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130 Fabulous Journal Prompts For Teens For Resilience And Interest

130 Fabulous Journal Prompts For Teens For Resilience And Interest

The teen years are a special period in our lives. We have left the years of childhood behind, but we are not yet adults.

Much change occurs during the teenage years, physically, mentally, and emotionally. We desperately want to be grown up, yet we have so much to experience and learn before we get there.

While we want independence and argue with our parents about seemingly everything, we also still desire the comfort and security of those adults in our lives.

We experience an emotional roller coaster as hormones go crazy during this time.

We find ourselves often acting and reacting with extreme emotions - our temper flaring at one moment, feeling sad and teary in the next.

Yet there are also many positives during this unique time in our development. We enjoy new adventures and experiences.

We are enthusiastic about all sorts of activities from the arts to athletics, and we start to figure out what really interests us and what we might like to pursue as a possible career.

High school is a period of exploration, curiosity, creativity, and overall growth. Out of this exciting phase we progress to greater independence, eager to take the next step.

Journaling can play a very helpful and illuminating role in a teen’s life.

It is a non-threatening place to ask questions of yourself and express your innermost thoughts and feelings, your struggles, and triumphs.

Come along with me and see what journaling prompts for teens are all about!

Journal Bannar

Journal Prompts For Teens On Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a term we have heard more and more often in the last several years. What exactly does mindfulness mean and why is it important?

Do you ever feel like you go through your week on auto-pilot? Do you look back and think, what exactly did I do this past week?

It is easy for us to get caught up in the regular routine without giving it much thought. You get up, throw on your clothes, grab your school books and head out the door.

You sit in your classes and try to keep your eyes open. Eventually the day is done.

It may have included some lively conversation with friends, but overall it was just another day - same old, same old.

If this accurately describes most of your days, mindfulness could be something that could turn that around.

When we are mindful we are invested in the moment and completely aware of our actions, reactions, and conversation.

Mindfulness means we are fully present and the result is that we get more out of that moment, that experience, that conversation - whatever it might be.

Take a look at the prompts in this list and see how they can help you to be more mindful.

Take your daily existence to a more fulfilling and rewarding level!

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Journaling Prompts For Teens On Mindfulness

1. "Make a list of everything you‘d like to do."

2. "Write about hardest moments in your life – what would be different now if you had made a different choice?"

3. "What is the first symptom you notice when you feel anxious/stressed/sad?"

4. "Write a list of things that make you feel uncomfortable. Mark the things that depend on you and the ones that don‘t. Think what you can change."

5. "Using 30 words, describe yourself. Who are you?"

6. "Write down everything that inspires you. Don‘t forget the little things.

Journaling Prompts For Teens On Mindfulness

7. "What can you learn from your parents, friends?"

8. "Write the words you want to hear every day."

9. "Make a list of everything you’d like to disagree/rebel about."

10. "Make a list of your dreams. Write it down on the paper."

11. "What habits do you want to change? Think carefully about the plan how you can change that."

12. "What makes you angry?"

13. "What does encourage you to help another person?"

14. "In your opinion, what is the best movie you‘ve ever seen. Why?"

15. "Why is it important to communicate about emotions?"

16. "Write about a time when you did something you were afraid to try."

17. "What is self-awareness?"

18. "How can you help yourself to relief the anxiety, stress, sadness?"

19. "Write down your everyday dreams for a month."

20. "What topics are you afraid to talk about? Why?"

21. "Write about the hardest moments in your life. What benefits you‘ve got from your mistakes?"

22. "How do you feel when you get a compliment?"

23. "Why don‘t you want to follow the rules at home/school?"

24. "What is something you feel nervous about right now?"

25. "How do you imagine yourself after 10 years?"

Prompts For Teens On Mindfulness

26. "Tell about time when you felt really mad."

27. "What frightens you?"

28. "Who are your heroes?"

29. "Make a list of thoughts that circulate in your mind for a while."

Journal Prompts For Teens For Mental Healing

The teen years are typically a time when we wrestle with many things. Friends, parents, and religion are just a few of the things that we may be trying to figure out.

I can certainly remember how challenging the whole ‘friend thing’ was for me when I was in high school.

I had a solid friend group in grade 8, but when we moved on to high school the next year, those friends became interested in things I wasn’t interested in.

I felt myself gradually backing away from my former circle of friends and felt a degree of isolation and loneliness.

I eventually found my way to another group of grade 9 kids in my small high school and would hang out with them, however we never really clicked very well.

Social issues are close to the top, if not at the top, of most teens’ concerns. Social acceptance during these years is extremely important.

Exploring and working through your feelings in regards to this and other challenges as a teen can come through reflecting on journal prompts that strike a chord with you, and writing about these things.

This can be a pivotal means of healing.

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Journal Prompts For Teens For Mental Healing

30. "Do you feel like your friends trust you and why?"

31. "Do you look forward to a new school year? Why or why not?"

32. "What is your favorite color and why?"

33. "What is your favorite song and why does it resonate with you?"

34. "What are your favorite video games and why?"

35. "Do you have a favorite teacher? What makes them your favorite?"

36. "Do you feel like your parents/guardians trust you and why?"

37. "Who provides a safe space for you physically, emotionally, and/or mentally? What makes them a safe space?"

38. "Who is someone you look up to and why?"

39. "Do you like yourself? Why and why not? "

40. "What were your favorite toys or favorite things as a child? Why did they mean so much to you?"

41. "Who is your best friend? What about them makes them special to you?"

Journal Prompts For Teens For Mental Healing

42. "Is your family religious? How does that make you feel and why?"

43. "Where are your favorite places to be? Why those places?"

44. "What is the best advice you would give somebody? Why did you choose that advice?"

45. "Do you feel like your parents/guardians are there for you when it counts and why/how?"

46. "Who is your favorite person and why?"

47. "What could you do so that you might like yourself more?"

48. "About what do you wish people would “back off” of you and why?"

49. "What are your favorite and least favorite things about social media and who you’ve connected with?"

50. "What has someone said to you in the past that plays on a loop in your head? How does it make you feel?"

51. "Why do you think your parents/guardians do or don’t give you space to make mistakes?"

52. "What is your favorite holiday? Why is it your favorite?"

53. "What is your favorite book and why?"

54. "Who is your favorite singer/band and why are they your favorite?"

55. "Do you like your birth name? Why or why not?"

Journal Bannar

Fascinating Journal Prompts For Teens

Have you experienced something new and exciting? Have you made a decision that could make a major change in your life?

The journal prompts in this category are a way for teens to consider what is happening in their life, and record how they feel about it.

This can also lead to setting certain goals and making plans to achieve those goals.

There is a broad variety of prompts so there is something for everyone.

From family and friend relationships to travel and activities you are prompted to reflect and write on your current reality, your social life, your dreams.

As you read through the following list of prompts, choose the ones that you connect with and explore your thoughts and ideas.

Let these prompts open your mind to excitement and revelation!

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Fascinating Journaling Prompts For Teens

56. "Write about your most trusted friend or family member. Why are they special? What do you love about them?"

57. "The most embarrassing thing happened to me in gym class. I was playing basketball and tripped over…"

58. "Someone began pounding on my door, and I was terrified to open it. Once it did, I was shocked because it was my…"

59. "Think about your future self and write yourself a letter giving advice and including some of your goals."

60. "If you are traveling around the world, who would you want to take with you?"

Fascinating Journal Prompts For Teens

61. "I went to the grocery store the other day. You will never guess who was there!"

62. "How do you really feel about social media?"

63. "I pulled myself onto a horse for the very first time. My heart began to pound and I felt…"

64. "Describe yourself in detail."

65. "What are some of your fondest memories as a child?"

66. "Oddly enough, I woke up to the smell of …"

67. "What are you excited to do when you are older?"

68. "What kind of challenges are you facing, and how to deal with them?"

69. "How do you feel about your family members?"

70. "Have you ever had to have a conversation that was really challenging?"

71. "How can you give yourself some self-care and love?"

72. "If you had the opportunity to redo an entire year, which one would you choose?"

73. "It was an average day and then everything changed. Now I have the ultimate superpower of…"

74. "What are 5 things that represent you?"

75. "Are you more of an introvert or extrovert?"

76. "What is something that makes you laugh?"

77. "The night was dark, the moon was out, and I felt something slithering across my foot."

78. "I started my first job at… and my first day was hysterical because…"

79. "Do you consider yourself a night owl or and early bird?"

80. "Write about your favorite movie and why you love it."

81. "Tonight I went on my first date with…It was hilarious because…"

82. "What are some things that make you feel nervous or scared?"

83. "Who is someone you have never met that you would want to spend the day with?"

84. "What types of things inspire you?"

85. "Packing my suitcases and heading to the airport for my trip to…"

86. "Describe your dream house."

87. "Create a list of things you are grateful for."

88. "Write about a time you were complimented and how you handled it. Was there anything you wish you did differently?"

89. "Who is your hero, and what makes them so important in your eyes?"

Journal Prompts For Teens

90. "I heard a song that took me right back to that day…the day when…"

91. "Write about your town or community. What do you like or dislike?"

92. "While driving to school, I saw something on the side of the road. I pulled over to see what it was and it was shocking. It was a…."

Gratitude Journal Prompts For Teens

Did you know that the teen years are when we are most centered on ourselves?

That might sound like teens are selfish and make themselves priority number one, but that isn’t always the case.

While teens have a lot to wrestle with as they try to sort out friends, parents, and career goals, teens also take enormous interest in improving their world.

Teens get excited about humanitarian projects and often join groups and clubs to better their community, their country, and their world.

This is a great time in a person’s life to start developing an attitude of gratitude.

Gratitude means being thankful for the positive things in our life.

When we recognize that we have things to be grateful for we stop taking things for granted and start showing a more caring and loving attitude.

People who view their life from a place of gratitude are happier because they see the good things every day.

This can help teens to be happier during what can be a challenging time in their lives, and it can help to lay the foundation for a happier life beyond the teenage years.

Help your teen to find a time during the day when they can take a few moments to think about what they are grateful for and to write about their thoughts.

Developing an attitude of gratitude could make a noticeable difference in your teen’s outlook and set them up for a happy life!

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Gratitude Journaling Prompts For Teens

93. "What would you miss about your home if you had to move?"

94. "What bad experience did you learn the most from?"

95. "What electronic device are you most grateful for and how does it make life easier?"

96. "What did you learn from your mistakes? "

97. "What is something you usually take for granted? "

98. "What person would miss you the most if you could no longer be around them? Why would they miss you?"

99. "What person has influenced you the most?"

100. "What is the best thing about living in your neighborhood?"

101. "What is the nicest thing someone said to you recently?"

102. "What’s the best thing about having friends? "

103. "What’s one thing you’re excited about? 

104. "What is the best thing about having family?"

105. "What friend has been there for you the most?"

106. "What person in your life has been a role model and how?"

107. "If you could go back in time and give your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be?"

108. "What was the best thing about your childhood?"

109. "What is the best thing about having siblings?"

110. "What’s one part of your life you’ve improved on in the last year?"

111. "What person do you admire and why?"

112. "What is one thing you’re proud of achieving? "

113. "What is your favorite memory of a deceased relative?"

114. "What’s something that makes you happy?"

115. "What activity has helped you grow the most as a person?"

116. "What person alive or deceased do you admire the most and why?"

Gratitude Journal Prompts For Teens

117. "What is the best part of being a teenager?"

118. "What’s something that makes you laugh?"

119. "What natural resource would change your life the most if it went away or became less available?"

120. "What’s something you’re feeling grateful for right now?"

121. "What is one thing in your life that has changed for the better?"

122. "What do you love the most about your parents?"

123. "What food are you the most grateful for?"

124. "What TV show or movie makes you grateful for your life?"

125. "What is good about having an education?"

126. "What song expresses joy or gratefulness in a way you can relate to?"

127. "What is the nicest thing someone has done for you?"

128. "What’s one thing you’d like to start being grateful for in your life?"

129. "What book made you feel grateful for something in your life and why?"

130. "List three things you’d like to tell a friend, family member, or partner."

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Journal Prompts For Teens And How Can They Help?

Journal prompts for teens are thought-provoking questions or topics designed to inspire writing and self-reflection. They help teens express their thoughts, emotions, and ideas, fostering self-awareness and personal growth.

How Do I Introduce Journaling To My Teen Using Prompts?

Start by explaining the concept of journaling and its benefits. Offer a variety of prompts to choose from, allowing your teen to select those that resonate with them personally.

What Types Of Topics Do These Prompts Cover?

Journal prompts for teens cover a wide range of topics, including self-esteem, friendships, goals, challenges, dreams, and more. They encourage exploration of feelings, aspirations, and experiences.

Can Journaling With Prompts Improve My Teen's Communication Skills?

Yes, definitely. Journaling encourages teens to articulate their thoughts and emotions, enhancing their ability to express themselves clearly and effectively in various situations.

How Frequently Should My Teen Use These Prompts?

The frequency of journaling depends on your teen's preference. They can journal daily, weekly, or whenever they feel inspired. Consistency can lead to greater insights and growth.

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