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362 Random And Unusual Journal Prompts To Appeal To Everyone

362 Random And Unusual Journal Prompts To Appeal To Everyone

Journaling is a marvelous pastime that has numerous benefits beyond just being fun, including the exploration of random and unusual journal prompts!

Journaling can help us achieve goals, discover things about ourselves, solve problems, and improve our overall quality of life.

Journal Bannar

With all of these positives, it goes without saying that we should never be without journal prompts that inspire and motivate us!

In this article you will find 362 journal prompts that provide a variety of topics with creative writing among them.

So if you want to get your creative juices flowing, read on!

Interested in Hygge? We’ve got journal prompts on this fabulous Danish way of living so you can incorporate it into your life.

Read on to see all the lists included in this article of random and unusual journal prompts!

Journal Prompts To Overcome Writer’s Block

You can be going along writing marvelous things with no end of great, creative ideas when all of a sudden you hit a roadblock, better known in this context as writer’s block.

Super frustrating, right?!

If this has happened to you, you know just how incredibly annoying it is. Well, we’ve got you covered!

There is a broad range of suggestions, so you can take your pick of what interests you.

You will love these fabulous, creative prompts and you can return to this list whenever writer’s block strikes!

Happy writing!

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62 Journal Prompts Idea To Overcome Writer's Block

1. "As an 80-year-old, you decide to finally learn how to swim so you can participate in a triathlon."

2. "All plant life on the planet is wiped out, except for in Florida."

3. "You’re the one human who is capable of seeing ghosts. It’s up to you to save them from being removed from the human world for good."

4. "Think about what you are most proud of. Follow the story of how you got to that point."

5. "Your pet dragon transforms into a person."

Journal Prompts Idea To Overcome Writer

6. "You are gifted with the strongest, most elusive sword in the kingdom, but if you use it you will never be able to speak again."

7. "You must save your kingdom from ruin by learning how to breathe fire."

8. "Satan puts you in charge of Hell."

9. "A man and his wife own the largest potion store in town. Little do the townspeople know, but they’re all being slowly poisoned by the potions."

10. "You are chosen to go on the first ever recreational space journey."

11. "Detail the life of the person who inspires you the most."

12. "A famous shoe designer asks you to quit your job and be his latest model."

13. "A rare form of cancer is the newest superbug. With a team of scientists, you all must find a cure before the population is wiped out."

14. "The ocean becomes the sky."

15. "You come into possession of a ring that can change the weather to whatever you decide."

16. "By way of a lottery system, the king chooses you to be his queen."

17. "Fairies are tired of being used for free labor."

18. "After people die, their spirits can be brought back from death but at the cost of one random human life. Is it worth it?"

19. "Everyone in the world has the ability to read thoughts. Except for one person."

20. "Use five points of view to describe one situation."

21. "Your dream is to open a restaurant and be a top chef, but how can you do that when you were born without taste buds?"

22. "Technology becomes illegal."

23. "It turns out humans have been the aliens all along."

24. "You are the first person able to breathe in outer space."

25. "Write a scene detailing your greatest fear. Now imagine that has come true for your character."

26. "Dream up your own, one-of-a-kind mythical race."

27. "Every day, you get one hour to revisit any moment from your life. What do you pick?"

28. "You have to get to the bottom of your family’s deepest secret."

29. "The dark family secret that’s always been hidden comes to light."

30. "You wake up to find yourself a member of King Arthur’s Round Table."

31. "You’ve just returned home from war only to find your family missing without a trace."

32. "You’re selected to take part in a secretive, underground magic university… but you have to kill someone to go."

33. "Walking through the woods one day, you come across a small animal that has the ability to instantaneously clone itself."

34. "A magical toad begins talking to you, but you’re the only person who can hear him."

35. "You have the power to read the lost language, making you the only person to decipher the scroll."

36. "You are in charge of a secretive government agency that aligns people’s fates. Their livelihood is entirely up to you and what you want to do with it."

37. "You were born to be a villain, but you find yourself leaning more and more towards the good as you get older."

38. "The world is dying. In order to save it, you’ve been commanded to sacrifice yourself to an invading alien group."

39. "On her deathbed, your grandmother tells you that there’s a hidden treasure buried in her backyard. The family has been trying to locate it for decades. It’s up to you to finally find it."

40. "In an alternate universe where global warming has ruined the planet, you’ve spent your entire life living in an airplane on autopilot."

41. "A mysterious creature speaks to you in your dreams and tells you that when you awake, you will have the ability to see into another realm."

42. "You and your adventurous crew on a quest for the old King’s hidden gold. Just one problem – so is the rest of your village."

43. "You have to power to build one separate planet. How do you build it? Who gets to live there?"

44. "Tell the story of one woman on the mission to find her lost biological daughter."

45. "Regular person by day, a shape shifter by night."

Journal Prompts Idea

46. "Gravity no longer exists."

47. "You have the power to create, and star in, your own reality show. What does it look like?"

48. "You wake up one morning to find out that you get to move to any planet of your choosing."

49. "You are one of the mechanics on the first ever self-flying airplane."

50. "What was the strangest thing you’ve ever seen in public?"

51. "Your favorite fairy tale is now set in 2019."

52. "Spend some time working on world building. How can you create a believable fantasy world that readers can picture clearly? What types of characters does your world include?"

53. "You are kidnapped by a knight who demands your assistance in sleighing the city’s most dangerous dragon."

54. "What team do you gather to fight the largest alien and terrorist threat on Earth?"

55. "A magical world exists underground. To get there, you’ll need to start digging."

56. "Your whole family has fought in the space military, but you’ve decided to no longer take part in it."

57. "Your wife is a droid."

58. "Imagine what would happen if you woke up one morning unable to see, speak, or hear."

59. "Describe the life of a struggling author attempting to make it “big.”"

60. "You wake up and find out that you’re the only living person left on the planet."

61. "Human beings begin to find themselves growing extra limbs as global warming amps up."

62. "An underwater society decides to overtake the world."

Creative Journal Prompts For Teens

You know the incredible power that journaling has in your life, well, it can be just as powerful for young people!

The benefits of journaling for kids are numerous.

Journaling provides them with a way to express their feelings and thoughts without fear of being judged.

Teens find journaling a helpful way to work through things that are weighing on them.

By getting down those feelings in writing young people can come to an understanding of the problem, and even see how to handle it.

There are a lot of very serious issues in the world today that weigh on young people. These issues, such as climate change, can increase anxiety in youth to such a degree that they are unable to cope.

Introduce your teen to creative writing journal prompts!

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94 Creative Journal Prompts For Teens

63. "What brings joy to your life?"

64. "What makes you unique?"

65. "What activities do you love the most?"

66. "Write about what drives you forwards."

67. "Write about a time you did something that you were afraid to try?"

68. "Write about something you believe in strongly."

69. "Recall a happy memory from this week."

70. "Do you act differently online than you do in person?"

Creative Journal Prompts For Teens

71. "Make a list of everything you’d love to do in your life – a bucket list of aspirations big and small!"

72. "What was your most restful moment this week?"

73. "You’ve invented a new technology – describe it"

74. "Which fictional character do you relate to the most?"

75. "What topics are you afraid to talk about?"

76. "If you could live in the fictional world of any book or series, which one would you pick?"

77. "Are there any hypothetical situations that are scaring you right now?"

78. "Write about a big choice you will have to make in the near future."

79. "What are the best elements of your personality?"

80. "Write about one moment this week that you felt truly content."

81. "Do you think that the town you’ve grown up in has influenced the person you are?"

82. "What do you do to take a peaceful moment for yourself every day?"

83. "What did you learn today?"

84. "Who are you grateful for?"

85. "What effect has social media had on your life?"

86. "Write about your favourite place."

87. "Write a list of things that make you feel uncomfortable and unhappy."

88. "What face do you show to the world?"

89. "What habits would you like to change or develop over the next year?"

90. "What are your favourite things to do with your friends?"

91. "How do you feel when you get a compliment?"

92. "Write about taking a trip to the past and visiting your ancestors."

93. "Write about the last time you couldn’t stop laughing."

94. "Imagine your life as a movie – now pitch it!"

95. "Which rules in your life do you struggle to understand?"

96. "How do you think others would describe you?"

97. "Imagine you could slip into your favourite comic or graphic novel and become a character."

98. "Describe what it would be like to move around inside your favourite piece of art."

99. "Write down all the things that inspire you in the world."

"Write down all the things that inspire you in the world."

100. "What is the best thing you’ve ever done for someone?"

101. "What do you want to be remembered for?"

102. "If you could change three things about the world, what would you change and why?"

103. "Write about a person who’s changed your mind."

104. "When you look in the mirror in the morning before school, what do you see?"

105. "Who do you trust the most in your life?"

106. "How have video games influenced you as a person?"

107. "Write about an area in your hometown that needs improvement."

108. "Write about your dream house."

109. "Write about the unrealistic expectations you feel are weighing you down."

110. "Have you ever given something important away?"

111. "How have prejudices affected you personally and shaped the community you live in?"

112. "What do you procrastinate about, and why?"

113. "What makes you feel proud of yourself?"

114. "What is the first symptom you notice when you feel anxious, stressed or sad?"

115. "What is one thing you could do this year to give back to your community?"

116. "Imagine you wake up tomorrow 5 inches taller."

117. "Someone gives you $5,000 with the condition that you can only spend it on others – what do you do?"

118. "What three items would you take to a desert island?"

119. "Did you have an imaginary friend as a child?"

120. "Write about a negative memory you can’t get out of your head."

121. "If you could make a living doing anything at all, what would you become?"

122. "What is something you feel nervous about right now?"

123. "What is one thing you want to learn more about, or build your awareness of?"

124. "Who are the people you admire the most?"

125. "Discuss the biggest challenge you faced this week."

126. "What frightens you in the world today?"

127. "If you could be any animal for a day, which one would you like to be, and why?"

128. "You have to relive an entire year of your life: and you can choose which one. Write about it!"

129. "If you could be an expert on anything in the world, what subject would you choose?"

130. "What is the greatest responsibility your parents have given you?"

131. "Describe your favourite food."

132. "Write about one of the hardest moments in your life."

133. "If every person on Earth looked exactly the same, how would beauty be defined?"

134. "Describe the perfect hangout space: imagine that."

135. "What is your favourite childhood memory?"

childhood memory

136. "Imagine that you’re stuck in an elevator with three strangers."

137. "What are you most looking forward to about getting older?"

138. "Make a list of everything you’d love to disagree and rebel about."

139. "Have you ever had a really difficult conversation with someone? Write about it!"

140. "Choose five objects that best represent who you are and describe them."

141. "How do you feel right now, in this moment?"

142. "How have you changed since last year?"

143. "Do you think your society values personal privacy enough?"

144. "Do you prefer to be in the spotlight, or behind the scenes?"

145. "Do you have a best friend? Write about them!"

146. "What could you do to positively impact the life of just one other person?"

147. "What is one small change you could make today?"

148. "What worries are you holding onto right now?"

149. "What surprises are there in the story of your life?"

150. "What changes have been going on in your life recently?"

151. "Describe your morning routine."

152. "Describe your best summer vacation memory"

153. "Describe the perfect way to spend the weekend."

154. "What is one thing that your parents do now that you never want to do if you have children?"

155. "Discuss what kind of job you’d be best suited for (today)."

156. "Write a letter to your future self."

Hygge Journal Prompts To Soothe The Soul

If you’ve never heard of Hygge, be prepared to be amazed.

Hygge is a way of living that comes from Denmark. The characteristics of Hygge are calm, simplicity, happiness, and wellbeing.

This is echoed in the way people act, how they dress, and how they decorate their homes.

Hygge believes in celebrating friendship and living in harmony with one another and our world.

The prompts in the list that follows adhere to the beliefs of Hygge. Read through the list and see what prompts you connect with, then grab your favorite, comfy throw, a warm cup of tea, light a candle, and write.


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43 Hygge Journal Prompts To Soothe Your Soul

157. "Name some ways you can be a better friend to yourself. "

158. "What’s one thing you can add to your life to make it better? "

159. "If you could pick your own name, what would you name yourself? Do you think it would have had any impact on your life? "

160. "What would it say if you are to write a love letter to the world?"

161. "What's a life lesson you learned from a child?"

162. "What’s one thing you can subtract from your life to make it better? "

163. "What are your top three ways to unwind? "

164. "What simple things make you happy? How are you going to make room in your life to enjoy more of them? "

165. "What are you grateful for in your life?"

166. "You are in charge of producing a movie. You’re given unlimited funds to hire the best screenwriter, director, actors, and actresses to bring your vision to life. What is your film about and who stars in it? Is it set in this time period or a different century?"

167. "You are offered free cooking lessons with your favorite chef. Who would you pick, and what would you like to learn from them? "

168. "If you could invent something to make the world a better place, what would you design, and what would the ripple effect be of that invention? "

169. "What’s the most beautiful song you’ve ever heard? When was the first time you heard it?"

170. "Describe what a perfect day looks like to you. "

Hygge Journal Prompts To Soothe Your Soul

171. "If you were to create a signature perfume, what fragrances would you blend? "

172. "What’s your favorite treat? Are there happy memories associated with it?"

173. "What kind of legacy would you like to leave the world? "

174. "What have you done so far this year that you’re the proudest of the result? "

175. "If you were invited to create a TED talk, what would your topic be and why? "

176. "If you could start your dream career, knowing you wouldn’t fail – how would that career look? "

177. "How do you express your creativity? How do you get your creative juices flowing?"

178. "Today you can do anything you want. You wake up, and it’s pouring rain. What kind of day will you have? "

179. "When have you felt “in the flow” of life? Why do you think what you were working on felt effortless to produce? What do you think prompted it? "

180. "Name a time when someone was kind to you. How did you feel? Did it change how you viewed the world? "

181. "What has been your favorite meal, and why? "

182. "Think back to your favorite childhood memory. Describe how you felt and what made that memory extraordinary. "

183. "What movie inspired you the most? What changes did you make after viewing it? "

184. "What gifts would it bring to the world if you nurture one of your talents?"

185. "What’s your favorite time in history to read about and why? "

186. "Name something you can do for yourself today that might change your life? "

187. "What book author would you most like to invite over for tea? What questions would you ask them?"

188. "What’s your favorite holiday, and what makes it so special? "

189. "If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you go, and why did that location call your heart? "

190. "If you could take the time to drive through and explore any state in the United States, what state would you pick and why? "

191. "How have you simplified your life? Are there things that you can do that will make it even better?"

192. "What did an older person teach you about aging gracefully? "

Journal Bannar

193. "What’s your top destination on your bucket list? Describe what you would like to see and the things you want to experience there. "

194. "What’s the one recipe that you cook the best? Why do you think that is? "

195. "What do you think people appreciate about you? When describing you, write down what a good friend or family member might say."

196. "What is your favorite season, and why? "

197. "What good book has changed your life? "

198. "What was your favorite book from your childhood? What made it so special? "

199. "What does happiness mean to you? "

Clever Creative Writing Journal Prompts

Writing can be a marvelous creative outlet. When we write creatively, we tap into parts of our brain that aren’t called upon for many of the other more routine tasks that consume our days.

Creative writing has been shown to be therapeutic as well. People who have experienced trauma in life find creative writing a way to work through their feelings.

Expressing feelings through a story or poem gives us a freedom that makes it easier to talk about uncomfortable feelings or experiences.

Creativity has been identified as one of the key aspects of thinking and problem-solving.

Creative writing can be done pretty much anywhere. Technology, like cell phones, makes it possible for people to write without the necessity of a desk or pen.

When we engage in creative writing through journaling, we have a very low-risk environment for self-expression.

Check out our list of clever creative writing journaling prompts!

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31 Clever Creative Writing Prompts

200. "Your shopping bag rips apart, and all the contents tumble out at the feet of the girl or guy who lives in the apartment below you, who you have fancied for some time. What does your shopping reveal about you and why are you so embarrassed?"

201. "Think about the last time you woke up at 4am, in a cold sweat. What was on your mind and how did you resolve it? Did you feel differently about it in the daylight?"

202. "Write a letter in your journal to each of your family members, telling them what your love (and/or hate) about them."

203. "What’s the funniest joke you know? Write the backstory to the main character in the joke."

204. "Think of a cliché and write an argument against it. Here are a few to start you off"

205. "List posts are one of the most popular forms of blogging. Write a funny list post about all the things you are not going to do in 2023."

206. "You are a bartender on a quiet night, listening to man drown his sorrows as he tells you how his wife has recently left him for a neighbor. A second man enters and sits at the other end of the bar. It’s the neighbor. Describe the comedy of errors that happens next."

207. "Have you ever seen a ghost, or sensed a ghostly presence? Write an account of your experience knowing it will be read by a skeptic."

208. "What makes you laugh out loud?"

Clever Creative Writing Prompts

209. "Write about a character who has a superhuman power. The problem is, they don’t want it. Write about the conflict between the character, his or her power and the everyday life they are forced to lead."

210. "A man finds a letter in a bottle while walking on the beach. Where has the bottle come from, how old is it, and what does the letter say? What does it compel the man to do?"

211. "Describe social media to someone who has never heard of it before. Include advice on which platform might be best for them."

212. "Your mother’s always nagging you to clean your room. Write an account of the last time she nagged you, but from her point of view."

213. "What are the top 10 style trends you would like to see make a comeback in 2023?"

214. "Interview your favorite fictional character."

215. "Write about a single day — either the first or last of your life."

216. "Make a list of all the things you’d like to say no to, and then write down the reasons why you don’t — or can’t — say no. Is there a pattern? Is there something you can change?"

217. "Talk the Christmas Grinch out of being a Grinch."

218. "Your best friend doesn’t much care for Chinese food. Write down all the reasons why they need to reconsider their opinion and join you tonight at your favorite Chinese restaurant."

219. "You live in a fantasy world where people communicate without talking. Write about an average day in this sci-fi, fairy tale world."

220. "Think of the 3 most unhealthy habits you indulge in and write about how you might be able to break those habits."

221. "Write about the best writing or weight loss tips you can share."

222. "What’s the funniest thing that’s happened to you in real-life? Write it as a stand-up comedy anecdote with lots of observational humor thrown in."

223. "Write an open letter to a person or group of people you strongly disagree with and explain why. Use reason not emotion."

224. "You are the inventor of a popular video game. One day the main character from your game knocks on your front door. What does he want?"

225. "What is your personal manifesto? What are the core principles and values that guide everything you do in life?"

226. "If you could come back to life as any person, animal or thing, what or who would you be and how would you live your second life?"

227. "You’re sitting at a bar talking to a giraffe. What’s the conversation about?"

228. "You open the bathroom door and find the room’s disappeared. In its place is another world. Describe what you see and hear, and what you do next?"

229. "The world’s oceans dry up. Who or what survives?"

230. "Write about the biggest challenge you have faced and how you overcame it."

Unique Journal Prompts For Teens

Teens can really get into journaling. They love the chance to express themselves in this totally private way, and they can do it anywhere, and even use their cell phone if they want.

I have two teenagers, and they are both fans of journaling. My kids, like all teenagers that I know, love to hang out in their respective bedrooms and journaling is a great activity for them to do in the privacy of their rooms.

Teen years are rife with drama, questions, concerns, anxiety, angst, romance, confusion, and crazy emotions.

Journaling works to help teens sort through their feelings and move forward positively.

In this list, we provide teens with unique journal prompts. We know they’ll love them!

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30 Unique Journal Prompts For Teens

231. "What is the best feature of your personality?"

232. "What do other people like about you? Why does it make you unique?"

233. "If everyone looked exactly the same, how differently would beauty be defined?"

234. "How do you define perfection? Why is perfection not attainable?"

235. "How does even your worst physical feature make you unique?"

236. "Why does photoshop and filters like SnapChat lead to unrealistic expectations?"

237. "What does ‘you can’t judge a book by its cover’ mean to you?"

238. "If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be and why?"

239. "If art, music, and creativity were banned or regulated, how would the world become a less colorful place?"

240. "Why is laughter important? How does the person that makes you laugh bring joy to your life?"

241. "Imagine that you were the subject in your favorite painting. How did you become the subject?"

242. "Describe what it would be like to move around in your favorite piece of art."

243. "If you could create a painting of your mood right now, what colors would you use and why?"

244. "If you were a piece of art, what would you be? Describe yourself in detail."

245. "How are all the pieces of your past a mosaic that creates you?"

246. "What pop culture piece of art are you? Why?"

247. "How can you make food art? Is a can of soup art?"

248. "Are you abstract art or realism?"

"Are you abstract art or realism?"-Random And Unusual Journal Prompts

249. "If you were drawn as an animal, what animal would you be?"

250. "If you were to become the silly sidekick in your favorite comic or graphic novel, how would you change the story?"

251. "Yin and yang represent two sides or forces. What do these forces mean to you?"

252. "Why is it important to take a peaceful moment every day or just spend time clearing your mind of negativity?"

253. "Look at your biggest challenge this week. What is one thing that you did right during your challenge?"

254. "Why is it important to look at the positives in a negative situation?"

255. "Describe how you feel in your favorite place."

256. "Why is it important to stop and smell the roses?"

257. "When is one moment in the last week where you felt truly peaceful?"

258. "Where do you feel at most peace?"

259. "Why can a hug be healing?"

260. "How does someone standing next to you or holding your hand make you feel less alone?"

Weird Journal Writing Prompts

If you are feeling like you go through the same kinds of journal writing prompts over and over like they’re on repeat, then you might enjoy looking at our weird journal writing prompts.

There are many different weird prompts to choose from. For example, you might like the following one from the list:

Write a story about a day in the life of your favorite stuffed animal. Your story should be written from the stuffed animal’s perspective.

Perhaps you would enjoy this one:

You wake up one morning and discover that you can read your parents’ minds. What sorts of information do you discover?

Whichever prompts you decide to write about, I know you’ll enjoy it!

Get your funky on!

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29 Weird Journal Writing Prompts

261. "Write a song about your favorite food."

262. "You wake up one morning and discover that you can read your parents’ minds. What sorts of information do you discover?

263. "Imagine that you are a vegetable growing in the garden. Write about what it might feel like to live and grow in the dirt, and to be plucked from your roots."

264. "What is the strangest occupation that you have heard of? Would you like to experience a day working in that role? "

265. "Write a story about a day in the life of your favorite stuffed animal. Your story should be written from the stuffed animal’s perspective."

266. "You have been given the choice to find out what the future holds. Would you find out? Or do you keep it a mystery? "

267. "The word weird is kind of weird in itself. What does the word mean to you? "

268. "Think about one of the weirdest food combinations that you enjoy. Write a persuasive journal entry convincing others to try it. "

269. "What is something interesting about you that no one else knows?"

something interesting

270. "Write about a unique vacation destination that other people may not be aware of."

271. "Sometimes people remember very small and seemingly insignificant details about their lives. What is one of the memories that you have that doesn’t seem to matter? Why do you think you remember this moment?"

272. "It is often said that you don’t know what life is like for someone else until you have spent a day in their shoes. Imagine that you literally walked around in your teacher’s shoes. What type of shoes are they? Are they comfortable? What is life like from their perspective?"

273. "Write a journal entry about your favorite scent. Describe it in detail and talk about what that scent means to you."

274. "Write about a time when you dared to do something different. What did it feel like to go against the expectations of others? "

275. "Have you ever felt strange, different, or out of place? What does it feel like to feel weird?"

276. "Write a persuasive journal entry promoting your house as a vacation destination. What would travelers like to do at your house that they couldn’t do at their own house? "

277. "Think about your favorite fairytale and take note of its classic ending. Now, rewrite that story with your own modern twist."

278. "Make up your own word right now, and write its definition. Don’t forget to use your word in an actual sentence!"

279. "Write a fictional story about a character who walks through a door and enters another dimension. What do they experience? Do they get back to their homeland? "

280. "Every family is unique in its own way. Write about one way that your family is different from others."

281. "In a strange turn of events, your parents put you in charge. What three rules would you implement in your house?"

282. "Describe the most mysterious experience that you have ever had."

283. "You are given the opportunity to put on an invisibility cloak and stay invisible. Would you wear it? Where would you wear it to?"

284. "Everyone has a weird idiosyncrasy about themselves. What is yours? "

285. "Put your favorite song on and start writing. Don’t focus on creating a plot or making coherent thoughts, just write what comes into your mind as the song plays through."

286. "Imagine that you are a character in a video game. What is it like to live in a digital world? "

287. "Sometimes people put surprising toppings on their pizza. What is the most unusual topping that you enjoy on pizza?"

288. "It’s Friday the 13th, and everyone is acting a bit different. Describe your day at school on this superstitious date."

289. "What is one of the weirdest things about you? Why do you think it’s weird?"

290. "Write a poem about an alien robot."

Thought-Provoking Journal Prompts

So, you’ve spent some time writing from weird journal prompts and now you want to get back to some serious stuff.

These thought-provoking journal prompts will fill the bill perfectly.

Journaling is a great way to ponder the big questions because you have all the time in the world to think, reflect, and then write.

Which thought-provoking journal prompts do you connect with?

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35 Thought Provoking Journal Prompts

291. "Who do you consider to be the “hero” of your life?"

292. "What’s your favorite podcast? What do you like about it?"

293. "What was your favorite toy when you were a kid?"

294. "Describe your perfect day from start to finish."

295. "Who is your best friend? What do you love about them?"

296. "If you could travel back in time to one decade and live in it for a day, which decade would it be?"

297. "Describe your favorite room in your home"

298. "What makes you really trust someone?"

299. "If it was your last day on earth, what would do?"

300. "What does success mean to you?"

"What does success mean to you?"

301. "What’s your favorite scent? What does it evoke in you?"

302. "If you were to write a book, what would it be about? "

303. "If you could have on super power, what would it be?"

304. "What TV show can you watch over and over again?"

305. "What's the last photo you took on your phone, and what does it signify to you?"

306. "What do you think the world would be like today if cell phones were never invented? Would it be better, or worse?"

307. "If you could travel to a planet in outer space, which one would you choose?"

308. "What’s your favorite game to play?"

309. "What do you enjoy most about your job?"

310. "Write about your earliest memory."

311. "Who’s your favorite celebrity?"

312. "What's the most interesting thing you've ever found on the sidewalk?"

313. "What do you consider to be your best personality trait?"

314. "What’s your favorite color?"

315. "What’s your favorite season?"

316. "What's your favorite outdoor activity?"

317. "Write about the last movie you saw as if you’re a movie critic. What did you like, and what didn’t you like?"

318. "Are you the type to finish a project early, or do it at the last minute?"

319. "Write about a lesson you had to learn the hard way."

320. "Who is the most interesting person you know?"

321. "Are you an early bird or a night owl?"

322. "What’s your favorite sport?"

323. "What’s your favorite indoor activity?"

324. "Write about something nice a stranger did for you."

Thought-Provoking Journal Prompts

325. "What’s your favorite food?"

‘What If’ Story Prompts For Creative Journal Writing

You will never be without an idea for creative journal writing with these thirty-six unique and interesting ‘what if’ prompts.

There is so much variety, you are sure to find several that inspire your creativity. Here are a few examples of what you will find:

What if magicians were actually part of a secret society that could use real magic?

What if a newly elected President of the United States tried to find out the truth about the Kennedy Assassination?

What if someone discovered that they could email their past self?

Read the whole list and have fun!

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38 What If' Story Prompts For Creative Writing

326. "What if President Kennedy had never died?"

327. "What if all conspiracy theories are actually true?"

328. "What if someone had the ability to morph into anyone, anytime?"

329. "What if the Titanic suddenly appeared… with all of the original passengers and crew members onboard?"

330. "What if a newly elected President of the United States tried to find out the truth about Roswell?"

331. "What if Hitler was discovered living in an American suburb in the 1950s?"

332. "What if the remaining superpowers decided to invade America?"

333. "What if the world suddenly became a musical and people could only communicate in song?"

334. "What if time travel was discovered long ago by the elite New Order?"

335. "What if someone woke up in a strange spaceship with no recollection of how they got there?"

336. "What if there was a scientifical explanation to ghosts?"

337. "What if cats and dogs ruled the earth?"

338. "What if an earthquake unleashed a series of underground monsters?"

339. "What if a humanoid underwater civilization was discovered in the ocean depths?"

340. "What if Mark Twain was brought into the present from the past to experience how life has changed?"

341. "What if a wormhole opened up just outside of Earth's atmosphere?"

342. "What if a comatose patient could communicate with their loved ones through their dreams?"

343. "What if someone unlocked the secret to immortality?"

344. "What if the Titanic suddenly appeared… with no people onboard?"

345. "What if Mars is already populated by a species living underground?"

346. "What if hackers erased everyone's debt?"

347. "What if someone discovered that they could email their past self?"

348. "What if magicians were actually part of a secret society that could use real magic?"

349. "What if dogs and humans switched bodies?"

350. "What if humans began to age backward?"

351. "What if the moon was once Earth's equivalent?"

352. "What if Christ was an alien… and he returned?"

353. "What if a newly elected President of the United States tried to find out the truth about the Kennedy Assassination?"

354. "What if Star Wars was not a figment of George Lucas's imagination?"

355. "What if you could stop time at will?"

356. "What if a small town in the middle of nowhere was actually a human zoo on an alien world?"

357. "What if every human being had the same dream at the same time?"

358. "What if a comatose patient started to haunt the dreams of their nurse?"

359. "What if Hitler survived World War II? "

Story Prompts For Creative Journal

360. "What if someone came out to the press claiming to be Andy Kaufman?"

361. "What if a professional thief was blackmailed into stealing a haunted artifact from King Tut's tomb?"

362. "What if time travel was real?"

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Random And Unusual Journal Prompts?

Random and unusual journal prompts are unconventional writing prompts designed to stimulate creativity and encourage unique, unexpected ideas. They often involve unusual scenarios, questions, or concepts that can lead to imaginative and unconventional writing.

How Can Random And Unusual Journal Prompts Benefit My Writing Practice?

These prompts can break you out of creative ruts, challenge your thinking, and spark innovative ideas. They're particularly helpful for writers looking to explore new genres, experiment with unconventional narratives, or simply infuse their writing with fresh perspectives.

Where Can I Find Random And Unusual Journal Prompts?

You can find random and unusual journal prompts in a variety of sources, including creative writing books, websites, social media groups, and writing apps. Some writers also create their own unusual prompts based on their interests and ideas.

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