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314 Negative Words That Begin With The Letter “A”

negative words

Avarice, Annoy, Appalling

Are you looking for just the right word for a paper you’re writing, or searching for the right way to say something for a presentation? Perhaps you are interested in increasing your vocabulary so you will feel more confident expressing your thoughts and ideas with work colleagues.

Whatever your reason, taking a look at negative A words can only lead to positive results! Join me as we examine over 300 words that begin with the very first letter of the alphabet!

We’ll discover effective negative A words for describing people, and we’ll also look at descriptive words in general - something you can’t have too much of.

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In addition, we will explore negative action words that start with A, as well as unusual A words that have a negative meaning.

Lastly, we will focus on an impressive list of negative A words that will really up your vocabulary!

To whet your appetite, I want to talk a bit about a handy negative A word to know, antagonist.

It is possible you came across the term antagonist during your high school years when you were studying literature. Every novel, play, and short story has the good character, and the bad character.

Simply put, the antagonist is the bad one. They are the individual or group of people who are in conflict with the good guy, or the hero.


Another word for the antagonist is the villain. Some famous villains are The Joker in Batman, Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter, Darth Vader in Star Wars, and Iago in Shakespeare’s play, “Othello.”

You could probably name many more antagonists, but let’s move on to look more closely at other negative A words.

Negative A Words To Describe A Person

It can be really frustrating when you are talking to your friends about the latest video game bad guy and you just don’t have the words you want to describe them.

Or maybe there is someone at work who is really getting under your skin, and you are searching for the right words to tell them how their behavior is upsetting to you.

Becoming familiar with some A words that describe negative qualities in a person can also help us to do a little self-examination, and lead us to make changes for the better in ourselves.

I have known people who seem to enjoy taking the opposite stance on everything, and arguing every point I make in a conversation. This can become really tiresome.

A person who is like this is called argumentative because they argue everything. I used to hang out with someone who was like this.

It didn’t matter if it was a show we watched on TV or something we read about in a magazine, they argued about every point that I made or that was made by the reporter or author.

After a while, I ended the relationship because it became such a drag to spend time with someone who wanted to argue all the time. It would leave me feeling frustrated and even angry at times.

A person who is argumentative can bring out the worst in ourselves. They can suck you into this negative vortex and next thing you know, you are arguing right back.

If there is an argumentative person in your life, it might be a good idea to think about possible damage they are doing to yourself. Try talking to them about it. They might not even be aware.

Negative Words To Describe A Person Starting With A

1. "Apathetic"

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2. "Aloof"

3. "Abrasive"

4. "Abnormal"

5. "Arrogant"

6. "Absentminded"

7. "Antisocial"

8. "Abusive"

9. "Aggressive"

10. "Adulterous"

11. "Argumentative"

12. "Abominable"

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13. "Adversarial"

14. "Abhorrent"

15. "Appalling"

16. "Angsty"

17. "Amoral"

18. "Asinine"

19. "Avoidant"

20. "Awkward"

21. "Addicted"

22. "Avaricious"

23. "Antagonistic"

24. "Artificial"

25. "Afraid"

26. "Angry"

27. "Ashamed"

28. "Awful"

29. "Aimless"

30. "Absent"

31. "Artless"

Negative Adjectives That Start With The Letter A

Adjectives have a really important part to play in our speech because adjectives are words that describe people, places, or things - nouns, in other words.

There are some really great negative A adjectives. One that I’d like to talk about is “abysmal”.

The word abysmal can be used to describe something (or someone) that is hopelessly bad or severe.

You could use the word abysmal in regard to the weather. For example, you might say that the weather you had when you were on vacation was abysmal, meaning that it was cold and rainy all the time.

You could also say that a person’s behavior was abysmal when they started shouting at the waiter in the restaurant.

If you’re searching for a term to describe the current economy, you could say it was abysmal, or you might feel like a country’s healthcare system is abysmal and not meeting the needs of the people.

Sadly, there are many people whose financial situation is abysmal. They overuse credit cards and find themselves in a sea of ever-increasing debt.

I took charge of my finances a couple of years ago, and set myself the goal of knocking out my debts, one at a time, from smallest to largest.

I cut up my credit cards, and kept my grocery bills low by eating more legumes and steering clear of pricey processed foods.

Over the course of two years, I paid everything off except my mortgage, and my financial situation went from abysmal to fantastic!

If there is something in your life that you would term abysmal, why not see if you can change it? It could elevate the quality of your life!

Negative Adjectives Starting With A

32. "Abject"

33. "Abrupt"

34. "Absurd"

35. "Abysmal"

36. "Accidental"

37. "Acerbic"

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38. "Aching"

39. "Acrimonious"

40. "Aggravating"

41. "Agonizing"

42. "Alarming"

43. "Anemic"

44. "Annoying"

45. "Antiquated"

46. "Apprehensive"

47. "Astringent"

48. "Atrocious"

Unusual Negative Words That Start With A

Language can be fun, and looking at unusual words can give us a chuckle. There is also a really practical reason for looking at unusual words, and that is to increase your vocabulary.

Here are a few unusual words that fall within the category of negative A words.

Let’s start with altiloquence. This word means high-flown or pretentious. Do you know someone who brags about buying Louis Vuitton luggage, or a Coach purse?

Does your neighbor talk about the famous people they know, or how they rubbed shoulders with a sports star at an exclusive function?

People who do this are displaying altiloquence, and it usually stems from feelings of insecurity. Buying the most expensive things and talking about the important people they know makes them feel better about themselves.

Now onto unusual word number two.

If you have an interest in weather, and particularly in studying the movement of winds, you would be studying anemology. The word for a person who devotes their time to this study is called an anemologist.

Anemology is a branch of meteorology which is the study of weather. Anemology would involve studying the seven different kinds of winds and things such as windmills.

The movement of winds is extremely important and this work provides key information as we examine the changes in our planet’s climate.

Unusual word number three is for horse enthusiasts.

Do you have horses? If you do, you may be familiar with the word anbury. This is a soft, spongy tumor that horses or oxen can get. In Britain it is often referred to as club root.

If these unusual words have sparked your interest, read the list that follows for more!

Unusual Words Starting With A

49. "Abraham"

50. "Acersecomic"

51. "Abarcy"

52. "Ackwards"

53. "Abequitate"

54. "Accismus"

55. "Abecedary"

56. "Acnestis"

57. "Abecedarian"

58. "Abrodietical"

59. "Altiloquious"

60. "Agerasia"

61. "Amaxophobia"

62. "Advesperate"

63. "Along-Straight"

64. "Ananym"

65. "Anemology"

66. "Apay"

67. "Anacustic"

68. "Anbury"

69. "Antigropelos"

70. "Agromania"

71. "Alcatote"

72. "Algor"

73. "Agravic"

74. "Amoretto"

75. "Alb"

76. "Agrize"

77. "Amanous"

78. "Ailette"

79. "Alethiology"

80. "Agelast"

81. "Anginophobia"

82. "Aggle"

83. "Andoo"

84. "Alysm"

85. "Apricate"

86. "Acerous"

87. "Acciaccatura"

88. "Aciniform"

89. "Abdominous"

90. "Achaenocarp"

91. "Acarology"

92. "Accort"

93. "Abase"

94. "Acidulous"

95. "Abstain"

96. "Acclimate"

97. "Acerbate"

98. "Accoucheur"

99. "Abundant"

100. "Accoy"

101. "Accipiter"

102. "Accoucheuse"

103. "Antipelargy"

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104. "Angaluck"

105. "Aquabib"

106. "Adelaster"

107. "Aerobe"

108. "Ackamarackus"

109. "Aerolith"

110. "Aritochromacy"

111. "Adiaphoresis"

112. "Aerophore"

113. "Acronical"

114. "Advocaat"

115. "Affray"

116. "Acouasm"

117. "Agnail"

118. "Adenalgia"

119. "Afterings"

120. "Agouti"

121. "Aphercotropism"

122. "Anonymuncule"

123. "Apoplanesis"

124. "Antimetabole"

125. "Arse-Cockle"

126. "Arglebargler"

127. "Aspectabund"

128. "Autogolpe"

129. "Arsy-Varsy"

130. "Aquabob"

131. "Ashcat"

132. "Armogan"

133. "Assypod"

134. "Autohagiography"

Negative Action Words That Start With A

Action words, also known as verbs, reflect doing or a state of being. There are many negative A words that are powerful and can lend a lot of strength to your vocabulary.

An example is the verb aggravate. To aggravate is to make something worse, or to intensify.

One of my children had a pretty bad case of poison ivy. As they were young, they found it hard not to scratch, and this aggravated the rash, making it spread even more.

Here is another example of how to use aggravate which shows annoyance. This happened just the other day, and I’m sure many of you can relate.

I was in the line-up at the grocery store, and a person butted in line ahead of me. This aggravated me to the point that I spoke to them about their rudeness.

Another negative A verb is avenge. We often hear the word revenge, and the two words are somewhat close in meaning. In fact they are related. Revenge is a noun, a thing, whereas avenge is a verb.

When you avenge something or someone you are taking vengeance, or getting revenge for a wrongdoing.

When I was a child, my brother and I fought constantly it seemed. I was always avenging the tales he would tell to my parents to get me into trouble, or the things he would do to my toys.

One time he threw my doll down the stairs and broke her. I avenged this by drawing on all of his hockey cards.

You’ll be glad to know that we grew out of this, and we are close friends as adults!

Negative Actions Words Starting With A

135. "Absence"

136. "Abolish"

137. "Aborts"

138. "Abort"

139. "Abuse"

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140. "Accuse"

141. "Ache"

142. "Addict"

143. "Attack"

144. "Afflict"

145. "Annoy"

146. "Anger"

147. "Aborted"

148. "Abused"

149. "Ached"

150. "Accursed"

151. "Attacks"

152. "Aggrieve"

153. "Aggravate"

154. "Ambush"

155. "Avenge"

156. "Annoyed"

More Negative Words That Begin With The Letter A

Have I whetted your appetite for more negative A words? The following list has many more to satisfy your interest.

A negative A word that I find very useful is animosity. This noun means having bad feelings toward someone.


I developed animosity toward a boss that I had for a few years. They would berate me in front of my colleagues, and were always finding fault with my work.

I was very happy when this person was transferred to another location. Animosity in the workplace can really poison the work environment and make it super hard to just get up and head there. People do not do their best work when there are feelings of animosity.

Read on for more great negative A words like abomination, acerbic, and adamant!

More Vocabulary Words Starting With A

157. "Abruptly"

158. "Absent-Minded"

159. "Abomination"

160. "Abscond"

161. "Abominate"

162. "Absentee"

163. "Abrade"

164. "Abominably"

165. "Abuses"

166. "Absurdly"

167. "Accost"

168. "Abyss"

169. "Absurdity"

170. "Abysmally"

171. "Absurdness"

172. "Accusation"

173. "Accusingly"

174. "Accusations"

175. "Aches"

176. "Accusing"

177. "Acerbically"

178. "Accuses"

179. "Acrimony"

180. "Acridly"

181. "Addicting"

182. "Acrid"

183. "Adamant"

184. "Acrimoniously"

185. "Acridness"

186. "Adamantly"

187. "Admonishment"

188. "Adulterated"

189. "Admonish"

190. "Adulteration"

191. "Admonishingly"

192. "Admonition"

193. "Addicts"

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194. "Adversary"

195. "Adulterate"

196. "Aggression"

197. "Admonisher"

198. "Afflictive"

199. "Adverse"

200. "Affliction"

201. "Adversity"

202. "Aggravation"

203. "Affront"

204. "Aggressor"

205. "Ail"

206. "Agonize"

207. "Aggrieved"

208. "Agony"

209. "Ailing"

210. "Agonies"

211. "Ailment"

212. "Aground"

213. "Aghast"

214. "Agonizingly"

215. "Alarm"

216. "Aggressiveness"

217. "Alarmed"

218. "Alienate"

219. "Allegation"

220. "Allergic"

221. "Alarmingly"

222. "Allegations"

223. "Allergies"

224. "Alienation"

225. "Allege"

226. "Alienated"

227. "Anarchism"

228. "Ambivalence"

229. "Amputate"

230. "Anarchist"

231. "Allergy"

232. "Ambivalent"

233. "Ambiguity"

234. "Anarchistic"

235. "Amiss"

236. "Altercation"

237. "Anarchy"

238. "Ambiguous"

239. "Animosity"

240. "Annoyance"

241. "Angrily"

242. "Annihilate"

243. "Annoyances"

244. "Annihilation"

245. "Anguish"

246. "Annoyingly"

247. "Angriness"

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248. "Anti-Occupation"

249. "Anomaly"

250. "Anti-Proliferation"

251. "Antagonize"

252. "Anomalous"

253. "Anti-White"

254. "Anti-Social"

255. "Annoys"

256. "Antagonist"

257. "Anti-Us"

258. "Anxiously"

259. "Antagonism"

260. "Anxiousness"

261. "Anxious"

262. "Anxiety"

263. "Apocalypse"

264. "Antithetical"

265. "Apathy"

266. "Antipathy"

267. "Anxieties"

268. "Appall"

269. "Apathetically"

270. "Appalled"

271. "Apocalyptic"

272. "Appallingly"

273. "Apologists"

274. "Apprehension"

275. "Apologist"

276. "Arduous"

277. "Arrogance"

278. "Apprehensively"

279. "Arduously"

280. "Archaic"

281. "Apprehensions"

282. "Arrogantly"

283. "Arcane"

284. "Arbitrary"

285. "Aspersion"

286. "Assassin"

287. "Assail"

288. "Astray"

289. "Askance"

290. "Aspersions"

291. "Asunder"

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292. "Asperse"

293. "Assault"

294. "Asininely"

295. "Assassinate"

296. "Audaciousness"

297. "Atrophy"

298. "Audaciously"

299. "Autocrat"

300. "Audacious"

301. "Atrocities"

302. "Autocratic"

303. "Authoritarian"

304. "Atrocity"

305. "Awkwardness"

306. "Austere"

307. "Avalanche"

308. "Aversion"

309. "Audacity"

310. "Avariciously"

311. "Averse"

312. "Avarice"

313. "Awfully"

314. "Awfulness"

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a negative version of a word?

A negative version of a word typically refers to a word that conveys a negative or unfavorable meaning, opposite to the positive or desirable qualities associated with the original word. Negative versions of words often indicate the absence or opposite of the positive qualities expressed by the original word.

What is the longest word that starts with a?

One of the longest words that starts with the letter "A" is "antidisestablishmentarianism."

What is semi negative?

"Semi-negative" refers to a term or concept that carries a partially negative or unfavorable connotation, but may not be entirely negative in nature. It implies a mixed or nuanced perspective, where there are both positive and negative aspects associated with it. It is a term used to describe situations, experiences, or attributes that have elements of negativity but may not be entirely detrimental or harmful.

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