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135 Helpful Journal Prompts To Improve Your Finances And Achieve Your Money Goals

135 Helpful Journal Prompts To Improve Your Finances And Achieve Your Money Goals

Do you feel weighed down by money woes? Are you constantly worrying about how you will pay the bills next month? It's time to explore journal prompts for money abundance and transform your financial mindset.

Are you concerned about the enormous debt you have from school?

Have you lost hope that you will ever take a vacation or even be able to buy a home?

If you have worried about any of these things then you have something in common with millions of Americans.

Money issues have reached an incredible level. Personal finance problems are one of the main causes of divorce, and many people are so deep in credit card debt that they suffer incredible anxiety.

Many households are out of control with spending and live beyond their means because they are able to charge purchases to a credit card.

The problem is that the interest rate on credit cards is extremely high and most people are unable to pay off their credit card balance at the end of each month.

This leaves people wading in a huge mound of debt.

Join me, and turn your attention to how you can deal positively with your personal finances and gain money confidence.

Journaling is a great way to start getting your mind around your finances and how to get yourself to a good place financially.

Let’s go!

Journal Bannar

Journal Prompts For Money Abundance

Abundance. The word means ample or a lot of something. We can use the word abundant to describe how we live our life.

This could mean having great health and the ability to get out and do all of the activities we want to do.

An abundant life could refer to having many blessings in the way of children and grandchildren.

Abundance can also take the form of having all of the things you want like a boat, great clothes, a luxury car, two or three vacations a year, a fabulous home and so on.

A critical aspect of achieving abundance is having healthy finances, and the first step is to come to terms with every penny that comes in and goes out of your bank account and your wallet.

Take control of your finances. Have a goal for what you want from your money, and make a plan for how to get there.

Then stick to it, and make adjustments along the way as necessary.

The journal prompts below will help you with this. If you can get control of your money, you can make it grow, and that will get you the kind of life you dream of.

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50 Journal Prompts For Money Abundance

1. "Who do you look up to as a role model, and why?"

2. "Do you compare your financial situation to anyone else’s? Are you jealous? Why?"

3. "What activities bring you joy and make you feel alive? Do they require large amounts of money?"

4. "What issue from your past is holding you back from attracting more money?"

5. "Set a three-minute timer and write whatever comes to mind."

Journal Prompts For Money Abundance

6. "How do you express your love for others? Would this change with more money?"

7. "How do you enjoy spending your free time? Would this change if you had unlimited money?"

8. "What do you believe in?"

9. "What financial advice would you, today, give to yourself five years ago?"

10. "Are you happy with where you live? If not, what would you prefer?"

11. "What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever received when it comes to money?"

12. "Describe one of your most memorable experiences surrounding money."

13. "What do you most enjoy about your current financial situation?"

14. "Describe your perfect day in great detail."

15. "Where do you see your relationship with money in 6 months? One year? Five years? Ten years?"

16. "Which types of things do you find annoying with respect to money?"

17. "What are three of your favorite affirmations or mantras? If you don’t have any, create some."

18. "What’s the best piece of money advice you’ve ever received – that you didn’t take?"

19. "What brings you the most peace?"

20. "What are four money manifestations (or financial achievements) that you’re grateful for right now?"

21. "Pick five words to describe your attitude toward money."

22. "What do you need more of in your life?"

23. "How do you contribute to the good of the world? If you had unlimited money, would this change?"

24. "Where would you go on your dream vacation if money wasn’t an object?"

25. "What activities brought you joy and made you feel alive as a child?"

26. "How do you practice financial self-care? How do you care for and respect your money?"

27. "What can you do today to make it better than yesterday?"

28. "Are you being true to yourself and living authentically? Why or why not?"

29. "What do you want your legacy to be?"

30. "If your future self could give you three pieces of money advice, what would it be?"

Journal Prompts For Money

31. "How did your darkest moments in life influence your current financial situation?"

32. "What stresses you out the most?"

33. "What do you value most in life?"

34. "Who are you most thankful for in your life and why?"

35. "In what areas of your life not related to money, would you like to see change or growth that might lead to more money flowing your way?"

36. "When’s the last time you encountered a new opportunity to manifest more money?"

37. "How are you moving toward achieving your biggest goals?"

38. "If you’ve made money mistakes that you still regret to this day, what did you learn from them?"

39. "Describe one toxic person, thing, or habit that you need to let go of to boost your income."

40. "Is there anything in life that you need help regarding your money? What do you need? Who could you ask?"

41. "If you knew you were going to die in exactly 30 days, how would you live your life?"

42. "When in life did you have the strongest relationship with your money?"

43. "What accomplishments are you most proud of?"

44. "What word would you use to describe yourself, and why?"

45. "Is there something that could make you more money, yet you’re avoiding getting started because of fear?"

46. "What do you need less of in your life?"

47. "What’s your ideal way to generate income? Your dream job?"

Money Abundance

48. "What thing would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail?"

49. "What are your biggest goals right now?"

50. "What is your most profitable talent, trait or skill?"

Journal Prompts To Understand Your Relationship With Money

I am old enough to remember a time when people didn’t spend the way they do now.

My parents were frugal, meaning they didn’t spend willy nilly, and they didn’t live beyond their means - what they could afford, in cash.

The fact is that people are not educated about money. I definitely include myself in that category.

I thought that listing my expenses every pay period was great budgeting, but I was very wrong. I still spent beyond what I could afford, and ended up with a sizable credit card debt that took me years to pay off.

Money can be our friend. We just need to get smarter about it, and that starts with knowing our personal finances.

I love the prompts in this category. They get us thinking about how we see money and how we use it.

These considerations are absolutely necessary to changing how you view and handle money. For example, you might want to write about the following prompts:

What past experiences can you recall where you felt paralyzed by financial struggles?

What does financial freedom look like to you?

Let these and the rest of this inspiring list of prompts get you started!

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Journal Bannar

32 Journal Prompts To Understand Relationship With Money

51. "Do you feel worthy of an abundance of money?"

52. "Has anyone ever made you feel not ‘good enough’ because of money? Describe that situation. "

53. "What financial goals have you had in the past that you have achieved?"

54. "What past experiences can you recall where you felt paralyzed by financial struggles?"

55. "Describe a day in your life where you felt rich and abundant."

56. "Do you believe there is an endless supply of money?"

57. "What words do you use to describe money, your financial situation, and the way you use money?"

58. "Write a letter to your future self about your financial goals and what you want to achieve."

59. "What does financial freedom look like to you?"

60. "What would your life look like if you didn’t have to worry about money?"

61. "What are your current financial goals?"

62. "How do you feel when people start talking about money?"

63. "Who has made most of the financial decisions in your life? How do you go about making financial decisions?"

64. "If I had enough money, I would no longer…"

65. "Describe a time when you felt a scarcity mindset and found it difficult to move past."

66. "Do you believe that having more money changes people? If so, how?"

67. "Do you feel confident with your understanding of your current money situation? "

68. "What kind of relationship would you like to have with money?"

69. "What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given in relation to money?"

Journal Prompts To Understand Relationship With Money

70. "Do you want to change your current financial situation? Why?"

71. "If you received an unexpected deposit of $10,000 into your account, how would that make you feel, and what would you do with it?"

72. "Why do you feel you are in your current financial situation?"

73. "Describe your most memorable money experience."

74. "What are your current money goals? (What are you doing to achieve them?)"

75. "What does ‘financial abundance’ look like or feel like for you?"

76. "What is the biggest money lesson you’ve learned?"

77. "Do you like money? Do you think money is good or bad?"

78. "How would you like to feel about money?"

79. "What is your biggest money ‘worry’ right now?"

80. "What amount of money would you need to have in your bank account to feel financially secure?"

81. "What is the least helpful piece of money advice you’ve ever been given?"

82. "What negative thoughts do you have about money?"

Journal Prompts For Money Confidence

Money confidence begins with knowing all of the details about your money, what you bring in on any given month, what your regular expenses are, what special expenses are going to be coming out on a particular month, and what big ticket items will be coming up in the future.

That seems like a lot, I know. It is natural to feel overwhelmed about getting to know your finances inside and out, but you can do it, and once you do, you have completed the first step toward increasing your money confidence.

Another aspect of money confidence is the knowledge that you have the ability to pay your monthly bills, and are on top of your finances.

When I changed my money habits and began tracking every dollar, I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders, and I was happier, so much happier!

Sure, I still had things I needed to accomplish financially, but I was confident in my ability to follow a plan to do that.

Let the journal prompts in this list help you to become confident about your money matters!

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24 Journal Prompts For Money Confidence

83. "It’s also important not to focus too much on the negatives and where we are going wrong with our money."

84. "But it’s also necessary to focus on the positive and build ourselves up so that we feel confident in taking control of our money situation."

85. "Does talking about money make you feel positive or negative emotions? Why?"

86. "Think of somebody whose money mindset you admire. What are the traits that appeal to you? Now write those traits down into positive affirmations about yourself. I am disciplined .I am motivated. I am successful. I am positive. I can achieve the goals I set for myself. Now keep this list to read out loud when you need a positivity boost."

87. "What was your approach to money when you first began earning it?"

88. "What is the best piece of advice you could give to someone starting out learning about their finances?"

89. "What is your earliest memory of money?"

90. "What word would you use to describe your money approach? Why?"

91. "How do you want your kids to feel about money?"

92. "Money Mindset Journal Prompts to Build Your Money Confidence"

93. "Picture yourself in 1/3/5 years time, how do you feel about money? What positive words would you use to describe future you and your money mindset?"

94. "Were conversations around money a regular thing during your childhood? How was it spoken about?"

95. "Think of a time you set and achieved a money related goal. Write about it. What was it? How did you do it? How did that make you feel?"

96. "What is something that you tell yourself about your relationship with money? (e.g. I’m good/bad with money. I can/can’t manage my money well.) Why do you believe this to be true?"

97. "Think about a financial mistake you’ve made in the past, what did you learn from it?"

98. "What was the best piece of money advice you’ve ever been given?"

Journal Prompts For Money Confidence

99. "What money memory do you think still affects how you feel about your money situation today?"

100. "How would you describe your parent’s/brother’s/sister’s/grandparent’s relationship with money?"

101. "Think of your limiting money beliefs (e.g. I’m bad with money), how can you reframe those thoughts into something more positive? (e.g. I’m taking action to improve my relationship with money)."

102. "Name something positive about your relationship with money."

103. "Think about your money situation now compared to 1/3/5 years ago, what progress have you made?"

104. "Understanding our limiting beliefs and the ways in which our history affects our money mindset in the present is of course essential to improving our money mindset."

105. "List 5 financial wins you’ve had recently. It doesn’t matter if they’re huge achievements or little wins. Write them down."

106. "Think about your money situation over the last 1/3/5 years, what are you proud of?"

Journal Prompts To Control Personal Finances

I think it’s a really interesting fact that many individuals who have degrees in finance have problems managing their personal finances.

However, there is no magical formula for dealing with your household finances effectively, you just need to follow some basic rules.

When I say follow, I do mean follow. The key to controlling your personal finances is to stick to your monthly budget. You need to assert control over your spending desires and wishes.

This can be challenging at times. I know when it’s been a particularly challenging day at work, I can be really tempted to order take-out for my family’s supper that night.

There are a couple of ways to deal with this. When you budget you can allow a bit for restaurant food, or you can make sure you include some quick, pop-it-in-the-oven meals on your grocery list.

No matter how tired I am, I can find the energy to throw a frozen pizza or lasagna in the oven.

Revisiting your monthly budget is another good way to stay in control. It reminds us of what we have allotted for various things, and of what we are trying to do overall.

Make sure you keep track of your spending as well. If you accidentally go over in one category of your budget, you’ll need to tweak things and adjust.

If you have a partner, journaling about your finances is another great way to stay in control of them - your finances, that is, not your partner, lol.

Hop on the healthy finances train and get control of your personal finances!

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29 Journal Prompts To Control Personal Finances

107. "What does generational wealth mean to me?"

108. "What is your biggest money fear?"

109. "Worst money advice I’ve ever received…"

110. "What charity would I like to give more to?"

111. "Can I live wealthy without having a lot of money?"

112. "What is a good salary?"

113. "What does financial abundance mean to me?"

114. "What are my beliefs about money?"

115. "What makes you feel wealthy?"

116. "What kind of car would I drive if I had more money?"

117. "How do I feel about wealthy people?"

118. "Best money advice I’ve ever received…"

119. "If money was no object, what vacation would I take?"

120. "If I was wealthy, where would I live?"

121. "Five things money can buy me…"

122. "What excuses are holding me back financially?"

123. "What’s my money story?"

124. "How do I feel about giving my adult children financial support?"

125. "How would I feel if I were doing better financially?"

126. "How long do I want to work?"

127. "What are my family members attitudes towards money?"

128. "Do I ever feel guilty about money?"

129. "How can I improve other people’s lives with money?"

Journal Prompts To Control Personal Finances

130. "What does “enough” money look like?"

131. "My money future is going to be…"

132. "What are my personal finance goals?"

133. "Five things I don’t need money for… "

134. "What’s the purpose of money?"

135. "What purpose do I want my money to serve?"

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Journal Prompts For Money Abundance?

Journal prompts for money abundance are thought-provoking questions or statements designed to help individuals shift their mindset, attract wealth, and cultivate a positive relationship with money.

How Can Journal Prompts For Money Abundance Benefit Me?

These prompts can assist you in exploring your beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors around money. They encourage a mindset shift that promotes attracting financial abundance and achieving financial goals.

Can Journal Prompts For Money Abundance Help Me Improve My Financial Situation?

Yes, these prompts can contribute to improving your financial situation by helping you shift your mindset and align your thoughts and actions with attracting abundance and achieving your financial goals.

Journal Bannar

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