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240 Exciting Journal Prompts For Success In Life

240 Exciting Journal Prompts For Success In Life

We're all searching for that silver bullet, the magical answer to how to achieve success in life. And that's where journal prompts for success come into play.

While there is no one thing that we can do or say that will assure our success in life, it is possible to follow a number of strategies and approaches that will help you to achieve your goals.

The word “success” is a subjective term, meaning it doesn’t have one particular meaning that works for all people.

What I view as success might be something totally different from someone else’s idea.

This leads to one of the keys to achieving success- knowing yourself and what you want out of life.

Now, I have to admit that this can be a bit tricky. That’s because we keep changing as we go through life.

What you view as success when you are twenty could very well be different from what you view as success when you are forty-five.

That simply means that we need to be flexible and be willing to alter our goals as life changes and we change.

Journaling is a marvelous and effective way to come to terms with your view of success and how to get there.

Check out the following 240 journal prompts for a successful life!

Journal Bannar
Journal Bannar

Self-Discovery Journal Prompts For A Better Life

You may feel you know a lot about yourself, your likes and dislikes, for example, and what you would ultimately like to do career-wise, but have you taken time to really dig deep into what makes you tick?

When we set aside focused time for self-reflection in order to better know ourselves, we can discover things that can ultimately lead us to live our best life.

This kind of journaling is something I have turned to more than once. At different stages in my life, I have found it very helpful to think about prompts like the following ones from the complete list below:

What are your current career goals? How are you working towards them?

Overall, do you see yourself as a happy person? Why or why not?

If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be? Why?

What are your current life goals? How are you working towards them?

Such prompts help me to get a handle on what I want from life now, and what I need to do to get there.

Have a look at all of the prompts in this list. They are sure to help you, too.

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75 Self- Discovery Journal Prompts For Better Life

1. "What do you think would make your life happier? Why?"

2. "What healthy daily habits could you incorporate into your day?"

3. "Where is your favorite place you’ve been? Why?"

Self- Discovery Journal Prompts For Better Life

4. "Set 3 main goals for the next year. Explain why these matter to you."

5. "What are your current career goals? How are you working towards them?"

6. "Overall, do you see yourself as a happy person? Why or why not?"

7. "If you could change one thing about your life what would it be? Why?"

8. "What are your current life goals? How are you working towards them?"

9. "Make a manifestation list for attracting your dream life."

10. "What are your top priorities in life right now? Why are they important?"

11. "Write about a time you stepped out of your comfort zone. What did it bring you?"

12. "What everyday habits make you feel the best? List at least 10."

13. "Create a bucket list for your next milestone birthday. (ie. 20, 25, 30, 35…)"

14. "When was the last time you showed yourself deep self-care?"

15. "How do you think you could change the thing mentioned above?"

16. "Write out your current daily routine. What parts do you enjoy? What parts do you not enjoy?"

17. "What people make you feel the most comfortable? Why?"

18. "What does your ideal home look like? Where is it? Who’s in it with you?"

19. "What did you want your life to look like as a kid? Do you still have the same dreams?"

20. "Do you practice self-care often? Why or why not?"

21. "What is one thing you’ve learned this past month? How is it helpful?"

22. "What are 5 good habits you want to build?"

23. "What goals do you have for your relationships?"

24. "What’s your proudest moment from this past month?"

25. "If you continued life as you are right now, where will you be in 5 years? Are you happy with that?"

26. "What was your dream job growing up? Is it still something you’d enjoy?"

27. "Where would you like to see yourself in 5 years?"

28. "Do you have anything distracting you currently? Why?"

29. "What are your daily non-negotiables? Do they align with your goals?"

30. "Where do you need to practice setting boundaries in your current life?"

31. "What relationships drain you? Why? What characteristics of those relationships feel unhealthy?"

32. "What drives you? What do you feel passionate about?"

33. "If you could change your past, would you? Why or why not?"

34. "How can you add joy to your everyday life?"

How can you add joy

35. "Which aspects of your life feel good right now? Why?"

36. "What are 5 bad habits that hold you back?"

37. "What relationships fulfill you? Why? What characteristics of those relationships feel fulfilling?"

38. "What was important to you 5 years ago that no longer is? How come? What’s changed?"

39. "Do you often feel excited or motivated for your days? Why or why not?"

40. "Do you feel supported in your life? Who is your support system?"

41. "Look at the 7 areas of life. What goals do you have for each area?"

42. "How can you celebrate yourself more?"

43. "Write a letter to your child self."

44. "What self-improvement goals do you have for yourself?"

45. "Do you have healthy daily habits? What are they?"

46. "Do you feel happy? Reflect."

47. "Which aspects of your life do you wish you could change? Why?"

48. "What are your current goals for personal growth?"

49. "Write a letter to your past self."

50. "What past experiences are you most thankful for? Why?"

51. "Write about some of your favorite memories. Who’s there? What are you doing? Why are they special?"

52. "What is your favorite part of life right now?"

53. "What life skills/soft skills have you built (ie. self-care, communication skills, time management)? How do those serve you?"

54. "How can you change today that will get you closer to your dream life?"

55. "Describe yourself using 5 words. Explain why."

56. "What was your favorite hobby as a child? Do you still enjoy it?"

57. "What are 3 ways you can care for yourself this week?"

58. "Do you feel loved by the people around you?"

59. "What goals have you accomplished that you are particularly proud of?"

60. "Make a list of life lessons you would tell yourself 5 years ago."

61. "What’s the bravest thing you’ve done? What’d you get out of it?"

62. "Break down your 3 main goals into 3 smaller goals each. (ie. “Improve my mental health” could be broken into “less social media”, “drink more water”, “go to therapy”.)"

63. "Do you feel loved by yourself?"

64. "If not happy with the above result, what changes can you make today to get you closer to where you want to be?"

65. "If you would change your past, what parts would you change? Why?"

66. "How do you feel at this moment? Explain."

67. "What gets in the way of your happiness?"

Journal Prompts For Better Life

68. "Are there worries that keep you up at night? What are they?"

69. "What are some of the biggest mistakes you’ve made? What’d you learn?"

70. "Write down positive affirmations that inspire you. How can you incorporate these into your life moving forward?"

71. "If you could describe this phase of life in one word, what would it be? Why?"

72. "What goals did you have for the last year? Do you still want the same things?"

73. "How do you “fill your cup”?"

74. "Who inspires you right now? Why?"

75. "What is something tough you’ve overcome? Write about that experience."

Motivational Journal Prompts For Success

We can all benefit from a little motivation from time to time. Motivational prompts can focus on the short-term or the long-term.

I personally like to approach motivational prompts from both of these angles.

The short-term prompts help to keep me focused on what I can do day to day to get to my goal.

The long-term prompts help to keep my eye on the prize. I don’t want to lose sight of what all this day-to-day work is about.

I have also found that setting aside fifteen to twenty minutes in the morning to think and write about what I can do today to reach my goals gives me a focus for the day.

I’m locked in and ready to go for it!

In addition to the morning time, I try to fit in another fifteen to twenty minutes at night. The focus of this journaling session is reflecting on how the day went, and what I can do differently to avoid similar set-backs.

However you decide to approach your journaling for success, you are sure to find motivational prompts in the list that follows!

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25 Motivational Journal Prompts For Success

76. "What did you do today that pushed you closer to your goal?"

77. "What have you accomplished lately?"

78. "How can you be more successful tomorrow?"

79. "What are the things that make you happy?"

80. "What do you want from your career?"

81."Are you happy with your progress?"

82. "How are you going to get there?"

83. "What do you want more of in your life and why?"

84. "What would you like to do differently next year?"

85. "What did you learn today?"

86. "What are your strengths? How can you use your strengths to help you achieve your goals?"

87. "What were the best things that happened to you during this past year?"

88. "What are you grateful for today? List 5 things."

89. "What are your goals? Write down your short term and long term goals."

90. "Who helped you today? How did you show your gratitude?"

91. "What would you do if you had unlimited time, money, and resources?"

92. "What do you want from your life?"

Motivational Journal Prompts For Success

93. "What was the most challenging part of today? How did you overcome those challenges?"

94. "What have you achieved? What are you proud of myself for?"

95. "What would your perfect day look like? What would you do? Where would you be? Who would you spend time with?"

96. "What are your weaknesses? What can you do to improve these things."

97. "Write down three things you are grateful for. You will soon notice how it helps you keep your focus on what is important and positive."

98. "What was your favourite moment of today?"

99. "What did not go so well this past year?"

100. "What did you do well this past year?"

Journal Bannar

Inspiring Goal-Oriented Journal Prompts

We have looked at the importance of knowing yourself, your skills, interests and knowledge in achieving success.

It is also key to set goals. Without goals, all those wonderful ideas, hopes, and dreams could very well remain just that - ideas, hopes, and dreams.

Goals are the foundation for turning those intangibles into reality.

Goals based on knowledge of yourself and what is doable will be goals that you can achieve.

Goals that allow you to measure your success will provide you with good motivation to keep working toward the desired end.

The journal prompts in this list will help you to set great goals, and they will help you with designing a plan to attain those goals.

Through regular goal-oriented journaling, you will stay on the path to achieving your goals.

Embrace these prompts and make improvements to your life!

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125 Inspiring Goal Oriented Journal Prompts

101. "What are some of the small wins or milestones you will celebrate on the way to achieving your goal?"

102. "What are some positive affirmations or self-talk you can use to stay motivated?"

103. "What are some specific actions and thoughts you can use to overcome each of these challenges and obstacles?"

104. "What are the positive outcomes or benefits you expect to experience when you achieve your goal?"

105. "What are the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your goals?"

106. "What are the skills or resources you need to acquire to achieve your goals?"

107. "What are some ways you will hold yourself accountable?"

Journal Bannar

108. "What are some of the ways you can adjust your goals or your approach based on new information or changing circumstances? How will you look at that in a positive light?"

109. "What are some ways you can stay motivated and focused on your goals even when you’re overthinking?"

110. "What is something you’ve been meaning to declutter or improve around your home?"

111. "What are the specific actions you need to take to achieve each goal? (Think big-picture — you can refine further as you work through your goal.)"

112. "What are the potential risks of achieving your goals?"

113. "What are the trade-offs or sacrifices you may need to make to achieve your goals?"

114. "What are 1-3 small steps you can take toward achieving your goals today?"

115. "What are your top three personal goals?"

116. "How will you track your progress?"

117. "What are the emotional barriers that are preventing you from achieving your goals?"

118. "Of all the goals you’ve listed, which one feels the most important RIGHT NOW? (This is the main goal you’ll want to initially focus on journaling about with the rest of the prompts.)"

119. "What are some habits or routines you can develop to help you stay focused on your goals?"

120. "What is the craziest thing on your bucket list?"

121. "What are the external factors or circumstances that may impact your ability to achieve your goals?"

122. "How will you measure success?"

123. "What are some potential rewards or incentives that will motivate you to stay on track?"

124. "Who else can help you stay accountable?"

Inspiring Goal Oriented Journal Prompts

125. "What are some lessons you’ve learned from past failures or setbacks, and how can you apply them to your current goals?"

Motivational Journal Prompts For Your Best Life

Take a moment to re-read the title for this section. Then linger over the phrase, “your best life”.

Is that not totally awesome?!

How many of us move through each day just getting done what needs to be done without giving much thought to that particular day, what it offers us, and what we would like to get out of it?

I know I used to count myself among those people until I found the power of journaling, and got hooked!

Now I can’t wait to get out my journal and respond to prompts that help me spend my day in an intentional way - whatever that intention might be.

I get so much more out of every day than I used to. When I lay my head on my pillow at night, I have a smile on my face that reflects the contentment and joy that I feel.

If you feel your life is falling short of your best life, have a read through these terrific prompts!

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44 Motivational Journal Prompts For A Best Life

126. "What’re three things you look forward to?"

127. "Write about an experience that changed your life – either positively or negatively!"

128. "What two things will you do this week that will make you happy?"

129. "What’s the most important thing in your life right now?"

130. "How do other people motivate you and make your day better?"

131. "What makes you feel strong?"

132. "What’s your greatest strength?"

133. "Describe your perfect day in three words or less (and then explain why in three more words)."

134. "What’ve you always wanted to do but haven’t yet? Why haven’t you done it yet?"

135. "Write down a time when you felt truly being yourself and doing what you love. What was different at that moment?"

136. "What’s the best thing about your job/career/life right now?"

137. "What motivates you to keep going when times get tough?"

138. "Write about your greatest accomplishment."

139. "What’re your top three priorities for the next 30 days?"

140. "How can you do better this week than last week?"

141. "What’re you most proud of?"

142. "What’s been a really difficult situation for you lately? How did you handle it? Was there something that helped you get through it?"

143. "What do you like best about your life right now?"

144. "If you could learn one new skill tomorrow, what would it be?"

145. "Who’s one person who makes your life better?"

Motivational Journal Prompts For A Best Life

146. "Write down everything that stresses you out, and then think about what you can do each day to relieve that stress."

147. "What does success mean to you?"

148. "What’re the things that make you feel successful in life?"

149. "What’s something you’re grateful for?"

150. "What’s one thing that makes you feel good?"

151. "What’s the most important thing you learned this week?"

152. "What’s something good that happened this week?"

153. "Write about the future you want to create."

154. "Write down when you felt your best."

155. "How can you motivate yourself this week?"

156. "Are there any habits that are keeping you from achieving your goals? What can you do about them?"

157. "What does your dream home look like?"

158. "What’re your best qualities, and how can you use them to benefit others?"

159. "Who’s your biggest inspiration? And why?"

160. "Write about the best advice you ever received."

161. "What would you like to improve about yourself?"

162. "What’s something that makes you feel successful?"

163. "What’s one lesson you haven’t forgotten since childhood?"

164. "When was the last time you did something new?"

165. "How can you make this week a great week?"

166. "What’s your motto, and why?"

167. "When have you felt most defeated in your life?"

168. "What do you need to let go of right now?"

169. "What’re your top three goals for the next week?"

Journal Prompts For Success At Work

I know that the word “work” is a four-letter word, but it doesn’t have to be negative.

One of the ways we can make our work life work for us is by focusing on what we can do to make it better.

Take some time to assess where you are at with your work life. Are you happy? If you aren’t, what can you do today, tomorrow, and for the next year to make work better?

What does success at your work look like to you? Once you have that figured out, then it’s time to plan how to get from where you are to there.

The prompts that follow will help you to sort through this and to set goals.

Before you know it you will be experiencing success! Go get it!

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71 Journal Prompts For Success At Work

170. "Describe the happiest moment in your life. It may have included a new job assignment, a promotion, or winning a prestigious award."

171. "Describe your top five values: honesty, trustworthiness, accountability, integrity, respectfulness. Explain how you display these values in your daily activities."

172. "Look back at your previous failures. Were there lessons learned from these situations? Do you still believe that failure is only temporary?"

173. "How are you spending your free time? Are you building toward your big goal or just enjoying small things?"

174. "What do you most value in human relationships? Does anyone have a positive influence on you? Describe how they help you grow."

175. "What would you do if you knew you only had one chance to make a positive impression upon someone today?"

176. "When has adversity helped you accomplish something great? Think back over your past experiences. What is it about some events that allowed you to turn negatives into positives?"

177. "Write down three words that sum up what you think success should mean. Explain how you came up with these words."

178. "As you look forward to tomorrow, what do you expect? What would you hope to experience?"

179. "How much effort do you put forth to avoid thinking about problems? Have you ever discovered an effective solution by allowing the problem to take care of itself?"

180. "When was the last major decision you took without considering all sides? Why didn’t you consider all views before making a choice?"

181. "Write down three words that describe the kind of boss you hope to be someday. This is important because if you aspire to be a leader or a business owner one day, it helps frame your thoughts and prepares you for the inevitable challenges ahead."

182. "Create your own motivational quote that can guide you through difficult times. Consider writing it down outside your bedroom door so that you’ll read it every morning before leaving the house."

183. "What was your greatest achievement? If you didn’t win a college scholarship, or you failed the bar exam, think of other accomplishments that changed your life forever."

184. "In the course of living, what proportion of your total experiences have been positive and what proportion negative? Has any aspect of your daily life brought you great joy?"

185. "Imagine you’ve already accomplished all of your goals. What changes do you see on the horizon?"

186. "Imagine you were granted a second try at life. Would you like to change what you’ve done? If yes –which aspects of your past behavior would you alter?"

187. "What is the first thought that comes into your mind when you wake up each morning? Write down everything you can remember about this thought. Then write down its opposite."

188. "Have you ever been able to resolve a conflict without arguing? Explain your strategy for dealing with those conflicts."

189. "When was the last time you felt truly loved by someone? How often do you show love to others?"

190. "What is your view of happiness? Does “living happily” mean being perpetually content? Is happiness based on circumstance alone?"

191. "Write about a challenging situation you faced recently. Now write about the solution you used to overcome this obstacle. Did the result achieve your goals? Why or why not?"

192. "Have you taken advantage of your imagination yet? Consider ways that you can utilize the power of your own creativity."

193. "What advice would you give your children if you had only one piece of advice to impart? Think about the question seriously; then write down everything you know about giving good advice."

194. "Has anyone ever told you that you are hard on yourself? Explain how you react. Is it true? If so, does this affect the way you treat others?"

195. "What does success mean to you? For example, happiness, money, comfort, health, family, or time freedom. Share the importance of each component in your definition."

196. "What would happen if you allowed your personal beliefs to affect how you live? Look back over the past year. Were some decisions influenced by your beliefs? Did they work out well?"

197. "Describe a typical day in your life. Include details like: where you go and what you wear. Also include every instance of excitement you encounter, large or small."

198. "Why are you so attached to certain philosophies? Could you change your belief system?"

199. "What is your most treasured possession? Why?"

Journal Prompts For Success At Work

200. "Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Be honest about what your priorities will be then. How will this affect your current lifestyle now?"

201. "List the qualities you appreciate the most in people. This is your opportunity to share your personal philosophy of how relationships should function."

202. "If you were given another chance to start over again, knowing all that you know today, where would you stand? Could you find the courage to make changes?"

203. "Where can you find opportunities to shine today? Are you aware of them?"

204. "What do you like doing better than anything else? Can you create a system around it that will become your lifeblood?"

205. "Create a list of your ten best achievements. What made each accomplishment possible?"

206. "What do you consider your biggest strength as an individual? Which areas of your personality help you excel in this area?"

207. "If you had to choose between winning and losing, which would you pick? Why?"

208. "Create a “Why I Am Happy” file. Include your reasons for being happy such as friends and family, hobbies, financial security, good health, etc."

209. "How much time do you give yourself to relax? Choose a relaxing activity. Maybe taking a bath, reading a book, or listening to music."

210. "Think about the events that occurred during the past week. What did each event teach you? What was important to learn from each happening?"

211. "Which parts of your job make you feel most fulfilled? Why do you enjoy doing that part? What could you do differently to increase your satisfaction?"

212. "In order to be successful you must first believe you can succeed. Write an affirmation for today describing how it feels to make your dreams come true."

213. "Do you think life has been fair to you? Give reasons for your opinion."

214. "Do you think the world would change for the better if everyone followed a few simple rules? Give examples from everyday living."

215. "What happens when you focus all of your attention on a problem? Is it possible to solve a complex situation by concentrating on just one thing?"

216. "How would you like to be remembered after you’re gone? Would you want people to say you lived a meaningful life? Or would you rather leave behind little more than a footnote on the history books?"

217. "Give yourself a weekly reward for reaching milestones along your road to success. Reaching milestones gives you self-confidence."

218. "List four things you’d do differently if given the chance again. Name three times in history when someone made similar changes in his or her life."

219. "Write your favorite part of your job. Think about how your work affects other people. Does it make their lives better? Does it inspire them? Is it fun?"

220. "What is something you could never get enough of? Do you enjoy consuming it? Enjoyment creates interest and desire in anything you consume."

221. "Are you willing to admit you don’t know something? Can you explain why you have confidence in one area, but not another?"

222. "Who do you admire most in your field? If you’ve been following your passion lately, why did you choose that career path? Do you think you could pursue another line of work?"

223. "What is your idea of the perfect job? Do you want more responsibility? Less stress? More money? Fewer hours? Or something completely different?"

224. "Where are you emotionally strong? Where could you use improvement? Do you feel confident enough to ask for what you need?"

225. "Do you believe people should strive for perfection? Would you be willing to follow through with some perfectionist ideals?"

226. "What are your top three priorities in life right now? Make a list of all the ways you spend time trying to reach those goals."

227. "Plan your schedule for the next few days. Map out each task, including which ones need to be done first. This makes sure you stay on track and meet deadlines."

228. "What’s your favorite movie and why? What’s your favorite genre of movies? Why do you love them?"

229. "For most of us our weaknesses are our strengths elsewhere. What is your strongest weakness? Could you learn to use it to achieve greatness?"

230. "If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you try? Make a wish list of ideas that might lead you to success."

231. "Can you describe a single event in your life when everything seemed hopeless? Describe what happened then. Was there any good outcome? Explain."

232. "Can you remember a time when you felt like everything was going wrong but it turned out okay in the end? Explain."

233. "When was the last time you felt truly alive? Was there something special about this moment? What did you experience?"

234. "Remember a time you were disappointed with yourself. Was there any way you could alter your perspective in a positive manner? If not, what would you tell your younger self?"

235. "Is there an emotion that you fear most? To overcome it, is it necessary to confront it directly and honestly? Or is it better simply to avoid it?"

236. "Have you ever seen anyone who made a difference to your life? How did you respond when you saw them? What did you notice about the differences between their personalities?"

237. "Imagine the best possible outcome if you were able to use your talents and abilities for the benefit of humanity."

238. "Do you feel like you always have to prove yourself to others? Be honest with yourself because often we don’t like hearing ourselves talk."

239. "You are responsible for creating the future of your own destiny. What’s your plan for the next two years? What can you control? What can’t you?"

240. "What is your definition of success? What does it involve?"

Prompts For Success At Work
Journal Bannar

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Journal Prompts For Success?

Journal prompts for success are thought-provoking questions or statements designed to help individuals reflect on their goals, aspirations, and actions to achieve success. They encourage self-discovery and personal growth.

What Types Of Questions Are Included In Journal Prompts For Success?

Journal prompts for success cover a wide range of topics, including goal setting, self-reflection, overcoming challenges, time management, and personal development. They are designed to address various aspects of achieving success.

Are There Digital Resources For Journal Prompts For Success?

Yes, you can find digital resources, websites, and apps that offer a variety of journal prompts for success. These platforms often provide prompts tailored to specific areas of life and goals.

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