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41 Wonderful New Parents Care Package Ideas For Fun And Function

41 Wonderful New Parents Care Package Ideas For Fun And Function

Being a new parent is one of the most exciting times of a person’s life. It can also be one of the scariest.

You are responsible for this innocent, vulnerable little human, and you can feel overwhelmed by fear, incapability, and anxiety.

When you hold your new little bundle in your arms, you want so very much to do everything right. You want to give them the best and not make any mistakes.

There are plenty of parenting books and articles out there, but really, no matter how much you read about what to do and what not to do, you have to muddle your way through some of it, or a lot of it, as the case may be.

The funny thing is that everyone has an opinion about how you should rear your children.

People want to tell you what you should be doing in order to get your baby to sleep through the night, when you should get them eating solid food, how much time they should be out in the fresh air every day.

It seems like everybody is an expert!

I have five children and with each pregnancy and arrival of a new little one we got advice, lot’s of it.

Don’t get me wrong, a lot of people get super excited about babies and they want all to go well for the babe and the parents.

People are well-intentioned and can’t resist passing along their ‘words of wisdom.’

While not everything others say and do when you are a new parent is welcomed, there are things that people can do to show they care.

A care package is a wonderful way to welcome a new baby and help new parents cope with this new adventure in their life.

In general, care packages may contain a variety of items. Often, food, reading material, clothing, or other items that would have special meaning to the recipient go into the parcel.

There is no particular number of items which must be included. A care package that includes one item is as acceptable as one that includes a number of items.

Sending a care package on the occasion of a new baby is a joyful gesture. There are so many great ideas for what to include!

In this article, I will explore some great ideas for new parent care packages. Please join me.

Thoughtful New Parent Care Package Ideas

When sending a care package for the arrival of a new baby you have plenty of choices.

First of all, you can concentrate on the baby and put together a care package with things for the little one only.

A rattle or a sleeper are examples of great gifts that are for the baby.

You can also choose to focus on the new parents. A lovely moisturizer or a special food treat are examples of gifts for the parents.

You may decide you wish to create a care package with things for baby and things for parents. This is also totally acceptable.

There are a few guiding principles you can apply when deciding what to include in your new parents care package.

  1. How much do you want to spend? It is easy to get carried away when you start looking at baby things. They are all so darned cute! So, if you don’t want to end up with a whopping bill, decide on a maximum you will spend, AND DON’T GO OVER IT.
  2. Are the parents going with a certain color palette in the baby’s room? This can be good info to have if you plan on buying something to go on the wall, or on a piece of furniture.
  3. Did they have a boy or girl? Don’t make the mistake of getting to the store to shop for some cute little togs and find out you don’t know the sex of the baby. Having said that, you can go for clothing that is a more neutral color. Think green, yellow, purple, and earth shades.
  4. Do the parents have particular preferences? For example:
    1. Do they live an off-the-grid lifestyle?
    2. Do they dislike toys that have batteries or make noises?
  5. Be sure the item your purchase is safe for a baby. Read the suggested age group appropriateness.
  6. Do the parents have any dietary restrictions? This is good to know if you are planning on sending a food gift.
  7. Are you going for fun or functional? If the parents could use some of the basics, go for it! If they have all the essentials covered, you can go for something more fun and frivolous.

Taking the above into consideration can go a long way to helping you decide what to put in your new parents care package.

If you’re looking to give a practical care package, then think about including diapers, nipple cream, breast comfort pads, a baby monitor, or a baby teether.

Equipment abounds that help to soothe babies and ease parents. These are usually bigger ticket items, so be sure this kind of expenditure is in your budget before you commit to getting one.

Examples are baby swings, bassinets, car seats, and jolly jumpers.

Check out the list that follows for fabulous, thoughtful new parents care package ideas.

20 Thoughtful Parents Care Package Ideas

1. "Baby Shusher"

2. "Baby’s First Year Memory Book"

3. "Baby Long-Sleeve Sleeping Bag"

4. "Mama Necklace"

5. "Baby Monitor"

Baby Monitor

6. "Comfy Slippers"

7. "Parent Backpack"

8. "Breast Pump"

9. "Baby Sleeper Bassinet"

10. "Baby Swing & Rocker"

11. "Baby Teether"

12. "Baby Carrier"

13. "Baby Book"

14. "Nipple Cream"

Nipple Cream

15. "Breast Comfort Pads"

16. "Pregnancy Friendly Skincare Set"

17. "A Babysitter's Services"

18. "Postpartum Care Kit"

19. "Pregnancy Pillow"

20. "Maternity Gift Set"

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More New Parent Care Package Ideas

There are so many wonderful gift ideas for new baby and new parents.

One way to approach a care package is by a particular theme. The theme can be anything you want.

You might do a color theme and have all of the items in the care package be of the same color.

Maybe you design your parcel around feeding baby and parents. This could include baby bottles, a bottle brush, formula, pablum, and a food delivery gift card.

Another theme idea is entertainment. A musical mobile, a bath book for baby, and audiobooks for the parents.

If you want to give the new parents something, but you simply can’t afford anything, giving your time would be hugely appreciated. 

Offering to look after the wee one while parents are out getting groceries or seeing a movie is very thoughtful.

Read the list below for more marvelous ideas!

21 More Parent Care Package Ideas

21. "Fun Coffee Mug"

22. "Healthy Snacks"

23. "Food Delivery Gift Card"

24. "Favorite Bottle Of Wine"

25. "Face Mask"

Face Mask

26. "Loungewear"

27. "Wireless Headphones"

28. "Pamper Pack"

29. "Yoga Pants"

30. "Healthy & Fresh Meals"

31. "Cozy Blanket"

32. "Music App Subscription"

33. "Beauty Subscription Box"

34. "Snack Subscription Box"

35. "Eye Mask"

36. "Scented Candles"

Eye Mask

37. "Audiobooks"

38. "Comfortable Sweater"

39. "Comfy Pillowcase"

40. "Silk Robe"

41. "Gift Card"

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Frequently Asked Questions 

When Is The Best Time To Send A New Parents Care Package?

The best time to send a new parents care package is shortly after the birth of the baby, but it can also be sent anytime during the early weeks or months of parenthood.

How Can I Personalize A New Parent’s Care Package?

You can personalize a new parents care package by including items that cater to the needs and preferences of the parents and baby, such as favorite snacks, books, or baby products.

How Can I Ensure The Safe Delivery Of A New Parents Care Package?

To ensure the safe delivery of a new parents care package, use sturdy packaging materials and properly address the package with accurate shipping information.

How Can A New Parents Care Package Support The Recipients During The Early Days Of Parenthood?

A new parents care package can provide practical help and emotional support to new parents as they adjust to their new roles and responsibilities, showing them that they are cared for and appreciated.

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