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222 Negative Words That Begin With The Letter “K”

Negative Words That Start With K

Kooky, Klunker, Kore

Words are powerful. The more words we have at our disposal, the better prepared we are to express our thoughts and ideas. That, in turn, allows us to feel more confident, and who doesn’t want to feel more confident?

With widespread use of social media and online communication, it is more important than ever to build your knowledge of words, both positive and negative.

The letter K provides many interesting words that can increase your vocabulary. Do you have a report to write, a presentation to make, an essay to produce? These negative K words may give you just the words you need to get your ideas across.

At work, you will feel more energized and excited about sharing your ideas, and when you’re online, you will feel you can express yourself with confidence. Even at home, just with family and when you’re hanging out with friends, your confidence in your ability to say things the way you want to will equal a better-quality time.

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When you have the right words to express your ideas the way you want, you can take part fully in conversations and discussions. My family loves a good discussion/argument, and having the right words is important to holding your own.

Words truly are powerful, and the more vocabulary you have at your fingertips, the better equipped you are to engage in your world in every way.

Join me to look at some negative K words, and start increasing your vocabulary now!

Negative Words That Start With The Letter K To Describe A Person Or A Thing

Have you ever been talking to someone, trying to explain something and you can’t come up with the right word? It can be super frustrating to be in that situation.

You want to capture that individual’s personality, or relay the essence of the object, but you just don’t have the words at your fingertips.


Take a look at the following list of K words for people and things, and you will be on your way to reducing your frustration and increasing your communication skills.

The first is, killjoy.

Back in high school I had a friend who was a serious type of person. She didn’t know how to have fun, and was critical of people and things that were comical.

Her response to someone telling jokes was that it was stupid. I eventually made the decision to stop hanging around with her because she always spoiled my positive mood. She was a real killjoy.

Another K word to consider is kooky. This word easily works for both people and things. It means silly or strange.

You could say a person is kooky if they have strange ideas, or act in a way that is outside of the norm.

You could also say that things are kooky. For example, a film could be considered kooky if it were odd or on the crazy side.

Negative Words That Start With K To Describe A Person Or Thing

  1. "King-like"
  1. "Knowable"
  1. "Kingless"
  1. "Kooky"
  1. "Kempt"
  1. "Korean"
  1. "Kinless"
  1. "Kickass"
  1. "Keen"
  1. "Kabbalistic"
  1. "Kurdish"
  1. "Knackered"
  1. "Kashmiri"
  1. "Kicky"
  1. "Kuwaiti"
  1. "Known"
  1. "Kind-hearted"
  1. "Knightly"
  1. "Kind"
  1. "Kindly"

Negative Adverbs That Start With The Letter K

You might wonder what adverbs are and why we need them in our speech.

Adverbs are easily recognized by their typical “ly” ending, and they are an important part of speech as they give us more information about verbs (action words) adjectives (describing words), and other adverbs.

For example, you could say they jumped far, or the bathroom was a little dirty, or the restaurant was really lovely..

In these examples, far, little, and really are the adverbs. As you can see from the adverbs, far and little, not every adverb ends in “ly”, but they mostly do.

So now that you know all about adverbs, let’s look at an example of a negative K adverb, knavishly.

To understand the adverb, knavishly, you need to know what the word, knave, means. A knave is a person who is dishonest and has no morals, or very few. You could also use terms like villain or scoundrel for such a person.

You could say, True to his knavishly diabolical character, Valdemort killed Harry Potter’s parents and tried to kill him when he was a baby.

Another negative K adverb is kitschily. If something is kitsch it is in poor taste and overly sentimental. It is often used in relation to art, interior design, or objects.

The room was kitschily decorated with a gazillion little knickknacks.

Adverbs Starting With Letter K

  1. "Karmically"
  1. "Kata"
  1. "Kabbalistically"
  1. "Kawaiily"
  1. "Kaleidoscopically"
  1. "Karyotypically"
  1. "Keenly"
  1. "Kafkaesquely"
  1. "Kerchunk"
  1. "Karyokinetically"

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  1. "Karyomorphologically"
  1. "Kerwallop"
  1. "Kidding aside"
  1. "Karyologically"
  1. "Kickingly"
  1. "Kataphatically"
  1. "Kiddingly"
  1. "Kicking and screaming"
  1. "Kinaesthetically"
  1. "Kingly"
  1. "Kind-heartedly"
  1. "Kilometrically"
  1. "Kindheartedly"
  1. "Killingly"
  1. "Kindlily"
  1. "Kissingly"
  1. "Kinda"
  1. "Kissably"
  1. "Kinesthetically"
  1. "Kinkily"
  1. "Kitschily"
  1. "Kit and caboodle"
  1. "Kinematically"
  1. "Kitchenward"
  1. "Kinodynamically"
  1. "Kinetically"
  1. "Kleptographically"
  1. "Knavishly"

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  1. "Kitschly"
  1. "Kookily"
  1. "Koranically"
  1. "Knowably"
  1. "Kosherly"
  1. "Knowledgably"
  1. "Kneadingly"
  1. "Kleptomaniacally"
  1. "Kittenishly"
  1. "Kleptoparasitically"
  1. "Kitty-corner"
  1. "Knitwise"
  1. "Knottily"
  1. "Knee-jerkishly"
  1. "Knobbily"
  1. "Knowledgeably"
  1. "Knockingly"
  1. "Kneelingly"
  1. "Knowingly"

Obscure Words That Start With The Letter K

An obscure word is one you may not be very familiar with or not know the meaning of. These are words that we may not hear very often.

Let’s begin by looking at the words, knell and knoll. First of all, the pronunciation of these two words is not what you might think, as the letter k at the beginning is silent.

While these two words differ from one another only in the vowel in the middle of each one of them, they mean very different things.

A knell is a sound or sign which announces someone’s death, or the death or failure of something. We typically think of a death knell as the ringing of a church bell.

On the other hand, a knoll is simply a small hill or mound. You may be familiar with the term, grassy knoll. This is a small hill upon which grass is growing.

The word, knoll, comes from Middle English, when it was spelled with an “e” at the end and meant a hilltop.

Obscure Words Starting With Letter K

  1. "Kinship"
  1. "Knell"
  1. "Kinetic"
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  1. "Knit"
  1. "Ken"
  1. "Knead"
  1. "Kindle"
  1. "Knoll"
  1. "Knave"
  1. "Knotty"

Unusual Words That Begin With The Letter K

The letter K gives us a good number of words that can be classified as unusual. Let’s take a look at an example or two.

Did you know that Cambodia’s national animal is the kouprey? You might be wondering just what a kouprey is. Let me explain.

Kouprey are animals that are part of the ox family, but are also referred to as wild cattle. They are rare, and are an endangered species.

Kouprey have long horns which turn inwards, and they used to inhabit the forests of Cambodia.

Koniology is another word that is not well-known. Koniology is a branch of science which studies atmospheric dust and its effects. If this interests you, you could become a koniologist.

If you were to travel to Greece you would likely see a number of these. A kore is a female statue, clothed and with her feet together.

The background of ancient Greek statues such as this, comes from the goddess, Persephone, who was the goddess of spring and also of the underworld. Persephone was originally called Kore.

The legend of Persephone says that she was kidnapped by Hades, the ruler of the underworld. Her mother, Demeter, was so distraught that she pleaded with her husband, Zeus, to get Persephone back.

Zeus was eventually able to make a deal with Hades that would have Persephone on earth for half the year and in the underworld for the other half.

This is the Greek legend which explained the seasons. When Persephone was on earth, nature flourished (spring and summer) and when she was in the underworld, everything died (fall and winter).

Unusual Words Starting With Letter K

  1. "Koniscope"
  1. "Kouprey"
  1. "Komatik"

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  1. "Kora"
  1. "Koto"
  1. "Kouros"
  1. "Koniology"
  1. "Krasis"
  1. "Kop"
  1. "Kraken"
  1. "Konimeter"
  1. "Kremlin"
  1. "Kritarchy"
  1. "Kore"
  1. "Krimmer"
  1. "Kreng"
  1. "Kraurosis"
  1. "Krobylos"
  1. "Kreatophagia"
  1. "Ktenology"
  1. "Kriegspiel"
  1. "Krypsis"
  1. "Kurgan"
  1. "Krummhorn"
  1. "Kuru"
  1. "Kudu"
  1. "Kummel"
  1. "Kurtosis"
  1. "Kumiss"

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  1. "Kvass"
  1. "Kurta"
  1. "Kylin"
  1. "Kymatology"
  1. "Kyphosis"
  1. "Kyle"
  1. "Kyphorrhinos"
  1. "Kyloe"
  1. "Kwashiorkor"
  1. "Kyllosis"
  1. "Kymograph"
  1. "Kyrielle"
  1. "Kyrie"
  1. "Kyriolexy"

Funny Words That Start With The Letter K

While words can be powerful, they can also be downright funny. Let’s take a break from more serious K words to look at some that are fun to say and sometimes have funny meanings.

The first one is, kaput. It’s just fun to say, don’t you think? The meaning of kaput is, useless and broken. For example, one might say that after the children played with the action figure for hours it was kaput and wouldn’t work anymore.

Another fun word to say is, kapow! You may recognize this word from a comic strip where the good guys are delivering blows to the bad guys.

This word is also used to depict an explosion or gunshot. If you’re playing the board game, Battleship, you might holler, “Kapow! I sunk your battleship!”

Yet a third funny K word which is actually a phrase containing two funny K words is, kit and kaboodle. It means the whole, entire thing.

They packed everything they could possibly think of for their camping trip, the whole kit and kaboodle!

Read on to learn more funny K words.

Funny Words Starting With Letter K

  1. "Kaput"
  1. "Kerfuffle"
  1. "Kahuna"
  1. "Kerfufflehootenanny"
  1. "Kerflummoxed"
  1. "Karaoke"
  1. "Kickstarter"
  1. "Kapow"
  1. "Kazoo"
  1. "Killjoy"
  1. "Kibitz"
  1. "Kazam"
  1. "Klunker"
  1. "Kludgemuffin"
  1. "Kerplunk"
  1. "Klutziness"
  1. "Kit and Kaboodle"
  1. "Kvetch"
  1. "Kerplop"
  1. "Kludges"

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  1. "Knucklehead"
  1. "Knickerbockers"
  1. "Kumbaya"
  1. "Kvetching"
  1. "Knishnabob"
  1. "Kneepads"
  1. "Kumquatting"
  1. "Knickknackery"
  1. "Kook"
  1. "Kvell"
  1. "Knuckleduster"
  1. "Kumquat"
"Kumquat" - Negative Words That Start With K
  1. "Kiddles"
  1. "Katach"
  1. "Kangol Kevin"
  1. "Kickstand"
  1. "Kagebers"
  1. "Kimfonica"
  1. "Kappa Slappa"
  1. "Kimmeh"
  1. "Kain"
  1. "Kewub"
  1. "Kafiltafish"
  1. "kataya"
  1. "Kibbibble"
  1. "Kifflin"
  1. "Kacper"
  1. "Keeler Dude"
  1. "Kestrel"
  1. "Kafuffin"
"Kafuffin" - Negative Words That Start With K
  1. "Kelong"
  1. "Keegdern"
  1. "Kabob"

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More K Words To Increase Your Vocabulary

If you’re hungry for more K words, read on.

On social media apps you might read the word, kewt. Don’t let the spelling throw you, it still means cute. If you’re using Snapchat, instagram, Twitter or TikTok, go ahead and throw kewt into your message!

The word, keckers, is an interesting one. This is slang for pants. He was wearing some kewt keckers at the dance.

Now let’s take a look inside a Hungarian pastry shop for a kiffle. Kiffles are like flat, rolled croissants stuffed with a fruity filling - yum!


Just for interest’s sake, on the streets you might hear the word, kiffle used to mean a kiss and a long, comforting hug.

If you’re ever referring to a dozen of something, you can use the word, kintle. It comes from the word quintal. A sentence with kintle could be, He needed to buy a kintle of eggs in order to make his famous omelet.

More Vocabulary Words Starting With Letter K

  1. "Kalon"
  1. "Kakorrhaphiaphobia"
  1. "Kecker"
  1. "Karekoyle"
  1. "Kaffeeklatsch"
  1. "Kewt"
  1. "Karriewhitchit"
  1. "Kalegarth"
  1. "Kenspeckle"
  1. "Kanurd"
  1. "Kakidrosis"
  1. "Kennawhat"
  1. "Kebbie-Lebbie"
  1. "Kalopsia"
  1. "Kiffle"
  1. "Kedge-Belly"
  1. "Kickmaleerie"
  1. "Kintle"
  1. "Kicky-Wicky"
  1. "Kilterums"
  1. "Kick-Shoe"
  1. "Kissing-Crust"
  1. "King’s-Bargain"
  1. "Kickshaws"
  1. "Klazomania"
  1. "Kintraclash"
  1. "Kiddlewink"

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  1. "Kinephantom"
  1. "Knub"
  1. "Kleptoparasite"
  1. "King’s-Cushion"
  1. "Knockdodgel"
  1. "Knurry"
  1. "Knavigation"
  1. "Kungle"
  1. "Knickknackatory"
  1. "Knee-Sick"
"Knee-Sick" - Negative Words That Start With K
  1. "Koan"
  1. "Knuckylbonyard"

Frequently Asked Questions

What Words Start With K That Describe People?

Kind-hearted: Someone who is compassionate and caring towards others.

Knowledgeable: A person who possesses a broad understanding or expertise in a particular field.

Keen: An individual who demonstrates enthusiasm and a strong interest in something.

Kooky: Describes someone who is eccentric or quirky in their behavior or thoughts.

Kempt: Refers to a person who is neat, tidy, and well-groomed in appearance.

Keen-eyed: Someone who has a sharp or discerning vision and can notice even small details.

What Are Two Negative Words That Start With K?

Two negative words that start with "K" are:

Knavish: Describes someone who is dishonest, deceitful, or untrustworthy in their actions.
Knotty: Refers to something that is difficult, complex, or tangled, often used metaphorically to describe a problem or situation that is challenging to resolve.

What Are Powerful Words That Start With K?

Here are some powerful words that start with the letter "K":

  1. Kingpin
  2. Knight
  3. Keystone
  4. Killer
  5. Keynote
  6. Kinetic
  7. Knighthood
  8. Kudos
  9. Knack
  10. Knighthood

These words carry a sense of strength, impact, and significance, making them effective in conveying powerful messages or emphasizing important points.

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