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66 Thoughtful Miscarriage Care Package Ideas To Help Heal

66 Thoughtful Miscarriage Care Package Ideas To Help Heal

The sorrow that accompanies a miscarriage can be devastating. A miscarriage can occur at any time during a pregnancy, but it is always difficult to bear.

A miscarriage may happen near the beginning of the pregnancy but it can also occur part-way through the nine months or even at the end.

Miscarriages can happen for any number of reasons. Sometimes the fetus is unhealthy and aborts itself. 

The age of the mother may be a risk factor, as women over the age of 35 experience a higher risk of miscarriage.

The use of alcohol, illegal drugs, smoking, and caffeine can also contribute to the loss of the fetus. Even extreme stress can play a role in misscarriage.

Whatever the reasons, the loss of a potential life can be heart-rending and take many months, even years, to recover from.

It can be difficult to know how to help grieving parents when a miscarriage occurs. In this article I look at ideas for care packages

Special Gift Ideas For Miscarriage

We tend to think of gifts to celebrate an event or a milestone but they can also give comfort and solace to someone who is suffering.

Often, when someone is hurting, we send flowers. The hope is that the beauty of the flowers will bring a ray of sunshine into the darkness of loss.

Flowers can be given at any time and are easily sent through a florist. Many other gift ideas can also be suitable at a time when you wish to show your sympathy. 

Be clear with your florist about the reason for the flowers as they will be able to put together a bouquet that is appropriate in flower choice and color.

Helping a person or a family deal with their loss can come in the form of a gift that helps them work through it.

A remembrance angel or a memorial baby book provides a way for people to think through what has happened and cherish the memory of a life that might have been.

Read through the list that follows for more thoughtful gifts for someone you know who has gone through the pain of a miscarriage.

18 Special Gift Ideas For Miscarriage 

1. "Flower Seeds"

2. "A Calming Candle"

3. "A Helpful Journal"

4. "Hobby Supplies"

Hobby Supplies

5. "Aromatic Body Lotion"

6. "Ultrasound Frame"

7. "Memorial Lantern"

8. "Meal Kit Or Homemade Cooked Food"

9. "Inspirational Bracelet"

10. "Heating Pad"

11. "Special Mug With Quotes"

12. "Wind Chimes For Sympathy"

13. "Unique Hooring Necklace"

14. "Favorite Treats"

Favorite Treats

15. "Memorial Baby Book"

16. "Memory Foam Slippers"

17. "Rememberance Angel"

18. "Bath Bombs"

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Grief Packages Suitable For Miscarriage

When we suffer a loss we go through a period of grief. This is necessary to eventually be able to move forward with one’s life.

For someone who is a Christian, a Bible verse card can bring comfort. It will be a reminder that they can lean on Jesus and gain the strength to get through this with the help of faith.

Gifts that provide a means of actively working through grief like a beautiful watercolor print coloring book can be welcome at such a time.

A simple soy wax candle and glass apothecary bottle of matches can also bring comfort. This can provide a gentle atmosphere for thoughts and reflections.

Heart-shaped plantable seed paper provides an activity that can be done to honor the life that has been lost and also recognize that life goes on. This is also something that children can do to help them understand the miscarriage.

There are other ideas for comforting and helpful gifts in the list, below.

9 Grief Packages For Miscarriage

19. "Bible Verses Cards"

20. "Glass Apocrathy Bottle Of Matches"

21. "Heart Shaped Plantable Seed Paper" 

22. "Dried Bouquet Handcraft By Florist"

23. "Watercolor Print Coloring Books"

Watercolor Print Coloring Books

24. "Songs Card With Grief Recommendation"

25. "Milk Chocolate Caramel Box"

26. "Essential Oil Roller"

27. "Soy Wax Candles"

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Pregnancy Loss Package Inclusives

Sensitivity is number one when you are thinking about what to include in a care package to someone who has lost a baby.

If you are very close to the person, you will know what they like as far as scents and brands for soaps and creams.

If you do not have that kind of knowledge, it’s better to play it safe and go with unscented items.

A remembrance blanket is a wonderful gift. It provides warmth and comfort when it is needed at this very difficult time.

Purchase a blanket in a neutral shade such as cream, beige, or gray. Bright colors are unsuitable at a time of loss. Think soft, gentle shades.

Blankets and throws are available in different sizes. Be sure to purchase one that is large enough for the person to wrap around themselves and snuggle into.

Condolence gift sets are available for purchase or you can put together your own which allows you to personalize the items. 

There are animal symbols of remembrance and love for infants such as a butterfly which can make a thoughtful gift on a gold or silver chain, or as an ornament.

More suggestions follow in the list, below.

21 Pregnancy Loss Package Inclusives

28. "Get Well Soon Care Package"

29. "Christ Holding Print"

30. "Here For You Blanket"

31. "Morse Code Bracelet"

32.  "Baby Footprint Necklace"

33. "Baby Loss Rememberance Candle"

34. "Memorial Ring"

Memorial Ring

35. "Butterfly Memorial Ornament"

36. "Personalized Present"

37. "Infant Loss Gift"

38. "Loss Memorial Keychains"

39. "Soul Poems"

40. "Sleeping Baby Memorial Structure"

41. "Sympathy Keychain"

42. "Candle Bar Holder"

43. "Remembrance Keychain"

44. "Keepsake Art"

Keepsake Art

45. "Condolence Gift Set"

46. "4 Piece Rememberance Gift Box"

47. "Zodiac Necklace With Message Card" 

48. "Infant Loss Memorial Print"

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Gift Basket Ideas For The Loss Of A Baby

Gift baskets are a great idea for any number of happy occasions from birthdays to retirements, anniversaries to new home ownership.

Gift baskets are also a thoughtful gift for someone who has lost a baby. Gift baskets may be purchased online and delivered to the door, or you may use the option of creating your own gift basket.

When you put together a gift basket yourself, you can use your knowledge of the person’s likes and preferences to personalize the items.

It is also thoughtful to consider whether or not there are other members in the family. 

Depending on the age of the children, they may be aware of what has happened and may be going through pain, as well as their parents.

Consider the following list of helpful gift basket ideas. Use these or let them inspire you to include items perfect for your loved ones.

9 Losing Baby Gift Basket

49. "Fuzzy Socks"

50. "Spa Gift Set"

51. "Lavender Eye Pillow"

52. "Self-Care Gift Cards"

53. "Favorite Herbal Tea Drink"

54. "Soft Blanket"

Soft Blanket

55. "Garden Stone"

56. "Tablestop Fountain"

57. "Christmas Ornaments"

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Items To Gift Someone Dealing With Miscarriage

Considerations for gifts at a very difficult time should be based on the family’s needs. Who is the gift for? Is it for the mother or for both parents? Do you want to include a gift for children in the family?

A piece of thoughtful jewelry can be meaningful and provide a lasting keepsake as well. Something small and sweet is suitable.

Care items are often appreciated and might include special bath salts to soothe and calm.

If you know the person drinks tea, a special calming tea is thoughtful.

Often, in the case of a miscarriage, there is much support given to the mother in particular, but the father may also need support and care.

Sending something suited to the father is a considerate gesture. Likewise, including an item for children is thoughtful. 

Remember that when loss strikes a family, everyone feels the effects and needs to know there is support and care for them.

9 Ideas To Gift Someone With Miscarriage

58. "Body Scrubs"

59. "Lavender Body Butter"

60. "Emotional Supporting Journals"

61. "Thoughtful Jewelry"

62. "Hopeful Earrings"

Hopeful Earrings

63. "Favorite Snacks Box"

64. "Calming Bath Salts"

65. "A Personalized Gift For Dad"

66. "Seeds Of Hope"

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Miscarriage Care Package?

A miscarriage care package is a thoughtful collection of items designed to provide comfort and support to someone who has experienced a miscarriage.

What Items Are Typically Included In A Miscarriage Care Package?

Miscarriage care packages often include comforting items such as candles, journals, self-care products, books on grief, soothing teas, and thoughtful notes.

Who Can Send A Miscarriage Care Package?

Anyone can send a miscarriage care package to show support and empathy to someone who has experienced a miscarriage, regardless of their relationship.

When Is The Best Time To Send A Miscarriage Care Package?

The best time to send a miscarriage care package is shortly after the miscarriage occurs, as it provides immediate comfort and support during a difficult time.

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