend supporting them with this anyway?”

83. “What’s a project you’d like to finish or start with your partner?”

84. “What can I do for you? When did you last tell me that I made you smile? If you find it hard to say, write down some things that you admire about me Letting someone know what makes you happy will make them happier”

85. “How do past relationships impact on your current relationship?”

86. “What significant thing have you learned about your partner since starting to date them?”

87. “How well do you know me? Some people are good at telling others exactly what they think Others lie or disguise their true feelings”

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Couple Journaling Prompts, And How Can They Benefit My Relationship?

Couple journaling prompts are thought-provoking questions or topics designed to inspire meaningful conversations and reflections between partners. They offer a structured way for couples to connect, communicate, and deepen their understanding of each other. Engaging with these prompts regularly can help strengthen your bond, improve communication, and create lasting memories together.

How Do I Use Couple Journaling Prompts Effectively With My Partner?

To use couple journaling prompts effectively, set aside dedicated time for journaling sessions. Choose prompts that resonate with both you and your partner. Each of you can take turns responding to the prompts, either by writing in a shared journal or separately. Remember to listen actively and without judgment as you read each other's responses. This practice promotes open communication and nurtures a stronger emotional connection.

What Kind Of Topics Do Couple Journaling Prompts Cover?

Couple journaling prompts cover a wide range of topics that contribute to a well-rounded relationship. They may include gratitude and appreciation, shared memories, future aspirations, challenges faced together, personal growth, and ways to express love and kindness. These prompts encourage couples to explore their feelings, thoughts, and dreams, fostering a deeper sense of intimacy and mutual understanding.

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