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365 Fantastic Journal Prompts For A Whole Splendid Year!

365 Fantastic Journal Prompts For A Whole Splendid Year!

Looking for prompts that will inspire you for an entire year of journaling? Look no further! Journal prompts to start your year are here to kickstart your reflective journey and set the tone for a fulfilling year ahead.

This article may be one of the most practical and motivating of my Journal Prompts Articles as there are prompts for every single day of the year.

Journal Bannar

You can approach these prompts in a couple of different ways:

  • Daily prompts
  • Monthly prompts
  • Subject prompts

Choose whichever works best for you! Let’s get started!

1. Daily Journal Prompts To Start Your Year

The beginning of the year is one of the most motivating times for us to make positive changes in our lives.

We’ve all heard the phrase, “New year, new you,” and these daily prompts will get you off and running with your new year!

These prompts will get you doing some reflecting, as well as stretching your thinking about what you want out of the year ahead.

Jump in!

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Daily Journal Prompts To Start Your Year

1. “What is your favorite way to relax?”

2. “Add 7 more items to your bucket list.”

3. “Make a list of the 10 best moments of your life.”

Daily Journal Prompts To Start Your Year

4. “Are you happy that these are the first priorities that came to mind?”

5. “What fear do you believe is keeping you from achieving your goals?”

6. “Talk about accountability in your life at the moment.”

7. “Discuss your plans for the upcoming weekend.”

8. “Create a mind map of what you are dealing with right now.”

9. “What is a musical or play you have gone to?”

10. “What have your dreams been like lately? Write down the ones you remember.”

11. “Have you ever participated in extreme sports?”

12. “You are afraid if people knew about this, they wouldn’t accept you. What is it?”

13. “What is the best book you read this/last year?”

14. “If you could start a book series over again never having read it before, what would it be?”

15. “What do you think is your biggest regret?”

16. “Is there anything keeping you up at night?”

17. “Think about someone you love – who came to mind? Write about them.”

18. “What are some ways you improved in the last year?”

19. “What do you wish you could dream about tonight?”

20. “Discuss 3 of your challenges, and 3 resolutions.”

21. “What are 3 bad habits you would love to put a stop to?”

22. “Write down 5 affirmations to get you through the day.”

23. “You have been given 3 wishes – what do you do?”

24. “What if you could have any 5 wishes?”

25. “Do you raise your kids differently than you were raised?”

26. “You just won an Oscar (or Emmy) – what is your speech?”

27. “What are your biggest 3 priorities in life?”

28. “What is your secret, hidden talent?”

29. “Have you ever been to a ballet?”

30. “What are some of your biggest fears?”

31. “What are some actionable steps you can take to overcome your fears?”

32. “What is something you never told your parents?”

2. Journal Prompts For Each Month

A natural way to approach journaling over the course of the year is monthly.

These prompts are divided into a mini-list for each month of the year.

This will help you to stay on track with your goals through a monthly check-in, and will inspire you to think about what is special for you in each month.

Get focused and have fun!

Journal Prompts For Each Month


33. “Write down 6 compliments to yourself”

34. “How do you want this year to be different? What are the changes you are trying to make willingly in yourself for this year?”

35. “Write down the skills you want to learn this year”

Each Month

36. “What are your top 3 personal goals for this year?”

37. “January is a hobby month: List your favorite hobbies”

38. “What are your favorite activities for winter days?”


39. “What are your goals for February?”

40. "How can you develop a more positive mindset?"

41. “What is something you look forward to every February?”

42. “Talk about how your year is going so far.”

43. "Who would you most love to meet?"

44. “Describe your dream Valentine’s Day date.”


45. “Is there a book you always turn to for a certain type of mood?”

46. "What is something you’ve been putting off that can finally get done this month?"

47. "What are you grateful for this month?"

48. “What type of music do you find uplifting?”

49. “What is your current morning routine, and how can you improve it?”

50. “What is something you’ve been putting off that can finally get done this month?”

51. "Is there some area of your life where you’re holding yourself back? Why and how?"


52. “What is your favorite type of workout?”

53. "What are some ways you will spend time outdoors during the spring season?"

54. “If you could excel at one musical instrument, what would it be?”

55. “Do you ever do anything for April Fools’ Day?”

56. "Do you have any secret, hidden talents?"

57. “What is a FUN activity that also helps you stay active?”

58. "What are some fun crafts or projects you want to work on this month?"


59. “What do you want to do over the summer?”

60. “May 11th is Eat What You Want Day. What would you eat if you could choose anything?”

61. “You’re almost halfway through the year – how is it going so far?”

62. “What are your favorite ways to raise your vibe/to feel better when you’re feeling down?”

63. “Name one challenge you want to overcome in May.”


64. “What did you want to be when you grew up?”

65. “If you could trade places with anyone, who would it be?”

66. “Write about your best June memory.”

67. “Talk about your June plans and goals.”

68. “Think of one fear you can try to overcome in June.”


69. “If you could go back to school in the fall, what would be your major?”

70. “Talk about one of your favorite summer vacations.”

71. “What is your strategy for managing stress?”

72. “Plan your dream summer vacation – where would you go?”

73. “Write about what the term ‘Lazy Days of Summer’ means to you”


74. “Write a poem or short story that takes place in the fall.”

75. “If you could have a do-over, for one thing, this year, what would it be? What would you change?”

76. “List 10 affirmations to repeat every day in August.”

77. “What are you looking forward to this month?”


78. “August is Wellness Month. Have you been staying on track with your health goals?”


79. “What are your plans for the fall season?”

80. “If you are a parent – what would you love to do with your kids this month?”

81. “Describe your experiences when you were in college.”

82. “September 6th is Read a Book a Day day. Do you like reading? Why or why not? What are your favorite genres? A book that has your heart?”


83. “Have you accomplished any goals yet this year?”

84. “Talk about your favorite Halloween costume for the year.”

85. “If not, list something you can get done in October.”

86. “This time of year, people start to think about being Grateful, who or what are you grateful for?”

87. “Pick a hobby you would like to start (or pick up again) this fall or winter.”


88. “Make a memory – show your family your favorite movie, and write about the experience.”

89. “What is your favorite fall treat?”

90. “What would you like to do more of?”

91. “How does the fall to winter weather change affect your lifestyle?”

92. “Discuss 3 things you can do before the year is over.”


93. “What is your favorite winter activity?”

94. "What childhood family traditions do you continue to practice?"

95. “Wrap up the year – how did it go?”

96. "How is this holiday season different from last year for you?"

97. "How old were you when you stopped believing in Santa?"

98. “How can you end this year well? What are you going to accomplish this month?”

99. "Do you get time just for yourself?"


100. “Talk about Christmas or another holiday you celebrate – are you excited? What are your plans?”

3. Journal Prompts For Every Day

The 19 prompts in this list cover a wide range of topics, giving you plenty of options to choose from.

Keep this list handy so you can quickly pick a focus for your day.

For example, you might want to think about how you can be a better friend, or perhaps you want to reflect at the end of the day on how your day went.

This is a quick and easy way to stay on track with your chosen focus for the month!

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Daily Journal Prompts For Everyday

101. “How can you be a better friend?”

102. “What are your best qualities?”

103. “Do you believe you are a good person?"

104. “How can you develop a more positive mindset?”

105. “What was the best part of your day?”

106. “What do you think are the best qualities in other people?”

107. “What do you believe are some strengths of yours?”

108. “What is something you are struggling with?”

109. “Do you think you value yourself enough?”

110. “Describe the times when your mind went to negative thoughts today.”

111. “Are you more of a positive or negative person?”

112. “What is the number one biggest concern for you?”

113. “Do you feel happy today?”

114. “Is there one specific thing you are trying to work on?”

115. “How can you be a better boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife?”

116. “Describe your day in bullet points.”

117. “What are 3 things you can do this week to help improve your life?”

118. “Are you happy with your current friendships and/or relationships?”

119. “Are you honest with yourself?”

120. “Talk about what you will be doing this weekend.”

4. Journal Prompts For Business

Do you have a dream job? Are you looking for a promotion? Do you have long-term business goals?

Whether you’re starting a new business, or reflecting on where you’re at in your current job, these business prompts can help you to sort out where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there.

Here are three of the prompts you’ll find in this inspiring list:

What is your favorite part of your current job?

If you are happy at your current company, are there ways to advance?

List some actionable tasks for your dream business.

Jump in and see where these prompts take you in your business!

Journal Prompts For Business

121. “What actions can you take to make that dream a reality?”

122. “How can you change your mindset to improve it this year?”

123. “Start working through a brief business plan for the business.”

124. “How can you do better in your job to get those promotions?”

125. “Where is your career heading?”

126. “Describe 3 fun memories from your past jobs.”

Journal Prompts For Business

127. “Are you trying to start your own business?”

128. “If you are happy at your current company, are there ways to advance?”

129. “Describe 3 work mistakes you have made, and how you can avoid them in the future..”

130. “What is your favorite part of your current job?”

131. “List education or classes you need for the business you want to start.”

132. “What are some ways you can improve your business TODAY?”

133. “What are some ways you can one day work your dream job?”

134. “Describe that business.”

135. “Are you happy with how your business did last year?”

136. “List some actionable tasks for your dream business.”

137. “Describe your first job.”

138. “What was your dream job when you were a kid?”

139. “Are you happy with your current job?”

140. “How has that dream job changes as you have gotten older?”

5. Journal Prompts For Personal Goals

Are you struggling to find some direction in your life? Are you confused about what to focus on right now, or what you should tackle a bit farther down the road?

Whether we call them goals or not, we all have things we want to accomplish in our personal lives.

For me, it’s all about thinking more positively and being more intentional about kindness toward others.

You’ll find help with whatever your personal goals may be in this great list below!

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Journal Prompts For Personal Goals

141. “Name some actionable steps requires to achieve your goals.”

142. “What is your 5-year goal?”

143. “If you could start your life over, would you?”

144. “Who or what do you aspire to be?”

145. “If you started a bucket list, what are 10 things you would love to do?”

146. “Do you have a bucket list?”

147. “Who is someone that inspires you?”

148. “Have you thought about your ultimate, long-term personal goal?”

149. “What is something that was difficult, but you would never change?”

150. “What is your goal for next week?”

151. “What is a mistake today that you believe you learned from?”

152. “What is your 10-year goal?”

153. “Do you have some important things to accomplish this year?”

154. “What is your 1-year goal?”

155. “What hobbies would you like to learn how to do?”

156. “Name something you are proud of today.”

157. “Are you where you thought you would be at this age?”

158. “What is one thing about your life you would willingly change?”

159. “Is there a skill you want to learn?”

160. “What are some things you would like to accomplish next month?”

6. Journal Prompts For Health And Wellness

Journaling about our health and wellness is a great way to see, in black and white, what our habits are on a day-to-day basis.

It’s also a great way to set goals, make a plan, and track our progress.

When I decided a few months ago to increase my vegetable intake and reduce the amount of processed foods in my diet, my journal was key to seeing progress.

Find all sorts of helpful journal prompts in the following list to help you see success!

Journal Prompts For Health & Wellness

161. “Who would be a good workout buddy for you?”

162. “How can you be better tomorrow?”

163. “Do you have any fitness goals? List them here.”

Journal Prompts For Health & Wellness

164. “Do you feel like you made healthy choices today?”

165. “Keep track of your mental health signs and symptoms for one month.”

166. “Write down everything you ate today.”

167 “Describe what you need to make your fitness goals a reality.”

168. “Is anything causing you stress today?”

169. “What is something you can do to be physically healthier?”

170. “Do you have any mental health disorders?”

171. “How can you schedule in more time for your health and wellness?”

172. “How do you feel your mental health is?"

173. “How can you incorporate this workout into your regular schedule?”

174. “Start listing triggers for stress, anxiety, or depression.”

175. “Is there a way to cook this to be a little healthier? Write about some options.”

176. “Eliminate one bad habit, then see how you feel in a week.”

177. “Take your weight and measurements and compare in another week.”

178. “Name your all-time favorite food.”

7. Journal Prompts For Friends And Family

In this very busy and demanding world it can be easy to overlook some of the most important people in our lives.

Sometimes it can be helpful to turn the light on our friends and family, and show them that you think of them, and care about them.

You may not have reached out to spend some time with your bestie for a while, or can’t remember the last time you visited your parents.

If you want to improve the relationships you have with these important people, check out the following journal prompts.

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Journal Prompts For Friends & Family

179. “Describe 3 of your kids’ favorite things to do.”

180. “Who is a distant family member you would love to be with right now?”

181. “Plan a game night with your family.”

182. “Write a letter to your childhood friend.”

183. “Do you have kids? Talk about them.”

184. “What is one of your favorite past times with your cousins?”

185. “When was the last time you talked to your mom/dad? (or other parent)”

186. “What is your family life like?”

187. “Who is your best friend now?”

188. “Are your grandparents alive? Do you get to visit them often?”

189. “Who is someone from your childhood you would like to find again?”

190. “Describe each pet and your favorite thing about them.”

191. “Write a letter to a family member who has passed, who you would love to catch up with.”

192. “Do you remember your very first friend?”

193. “Who was your best friend in elementary school?”

194. “If you could talk to one person right now, who would it be?”

195. “Do you have a significant other? Talk about them.”

Journal Prompts For Friends & Family

196. “Are you happy with your relationships with your family?”

197. “What is your favorite family activity?”

198. “What is your favorite board game to play with friends?”

199. “Do you have any family pets?”

200. “Who is someone you used to be friends with, but aren’t any longer?”

201. “Do you remember why you grew apart?”

202. “Talk about a memory between you and a sibling.”

8. Daily Journal Prompts For Self-Care

When I’m super busy or really tired it’s easy for me to just not bother looking after myself.

This habit is neither smart nor healthy. Looking after our well-being needs to be priority number one on as many days as you can possibly do it.

That’s because our well-being is the foundation for building a life.

Journal Bannar

When we look after ourselves we have more energy, and we are more positive about life in general.

Self-care may take some time, but it is absolutely time well spent!

Daily Journal Prompts For Self Care

203. “What makes you special?”

204. “Why do you appreciate yourself and your life?”

205. “What is your best inner quality?”

206. “Why do you deserve to love yourself?”

207. “What would you tell your teenage self if you could?”

208. “Have you complimented yourself today?"

209. “What is a way you indulge yourself often?”

210. “How can you love yourself more?”

211. “What is one lesson you can teach a younger you?”

212. “Who are 5 people that make you feel loved?”

213. “How could you indulge a little more?”

214. “What are 7 things that bring you a sense of peace?”

215. “Spend 5 minutes writing about any subject, using this time to reflect on yourself and your life at the moment.”

216. “Delve deeper – who were you with, where did you go, what makes that the perfect day?”

217. “Did you imagine you would be alone, or with someone else?”

218. “What are some words you always try to live by?”

219. “Ignore your flaws – what is one feature you would NEVER want to change?”

220. “Take 10 minutes a day to do something all for you, then journal about the experience.”

221. “What is 1 activity that cheers you up, no matter what?”

222. “Describe your perfect day.”

223. “Name a place you would go right now if you could go anywhere.”

224. “List 5 things you can do for yourself today.”

225. “Meditate for 5 minutes, then write about the experience.”

226. “What is a compliment you love to get?”

227. “What is a quote that teaches great self-love and acceptance?"

228. “Write a letter to yourself – about the things you LOVE about yourself.”

229. “What is your best physical quality?”

230. “When do you feel happy in your skin?”

Daily Journal Prompts For Self Care

231. “Come up with 10 things you can do for yourself this month.”

232. “What do you feel you deserve in a romantic partner?”

9. Journal Prompts For Seasons

In my part of North America each of the four seasons is unique and brings its own beauty and pleasures.

I love the changing seasons and get excited as the first signs of a new season begin to appear.

Spring brings the excitement of nature shedding its winter coat, warmer temperatures, the beauty of trees and bushes in bloom.

Summer is long, hot days of fun and relaxation by the pool or at the beach, barbecues, and holidays.

Autumn is the beautiful changing leaves, Thanksgiving, and Halloween fun.

And winter brings a quiet beauty and stillness as the earth rests under a blanket of snow.

These prompts will help you to make the most of every season!

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Journal Prompts For Seasons

233. “Why do you love this season so much?”

234. “How does your family celebrate Thanksgiving?”

235. “What is your favorite thing to do in the summer?”

236. “What is something you love doing every winter?”

237. “What do you love about fall?”

238. “Describe a past Christmas you will never forget.”

239. “In the spring, what part is your favorite?”

240. “What is your favorite holiday?”

241. “If you could wake up each day and it would be one holiday or season, which would you choose?”

242. “Do you dress up for Halloween?”

243. “What weather do you wish it was right now?”

244. “If you used to Trick-or-Treat, tell some memories.”

245. “What is your favorite season?”

246. “Name 3 holidays you are looking forward to this year”

10. Journal Prompts For Travel

I recently took a trip to Europe. It was the first time I had traveled in a very long time, four decades to be exact.

It was exhilarating and totally inspiring!

These journal prompts will help you to plan a trip, reflect on a trip, or get the most out of your next trip.

Let these prompts motivate you to choose a destination, learn new things, and experience different places.

There’s a whole world waiting for you!

Journal Prompts For Travel

247. “If you could take a cruise anywhere, where would you go?”

248. “What has been your favorite trip so far?”

249. “Are you a fan of road trips?”

250. “Do you ever have to travel for work?”

251. “What is a monument you want to see.”

252. “What is a fun road trip you have been on.”

253. “Have you seen a volcano?”

254. “Do you get seasick?”

255. “Start a savings tracker for your next trip.”

256. “Are you planning another trip right now?”

257. “Are you afraid of flying?”

258. “What was your least favorite vacation, and how could it have been better?”

259. “Where would you like to take a solo road trip?”

260. “Do you have a passport?”

261. “Have you ever flown first-class?”

262. “Have you been to any of the world’s 7 wonders?”

263. “Who do you love to travel with?”

264. “Name 5 places you want to see before you die.”

265. “Have you ever been out of the country you live in?”

266. “Name a place you want to see with your significant other.”

267. “Describe your dream family vacation.”

268. “When you want to spend a weekend away, where do you like to go?”

269. “What is your method for planning a vacation?”

Journal Prompts For Travel

270. “Have you ever seen a waterfall?”

11. Journal Prompts For Memories

We all have them, both good and bad. Memories are important in so many ways.

Taking the time to recall happy occasions, experiences that were perhaps embarrassing, and those memories that may be painful can help us to understand ourselves better, and lead us to a more fulfilling life.

Choose the journal prompts that speak to you.

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Journal Prompts For Memories

271. “What did you do for your 10th birthday?”

272. “Do you know what your first words were?”

273. “What is an embarrassing moment you would love to re-do?”

274. “If you could sum up high school with one word, what would it be?”

275. “Can you remember the first time you went to the movie theater?”

276. “Are you happy with your life so far?”

277. “Do you have one favorite memory from your childhood?”

278. “What is the very first memory you remember?”

279. “What has been the best part of your life so far?”

280. “Did you have a special 16th birthday party?”

281. “What is something you are embarrassed about, many years later?”

282. “What was your favorite cartoon?”

283. “What is a toy you loved as a kid?”

284. “Did you attend any high school dances?”

285. “Name a memory with your parents.”

286. “Draw a picture of how you think your school years went.”

287. “What was your first day of school like?”

288. “Describe what your childhood was like.”

289. “How old were you when you drove for the first time?”

290. “List your 3 favorite birthday and what make them your favorite.”

291. “What is a hobby you loved as a kid, but no longer participate in?”

292. “What is something that is a little fuzzy, and you wish you could remember better?”

293. “When you want to cheer up, what is one memory that always comes to mind?”

294. “Describe a time in your life when you really learned a hard lesson.”

12. Journal Prompts For Gratitude

One of the simplest ways we can improve our lives is by making gratitude a part of each and every day.

It only takes a moment to be grateful for something, but this habit packs a big punch in bettering our outlook and our attitude.

The journal prompts in this list will help guide you to make gratitude a part of your regular regimen.

You’ll be so glad that you did!

Journal Prompts For Gratitude

295. “Name something surprising that happened to you recently.”

296. “List 5 memories from your childhood you are grateful to have.”

297. “Talk about a challenge you are happy to have overcome.”

298. “List 3 things that were difficult to live through, but you are now grateful for the experience.”

299. “What is a way you can show more gratitude every day?"

300. “What is the ONE thing you are MOST grateful for in your life right now?”

301. “Name someone who has taught you an important life lesson.”

302. “Who is someone you can’t imagine your life without?”

303. “What is something fun you experienced in the last year?”

304. “Name 5 things you are grateful for this week.”

Journal Prompts For Gratitude

305. “Show how grateful you are for your family.”

306. “Talk about how your job has changed your life.”

307. “Do you feel that you appreciate the good in your life often enough?”

308. “What is something that made you smile today?”

13. Journal Prompts For Lists

A list can be one of the most powerful tools for improving our lives.

Lists help us stay focused, help us get things done, and assist us to be organized.

The incredible thing is that they are super easy, cost next to nothing, and take little time to compose.

You can make a list for any number of reasons and purposes. Check out our fabulous list, and let these prompts help you to use this amazing tool!

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Journal Prompts For Lists

309. “TV shows you loved as a teenager.”

310. “Movies that always cheer you up.”

311. “Movies that scared you.”

312. “Recipes to try.”

313. “Monthly to-do list.”

314. “Your favorite singers.”

315. “Albums you love.”

316. “Wish list.”

317. “Movies you could quote by heart.”

318. “Weekly to-do list.”

319. “Home improvements you want to make.”

320. “Upcoming events.”

321. “Blog posts for your blog.”

322. “Hobbies or crafts to learn.”

323. “TV shows you love to watch.”

324. “Daily to-do list.”

325. “The first show you think of when you imagine your childhood.”

326. “Classes you want to take.”

327. “Concerts you have been to.”

328. “Books on your shelf you haven’t read yet.”

329. “Books you want to read.”

330. “The most important people in your life.”

331. “Party planning list.”

332. “Your favorite books.”

333. “Your all-time favorite shows.”

334. “Types of exercises you can start doing.”

335. “The next steps for your business.”

336. “Your favorite songs.”

337. “Past or favorite dreams.”

338. “Annual to-do list.”

339. “Personal affirmations."

340. “Healthy food to start eating more.”

341. “Your favorite soundtracks.”

342. “Movies you saw in the theater.”

343. “Your favorite movies.”

344. “Concerts you want to go to.”

345. “TV shows you want to catch up on.”

346. “Holidays you want to plan.”

347. “Movies that hold special memories for you.”

348. “Movies you would love to see.”

349. “Achievements you are proud of.”

350. “Shopping list for the next holiday or birthday.”

351. “Your favorite bands.”

352. “Your favorite quotes.”

353. “Shopping list for yourself."

14. Journal Prompts To Write A Letter

Letters have played an important part in history, and they continue to be important today.

Letters are an effective way to relay information, and express feelings. The act of writing also allows us to work through ideas and emotions.

We have the benefit of reading over what we’ve written and changing the wording so we say exactly what we want to say.

Writing a letter to someone you haven’t seen in a while, or to express your feelings over an uncomfortable situation can be helpful to everyone involved.

Pick a prompt and get writing! Maybe your first letter will be a love letter to yourself!

Journal Prompts To Write A Letter

354. “Someone causing you stress or pain.”

355. “A political figure you admire.”

356. “Your younger self.”

357. “Your crush.”

358. “Someone who has made a great impact in your life.”

359. “One of your parents (alive or dead)”

360. “Someone who inspires you.”

361. “A family member who is deceased.”

Journal Prompts To Write A Letter

362. “Your favorite teacher.”

363. “Your significant other.”

364. “Your bully from childhood.”

365. “Yourself, to read on bad days.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Journal Prompts For Start Your Year?

Journal prompts for start your year are thought-provoking questions or statements aimed at helping you reflect on the past, set intentions for the future, and initiate self-discovery. These prompts guide you in exploring your aspirations, goals, and personal growth for the upcoming year.

How Can Journal Prompts Benefit Me At The Beginning Of The Year?

Journal prompts provide a structured way to tap into your thoughts and emotions, helping you clarify your priorities, ambitions, and areas you wish to improve. They offer a foundation for setting achievable goals and fostering self-awareness, empowering you to make the most of the year ahead.

Can Journal Prompts Help Me Set And Achieve My New Year's Resolutions?

Yes, journal prompts can be a powerful tool for setting and achieving New Year's resolutions. By engaging in introspective writing, you can delve into the reasons behind your resolutions, break them down into actionable steps, and reflect on your progress throughout the year.

Do I Need To Be A Skilled Writer To Use Journal Prompts Effectively?

No, you don't need to be a skilled writer to benefit from journal prompts. The focus is on self-expression and self-discovery, not on writing proficiency. Write from the heart, and don't worry about grammar or style. The process is personal and individualized.

How Often Should I Use These Journal Prompts?

The frequency of using journal prompts is flexible and depends on your preferences. Some individuals prefer daily journaling, while others find weekly sessions more suitable. Consistency matters more than frequency, so choose a schedule that suits your lifestyle.

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