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120 Positive Journaling Prompts To Achieve A Positive Mindset

positive journal prompts

Journaling almost always results in growth, and finding out more about yourself. Positive Journaling Prompts, guiding you to a brighter mindset.

Something you may have found out through journaling is that you are not as positive as you would like to be.

Positivity is about looking at the world, not from an unrealistic standpoint, but from an optimistic one.

Each day we wake up and our mind steers us to greet the day with a smile or with a frown.

If we have stress in our life, if we have something happening at work that is causing us anxiety, or if all is not well on the home front, then that smile may be hard to muster.

Yet, no one has a life free from stress and worry. Life brings difficulties to us all, no matter how smooth-sailing someone’s life may look from the outside.

Choosing to deal with those issues from a positive standpoint can make all the difference in how we handle them, and also in our overall well-being.

This article focuses on positive journal prompts to help you develop a glass half-full kind of outlook.

Join me as I introduce you to the eight lists that could help you make a positive change in your life!

Journal Bannar

42 Journal Prompts To Fight Negativity

Are you familiar with the phrase, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”?

Lemons, due to their sour taste, refer to the negativity in our lives, and lemonade is a refreshing, delicious drink that can be made from lemons.

So, let’s take the challenges and turn them into something not so bad!

If you’re finding it tough to find that silver lining, you may find that the prompts in the following list can help to get your mind thinking in a positive way.

A simple question to ask yourself is, “Are these negative thoughts serving me in any way?”

In all likelihood, your answer will be no. Reflect on that and write about it in your journal. It may lead to writing about how positive thoughts could serve you.

Read on for lots more prompts to banish the negativity!

1. "Look back over your life and tell me which years were most memorable to you. Which periods of time stand out as the best ones in your life? Think about everything that happened during each year and what lessons you learned along the way."

2. "Consider whether you believe in luck or fate. Some people feel that all aspects of their lives are connected through a predetermined destiny, while others believe in random chance more than anything. If fate is real, consider why exactly you’re here. Is it because of your hard work and effort? Or is it pure luck?"

3. "Write down a time when you really felt happy and content, but also sad. This exercise will allow you to realize the importance of both emotions and appreciate them in equal measure. You don’t want to be overly attached to any one emotion – you should always try to experience emotions in balance."

4. "Share the most important lesson you learned recently. As cliché as this sounds, sharing the lessons we learn from our own experiences helps us grow and evolve. By learning from mistakes, we become wiser and stronger as people. So, take time to recognize these moments in your life and how they shaped who you are today. Who knows, tomorrow may bring another lesson."

5. "Imagine that today was your last day alive. What would you say or do differently? Would you forgive someone who hurt you? Do you know how blessed you are? Take some extra time to reflect on whether you’ve changed since yesterday and figure out what adjustments need to be made."

6. "Try to imagine what you’d like to change about yourself. Are there some habits or patterns that need to be altered and improved upon? What would you like to put into place that will set you up for long-term success?"

7. "Describe the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word ‘love.’ Reflect on times in your life where you were truly loved and cared for. These are the moments that stick into your memory and leave lasting impressions on your brain."

8. "Think about one person who had an impact on your life. If anyone helped shape how you are right now, think about them and their influence. By doing this, you’ll give thanks for all those relationships and memories that made you who you are today."

9. "Think about the happiest moment of your life. Did something special happen at that point in time or was it just everyday life? How did you celebrate? Were you together with friends or family members? What details come to mind once you remember that specific instance of joy?"

10. "Are these negative thoughts serving me in any way?"

Journal Prompts To Fight Negativity

11. " Think about a period during your childhood when you felt happy and optimistic. What caused this good mood? Was anyone else around at the time?"

12. “Write down three things you’re thankful for in your life now. This act of gratitude and reflecting back on how good your life is will help you to see things in a more positive way. Plus, when you share your daily list of blessings with others, it makes them feel good too!”

13. “Have you ever thought that maybe your current problems won’t come to fruition no matter who you are or where you go? Do you really want to be successful right now? Why not leave this opportunity behind and instead focus your energy on the future?”

14. "Choose two words or phrases to describe your current state of being. For example, I am: peaceful, joyful, stressed, excited, etc. Think about your life right now and then fill in the blanks with whatever fits those descriptions. You can pick whatever feels true to you."

15. “What would you say is your most significant accomplishment? Have you already achieved greatness? Are you still striving to get more done?”

16. “How would you define success? As long as you know it exists, then you’re succeeding. Even if you’re unhappy with what you’ve accomplished, consider it a milestone along the way. Think about your accomplishments now (and even before) and how they have created memories and experiences that have helped shape who you are today.”

17. “List out five things that make you excited about the future. Focus on the bright side of life instead of the negative stuff by focusing on what excites you and motivates you. Remind yourself why you do what you do and why you love being so passionate about this topic, even if everyone else isn’t as into it.”

18. “How would you explain what gives you joy? Where do you look for this pleasure?”

19. “What do you most enjoy doing when you’re alone? What activities can you perform without being interrupted by noise, smells, or distractions?”

20. “Consider all of the great memories you have stored in your brain. Why do you think you’re able to recall certain events better than other ones throughout your entire life? Was something extraordinary happening during those times? What could you possibly say has contributed to such powerful feelings?”

21. “Write down 5 facts of your life. Include things like the people you love; the events you were part of; the places you’ve been; and the lessons you learned. Why has being alive taught you so much? Don’t forget to express any personal triumphs as well.”

22. "Reflecting on your past allows you to see where you’ve come from; examining your present enables you to understand where you are going. To help keep these two areas separate, try thinking of them as “before” and “after.” Before you were born, you didn’t exist. After you die, you will cease to exist. So focus on the here and now, and leave the rest behind."

23. "Reflect on the idea that we always have control over our own moods as long as we take action. This goes along with the notion of positive attitude. In order to turn your negative thoughts into positive emotions, we must put ourselves out there and attempt new experiences."

24. "Consider a moment when you felt grateful. Describe the person, place, or experience that gave rise to this emotion. How long has it been since you felt so thankful for anything?"

25. "Think about one person who brings you joy. Imagine if he/she was sick or injured right now. Would you still feel completely grateful? If not, then maybe you should consider changing your attitude towards others. The fact is we never truly know how someone is feeling unless we get to spend time with them. And when we do, we might discover that they aren’t at their best."

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26. "Think about how your beliefs affect the way you interact with others. What assumptions do you make about other people? Does your own behavior support or contradict your thoughts?"

27. "Consider the biggest challenges you’ll face in life. Be honest with yourself by thinking about the worst-case scenario and what you might expect to go wrong. Now think about how you plan to handle these situations — are you prepared to cope with difficult circumstances?"

28. "Do you tend to hold grudges against people who hurt you? What about other situations? Could you stop taking pleasure in the misfortunes of others? If no, why not?"

29. "Think about a person you love dearly. Write down any characteristics you want to see in them. Perhaps you want to find ways to make them smarter, kinder, funnier, more loving, etc.? Now, write down any qualities you don’t admire in them (if you have any). Then ask yourself why you didn’t appreciate those traits before."

30. "What is the highest good in your life? How do you determine whether or not someone is pursuing this objective?"

Prompts To Fight Negativity

31. "List three things you’d like to improve upon next week. Are they physical habits or emotional traits? Whatever it takes, try focusing on making one small change every single day. You will notice progress within no time flat!"

32. "Write down ten things about who you are right now that you’re proud of. What values or qualities do they reflect?"

33. "Give yourself an opportunity to express gratitude this year. What makes you happy? Who does something nice for you each week? What are your most important priorities in regards to spiritual well-being? Make sure to take note of these answers so that you can recognize and appreciate the good deeds around you!"

34. "Have you had to face an obstacle or challenge in the past? What was it? Did you overcome this difficulty? If yes, what advice would you give to someone who wants to achieve similar results?"

35. "Identify one trait about yourself that you wish you could change. Ask questions like: What are the consequences to having this quality? Could you do anything different if you had this habit?"

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36. "Are you satisfied with where you are in life? Why or why not? Have you made any recent plans to improve your situation? Are there ways that you can do things differently? You owe it to yourself to figure out your next steps. It seems like you will never find happiness if you’re stuck within a rut"

37. "Imagine that you could change one thing about yourself. Choose something that’s important to you, such as generosity, patience, honesty, etc. Now let me ask you a question: Would you want to change anything about yourself? If you answered yes, then make a plan to implement one small change every day for 21 days"

38. "When you’re angry, what’s going through your mind? Maybe you’re screaming obscenities, pounding fists against doors, or biting your nails. But when you stop and reflect on your emotion, what are you actually saying? Sometimes, when anger overtakes us, we become verbally abusive and lose sight of our true feelings."

39. "How would you describe your current level of optimism? Is this realistic given the circumstances you face today? Who inspires you? How do you show gratitude?"

40. "How can I act from my true values instead of fear?"

41. "Take a moment to reflect upon something in which you excel. Maybe it’s your talents, your skills, or your abilities. Perhaps it’s your memory, your personality, or your looks. Whatever it is, try to remember what makes you great, because this will help you to focus on greatness rather than mediocrity."

42. "Take some time to think about the future. Describe the best possible life you’ve ever imagined. Is it totally attainable now or would it require many changes? What would you need to do to bring such an existence into reality?"

10 Journaling Prompts To Start Your Day

If you’re a morning person, you may especially like these prompts. Of course, come to think of it, if you’re not a morning person, you may need these prompts even more!

I grew up sharing a bedroom with my sister who was not at all a morning person. I drove her nuts with my energy and chatter which began basically the moment I opened my eyes, lol.

The prompts in this list are focused on drawing positive responses, so you have to think positively, despite your natural inclination to do otherwise.

For example, you are asked to consider what you are looking forward to today, or how you want to feel when you go to bed tonight.

Check out these prompts and see what might work for you!

43. "Have you made provisions for unexpected hiccups?"

44. "Who do you look forward to seeing?"

45. "What are you looking forward to?"

46. "What have you put in place to ensure the day is a success?"

47. "Does it feel like it will be a good day? What will bring you the most joy?"

48. "Outline your plans for the day in as much detail as possible."

49. "What mindset are you starting the day with? Where do you want to be next year?"

50. "Are there any new things you’d like to try? (you may like to consider your bucket list or set yourself up with a holiday goal)"

51. "How do I want to feel when I go to bed tonight?"

Fight Negativity

52. "Will you exercise? If yes, what exercises do you plan to try out?"

Journal Bannar

10 Self-Discovery Journaling Prompts

Sometimes the secret to making change begins with figuring out something about ourselves. Are we setting up a roadblock that is keeping us from being positive?

If we can pinpoint the source of our negativity, then we can start dealing with it, and making a change for the better.

Journaling prompts for self-discovery can be key to helping with this process.

What do you love about life? What words do you like to live by? How do you feel about your body?

Try not to shy away from the uncomfortable prompts as they are likely the ones that can lead you to meaningful self-discovery.

Writing about these sorts of things in your journal can unlock the door to some impactful change!

53. "Make a list of 20 things that make you smile. (or you can dive off and describe some of the things you most appreciate, such as a favorite toy growing up, best friend, favorite food, and so on)"

54. "How do you feel about your body?"

55. "What words do you like to live by?"

56. "What color would you say best describes you? Why do you think so?"

57. "What does unconditional love look like for you?"

58. "What do you love about life?"

59. "What can you not imagine living without?"

60. "When you are in any kind of pain, what is the kindest thing you can do for yourself?"

61. "Is there one thing you wish your friends and family members knew about you?"

elf-Discovery Journaling Prompts

62. "What makes you insecure?"

10 Journaling Prompts To Cope With Anxiety

None of us is a stranger to anxiety. When those moments of anxiousness take hold, it can be scary.

One strategy for working through anxiety is writing. These journaling prompts encourage you to identify the cause of your anxious feelings, and then to work through that.

In this way, we lessen the anxiety. We see that the situation is manageable, and we can let go of those stressful feelings.

You might choose the prompt to list your anxiety triggers, or perhaps you choose to detail five things that make you feel in control.

Whichever prompts you choose, take some time to reflect, and be honest and truthful in your journaling response.

63. "List five things anxiety has taught you."

64. "Detail five things that made you feel in control."

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65. "Recall five positive things that happened to you during the day and write them down. Emphasize how they made you feel."

66. "Describe how you feel at the present moment. What could make you feel this way?"

67. "Have you had any triggering events in the past week? What were they? How did you handle them?"

68. "What does a life free from anxiety look like to you? Include as many details as possible."

69 "Write ten ways in which you can take better care of yourself."

70. "What are the top five things that inspire confidence in you?"

Journaling Prompts To Cope With Anxiety

71. "List down your anxiety triggers."

72. "List five anxiety affirmations you know or use regularly."

10 Journaling Prompts to Draw Motivation

Something that I find really hard to deal with is when I get up and I lack motivation. That feeling can turn into an all-day Netflix binge if I don’t try to do something about it.

Can you relate? When I am lacking motivation to get going on a project or simply to get the essentials done in my day, I turn to journaling prompts that motivate me.

These prompts speak to how good it feels to get something done, and before I know it, I am engaged in an activity, and my day has turned around.

Sometimes grabbing my journal and responding to a motivational prompt is the perfect antidote to the sluggishness I was feeling.

Reflecting on things like who I admire most and why, gets my head out of the ‘stuck’ mode, and thinking positively. I can draw encouragement from this person I admire.

73. "What drives you?"

74. "If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be? Why do you want to change it?"

75. "Who do you admire the most, and why?"

76. "What is your definition of success?"

77. "What have you done recently that you are proud of?"

78. "Where would you like to be in five years?"

79. "What do you want? Where is your passion?"

80. "Which steps are you taking to achieve your goals?"

Journaling Prompts to Draw Motivation

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81. "What music do you listen to, and why?"

82. "In what aspects are you lacking? What are your personal strengths? How can you improve?"

10 Journaling Prompts For Self-Affirmation

Do you ever hear those little, niggling voices in the back of your mind that say things like, you’re not good enough, what makes you think you can achieve that, you’re not as pretty or accomplished as that person.

And so on, and so on.

Negative self-talk is like putting a pin in a balloon. When you are feeling that way, grab your journal, and pick a self-affirmation prompt.

Write about what makes you unique, why you are beautiful, or why you deserve to be loved.

This one is a favorite of mine - write three negative thoughts that come to mind, and then rewrite them into positive thoughts! Right on!

83. "I am wise enough to ………"

84. "What do you do to right your wrongs?"

8.5 "I deserve because I"

86. "Whenever I feel inadequate, I remember"

87. "I am beautiful because…"

88. "I deserve to be loved because…"

89. "I am surrounded by ………"

90. "Something unique about me is…"

91. "List down three negative thoughts that come to mind. Rewrite them into positive thoughts."

92. "I am making progress, and I know this because…"

9 Journal Prompts For Depression

When negative feelings threaten your happiness, journaling can be a process that enables you to turn it around.

By listing five things you are grateful for, or writing about what you are passionate about, you shift your thinking away from the depressive thoughts and onto positive ones.

A particularly therapeutic journaling prompt has you write a letter to the most supportive person you know.

93. "Write a letter to the most supportive person you know."

94. "List five things you are grateful for."

95. "What do you look forward to the next day?"

96. "List 5 things that have made you smile in the past week."

97. "List five of your short-term goals"

98. "What childhood dream do you plan to actualize? How would you like to do this?"

99. "What challenges have you faced recently? How did you handle them?"

Journal Prompts For Depression

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100. "What are you passionate about?"

101. "How do you get out of depressive episodes?"

19 Journaling Prompts To Get Rid Of Intrusive Thoughts

Some days it seems that every time I try to tackle something, I get halted by negative thoughts that have me questioning my ability to do the job.

The following journaling prompts help me to analyze the intrusive thoughts and can help me understand how to get rid of them.

These prompts can also steer my thinking into a positive channel, away from all of the negativity.

Give it a try and you’ll be banishing those intrusive thoughts in no time!

102. "Are these thoughts internalized, or are you reacting to your environment?"

103. "What can letting go of these thoughts open up your mind to?"

104. "What can you channel your energy into as a distraction from these thoughts?"

105. "What thoughts do you have that directly contrast with your negative intrusive thoughts? Which seems truer to you?"

106. "What triggers intrusive thoughts? Is there a pattern?"

107. "Do you believe these thoughts? Give detailed reasons for your answer?"

108. "Concisely state the thoughts you have. Why are they negative?"

109. "Are there certain places, events, people, or activities that can make you susceptible to entertaining intrusive thoughts"

110. "What positive thoughts can you use to redirect your train of thought? Write them down."

111. "Identify ways in which your thoughts can harm/limit you."

112. "How would my life be different if I didn’t think this way?"

113. "Who inspires you and why?"

114. "I am in the process of creating a life where I thrive, not just survive. What does that life look like for you?"

115. "I am capable of making anything work if I put my mind to it. What’s something you’ve been putting off because you don’t believe you can accomplish it?"

116. "What’s something you’ve been looking forward to and why?"

Journaling Prompts To Get Rid Of Intrusive Thoughts

117. "What’s something that makes your heart sing?"

118. "What is one thing you are grateful for today?"

119. "I am a worthy human being, and my life matters. Write 10 things about you that make you unique. "

120. " Write a list of habits you need to replace with healthy, positive ones."

Frequently Asked Questions

What is positive journaling, and how can it help achieve a positive mindset?

Positive journaling is the practice of regularly writing down your thoughts, feelings, and experiences with a focus on the positive aspects of your life. It involves exploring moments of gratitude, joy, accomplishments, and personal growth. Engaging in positive journaling can help shift your perspective towards optimism, enhance self-awareness, and cultivate a more positive mindset by focusing on the good in your life.

How often should I practice positive journaling?

The frequency of positive journaling is flexible and depends on your personal preferences and schedule. It's recommended to start with a regular routine, such as daily or a few times a week, to establish the habit. Consistency is key to experiencing the benefits of positive journaling.

Can I mix positive journaling with other journaling styles?

Absolutely! Positive journaling can be combined with various journaling styles, such as gratitude journaling, self-reflection, goal setting, and creative expression. Experiment with different approaches to find what resonates best with you.

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