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49 Thoughtful Senior Care Package Ideas To Make Life More Fun And Fulfilling

49 Thoughtful Senior Care Package Ideas To Make Life More Fun And Fulfilling

Do you have a special someone in your life who is in their senior years? The definition of a senior is different from store to store and business to business, but generally, a senior is regarded as someone who has reached their 65th year.

The general health of seniors also varies greatly from person to person. There are those who reach their 65th birthday plagued with chronic illness, yet there are others who reach the ripe old age of 90 or even 100 and seem relatively fit.

My family is very fortunate to have a parent who is 97 and is still able to get around without too much difficulty.

While her hearing and her sight are not as good as they were, she is still able to have a conversation with someone, and she can still read books.

Short-term memory issues, known as dementia, are something the vast number of seniors experience as they get older.

Sadly, the number of people with Alzheimer’s is also on the rise and current statistics reveal that this disease afflicts approximately 6 million Americans.

We must never take the elderly for granted. We can show our love and appreciation for them by sending them a care package.

Ideas for suitable senior care packages abound! Join me as I look at some marvelous ideas!

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Personal Care Package Ideas For Seniors

In some countries, many of those in Europe, seniors are highly revered and they are cared for as they age by their children.

Usually, parents live with their grown children. The family home includes grandparents, parents, and their children.

In this way, relationships with grandparents are developed, characterized by mutual respect and care.

If a grandparent is relatively healthy they may watch young children while parents are working.

Having a grandparent under the same roof means that they can pass along stories from their youth, and teach young ones about what it was like to live at that time.

Children learn to respect the wisdom of their grandparents and often form a strong bond with them.

In North America, it is more common for grandparents to move into a seniors’ residence, or nursing home if they are not able to live independently or with little assistance.

It is important that these special people in our lives, to whom we owe so much, are not forgotten.

We should show them we are thinking of them and show them how much they mean to us.

A personal care package might include items such as an electric toothbrush, hand and body cream, special soap, or a manicure set.

Any items that will help with personal care may be included and are sure to be appreciated.

Personal Care Package Ideas

1. "Vitamines"

2. "Mini Back Massager"

3. "Manicure Set"

4. "Hand Cream"

5. "Body Lotion"

6. "Foot Bath"

7. "Foot Mask"

8. "Shampoos"

9. "Body Scrub"

10. "Face Mask"

11. "Shower Steamers"

12. "Foot Scrub"

13. "Favorite Soaps"

14. "Gratitude Journal"

15. "Electric Toothbrush"

Comfort Care Package Ideas For Seniors

As we age, our blood circulation slows down and many seniors suffer from feeling chilled.

Our skin and hair also become more dry. Nails can take on a brittle nature.

After decades of hard work, many seniors contend with sore feet and aching muscles.

Care packages that include items to bring comfort are a marvelous idea.

Perhaps a back cushion to make sitting in a chair or couch more comfortable.

Warm socks with non-slip soles will provide comfort and warmth as well as safety. A cozy throw can be welcome as cold weather months arrive.

Aromatherapy oils and candles can bring soothing comfort as well as a beautiful scent.

Items like an acupressure mat will bring relief to tight muscles, sciatica issues, and overall body pain.

Help your loved one combat the dry air in their residence with a diffuser and essential oils.

Personalize your comfort care package to suit your grandmother or grandfather or a loved neighbor who has lived beside you for years.

Comfort Care Package Ideas

16. "Slippers"

17. "Herbal Tea"

18. "Bath Bombs"

19. "Back And Neck Massager"

20. "Wearable Blanket With Sleeves"

21. "Non-Slip Thermal Socks"

22. "Hooded Blanket Sweatshirt"

23. "Foot Bath Massager"

24. "Essential Oils And Diffuser"

25. "Stress Relief Candles"

26. "Scalp Massager"

27. "Soft Towels"

28. "Neck Pillow"

29. "Fragrant Spray"

30. "Acupressure Mat"

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Entertaining Care Package Ideas For Seniors

Days can be long when you no longer have the mobility to go outside, jump in your vehicle, and head off somewhere, or even just walk downtown.

For many seniors, this is an issue. With mobility diminished, the hours can go by very slowly.

The tick tock of a clock reminds people of how little they have now in their once busy and purposeful lives.

Entertaining care packages can help to give a senior purpose to their day. They can find a reason to laugh, or challenge their mind, and the day will not seem so long.

Many grandparents have numerous family photographs displayed in their apartment or house.

Why not give them a do-it-yourself frame decorating kit? They can express their creativity while making a frame for a well-loved photo.

Another great idea that is fun and exercises the mind is a book of word searches or crossword puzzles. Be sure to buy a large print book if vision is not as good as it once was.

A deck of playing cards is another great idea for the game lover!

A subscription to a network that carries favorite shows and movies will bring hours of enjoyment.

For the music lover, a radio that plays CDs will let them listen to their favorite songs.

Check out the following list for more entertaining care package ideas!

Entertaining Care Package Ideas For Seniors

31. "Playing Cards"

32. "Supplies To Decorate The Frame"

33. "Adult Puzzle Book"

34. "Customized Card"

35. "Mediation Cd"

36. "Journal"

37. "Diy Magnets "

38. "Book From Favorite Author"

39. "Diy Picture Frame"

40. "Crossword Puzzle"

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Senior Care Package Ideas For Seniors Who Love To Garden

Take note of great vegetable and flower gardens in your neighborhood, and you will likely see a senior tending it.

Many seniors love to garden and they have years of experience that yields beautiful results.

If a senior no longer lives in a house but rather in an apartment or a seniors’ home, they may still be able to do some small-scale gardening.

Pots of petunias, geraniums and nasturtiums may brighten a balcony while others may have pots containing tomato plants, and herbs.

There are many wonderful gifts you can give to encourage and help seniors with their gardening interests.

A kit with gardening tools that includes a pruner, rake, and trowel will be much appreciated as will a pair of gardening gloves.

Seed packets and a kit for planting seeds indoors can provide the gardening senior with the chance to enjoy their hobby all year long.

A watering can and a gardening apron are all great gift package ideas.

Let the list below inspire you to find the perfect gift for your gardening loved one.

Care Package Ideas For Gardening Lovers

41. "Windchime"

42. "Gardening Gloves"

43. "Plants"

44. "Watering Can "

45. "Gardening Hats "

46. "Gardening Supplies"

47. "Gardening Magazine"

48. "Gardening Aprons"

49. "Gift Card For Lawn And Garden Store"

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