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44 Great Get-Well Care Package Ideas To Show You’re Thinking Of Them

44 Great Get-Well Care Package Ideas To Show You’re Thinking Of Them

A care package can be given for all sorts of reasons, but perhaps the one that is most popular is for someone who is ill or convalescing.

When a person is ill, they so appreciate a care package arriving on their doorstep to cheer them up.

There are numerous options for items to include in a care package to someone not feeling well.

What you include partly depends on the age of the person, their personality, interests and hobbies, their likes and dislikes in regard to food and clothing, the nature of their illness, and the degree to which they are ill.

If this sounds a little overwhelming, don’t be put off. In this article, I will take you through four lists of ideas for get-well care packages.

You can use one of the ideas presented here, or let them inspire you to do something totally original.

Whether it’s for an ailing grandmother, a good friend who is feeling under the weather, or a work colleague who fell and broke a bone, we’ll help you create the perfect care package.

You will brighten their day, and the added bonus is you’ll have that warm, fuzzy feeling we get inside when we do something nice for someone.

Ideas For Care Packages To Brighten Someone’s Day

We have all had those days when nothing seems to go right and sometimes those days can stretch into weeks.

When you are feeling down it can make such a difference to receive a care package from a thoughtful someone.

Maybe work hasn’t been going well lately. You have a boss who is being super demanding, or a coworker keeps dumping their tasks they don’t want to do onto your desk, or maybe you’ve had to put in tons of overtime and are completely exhausted.

Receiving a care package from your best friend means so much. It says they care about us and the rough time we’re going through.

When you want to brighten someone’s day it doesn’t have to be a big, expensive gesture. Just a little something says you care.

If it’s someone you know well, then their favorite treat like a chocolate bar or candy is appreciated.

If you want to send a care package to someone you don’t know so well, but you still want to cheer them up and let them know you’re thinking of them, then something like a bouquet of bright, cheerful flowers is a terrific idea.

Check out the other ideas in our list for care packages when you want to brighten someone’s day.

10 Brightening Day Care Package

1. "Notepads & Journals"

2. "White Chocolate Truffles"

3. "Stickers"

4. "DIY Get Well Kit"

5. "Bright Yellow Flowers"

6. "Juicy Fruit Gum"

Juicy Fruit Gum

7. "Lemon Candy's"

8. "Peanut M&M's"

9. "Luxurious Body Lotion"

10. "Fragrnace Candles"

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Feel Better Soon Care Package Ideas

A care package is always welcomed by someone who is feeling under the weather.

You may have a friend, relative, or coworker who is laid up for a while and they are bored to tears.

Imagine how thrilled they will be when you send them a care package with an activity to pass the time.

If the person is fond of card games then a deck of cards is a great way to go.

When my son broke his leg hiking, he was unable to get around for a number of weeks. 

A group of his friends brought a care package for him that included goodies to eat, some pop, a deck of cards, and outdoor magazines.

He enjoyed the treats, and the cards and magazines helped him pass the time with something other than watching TV. 

One of the magazines had an article on hiking and he planned his next adventure while recovering from the previous one!

For a child, an activity book geared toward someone their age or a coloring book is a good idea, and for an older person, books that include word searches and crosswords are appropriate. Be sure to buy in large print if suitable.

The following list includes other great gift ideas!

10 Feel Better Soon Package

11. "Board Games"

12. "Travel Size Tissues"

13. "Snacks Mix"

14. "Activity Book"

15. "Journals"

16. "Deck Of Cards"

Deck Of Cards

17. "Mints"

18. "Hand Sanitizer Wipes"

19. "Cookie Box"

20. "Reusable Water Bottles"

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Get-Well Practical Gift Ideas For Care Packages For Loved Ones

When someone we love is sick or going through a difficult time, we want to reach out and do something for them that will let them know we are thinking of them.

Practical gifts can ease the discomfort a person is experiencing or help them cope with their needs.

If your loved one is confined to a bed or couch then a comfortable pair of pajamas or relaxing loungewear would be appreciated. Along the same lines, a pair of comfy, cozy slippers are wonderful!

When I underwent surgery for a burst appendix, a good friend gave me a beautiful nightgown. It was so thoughtful and I enjoyed wearing the pretty sleepwear. It made the time I was stuck in bed more enjoyable.

Often when a person is unable to get outside, and particularly in the dry, indoor winter months, the air can be drying to hair, skin and lips.

A lip balm, a rich moisturizer with a calming scent, or shampoo and conditioner for dry hair would make great items for a care package for a loved one.

Think about your loved one’s particular likes and interests when putting together things for a care package to make it really special.

14 Practical Gifts For Loved Ones

21. "Canopy Humidifier"

22. "Lip Balm Set"

23. "Recovery Pajamas"

24. "Snuggly Cushioned Slipper's"

25. "Eye Mask"

Eye Mask

26. "Smart Pill Box"

27. "Reversible Bathrobe"

28. "Bedroom Air Purifier "

29. "Dry Shampoo"

30. "Immunity Green Tea"

31. "Gift Cards"

32. "Sleepy Fragrance Bathing Gift Set"

33. "Soothing Fragrance Pillow Mist"

34. "Gravity Induction Mug Warmer"

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Unique, Customized Get-Well Care Package Ideas

If you want to take your get-well care package from good to great then you might consider customizing it.

Unique care packages can blow the recipient away. They will wonder how you ever came up with something so creative.

For example, instead of ordering flowers to be delivered by the florist shop, why not hand-pick their favorite wild flowers and deliver them yourself?

If you know they like home-baked goods ( and who doesn’t?) why not take the time to bake something special. 

A box of cupcakes decorated with their initials or favorite candies says that you not only know them well, but you also cared enough to take the time to bake especially for them.

Do you know their favorite color? A soft, comfy blanket or throw would make a wonderful gift in their favorite color. 

If you’re talented with needlecrafts, you could embroider their initials in the corner, or have someone you know who embroiders do it for you.

Let your imagination go and create a special, unique get-well care package just for them. They will cherish it.

10 Unique Customized Package

35. "Soft Socks Pairs"

36. "Large Greeting Card"

37. "Personalized Crafted Gift Item"

Personalized Crafted Gift Item

38. "Snuggy Blanket"

39. "Artificial Flowers"

40. "Scented Candles"

41. "Thoughtful Goodies"

42. "Sleek Bracelet"

43. "Stress Balls"

44. "Thermal Wine Tumbler"

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Get-Well Care Package?

A get-well care package is a thoughtful assortment of items designed to support and uplift someone who is recovering from an illness, surgery, or injury.

What Items Are Typically Included In A Get-Well Care Package?

Get-well care packages often include comforting items such as healthy snacks, soothing teas, skincare products, cozy blankets, books, and items for relaxation or self-care.

Are There Pre-Made Get-Well Care Packages Available For Purchase?

Yes, many companies offer pre-made get-well care packages that include a variety of curated items specifically designed to support and uplift someone during their recovery.

How Can A Get-Well Care Package Support The Recipient's Well-Being?

A get-well care package can provide emotional support, encouragement, and practical assistance to help alleviate some of the challenges and stresses associated with recovery from illness, surgery, or injury.

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