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45 Future Self Journal Prompts To Become Your Best You!

45 Future Self Journal Prompts To Become Your Best You!

Have you ever taken time to think about where you’d like to be, what you’d like to be doing, or the type of person you would like to be in five years’ time or ten years' time?

When we are young we are often asked what we want to be when we grow up. Our answers are usually based on our heroes or things we love to play with or read about.

Later, in our teens, the question of what career path we will take after high school becomes super important, and we might take some time, even years, sorting that out.

The end of formal education and the beginning of a career usually comes with decisions about some things like where you’re going to live and if you want to buy a home.

This time of our life is also when we typically think about a long-term relationship and commitment to a partner.

This could be followed by decisions about starting a family.

Putting it simply, having children really changes life. The focus necessarily becomes our children and their needs.

It can be easy during these child-rearing years to lose sight of ourselves as we get so caught up in our kids.

Self-care gets put on the shelf as our time is so scheduled and free time seems non-existent.

I can definitely speak from experience. Having five children in eight years, taking courses, and moving up the ladder in my career made life extremely busy.

I think I was on autopilot for those decades.

While it can seem impossible during these years to find time to reflect on your own well-being and future goals around health, fitness, interests and hobbies, career, etc., making the time to do this can mean greater happiness in your life.

Having clarity around what you want in life and looking after yourself to achieve well-being goals can relieve anxiety and give you the satisfaction of knowing you are bettering yourself.

Come along with me as I look at journal prompts for your future self!

1. Future Self Journal Prompts For Becoming Your Best Version Of Yourself

I don’t know if you can relate to this, but when I am asked big questions like, what are my dreams, or what are my goals for myself in 10 years’ time, I freeze. My brain doesn’t work well on the fly!

In my job there were regular meetings where my colleagues and I were asked for ideas on something - just off the top of our head.

We’d be sitting in a circle and each person would answer in turn. As it got closer and closer to me I would get more and more anxious trying to come up with something!

If this is you as well then, like me, you are very thankful for journal prompts to help focus your thinking and kick-start your mind to generate ideas.

I definitely want to be the best version of myself, but it can be overwhelming to think of all of the different aspects that are involved.

For example, I could focus on career, personal life, well-being, hobbies and interests, physical fitness, healthy eating, particular relationships, and so on.

I really appreciate being able to access these great journal prompts. I pick one or two, then schedule in time to do some reflecting and writing about my thoughts.

Engaging in journal writing about becoming the best version of yourself is time very well spent because it can lay the groundwork for a better future in so many ways.

I love to put an aspect of my life under a microscope. That’s exactly what you’re doing when you journal about these prompts.

When you give something that kind of attention, it’s bound to improve.

With prompts like:

What bad habits, negative tendencies, or self-destructive ways did your future self overcome?


How do you want to feel on a daily basis? Name all the emotions you want to feel regularly as your ideal future you.

you are zeroing in on the things you want to change about yourself and creating a picture of who you want to be.

Exciting, right?!

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Future Self Journaling Prompts For Becoming Best Version

1. "What is your ideal future daily life like? Describe your ideal daily routine and work schedule."

2. "In the future, who are your closest friends and loved ones? Who are the new people you are attracting? Who are you letting go of?"

3. "Describe what you love most about your future self? What are her best qualities?"

4. "What does the best future version of you act like?"

5. "What new hobbies or activities does your ideal future self engage in?"

6. "What are your finances like as your most ideal future self?"

7. "What bad habits, negative tendencies, or self-destructive ways did your future self overcome?"

8. "What adventures do you take as your ideal future self?"

9. "Describe what the best future version of you looks like."

"Describe what the best future version of you looks like."

10. "How do you carry yourself as your ideal future self? What energy or vibes are you giving off?"

11. "Describe your ideal lifestyle in 1 year, 2 years, and 5 years."

12. "How has the ideal version of yourself in the future learned to cope with stress better?"

13. "What new skills or knowledge does your future self have?"

14. "Describe the most exciting aspects of living as your ideal future self."

15. "How is your health, mentally and physically, as your best future self?"

16. "What surprises you most about your future self? How has she changed?"

17. "How do you want to feel on a daily basis? Name all the emotions you want to feel regularly as your ideal future you."

18. "What would the future you 2 years from now say to the now-time you? How about the you from 5 years into the future?"

19. "What good things continue to grow and evolve into the future?"

20. "How does your best future self help or positively influence other people?"

"How does your best future self help or positively influence other people?"

21. "Describe your home life as your ideal future self."

22. "How do you see your current problems coming to a resolution in the future?"

23. "And now list the good habits your future self practices."

24. "How has your ideal future self evolved spiritually?"

25. "What do you love most about living in the future and what blows your mind."

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2. Future Self Journal Prompts On Happiness

Oh, elusive happiness. We all search for the secret to being happy, but in the end it is about ourselves, who we are, and the way we live our life that brings us happiness.

We can benefit by examining ourselves and how we choose to act and react to our world and those in it.

By considering these things we take the time to look at our character traits and how those traits are reflected in our conversations, our choices, and our decisions.

Is there something about yourself, a certain trait or habit that is keeping you from being happy?

There have been periods in my life when I have struggled to be happy. Most recently I have done a lot of thinking about my life now that I am retired.

To say that it’s a big change to go from working every day, and dedicating many years to a full-time, demanding yet rewarding career to having much less structure and loads of free time is a major understatement.

While I was happy to retire and knew that the time was right to leave my career, it has still been challenging to restructure my life.

I am sure you have had major changes in your life to deal with. It might not be retirement, but it could be a change in career, a change in your living situation, or any number of other things.

One thing is for certain, change is a part of life, and how we deal with change and challenge can be pivotal in whether or not we live a life of happiness.

Sometimes it’s about clarifying what exactly makes you happy. These prompts focus on this:

Living my best life” is a phrase I use when I’m…

My ideal day is one where I…

It can be helpful to consider what the stumbling blocks are, what is keeping you from being happy.

The following prompts get you looking at some of these specific things:

The reason I haven’t achieved certain long-term goals is because…

If I had a better morning routine, I would…

Some of the bad habits I wish I could break are…

Make some time for yourself, see what prompts you connect with, then think and write.

You could be on the path to greater happiness!

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Future Self Journaling On Happiness

26. "In my mind I know I need to…"

27. "My dream life or dream career is a life characterized by…"

28. "A better version of myself would look like…"

29. "I’m most grateful for…"

30. "I’m able to stay focused when I…"

31. "One of my biggest goals is to…"

32. "The reason I haven’t achieved certain long-term goals is because…"

"The reason I haven’t achieved certain long-term goals is because…"

33. "If I had a better morning routine, I would…"

34. "Some of the bad habits I wish I could break are…"

35. "The positive thoughts I wish I thought about myself include…"

36. "Every single day I find myself wishing…"

37. "Last year, I was so proud of myself when…"

38. "I define a healthy habit as…"

39. "My daily routine feels…"

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40. "Something I wish I could tell my younger or past self is…"

41. "“Living my best life” is a phrase I use when I’m…"

42. "My ideal day is one where I…"

43. "The little things I value most in my daily life are..."

44. "If I could gain clarity about , then I would..."

45. "I’m feeling stuck right now because…"

"I’m feeling stuck right now because…"

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Future Self Journal Prompts And How Can They Benefit Me?

Future Self Journal Prompts are thought-provoking questions designed to help you envision your ideal future. They encourage reflection, goal-setting, and personal growth, guiding you toward a more fulfilling life path.

How Do Future Self Journal Prompts Differ From Regular Journaling?

While regular journaling focuses on current experiences, Future Self Journal Prompts concentrate on your aspirations and long-term goals. They prompt you to explore your desired future and take steps to manifest it.

How Can These Prompts Help Me Set And Achieve My Goals?

Future Self Journal Prompts prompt you to visualize your goals, break them into actionable steps, and identify potential obstacles. This process enhances your goal-setting skills and motivates you to pursue your dreams.

Can Future Self Journal Prompts Help Improve My Decision-Making Abilities?

Yes, definitely. By envisioning your future self and the outcomes of your decisions, these prompts encourage you to make choices aligned with your long-term aspirations, resulting in better decision-making.

How Frequently Should I Use Future Self Journal Prompts?

The frequency depends on your preference and goals. You can use them daily, weekly, or whenever you need guidance and inspiration to reflect on your future path.

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