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210 Journaling Prompts For Manifestation

210 Journaling Prompts For Manifestation

We live in a world full of opportunities in which manifestation is a practice that empowers people to turn their dreams into tangible realities.

Manifestation is the art of creating reality from your thoughts. It consists of aligning your wishes and desires and putting your goals into action.

This article will explore the art of manifesting using journaling prompts. These prompts will help you discover how to harness the universe's energy and attract abundance in all its forms.

This article will guide you through the manifestation process whenever you seek to manifest a fulfilling life, career success, personal growth, a bright future, or even a loving relationship.

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Irrespective Of Manifestation Prompts To Know

I think it is important to first understand the two meanings.

Irrespective means regardless of specific conditions, circumstances, or factors. In other words, not being influenced by anything.

On the other hand, manifestation is the act of making something visible or tangible by expressing words of affirmation and intentions.

Therefore, if we combine the two meanings, "irrespective manifestation" refers to bringing something into existence without being carried away by any specific condition.

That said, using respective manifestation prompts can build a mindset that believes the ability to manifest can be done regardless of external limitations.

Here is a list of manifesting journal prompts for you:

1. "What was the first goal you manifested with the law of attraction?"

2. "What are the best things you can offer this world?"

Irrespective Of Manifestation Prompts To Know

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3. "If you have unlimited resources, what would you like to have in life?"

4. "What is your idea of success?"

5. "Are you happy with your present life?"

6. "Five physical features you love the most in yourself."

7. "How much do you love life?"

8. "If you could have your pick, where would you like to live?"

9. "Were you successful in eliminating any limiting beliefs with the law of attraction?"

10. "How much importance do you give money?"

11. "How did you get interested in the law of attraction?"

12. "What do you think is lacking in your life?"

13. "How important is being successful for you?"

14. "Have you been successful in manifesting?"

15. "When you started with the law of attraction, what was the first thing you wanted to manifest?"

16. "Do you have any doubts regarding the veracity of the law of attraction?"

17. "Are you happy?"

18. "Are you facing any challenges in manifesting multiple goals at the same time?"

19. "What are the challenges you faced with the law of attraction manifestation?"

20. "Were you able to identify the reasons behind these limiting beliefs?"

21. "How healthy are your relationships?"

22. "Make a list of 5 intentions related to the goal you are trying to manifest now."

23. "Did you come across any limiting beliefs while manifesting?"

24. "Do you consider yourself worthy of being loved?"

25. "How much are you lagging from your ideal state now?"

26. "Are you happy being yourself?"

27. "Are you manifesting multiple goals now?"

28. "What is the impact you would like to have on this world?"

"What is the impact you would like to have on this world?"

29. "What are your plans for achieving perfection?"

30. "Have you ever faced failure in manifesting?"

31. "How do you describe yourself? List 5 adjectives."

32. "Do you consider yourself successful?"

33. "If you have the choice, in whose skin would you like to be?"

34. "Five of the personality traits you love the most in yourself."

35. "Make a list of all your wildest desires."

36. "What, in your opinion, is the perfect state in the various aspects of your life. (Health, Wealth, Relationship, Career, Lifestyle)"

37. "What are the 5 things you love about yourself the most?"

Manifesting Journal Prompts For Beginners

Manifesting is a practice that can build a positive mindset and bring changes to your life by aligning your thoughts, beliefs, desires, goals, and intentions.

When I first started to manifest, I was 18 years old. I recently moved to another country to study abroad. I often felt overwhelmed because I was facing so many new things in my life that made me feel like I could not handle it all.

One of my best friends told me that I should start manifesting because coming to a new city would allow me to reinvent myself. And what better way to accompany this process with manifesting.

So I did it. I started manifesting the life I wanted to live, the things I wanted to achieve, the plans for the summer I had in mind, the type of people I wanted to hang out with, the physical body and mental stability I wanted to have.

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With time I realized that all the things I wrote then, they became a reality. Manifesting is all about having clarity on what you truly desire and clearly defining what you want to bring to your life.

Use the power of visualization to imagine yourself experiencing what you want accompanied by action.

Look for opportunities that move you closer to your dreams, or use the following journal prompts to start manifesting the life of your dreams.

38. "What do you consider as your dream job?"

39. "Do material possessions bring you happiness?"

40. "Who is your favorite person?"

41. "How far have you been successful in achieving life’s purpose?"

42. "What are your biggest achievements in life?"

43. "List 5 positive affirmations that strike a chord with you."

44. "Are you ready to embrace life after successful manifestation?"

45. "How do you think you can bring more happiness to your life?"

46. "Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?"

47. "What are the short-term goals you wish for the most now?"

48. "What makes you the happiest?"

49. "How do you rate the role of money in life?"

Manifesting Journal Prompts For Beginners

50. "How is your emotional health?"

51. "Make a list of your potentials."

52. "How does it make you feel to help a stranger?"

53. "What are your most coveted long-term goals?"

54. "What have you done today to help you attain the perfect life?"

55. "List 5 people who have had a negative influence on you."

56. "What would you like in your dream home?"

57. "How do you assess your physical health?"

58. "What are your expectations of success on the present manifestation?"

59. "Can you think of ways to be more positive?"

"Can you think of ways to be more positive?"-Manifesting Journal Prompts

60. "Do you relate success with material possessions?"

61. "How much importance do you give to friendship?"

62. "What do you think is presently preventing you from leading your dream life?"

63. "What is your dream car?"

64. "What are your priorities in life? List the top 5."

65. "Make a list of your favorite memories."

66. "How far have you succeeded in realizing your potential?"

67. "What more can you do to improve your physical health?"

68. "Have you figured out your purpose in life?"

69. "Which is more important – having friends or being a friend?"

70. "Do you think you will succeed in this manifestation?"

71. "Do you believe in a perfect life?"

72. "Who is the most important person in your life?"

73. "Are you in control of your thoughts always? Or do they get the better of you at times?"

74. "What are the top 5 things which you feel the most thankful for?"

75. "Which is better – easy money or hard-earned money?"

76. "Which emotions do you think you need to get rid of?"

77. "List 5 people who influenced your life the most."

78. "In your opinion, how can you improve your mental health?"

79. "How do you assess your mental health?"

80. "How important is it to love and be loved for you?"

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Magical Manifesting Journal Prompts To Know

Cultivate an attitude of being grateful. That’s the magic of creating a fulfilling life.

Having a mindset full of positive thoughts where you believe you are worthy of receiving everything you have wished for will raise your vibration frequency and attract those things.

To let the magic do the magic, but first, you have to let go of anything that is not vibrating the same frequency as you. And yes, that also means letting go of people, situations that make you uncomfortable, places you feel like you don't belong, etc.

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Trust the magic of manifesting the things that you believe you deserve. Every day try to focus on aligning yourself with the energy of what you desire and trust in divine timing.

To begin your magical manifestation journey, use the prompts below to help you know and develop the magic of practicing manifestation.

81. "What is your deepest, most burning desire right at this moment?"

82. "When you see yourself driving in your dream car, what kind of car is it?"

83. "What do you feel is holding you back from living your dream life?"

84. "Talk about how grateful you are for your pets."

85. "If you could pick just one motivation for wanting to manifest more in your life, what would it be?"

86. "Why are you interested in the law of attraction?"

87. "Make a list of negative thoughts or feelings you have, then flip them around into something positive."

88. "List some of your biggest priorities in life?"

89. "Morning exercise – Write down a script of how you want your day to go."

"Morning exercise – Write down a script of how you want your day to go."-Manifesting Journal Prompts

90. "Try meditation breathing exercises for 5 minutes, then write down your desires."

91. "Write about your anxiety, and what causes you the most fearful, anxious thoughts."

92. "What are your limiting beliefs?"

93. "Write down how and why you are worthy of love and friendship."

94. "Write ONLY positive things today in your journal. Nothing but positive, optimistic, loving thoughts."

95. "What are you the most grateful for in your life?"

96. "Night exercise – Write down a script of how you wish your day would have gone."

97. "What is one of your favorite memories? Why do you think it’s a favorite?"

98. "Write down reasons for your limiting beliefs."

99. "What are some amazing things you have already accomplished?"

100. "List ten physical traits you love about yourself."

101. "How do you feel about your physical health right now?"

102. "If you could live anywhere, where would you live?"

103. "Who in your life is most important to you?"

104. "How have your desires changed over the years?"

105. "When you think of manifesting, what is the first thing that comes to mind?"

106. "If you had unlimited money, what type of house would you buy?"

107. "What is something that tends to take over your thoughts whenever you try to meditate?"

108. "Do you have any doubts about the law of attraction?"

109. "What has inspired you to manifest something into your life?"

110. "How do you feel about your mental health right now?"

111. "What are your thoughts on money?"

112. "Who would you be if you could be someone else?"

Attracting Life Manifesting Journal Prompts

"What you think, you become. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you create." – Buddha.

One of the basic principles of manifestation is the law of attraction.

It consists of getting back what we put into the universe. That means if you bring positive energy out of people, positive energy will have your back.

The more energy you put into something, the more energy will help you to attract the things you wish for.

The law of attraction does not work alone; you have to take steps forward with what you desire. This includes an action plan, talking to who you need to talk to, getting out of your comfort zone, living in the present moment, and cultivating gratitude.

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Remember, the intention is what attracts. Gratitude allows you to see things from different perspectives. Let go of limited beliefs.

113. "Write a list of everything you need to be happy, then cross out all the things you can’t accomplish now."

114. "What did you learn from this experience? How does it translate to other experiences in your life?"

115. "What would it be if you could change one thing in your life right now?"

116. "How are you feeling today?"

117. "What’s your most important goal right now?"

118. "Do you’ve any blocks that prevent you from achieving your desires? If so, what’re they, and how can you overcome them (for example, if it’s fear, write down how you can face them)?"

119. "Can you adjust your current goals to achieve what you want?"

120. "What’re the negative thoughts you’ve about yourself?"

121. "What can you do now to make sure you achieve your goal?"

"What can you do now to make sure you achieve your goal?"

122. "What habits do you have that will get you to your goal?"

123. "How can you set goals that support the person you’re becoming, not the person you once were?"

124. "How do you envision the last years of your life?"

125. "Write about an event where a friend or family member helped you accomplish something important to you. What did he/she do, and why do you think his/her actions made the difference?"

126. "What would you like to have accomplished by the end of your life?"

127. "What limiting beliefs are keeping you from achieving your goals?"

128. "How would you like your financial situation to look?"

129. "What’re you currently doing for your physical health?"

130. "What first step can you take to manifest that change?"

131. "What would you like to tell your future self to do differently now?"

132. "Who in your life helps you to be at your best?"

133. "What personality traits do you have that hinder your progress?"

134. "How will you feel when you reach your main goal?"

135. "Write about a time when you successfully achieved your big dreams."

136. "Will achieving this goal help you achieve other important goals?"

137. "What did you want to be when you grew up?"

138. "Do you feel like something needs to change in your personal life or career?"

139. "What did it take to achieve the goal? What did the process look like?"

140. "What small thing can you do today to get closer to that goal?"

Manifesting Journal Prompts To Get Your Desired Future

Writing about your desires, goals, and inspirations in your journal will create a roadmap for your future.

There's nothing wrong with wanting to clarify what you truly want to achieve. A really nice way to do that is through manifestation.

It allows you to pursue your passions and desires for the long term and, based on that, create an action plan to follow.

I began writing in my manifestation journal, envisioning what I wanted to be and what I wanted to have. I picture myself being a vibrant, strong, and resilient person who is capable of everything.

And now that I look back at it, I realize that my commitment has brought positive things to my life since I manifested my goals.

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This self-reflection promotes personal growth and self-awareness, helping you make conscious choices and adjust your path if necessary.

If you want to start manifesting your desired future, use the following prompts below so you can have a clear vision of the things you want:

141. "I show love to myself by…."

142. "My dream life looks like…"

143. "How can you work on cultivating more love in your life?"

144. "I know I am loveable because…"

145. "What emotions would you feel if your desire manifested?"

146. "In five years, this is what my life will look like…"

147. "Write down five positive affirmations that resonate with you."

148. "List three self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back. What will you do to overcome these?"

149. "I will earn my dream income, which is…"

150. "These are the things I want to experience this year…"

151. "My ideal partners has these qualities…"

152. "What's stopping you from going after your desire?"

153. "In my ideal life, I would generate income by _."

154. "As I grow and change, these are the values I will hold onto and live by…"

155. "My dream vacation is _."

156. "I want to buy _ this year."

157. "These are the decisions that I can make right now to work toward my dream life…"

158. "These are the things I want to experience this month…"

159. "Write a thank you letter to the universe for the things you have received in your life so far."

160. "I need more of _ in my life."

161. "What steps can you take with the universe to make your desire come true?"

162. "What does peace look like to you?"

163. "The person I want to be takes care of themself by…"

164. "These are the things I want to experience today…"

165. "If I knew that I wouldn't fail, then I would do this…"

166. "I will prioritize my health by…"

167. "The person I want to be has these qualities."

168. "I will be a more compassionate person by…."

169. "I am ready to commit to…"

170. "The person I want to be treats others like this…."

171. "How can you work on cultivating more joy in your life?"

172. "I believe everything is possible for me, even…"

173. "I will protect my energy by…"

174. "What is standing in your way right now and what would happen if you could overcome that challenge?"

175. "I deserve abundance because I __."

176. "This year, my goal is to…"

177. "The person I want to be does these things daily…"

178. "I will practice financial self-care by doing this…"

"I will practice financial self-care by doing this…"

179. "I express my love to the people I care about by _."

180. "What have I done recently that's felt like the most authentic version of me? How can I do more of this?"

181. "I know I will succeed because…"

182. "How can you be more patient with your manifestation"

183. "I am willing to let go of __ to achieve my dream life."

184. "If my future self wrote me a letter, they'd explain their life like this."

185. "In ten years, this is what my life will look like…"

186. "The habit I want to change is _ to allow me to _."

187. "In one year, this is what my life will look like…"

188. "I show love to my ideal partner by…"

189. "In detail, describe a desire you want to manifest."

190. "When I look back on my life, these are the things I will be proud of achieving…"

191. "List three gifts you want to offer the world."

Manifesting Dreams Journal Prompts

We all have dreams. If you believe you can, you can. When you align your goals and desires, you are embracing your power and creating the life you envision.

Manifesting our dreams and goals can be the first step to making them a reality.

All it takes to embark on this journey is a positive mindset. Eventually, research shows that people who have a positive mindset are more productive, creative, and better at problem-solving than their peers.

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Our minds are powerful tools; if we believe in it, we can achieve it. Contemplating or writing down your dreams in a journal is an easy way to start building your dream life.

Use the following journal prompts to manifest the dreams of your life:

192. "What do you wish for that you are afraid to have?"

193. "Can you describe what was going through your mind during that happiest moment?"

194. "When was the last time you were happy?"

195. "How do you know when it’s time to change direction in your life? What keeps you from changing directions?"

196. "Who are you becoming? What habits contribute to your success?"

197. "What is something about which you are grateful? Name at least 3 people in your life for whom you are thankful."

198. "What’s your biggest fear right now?"

199. "How much confidence and courage do you have?"

200. "What makes you laugh out loud? What makes you smile?"

201. "What do you believe in? Who inspires you? Why?"

202. "What is the greatest gift you have ever received? And what is the greatest gift you can give someone else?"

203. "What’s your current situation really worth?"

204. "What does being courageous mean to you? What would it take to be truly courageous in your life? What does courage have to do with happiness?"

205. "Describe a time when you faced a problem or threat – but decided not to let it stop you. Tell how you overcame that."

206. "Why are you afraid to dream?"

207. "How can I make choices that lead to happiness?"

208. "What makes you feel alive? What gives you energy?"

"What makes you feel alive? What gives you energy?"-Manifesting Journal Prompts

209. "Who has been an angel of encouragement to you in the past? Think about him/her. Share your feelings about the person you think of."

210. "What did you dream as a child? Do you still dream? What is it?"

Journal Bannar

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Write A Manifestation Journal?

  • Write down your goals and desires.
  • Write down 5 actions you have to do to achieve those goals.
  • Write down why they are important to you.

What Is A Manifestation Journal?

A manifestation journal is a notebook dedicated to write down your dreams, goals and desires.

How Often Should I Use Manifesting Journal Prompts?

Consistency is key. Aim to use manifesting journal prompts at least a few times a week to maintain a strong connection with your goals and desires. However, you can adjust the frequency based on your preferences and schedule.

What Kind Of Questions Are Included In Manifesting Journal Prompts?

Manifesting journal prompts cover a wide range of topics, from envisioning your ideal life to identifying any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back. Examples include:

  • What does success look and feel like for me?
  • What steps can I take to move closer to my goals?
  • What limiting beliefs do I need to release to manifest my desires?
  • How can I cultivate gratitude and positive emotions in my daily life?

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