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55 Fabulous Friend Care Package Ideas To Show You Care

55 Fabulous Friend Care Package Ideas To Show You Care

Friendship is precious. It is one of the most valuable relationships we can have in our lifetime.

The relationships we have with those we count as our friends can be as different and varied as the number of friends we have.

You may have one friend who is always the one you reach out to when you want to go shopping. They know your personality and your style. They love clothes as much as you do and they have great taste!

You might have another friend who is the best person to go out on the town with. They love to have fun, they’ll get you up on the dance floor, but they also know when it’s time to go home.

You may have yet another friend who is always there for you when you need to talk seriously about anything, good or bad.

They know your spirit and your heart. They’re great listeners, can help you work through your feelings and find your way forward.

The television show, Friends, ran for ten seasons from 1994 to 2004 and catapulted the six main characters to stardom. It was one of the most popular sitcoms of all time.

Viewers by the millions tuned in to watch the final show that aired on May 6th, 2004.

Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey, and Ross go through various adventures, helping each other through hard times and enjoying lots of laughs and fun along the way.

In addition to the great script writing and acting, Friends presented aspects that characterize friendship that we can relate to: support, humor, anger, criticism, frustration, forgiveness, joy, sadness, and laughter.

It is always clear, no matter how strained a situation might be, that these six friends are there for each other and they treasure the friendship they share.

It is imperative that we do not take our friends for granted. We need to show our friends that we care about them.

I invite you to join me as I look at ways you can show your friends you care.

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Care Package Ideas For Long Distance Friends

We aren’t always fortunate to have our friends near us. People’s lives change, and sometimes those changes result in a friend moving away.

But distance doesn’t need to end a friendship. Being able to talk to someone through cell phone technology, or apps on the computer, allows us to maintain that special bond with our besties.

One key to remaining friends is to make time to reach out and connect. Sending a care package to a friend who is far away sends the message that you are still thinking of them and want to take the time to send something thoughtful.

A care package is a parcel that contains items the recipient of the parcel will enjoy. The care package may contain food items, reading material, clothing, or other things that would have special meaning to your friend.

Basically, anything that can be shipped that will help your friend or bring them happiness is game to be included in a care package.

It’s important to take into consideration how far your friend is and how far your care package will need to be sent.

Where they live will determine shipping costs, and if the package is heavy and large, it could really add up, so you need to be smart about what you include.

Be sure to check out shipping rates first.

A care package doesn’t need to include expensive things. Any time we receive a care package it’s thrilling, whether the parcel has really expensive items or something that costs very little.

Sometimes, it’s those things that cost little but have lots of thought behind them that mean the most.

For example, you might have a photo of the two of you that captures a special memory. Framing the photo and adding a favorite treat like a chocolate bar could fill your friend’s heart with joy.

In the list that follows, you will find many fabulous ideas for care packages that may be sent to a friend who lives a long distance away.

Have fun checking out these ideas and select a few to surprise your bestie.

Care Package Ideas For Long Distance Friends

1. "One Of Your Shirts They Liked"

2. "Long Distance Friendship Lamps"

3. "Picture Of You Together At Your Favorite Hangout"

4. "A Book You Have Recently Enjoyed Reading"

5. "Matching Friendship Keychains"

6. "Poster Of Their Favorite Movie"

7. "Local Dry Foods"

8. "Stationery Kit"

9. "Matching Best Friend Travel Mugs, Or"

10. "Long And Intimate Message"

11. "Gift Card To Local Cinema Chain"

12 "Their Favorite Perfume"

13. "Old Notes, Or Printed Chat Conversations"

14. "Lip Balm"

15. "Gift Card"

16. "Books From Their Favorite Author"

17. "A Study Planner"

18. "Hair Claw Clip"

19. "Make Up You Both Enjoyed"

20. "Make-Up Or Perfume They Love"

21. "Concert Tickets"

22. "Your Favorite Horror Or Thriller Movie"

23 "Vibrating Touch Bracelets"

24. "Long Distance Friendship Themed Gift"

25. "Poster Of Their Favorite Local Band"

26. "Best Friend Themed Water Bottle"

27. "Emotional Pictures Of You Both Together"

28. "Sloth Socks"

29. "Geometrics Stud Earrings"

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Thoughtful Care Package Ideas For Friends

When I was in university, my mother would send me a care package from time to time. I wasn’t able to get home very often, so those parcels of yummy treats, a comfy sweater, or a cozy blanket meant the world to me.

I remember when one of my sisters was traveling in Europe for a while and was going to be away over Christmas, my mom sent her a care package full of all of my sister’s favorite Christmas cookies, along with a pair of warm socks and a scarf.

My sister was thrilled despite the fact that many of the cookies were in crumbs. She was so touched that Mom made the effort to send such a special memory of Christmases at home.

You know when somebody does something that reflects the fact that they have really taken note of your preferences, your likes, and your dislikes?

It makes you feel you are important to that person, so important they have taken the time to recognize a particular thing you like.

Things like remembering your friend’s favorite popcorn topping or their special spoon for eating ice cream. Whatever it might be, the message is that you care.

A care package sends the same message through a thoughtful gift.

Does your friend love to do their nails? A bottle of nail polish could brighten their nails and their day!

Has your friend recently confided in you about the stress they are feeling at work? Something as small as a stress ball could help them to feel less pressure and anxiety.

Coming from you, they’ll get that extra feeling of caring and support whenever they use the stress ball.

There are so many wonderful ideas in the list below. What are you waiting for? Pick up something today, package it up, and pop it in the mail.

You’ll be showing your friend just how much you care about them.

Thoughtful Care Package Ideas For Friends

30. "Matching Mugs"

31. "Pictures Of The Two Of You"

32. "Microwave Snacks"

33. "Hand Written Letter"

34. "Stress Ball"

35. "Scrunchies"

36. "Lotion"

37. "Lozenges"

38. "Face Masks"

39. "Tea Packets"

40. "Something Personal That You Both Know About"

41. "Favorite Candy"

42. "Sketch Pens"

43. "Nail Polish"

44. "Favorite Snacks"

45. "Tissue Packets"

46. "Fuzzy Socks"

47. "Movie Night Tickets"

48. "Motivational Books"

49. "Vitamins"

50. "Artwork"

51. "Stickers"

52. "Flower Bouquet"

53. "Puzzle Games"

54. "Medical Kit"

55. "Streaming Service"

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